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ET Interview: Video of Grey Alien Interview Smuggled from Area 51

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posted on Feb, 12 2006 @ 12:16 AM
if your gonna video tape a alien why have such crappy resolution? i seen this video and it looks faker than hover cars.


posted on Feb, 12 2006 @ 12:40 AM

Originally posted by GrowingConspiracy
if your gonna video tape a alien why have such crappy resolution? i seen this video and it looks faker than hover cars.

So you bought the Video?! And it's crappy resolution??
Or Did you get the DVD?

posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 03:38 AM

Originally posted by Mynaeris
I looked at the video - the "alien" is a puppet. The flashlights are used to make him look extra strange. This is total garbage. THIS is why people think that people who believe in aliens are nuts.

I concur...this is fake, too many fakes and frauds, heck I should fake an alien video and live out my dreams, buy a nice car and house and do speaking tours for big $$$ maybe even write a book and film.
Plus the video is so dark, not to mention that "alien" is a puppet.

posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 10:52 AM
I made an account for this website just so i could reply in this forum about the alien interview video Ive actually read alot of forums but never posted on one and this hoax just pisses me off so i had to enlighten you folks so here it goes. Ive seen the documentry and all that mess and I just want to say this IS a hoax and 'Victor" WAS payed for the the film and the interviewer does ask him about him getting payed. During the interview with 'Victor' he states that the alien interview was shot on video but, it was actually shot on film and during the video if you look at the the alien closely when the doctors are checking for 'hemoraging' around the eye socket youll see where the "aliens" arm meets the shoulder there is nothing there the arm is simply sown to the torso. Also the doctors effortlessly lift him up like he is wieghtless. This alien IS a puppet.
And as for the fact that 'Vistor is anonomous is funny because he said it himself if he was killed it would prove the fact that the alien interview is true the government would know better and leave him alone because people would just say it was a hoax. What i respect tho is the god damn brillant idea of the whole thing he gets payed and gives the shares to his partners and i would go on about why it is brillant but im tired of typing and besides im sure you guys can figure it out.

posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 12:46 PM
Kermit the Frog looks more lifelike.

posted on Mar, 12 2006 @ 03:38 AM

Originally posted by theRiverGoddess I loaded a real player to see this.
Took awhile...sheesh!

I have concluded this video is a fake...BECAUSE, we are always told the greys are SMALL beings, SMALLER than humans......WAY smaller than us, and this things head was BIGGER than a humans head.

Also, any LIVING creature blinks his/her eyes ESPECIALLY when/if someone is messing with you and shineing lights in your eyes.....this creature did not blink even one time.....NO muscle movement around the eyes at all.

I conclude it was not was just some person wearing a mask.

FAKE FAKE FAKE......and I am bummed, because...I WANT TO BELIEVE!

Fake video NOT an Alien, but interesting non the less. Interesting in the sense to SEE what others are up to, in trying to MAKE us believe......hmmmmmmmmmm

Quite the contrary there...I know of many other types of grays. There are the large grays. And those beings are about 7-8ft tall. And then there are the gray clones...which are the small ones.

What do I think about this video?

I believe it is a fake. Here are the reasons why...

1.) It looks like a mechanical head

2.) The head constantly moves in the same direction

3.) The body is cut off...and the lights should have been able to pick up the rest of the body

4.) The government would not allow this to be on the internet if it was real those are my reasons for it being a fake. Here are some reasons why it could real.

1.) People want to get the truth out to us

2.) The alien really is behind a glass, and he is hard to see since it is dark.

3.) Alien has large eyes and it does make sense to be in the dark. You know when you get your eyes checked? Doesn't it hurt to look at the light afterward because your eyes are dialated.

4.) Government doesn't care if it's on here or not because they think we'll think it's a fake anyways.

5.) the mans identity or voice was not present.

In conclusion...I believe this video to be more of a hoax then it is real. We will see aliens...but they won't be grays. They will be blonde beings. Otherwise known as the procyonians I believe...

posted on Mar, 12 2006 @ 04:24 AM
The problem with this video is this... although it does look kind of real or should I say 'different'.. its absolutely impossible to know if its real or not and even if it was real, people would still claim its a fake.....

posted on Mar, 12 2006 @ 04:25 PM
Here's the video woth someone talking over it -

Larger version here:


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posted on Mar, 12 2006 @ 05:46 PM
I have just read 7 pages of opinions on why this video is fake !. Not a shred of evidence to support your statements.

I looked at the video - the "alien" is a puppet.

Could you image if thats all the proof needed have a man put on death row

"Your Honor, this man should hang but i cannot not offer any evidence but my opinion and i should warn you im far from an expert"

So its fine to cast your own opinions on the alien interview video, but dont state them as fact !. So can we try and get from facts on this video ?

posted on Mar, 12 2006 @ 06:06 PM
I believe it is real but like many are saying it is difficult to prove that. Until somebody steps forward and identifies this clip and where it comes from it would be impossible to verify it.

Many say it is a puppet which it could be but somehow it has a quality unlike a puppet in its movements. Its movements are jerky but if this entity was under stress I would expect that.

The low resolution may result from how the clip was produced eg. a tape of a tape etc. So this does not make the video necessarily false in my views.

posted on Mar, 12 2006 @ 09:17 PM
We simply cannot make comparisons with aliens cause we no nothing to compare. We still have not dedunked the "alien autopsy" footage yet and we are debunking this footage

posted on Mar, 13 2006 @ 08:47 AM
The time code, I mean the way it is presented on the footage doesn't look right to me, used to work at a post production house so I am quite familar with it, and to me, on the google link to the video, that time code doesn't look burnt on at the time of shooting the rushes, it looks added later

posted on Mar, 13 2006 @ 09:20 AM
Simply the fact that a light is shone in its eyes from a few inches away and it does not blink, or at least flinch or try to protect its eyes, makes me believe this video is fake.

Feel free to try and debunk me alien lovers...

posted on Mar, 17 2006 @ 03:31 PM
Off topic:
helium3, what makes you think that there are no posters on this forum who have seen grays?

On topic:
This video has been debunked at least 100 times.
There is a documentary that explains how the video was made, what special effects were used in it, who the guys that made it are and etc.
The tape was shot as a cheap sensation that brought the fakers a lot of money. Pretty much the same thing goes for all the "genuine" videos that circle the internet.

posted on Mar, 17 2006 @ 09:09 PM
This is too the guy.

What is the name of the vid that debunks this?
Saying that holds no water if there's no proof.
Also if it's been debunked 100 times, link me too just 1?

One thing that gets me is the ebe looks light greenish, not greyish.

I have the hour and a half video to this, the clip is still 2 mins in that, but it has interveiws with various people also.
Victor does seem very extremely cautious about not saying anything that could get him in trouble. He also states he didn't go for near as much money as he could, but feels the need to be reimbursed with some cash incase of tribulations that could come as cause for his appearance.

posted on Mar, 17 2006 @ 09:47 PM
Debunked? Do you have the link to it? At first glance it looks very fake to me. I havent seen the whole video though. Anyone have the link to that too?

posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 01:14 AM
I have to go with fake, for all the reasons in this thread (though some posters seem to have read only part of it). I especially like the bit about "Victor" being in fear of his life and trying to protect it with the film, the point being that since he's anonymous anyway, who'd ever know if he was killed by nasty enforcer types? He could be tracked and whacked and who'd ever know?

On a somewhat related topic: why would the interrogators use a cameraman? What's wrong with static cameras, from any number of positions or angles? Do they really need some guy with clammy hands standing there wobbling the camera?

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 03:08 PM
I'm not sure if anyone has thought about this but if they have and I missed it, I'm sorry for repeating it. When I watched the video I noticed that the "doctor" was contantly obscuring our vision of the alien. Maybe he was constantly hunched over the "being" so that we could not get a long clear shot of the alien. Hmmm... Plus we all know aliens eyes are basically big and black just like the video depicts, so why then would the doctor be shining the light into his eyes? So he could see pupils dialating?? From what I can see, they don't have pupils or the kind of eyes we have. Who knows maybe they have been observing aliens for so long that they know how to examine them etc. But it just seemed strange to me. As much as I would love to say this video is %100 real, I have my doubts

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 04:38 PM
Looks like a hard rubber mask.
It doesn't move with the fluidity of a real creature.
Head/facial features too rigid to be flesh-like.
Why is it all videos like this are blurry and ambiguous?
Because it's the only way to keep people from proving it's fake.........
if the footage was crystal clear it would be alot easier to tell if it was real or fake.
That was one crappy video. You'd think the military would use recording techniques that had clarity especially in regards to filming an alien creature.

If I was a Hollywood special FX guy, I'd have a field day in my spare time whipping up Bigfoot/UFO videos and selling them to the gullible masses.....of course I'd film all them blurry. And sit back 25 years down the road and say, "They still think my homemade footage is real."

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 07:31 PM

Originally posted by Cocco
So again, the question is, why are we being fed all this information about aliens and ufo's on such a large scale? If it isn't true then someone has an amazing agenda.

It's economics, not conspiracy. We're being fed all this information because we cry out for it. We demand it. We want to know there are aliens out there who are maybe better and smarter than we are, who can help us solve our problems. So where there's a demand, the supply will appear.

Otherwise, I disagree that the scale iis large. Not compared to something like porno. Or even knitting. There are several good, big magazines devoted to knitting. A UFO magazine can barely stay in business.

Nobody has a specific agenda. The government doesn't actively discourage UFO talk because they use it to cover secret airplane development. That's about it.

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