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Evidence of Grey Alien Origins and Reasons for Human Abductions

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posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 05:48 PM
reply to post by Learhoag

I respect that you feel that way, but can you please refrain from making yourself look like an idiot? I mean cmon man you could have been nicer about it instead of insulting the OP. All that does is show how immature you are. If you don't want to read it then don't, but there is no need to act like a child. Even Wertdagf the one all the ufo people bicker with has at least some self restraint.

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posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 05:58 PM

Originally posted by Wertdagf
Can you explain to me why a species that evolves on another planet with a whole massive store of genetic information( just like we have in labs across the world) would not use this to repair their own genetics. Even though bodies may be cloned that DOES NOT MEAN that it would be the same as inbreeding. 12-14 examples of human or there own ET dna would be enough to seed an unlimited amount of perfect clones. Once you understand how dna works... it would be like playing with legos.

The idea that they are degrading clones is illogical.

My personal pet theory, if Greys actually exist, is this.

Greys are actually Humans from the far future, from a point where their evolution has put them in a bind where they have had to go back to the past to do things. It would explain the seeming desire of DNA and reproductive capacity and their fairly human physical characteristics.

Why would someone travel halfway across the galaxy if the someone could just time shift back to their own origins? Makes more sense the the Galactic spanning yarns to me.

Not that it makes much more sense, mind you.

posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 07:56 PM
Nice thread but I thought it was decided "the majestic 12" was a big hoax?

posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 09:42 PM
How's this: it was worthless. Theft of bandwidth. Ridiculous.

Originally posted by DaMod
reply to post by Learhoag

I respect that you feel that way, but can you please refrain from making yourself look like an idiot? I mean cmon man you could have been nicer about it instead of insulting the OP. All that does is show how immature you are. If you don't want to read it then don't, but there is no need to act like a child. Even Wertdagf the one all the ufo people bicker with has at least some self restraint.

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posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 10:22 PM
Personally, I've always considered them to be a highly evolved saurian race that fled underground during the great dinosaur extinction. Troodontids had a very large brain cavity for a creature of that era and their small 2- 3ft stature. Paleontologists theorize troodontids were quite possibly the smartest group of dinosaur.

The grey skin and black eyes could very well be suits for protection from our much harsher above-surface conditions. The skin-suit protects them from UV and other rays and the black eye visors on the face part protect their eyes from the bright sunlight, as obviously its quite dark where they come from. Plus theres reports of them NOT having grey smooth skin, but rather bumpy BROWNISH colored. Also reports of the eyes being smaller and having a reptile-esque pupil. Some people may have seen them when the suits were off. As for the small mouths, when you have such a small food supply an advanced species would need to develop a synthetic source of nutrition, which would be better absorbed thru the skin. Over time they would lose they capacity for using their mouths. People also have reported seeing them dip themselves into large vats of plasma-like fluid, maybe with cow and/or human body parts/organs. Eeew...

The reported twitchiness and almost "robotic" movements and clicking/chirping sounds remind me more of a bird than a dolphin or insectoid. Dinos supposedly evolved into birds.... hrmmm...

Theres also the fact that many have reported seeing UFOs shooting out of caves and water points to them coming from underground, or at least having some bases there. I've never seen or heard anything thats made me believe they come from another planet. I thing they were either always here, or are extradimensional as some believe. Those sound more probable then them being from space. Of course, I havent had first hand experience (or even dream experience, lol) so i could be wrong...

as for their disposition towards man, I feel that they need something from us... what it is is debateable although I see them as being more malicious and with ill-intent as opposed to the friendly, cuddly space brother thats here for our evolution and blah bleeh blahh... dont suppose any of you recievers of their grand message of "light" ever stopped to pnder wheither or not you were being LIED to? If they implant a "happy" thought in your mind, that doesnt raise an alarm for you? A true creature of good wouldnt need to take you from your bed as you sleep against your will. A real "light" being wouldnt need to implant false feelings of security or purpose as a way of nullifying and suppressing an experience or memory any rational person would be extremely traumatized over.

posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 04:29 PM
Mostlyspoons,I wasnt given any message of "light"at all.I was implanted at least twice,my reproductive organs were operated on,and I communicated with at least three seperate individuals and saw or observed at least seven different individuals of at least three HUMAN RACES.

I didnt enjoy reading every word of every volume of the entire set of World Book Encyclopedias including the huge dictionaries when I was seven years old.My family and teachers thought I was off my rocker!!I also didnt enjoy complete success at every sport I ever decided to play,and I dont mean I was good,I was the most outstanding male athlete in my school,at five foot nothing and 160lbs.I used to pick the players[for my teams] I thought were the absolute worst in my groups and mold them into winners before their very eyes.AND I DID IT EVERY TIME I PLAYED SPORTS.


The greys if thats what the little thing was that I interacted with,are a race of humans.We have no more to fear from them than we have to fear from any other race of humans[dont misinterpret the tone of this comment they are as deadly as any race of humans if needed].Dont be so sure that they arent raiding some of our technology at this point in time.Dont you see that OUR RACE OF HUMANS is incredibly adaptable and intelligent,far beyond what we should be "naturally".Dont you think we could create a clone that was smarter,healthier AND MORE SUITED TO TAKING THE HUMAN RACE INTO THE STARS than we are using science to eliminate disease and to stimulate the learning capacity of their brains??

Some of us are incredibly informed and some of us will never till the day we die be able to enter enough data into our conciousness to even begin to understand the fundamental flaws in humanities path.

The greys are competition or they are teammates,and the deciding factor in each persons individual assesment of them WILL BE DIRECTLY RELATED TO OUR LEVEL OF INTELLECT THAT WE HAVE BEEN ABLE TO REACH EITHER BY IMPLANT OR BY LIFELONG LEARNING.Speaking of lifelong learning HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK EINSTEIN COULD HAVE ACCOMPLISHED WITH THE INTERNET??

Get my point,we can all be Einstein now,we are not limited to a few years in school then a lifetime of menial tasks and ABSOLUTELY [father-time]LIMITED AND WITHHELD LEARNING.

The reason for human abduction is simple--they can do it and we cant stop them.If we could stop them we would.A negotiation would be needed if we could stop it.The ulterior motive does not matter,what matters is that WE CANT STOP THEM OR OUR GOVERNMENT IS IN LEAGUE WITH THEM AND NOT TELLING US.

I personally grew up believing that Canada was a non-nuclear nation.Imagine my surprise when thirty years later I learned that American nuclear missiles had been set up in my country-- up untill the Americans developed missiles capable of reliably reaching the soviet union from submarines.

Isnt that great news??Moscow had to have known about these missiles.So basically every time I voted I took a chance that I could have elected a government that supported American interests to the point that MY HOME WOULD HAVE BEEN UNDER AS MUCH OF A THREAT AS THE WHITE HOUSE FROM SOVIET MISSILES.ALL BECAUSE OF MY GOVERNMENTS SECRET AGREEMENT WITH AMERICA.

If America is so paranoid and Canada is equally paranoid enough to lie to its people then what do we really have here in North America?If both of our governments lied to millions of voters and billions of humans around the planet ABOUT THE EXISTANCE OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS THE MOST DANGEROUS WEAPONS ON EARTH--dont you think they are capable of lieing to the entire world about other races of humans that they are aware of?

Ever wonder why greys dont usually give long detailed explanations about where they came from.THEY ARE FROM HERE.

The fact that they are from here doesnt make me feel any better.

How many humans were on the planet three hundred years ago?WE are like rabbits,what if they are not?

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 02:50 PM

Originally posted by Wertdagf

Originally posted by mystiq
My experiences didn't seem to involve ai beings or machines. Not in my memories. And I pretty much see greys as cerebrally as maxed as they can get. Also that they're positive. Its our leaders I'm more concerned with.

How do you know ths. I find it amazing that you know so much about the greys. People that seem so informed on such a subject and use their dreams as a source of information are often delusional. the future of ANY race that moves into space involves machines...

Because I'm an experiencer! And my memories have only revealed love and appreciation for the greys involved. In fact, they showed more emotion with me than the nordics that they were with. I do not get full memories and have to deal with massive blocks, but get leaks throughout my life starting at around age 4 or 5, just after seeing the grey (I thought it was a mutated ant man) in my grandparents garden when I was that age. My whole family has seen crafts, two members had missing time. My brothers missing time happened while he was driving truck with a partner for a business. Two hours missing time after seeing a ufo, with the truck being two hours ahead on the road. Now my son is sharing dreams aboard a ufo, viewing screens, 2 hours missing time and a siting of a grey prior to sleep.

We also have had many flyovers this last year. I believe I have an implant in my right temple. Monitored frequently. I have a very strong sense of who these guys are, and they're related to Jim Spark's greys, and they're not renegades but would be more like Dr. Michael Wolf discusses. Don't intend to go too much into this, as its not in the grey section. But not all greys are negative, nor are all nordics positive. There are two sides, one that is fascist or power loving connected to the cabal, (though I truly believe not everyone working with the militia and corps is negative) and some who are very much into waking people up and getting this planet into a cooperative compassionate and ecology sound world.

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 10:26 AM
Mystiq,There were three seperate groups involved in my abduction.There were military humans wearing blue bodysuits,there was a human woman in a flowing robe and there was a small humanoid wearing a dark robe ,think Ewok from star wars.

All of these groups have a common goal or they NEED each other or NEED to co-operate for some reason.This is a bad thing.I'll tell you why,the blonde woman was my advocate and she protected me in more than one way.The fact that I needed protection to different degrees from the little humanoid and the blue suited humans shows me that there are ulterior agendas just below the surface that encompass the reality that HARM MAY COME TO ABDUCTEES .

I understand that your experience is real,I do not doubt you at all.I am only trying to understand why I was abducted by a team of humans of different races co-operating .

Were the humans in blue military in your event?Was there any humans wearing long flowing robes?Did the greys ever wear dark colored robes?

Were you on a ship?If you were do you recall how you got in and out of the ship?

Have you had any sinus problems?Have you ever had an x-ray of your sinuses or your lower left leg or calf?

Were there cattle mutilations in your area when you were young?

I believe that individual personalities are the same as ours are in these races of humans .Clashing or parallel agendas that require co-operation point out the reality that human traits are present ,which means that the same problems we deal with everyday MUST be dealt with by these humans.

The greys you dealt with seem to be different than the ones I dealt with,but then again we could have met Ghandi and Adolf Hitler respectively and not known it!!

The point is neither of us knows the full story because we were given information AFTER THE FACT.

I was able to stay aware during my abduction and scared the crap out of the grey working on me,and the human woman in the room.They were amazed at my emotional strength.The grey feared it for some reason.

I wasnt contacted ,I was kidnapped and assaulted,maybe you were contacted and if thats the case I understand how you feel.

I know I wasnt hand fed information because I wasnt supposed to remember but someone helped me to keep my memories.No one planned to talk to me.I forced the contact.The human male commander was in favor of doing something nasty to or with me when he discovered I knew how to remain aware when they had me.My advocate interceded on my behalf and even told several LIES OF OMISSION[must suck when everyone is a telepath eh?].

What I cant figure out is why I had absolutely no telepathic or verbal communication with the little humanoid I interacted with?There was physical interaction,but not communicative interaction.

Did the little humanoids ever enter your home ?Did you have a dog when you were a child?

Sorry I am running out of time right now,I will post again.

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 11:04 AM
reply to post by BASSPLYR

Now , just so you know Im responding to a single thing that you have said, rather than the post as a whole . You claim that a 30foot whale cant disable a human with sonar, therefore a smaller alien being would have no chance. However that could not be further from the truth . There are technologies available to even us mere humans , which can emit a dangerously high level of sound, and these technologies are palm sized. Another thing you must remember is that high frequencies of sound are more piercing and distracting than low frequency "thumping" noises would be. I can well invisage the possibility of a being which can use high pitched sound to temporarily disable or permanently deafen an attacker .

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 11:26 AM
reply to post by one4all

Ok, these are very good questions, and I had to do a great deal of searches in my memories, and much of that was completely blocked, and now have the current experiences to go on.

I can't remember, and have tried mediation and self hypnosis, as to when and where I was taken as a child. I had an enormous block over researching anything for years. My mother remembers me dragging her to the spot where I saw the grey, but not once did I consider it an et! Even watching fire in the sky didn't make me think I had associations with this. I believe I was programmed to avoid any connecting of dots.

I grew up in a soft fruit orchard and vineyard area in Canada, not much livestock. We had one of the few world observatories near us though.
The moment when I finally was able to connect the dots came after researching a siting my friend and I had seen near the observatory at night.
I was able to research this twice on the computer. The first time it got me into a lot of string theory physics stuff for some reason. Last year it got me into Project Camelot and Jim Spark's interview and I saw his et script. That script was like a key, that unlocked it and brought my memories, sitings, waking up with physical signs, all of it together and a huge residual dam of emotion broke on that one. Within 2 or 3 days of that, my entire family had a siting of a craft, the first of many, after it contacted me psi, and answered my direct thoughts. Man was I worried about the kids, thought they were going to be taken, then I realized...

My childhood memory was initially a joint project, ie. the militia (they guy looked nazi to me) and greys, and nordics. There were groups of children working on a project. I saw my brother there and felt my family was there as well.

The later ones had no militia involvement and in fact, I received a very strong impression (though I can't remember the sessions this came from) that they were completely against our leaders. There was protocols that were followed. The joint projects are the way projects are done, this time I'm using the term as in interspecies, rather than et to human militia. In the later memories, I saw shorts of myself at many different ages, and it included both a grey and nordic presence on the same craft.

There is no one species alligned with one side. Also, not all species working with cabal are on their side.
There is an ancient renegade presence here on earth that has controlled this planet and enslaved us, and this planet's ecology is nearly destroyed by its presence. The annanuki, enki/enlil's group/the overlords, connected to the bloodlines. It doesn't really matter what you call them, thats what I call them.

There is a galactic presence, and they operate with organizations, that are inter-species, that have increased in presence since our use of nuclear. But in the begining they all did meet with an even work with the leaders.
I got quite a bit out of this thread:

There are two sides, with inter species working together on each of the sides. One side is abusing power and they're the bad guys. Our leaders belong to that side. The other is the galactic presence of organized people who are obviously overseeing this. I believe it has to do with how far they go in breaking the galactic laws governing absolutes of what can and cannot be done, also in the contract of non-interference and non-massive contact which is soon over. But was never legal to begin with. They don't own this piece of real estate or us. They are fascist dictators, not good stewards and have abused their power. Those contracts are crimes not laws. I believe things are going to change significantly.

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 12:28 PM
TrueBrit,I had a huge emotional outburst during a medical procedure that was being done by a little humanoid,My emotions were like a annoyance or painful to it so WE may have a weapon that is natural that we are not aware of.Does a rattlesnake know its venom is poison ,does it choose when to bite to poison??

We are learning in bits and pieces so each crumb of info is very important.
In what situation would a grey have to be created and live in to be affected by my emotional outburst??

If we are affected by the whales sonar because we are native to land then where is the little humanoid from that it is affected by my thoughts LIKE I AM AFFECTED BY THE WHALES SONAR?

Just a thought,but the only place I could sucessfully hide or remain undiscovered for a long time period is UNDERWATER.

We are as limited in our ability to function underwater as we are in space.

Why would humans on an evolutionary note choose to live in a relatively tiny environment on Earth when the oceans or water covers most of our planet??

What if it was as difficult to live in and contact or communicate with land-based humans as it is for us to function underwater?This would mean that ONLY OUR GOVERNMENTS WOULD HAVE TECHNOLOGY AND ABILITY TO INTERACT ON HUMANITIES BEHALF.

Another planet or our oceans or underground,it doesnt really matter where they are living we are interacting with humans of one race or another.

If another race of humans began polluting our living environment we would act immediatly and decisively to STOP THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR HABITAT.

Dont you think the shoe fits on the other foot.

In all probability there are several races of humans co-operating and conflicting at different times with our governments,and any reluctance to disclose information would probably be due to THE REALITY THAT THE AVERAGE HUMAN WILL RESORT TO VIOLENCE MUCH QUICKER THAN THEIR GOVERNMENT WOULD.

In other words we would by majority prefer to kill an ant with a sledgehammer as opposed to setting him outside to mind his ant business.

Non-disclosure will PREVENT war and fighting .Full disclosure would mean chaos in the industrialized world and because that is the glue that holds humanity together if industrialized countries are in chaos our entire species will be in dire trouble.

It just may be in the best interest of humanity to keep things quiet until we have a military ability to defend ourselves.Simply because everyone will want to fight right away.And our governments eventually must succumb to the wishes of the majority.Eventually.Hence an absolutely ridiculous number of nuclear weapons present on our planet assuring us through MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION the time to work on and develop new and better weapons,just not weapons to fight each other with but weapons to defend our planet with.

We arent that stupid that we dont realise the extreme importance of our planets resources are we?Earth like planets arent that common.When we leave our solar system in search of a new home due to population crisis,what will we be looking for??When we find it ,if we need it,WHAT WOULD WE DO TO POSESS IT?

We all know the answer,ANYTHING WE HAVE TO.This is our problem,we somehow believe that we all have an unconditional inborn right to populate our planet as fast as we can .It is our problem not the universes problem.

We need to start doing things because we want to not because we need to.Until then we cannot consider ourselves to be civilised.If we want to stop world starvation we will,if we want to stop wars and military conflicts we will.IF WE DONT FIND A FORUM TO VOICE ALL OF HUMANITIES NEEDS THROUGH VERY SOON WE WONT GET THE CHANCE TO CHOOSE OUR FUTURE PATH .

We will be driven by NEED and this will make our species weak and predictable.How can we be masters of the universe when the average human cant even be master of their own life because they are so driven by NEEDS.

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 12:35 PM
Another thing that just occurred to me, that is harder to describe, but I thinks its very relevant to the different protocols, agendas and sides that ets are on, and very interesting to me in any case. The wake up et script that Jim Spark's shows. I have a strong feeling that the greys in question that he has dealings with are the greys that are involved with my family. Also, he mentions that they used to work with the government but broke away to begin to work with grass roots people. This has more to do with galactic protocol of who to contact, such as leader. However, they knew very well that they were working around this issue. I believe our leaders are being given enough rope with their toys to hang themselves or commit an even further galactic crime that would convince everyone to drop the contracts and act swiftly.

But the script is interesting. Mr. Green has brought up the key that is often given to experiencers. Its almost like a signature, relating to specific groups and those under their care. Specifically, to not wake up to another group, or the wrong key. Like a signature as to whos who perhaps. Theres other signatures. I have 2 different "programmed" responses, which also could be seen as signatures. So that certain groups give you a response or feeling, but others don't induce this feeling. I imagine this another layer of protocol. One is in response to greys, the other to the nordic flyovers. I find this interesting. I also get a bit of that feeling when people seem to be from a family group that I was shown by the greys, concerning a past life they had shown me, kind of a recognition signature. I'm not going into that too much, but its really interesting to me.

One thing is for certain, there would not be layer upon layer of protocols, of signatures, of keys, pertaining to the groups involved if there was not quite a difference between them, and if there weren't opposing sides.

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posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 01:03 PM
A random thought here,how would I react if someone put a human in front of me in an adversarial manner and before I reacted in a defensive manner they TOLD ME THAT THE HUMAN WAS MY OFFSPRING.

Would I hesitate even for a split second in a decision to defend myself?Would the genetic connection make me vulnerable?

Is there a link that we dont yet understand between relatives that allows say for example telepathic or some type of connection we dont yet understand?

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 01:11 PM
I think such a program and experiment on their part would be one of the renegade groups connected with the cabal. That is not a positive groups behavior. There are definately two sides to this, and those who love power are working together.
The other sides, that I have experienced are mentioned by Jim Spark's, Miriam Delicado (its funny those are the only experiencers books I own, and seem close to home for me).
These threads are also a good look at others:

Also, project camelot has a very interesting interview (imprompu) where Jim Spark's meets Bill Holden, also all of the interviews with Dr. Michael Wolf on youtubes/google video as well.

Your experience was not a nice thing to go through, and I'm very sorry you experienced this at the hands of obvious negatives.

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posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 01:38 PM
From what I understand, there are good Greys, and bad Greys. Even good Reptillians.
Good humans and bad humans (us perhaps being bad, compared to the Pleiadians/Andromodeans being good).

Us Terran humans are a great example in itself. There such are good people out there, but there are bad ones that give us ALL a bad name.

All conjecture of course, but hey. I tried.

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 03:44 PM
Mistiq,I have sent a message to Meriam Delicado,she replied and her story is like mine in some ways.Read Meriam are you for real?on her site.

I also live in canada and relatively close to where Meriam was taken.

Same group different agenda?Hers was intentional contact mine wasnt,she is female I am male?Have any men been intentionally contacted in a positive way?Or are men taken for reasons that dont require a good relationship post abduction?

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 04:15 PM
reply to post by one4all

There are some famous ones, such as Jim Spark's, Alex Collier, Dr. Michael Wolf, Bill Holden, and numerous others. I've left Billy Meier out,
Miriam's case is about nordics. My experiences are with greys and nordics who work together.

The threads above on my other post I really recommend. This is not a case of all ets being the negative psychos our leaders and cabal are. There is a strong positive force. For many, however, humans are considered hearthless, and primitive and don't look after their own. Even so, I believe we're going to be helped nontheless.

I am sorry about the tests the renegades put you through however.

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 02:32 PM
My experience was also with humans and little humanoids co-operating together .I dint have a "bad" experience per say I just now many years later view the event as an invasion of my personal space.

When it was realised that I was aware of what was happening every attempt was made to accomodate my needs emotionally and physically.The event was even halted until I gave permission for it to continue.

However there was a moment or two where my well being was in jeoprady through military S.O.P and circumstance.But these moments revealed an advocate that is very powerful ,in fact I believe that in terms of the group my advocate was individually the strongest.

So I concur Mystiq that there are good and bad abduction events simply because I personally believe we are dealing with several different races of the human species.They are all different,I didnt see a race that seemed cloned or completely devoid of individuality or spirit.Consequently all of our faults are also their faults because the only thing I believe that evolution will never change is our individuality of emotional intensity.

The only thing I was forced to do was done to me during the event prior to my "waking up -with a tremendous emotional outburst" the rest of my event which is the bulk of it was conducted with my agreement .

For some reason when we wake up during an event there is a standard protocol they must follow, you are sometimes given a lot of information.,and judging by my event all the interactions arent negative.

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 01:46 AM
reply to post by one4all

You didn't know that Canada is Nuclear?

After all, we supply nuclear facilities to others.

We don't show up on "maps of nuclear nations." We also don't show up on maps of non-nuclear nations.

Your vote doesn't have anything to do with it. Every party that has been in power since the Manhattan Project has been in bed with it. There are several "high priority" type targets in Canada. I live in Calgary, and I can see one from my office window every day.

Other than the US missles, you can assume that we have no nuclear bombs. But we probably do have all the pieces for them that could be assembled in short order. That would be very Canadian. Keep your gun, locked up, unloaded, and preferably in pieces.

There is far more to Canada than meets the eye.

posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 11:04 AM
Aeons,I was referring to Minuteman missiles bearing canadian and american flags crossed.There are pictures of them available today but they were on canadian soil and manned by american troops under a joint military agreement that was in place even though Canada was claiming to the world that we did not posess nuclear missiles or weapons of mass destruction.

What if Russia had become aware of the deployment of those missile and created a canadian missile crisis instead of a cuban missile crisis?

Canadian citizens were betrayed in the name of national security,bearing in mind that our government has the perogative that as long as their agenda falls within the scope of national security they have carte blanche to lie to their countrymen and to the world we HAVE NO WAY TO BE SURE THEY ARENT DECIEVING US IN THE NAME OF NATIONAL SECURITY ON CURRENT ISSUES AS EXPLOSIVE AS PAST ONES.


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