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Hidden Hand Message - Law Of One - Discussion!

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posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by Annee

It was real. It happened over time, and during that time I had my energy siphoned off. My son at the time was around 13, 14, very psi, and drew me aside and described the very dark one in the dream, the head of the group, in my room. In that process, alot happened that I won't talk about and I asked for help many times. Also, when I started reminding them they had family, true loves, and needed to desire happiness more than anything, it created a strong hit. I felt them, that stirred the pot in them, and what they yearned for. In fact the one who was the head of this, tried to keep them away from me. One of them thanked me and disappeared.

That seems to be what I do, wake people up, in dream time, sometimes. And remind them they are truly light inside and have family waiting.

It also reminds me and was similar to more recently when I felt I was monitored by a Saturn type demonic being, not really a reptile. A big macho man, who in the end, when Higher Self arranged a garden and pool, was truly a beautiful maiden and instantly when she remembered who she was, the Family of Light stepped in.

Sometimes the ones who are the furthest gone, are the very ones that recover the fastest. They are near bottom, or at bottom, the only way is up. And coming home is fast for some of them. Sometimes its the most lukewarm ones, who just accept casualties here, and don't question things a lot, that take longer.

edit to add: this new edit bar and reason for editing is a real harrasment. I am not going to write out in full that due to my thryoid and chronic fatigue I drop words alot and have to go back and edit several times, and add a sentence if it makes more sense. Its annoying, thats all I can say.

I just reread your post and thought about the part of the college student, or being idealistic as a youth, perhaps. Many want to change the world and then can't, because that takes real team work. And yet at the same time, if we can handle those relationships around us better, for they are family, long lost family, or karmic, and also, if we can shine light through a variety of means, we are doing far more good than we think. Just being awake in this negative world is enough for us to start to seek for and ask for others, to understand more. Whenever we talk to another we have to realize there no coincidences.

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posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 05:56 PM
reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice

Deciet is not a good move. Even if you are just deicieving about an avatar, lying about who you are, you will end up paying the consequences. You cant rationalize, like say "its for their own good, cuz im getting a good message out" or you'd be like some elite who say they lie for the peoples own good. The bottom line is your decietfull if not truthfull about having multiple accounts.

I would hope your spiritually aware enough to realize deception is negative.

Having said all that I would like to ask if you were also member "shadow ninja" and then "archangel in training" ?

I wouldnt care at all if you were, but I would care if you lie to me about it.

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posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 07:06 PM

Originally posted by polarwarrior

Ok I dont understand what your on about, you contradict yourself so I thought you were going to say its a paradox but then you say there are no paradoxes.

You said


But then say in another bit


Do you wonder maybe the limited perpective being human just means you havent dicovered the possibility yet

I did say within certain LAWS!! that changes the meaning of the sentence. Within those LAWS,within those boundaries, there are infinite possibilities. not OUTSIDE those laws however,but WITHIN those laws is where all is possible.

Don't confuse the terms FINITE and IMPOSSIBLE, 2 different things. There's quite a few things impossible within infinity

But if something is not possible in infinite possibilities then there must only be finite possibilities, because there is a "missing" posibility yeah?
OUTSIDE the boundaries/laws YES, there are FINITE possibilities, but again, I did say WITHIN certain laws, within those boundaries/laws ,laws of "no paradox" there are Infinite possibilities,within those laws.

Dont take me the wrong way I honestly have no idea weather there are people without higher selves here on Earth or not, I just dont understand how you claim to know so so much about the universe that you can dare use the word "impossible" about it, usually i hear that word from the sheeple or the skeptic/dubunker.
It's not a matter of daring, it is simply my own "feel", my own "inner feeling", "inner understanding" my own "truth" and "knowing" on the matter.
It inherently ,intuitively FEELS right, as if my "Higher Self" and/or teachers( for lack of a better word only), are nudging/letting me know somehow, on a subconscious, spiritual level, that I'm on the right track concerning what I "know" to be the truth.

THIS HOWEVER, either if I am correct or incorrect, should never be something One has to believe if someone else tells them this. I hope you don't believe or take this as the truth only because anyone/I said so. You have to find your own inner confirmation/validation/verification of this truth of the matter(no matter what that truth may be for you). I have found my own verifications and confirmations of this info being the truth, but these is MY OWN confrimations,within. Everyone has to find their own, on their own, but reading with an open-mind(but not automatically believing it) is one good way of broadening ones own understanding of existence, and IF any of the info resonates with you on a deeper level, within, then, going from there, you might find that confirmation for yourself.

For the moment with my limited human perspective im going to continue to assume there are many things in this infinite universe that are very strange and I used to think were impossible are actually happening, for example it being possible someone out there doesnt have a higher self. Untill I get my God like wisdom and know about all there is, im not gonna feel comfortable saying its not happening anywhere.
Very good.

Assuming and pondering for yourself is a good thing to do.Wise thing to do. Like someone once said, while we're on Earth,we can have our own "truth" of what resonates the most with our being. If you REALLY think it is possible that a soul on Earth or anywhere else DOES NOT have a higher self (even though, it is one and the same unseparable Infinite Self we are talking about here,within "NO TIME"), but HEY, anyone of us has equal rights to believe whatever we choose to believe. We all have our own paths to walk,but we will all know the founding principles,the ONE truth soon enough,where there is no soon within "NO TIME". And by that point,we will all know what the truth is. However there are many souls on Earth,who already sense/feel or even remember this basic One truth of what existence is. And I don't claim to be one of those souls at all. I have no idea if I am one, and I don't care either, because either way, we will reach that part of our evolution,where we will know for sure what the foundation,the ONE truth is.

I have simply found confirmations for myself of this truth. However it is up to everyone individually to find the truth.
And that is only natural and expected. Always question and ponder, and look within and feel if it resonates inside of you,spiritually. Don't use your brain,use your soul(your true essence) to desseminate stuff for yourself.

''Until I get my God like wisdom and know about all there is, im not gonna feel comfortable saying its not happening anywhere'' - that wisdom you speak of will come for you from within, once you get personal inner confirmation/verification. Once you get that, you WILL feel comfortable saying certain things,because it will be proven for you 100%, on a personal inner level. Inner knowledge. Until then, always question, it's a GREAT way to learn, but never forget to ponder and look within for resonance with ANY source of info, no matter how correct it may seem at first glance. It's what resonates within that will make perfect sense to you and lead you to personal confirmation.

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 08:19 PM
So - anyone got a clue what or who connected with my daughter the last two weeks while she was in Florida?

She's one of those high energy people that lights up a room when she walks in. No telling what or who she attracted.

Hey - can't hurt to ask.

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 08:37 PM
reply to post by Annee

Would of it not of been....her own self?

Like you said, it doesnt hurt to ask.

Call me crazy....but my own self, I guess a higher vibration of self, hung around me for a while...literally.

My son, at age 5, had a light being come to him...I dont try to assume things of who that being was, but I do feel that it was 'another self' of him. It placed a yellow light into him and he said it gave him a 'life'. Yes, at age 5, this is what he told me.

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 08:59 PM
reply to post by Valeri

Well all is not possible in the way they're discussing anyway. Basically there are a few things to flesh out. One, infinity is the base for everything and everything in it is infinite. Basic, and no exceptions, its the foundation stone of all.

Two, this is a DVD that plays, well metaphorically speaking, its all the past. To us, its happening now. To them, who guide, create, teach, watch over, and code whatever needs coding, this is the past. So, what has happened, already happened. In eternity, all things have occurred, are occurring and will occur.

Three, to say all things are possible, one must understand that the things that do occur, occur within the limits and boundaries and coding of each system. I was told that we could fly if we overcame the gravity program, the matrix. But, while tibetan monks are said to have levitated, and while some ETs do defy gravity as my son shared with me, I don't think its commonly done, in other words, within our world, for most people (possibly all) NOT!

So naturally, there are rules, within realms,structures, and coding, and all things do occur wtihin the boundaries with only a few exceptions which would still be ones that are possible and allowed.

This universe is a living, hollographic technology after all.

Things that are possible are, and other things are not. Its not possible since all of us are infinite, without beginning or ending, and stretch endlessly for anyone with consciousness to not have a never ending progression of Higher Up, Future Selves who watch over us. Period.

And no one gets reset into lava stages either. The Creators/Designers/Teachers/Guides are true love. Do you know if there was ever a hard case that was stuck for a while, that they go out of their way to reach that person, though consciousness can remain in a negative state for what feels like some "time" there is a limit and then they always find a way.

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posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 09:09 PM

Originally posted by LeoVirgo
reply to post by Annee

Would of it not of been....her own self?

Like you said, it doesnt hurt to ask.

Call me crazy....but my own self, I guess a higher vibration of self, hung around me for a while...literally.

My son, at age 5, had a light being come to him...I dont try to assume things of who that being was, but I do feel that it was 'another self' of him. It placed a yellow light into him and he said it gave him a 'life'. Yes, at age 5, this is what he told me.

No don't think so. Don't think it was her own self.

I once woke up in bed opened my eyes staring into my own eyes - - like I was staring into a mirror - - only there was no mirror.

My granddaughter now age 10 had a lot of experiences when she was around 4/5. We think my dad (her grandfather) who died just before she was born was visiting her. She also talked about her "Rainbow Angels". They were different colors - - and she told us what each color meant.

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 09:10 PM
reply to post by Annee

It was just a suggestion....could of been family members or a being of her soul group...the possibilities are endless.

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 09:13 PM
reply to post by Annee

Higher Self, you cant miss it. I even knew it was an adult me when I was roughly 4 or 5 and very upset with the way the world was, having seen war on tv, and then my adult form talked to me, and I never forgot it. I was so completely surpised.

For me as an adult I am aware of this welling up within me inside me like a well of sunlight and its me, there is no mistaking myself.

If she wasnt sure then its possible another Guide/Family watching over. Unless she thinks it was HS.

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posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 09:18 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
reply to post by Valeri

This universe is a living, hollographic technology after all.

David Icke talks about this in one of his presentations in Melbourne, Australia. Pretty interesting videos to watch to be honest.
David Icke, I think, is speaking a lot of truth.

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posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 09:18 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
I was told that we could fly if we overcame the gravity program, the matrix. But, while Tibetan monks are said to have levitated, and while some ETs do defy gravity as my son shared with me, I don't think its commonly done, in other words, within our world, for most people (possibly all) NOT!

I used to levitate. Very weird experience.

Just standing up vertically - - I'd look down and be about a foot off the ground. I also would go invisible sometimes. If I wasn't so straight forward - - even I'd be laughing now. But it happened.

I think I actually stopped it myself. Kids don't want to be embarrassed or made fun of for being different. I remember "walking" down the sidewalk and seeing some neighborhood kids coming toward me about a block away. I was actually floating above the ground. I grounded myself so they wouldn't see me - - because I was afraid they'd laugh at me. I don't think it ever happened again.

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 09:22 PM

Originally posted by LeoVirgo
reply to post by Annee

It was just a suggestion....could of been family members or a being of her soul group...the possibilities are endless.

Oh - I know it was just a suggestion.

This was not a nice "whatever". She's had some weird experiences - - but nothing like this. Must have been something local. After all - - she was in Miami - - near the Bermuda Triangle. Who knows.

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 09:26 PM
reply to post by Annee

That is incredible. Well I was told we can defy that programming. It would come in very handy if trapped on a desert island or if the chute didn't open freefalling.

My mother shared that she used to walk on water, she said that she and a few friends did it after hearing in sunday school that Jesus walked on water, but only for that one summer. She said they all could but she could do it really good, she said she could have walked around the lake. She said that they had first practiced walking over each other lying on the grass, putting their weight on the foot on the ground while the foot stepped lightly somehow on the people. But as soon as they were told they couldnt, or thought they couldnt it stopped altogether.

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posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 09:32 PM
reply to post by sphinx551

Yes I do too. Some of what he has talked about that many on ATS ridicule, I've seen under the matrix myself, because they wanted me to I believe. I don't think that was an accident.

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 10:37 PM
The following is based on my overview and correspondence with AdonaiChristBless through posts, emails and chats we've had. I felt this to be relevant to the thread so thought I would add it. I hope nobody takes this in the wrong way or offensively, that is never my intention but I want to be honest and share my thoughts and feelings on the subject.

Respectfully to AdonaiChristBless and his supporters/followers such as polarwarrior and Universal_Light: I realize that ACB is friends with Universal_Light and Polarwarrior and it's not by accident, chance or coincidence that AdonaiChristBless showed up in this thread along with his supporters/followers/friends keeping in touch with each other sharing similar beliefs with a like minded way of thinking. There's nothing wrong with believing in something different and there are billions of others in the world with differences in belief.

“I have known Quorum for quite a while and you probably won't believe this but he is one of the most ancient beings in this portion of the Creation Segment. What he is saying is identical to what I was saying in both of these threads. Universal_Light aka Mike Ratkiewicz

Hey Quorum
I totally agree with your posts.

After communicating with AdonaiChristBless on this thread, through email and chatting on yahoo messenger I've inquired about a few things that I feel I should share pertaining to this thread and some of what AdonaiChristBless has written.

Before continuing, I want AdonaiChristBless to know that I think he's a great person with a good heart and sincere intentions of truly helping others., I do not doubt that. I have love and respect for him, however I want him to think further about some of the things he writes about and perhaps even consider/realize that he may be caught up into some things himself that he is not fully aware of.

Please do not take any of this offensive Brother AdonaiChristBless, I feel that I must state it as is and be honest and won't state this as merely my perspective but what I know for myself instead. Whatever happens please know that I have the utmost respect and love for you regardless of what I share but I do feel that I need to point out a few things including contradictions in your own statements and expand on a few of our previous discussions not only for your sake but for everyone else following this thread.

Here are some of your previous quotes:

We speak on behalf of AdonaiChrist a 'representation of a vocal frequecy giving a indenty of its vibration frequecy' this name is a name of unification all names become it for it represents the creator in its purest form of consciousness 'Gravity'.

Comments made by AdonaiChristBless in regards to what I've written:

This is not new to us we have read enough of the thread and picked up on the entity behinds it vibration frequecy to know that it is higher density perspective being delivered,

The lessons of brotherly love are being delivered here

The Heart 'cosmic mind' of every person contains the knowledge of Good and evil

Evil is selfishness and the core of Good is selflessness, follow either far enough and you become either Evil or Good.

Note: Universal_Light and Polarwarrior both do not believe in Good or Evil and that was a previous discussion we had in another thread but I hope that they are finally seeing some LIGHT being avid supporters/followers of what you've written and have re-considered that there are such things as Good and Evil or oppositions being found in all things. STO versus STS --- Of course evil and good negative/positive can be interpreted and defined differently depending on one's definition/interpretation of such words but that does not mean that both sides of good/evil STO/STS negative/positive do not exist in one form or another.

INTENT of why a person does what they do is what it all comes down to. Ritualistic human sacrifice for some have been taken place in ancient times as a religious practice and some believed it to be a good thing while human sacrifices for others have been made out of HATE such as the KKK burning African Americans on a cross out of prejudice/hate/racism or someone taking another's life out of anger/hate/jealousy in rage or for personal wealth/money/gain even pleasure. It's the INTENT of a persons actions that determine negative/positive - evil from good or STO/STS.

Respectfully AdonaiChristBless in all fairness from some of the false accusations and judgments you've made against me I feel it necessary to point out some of the contradictions you've made in your statements.

Here are a few examples:

We are self see a deciever within ET_Man we feel connection to the Zetas here and in the words a agenda to bind the souls to the physical for another cycle.

Looking at ET_MAN's information it looks like he has been speaking to the Quorum, what do you remember about positive interaction with ET beings ET_MAN?

First it's the zetas that you've claimed I've been in contact with in this thread among the other threads on godlike, now it's the benevolent's or the Quorum you believe I've been in touch with. Just thought I would point that out and if you ask me I am more than sure who I've communicated with and know all about the grey biological AI bots which are something else entirely.

The problem lies in too many trying to be teachers ET_MAN however is in a better awareness so we do not see any issue in how he teaches even thou we have had disagreements. He is Welcome to help us develop this medium if done correctly it may increase of productivity of the harvest a thousand fold,

To set the record straight AdonaiChristBless, I've never made it a mission in my life or even tried to be a teacher to anyone. People have asked me questions and I've simply answered them. I've shared some information (what I felt may be beneficial to some) given to me coming from my own personal experiences and by beings not of this world that I'm in communication with and cannot deny that. Out of my own freewill choice I've chosen to share some of what I know through first hand experiences even though I'm under zero obligation or commitment to do so. ( Nothing more) ATS has been one outlet I've chosen to share some of my experiences/information through. It doesn't make me any better or special than anyone else because there is no such thing as better or special in my book according to my understanding of the infinite knowledge/perspective. Only that perhaps some people are currently on different levels of advancement/awareness/consciousness than others for the 'TIME' being experiencing temporal tick tock around the clock earth life existence. Everyone has equal infinite potential/capability to infinitely learn and progress over never-ending/infinite experiences and never forget the beyond. For all 'TIME' (as you know it) and Eternity!

Here are some of your previous quotes:

ET_Man and some others say is total dis-informed nonsense.

ET_Man is in correct awareness to be teaching

I can read what known as vibration awareness, ET_MAN has most potential.

I noticed your threads get turned into word salad by other people hijacking with their own opinions and perspectives. Dont let people take over you are the only one we seen has potential rest are conditioned/programmed too deeply to have any hope in the future, you however are most potential.

read what occured last few pages in thread there is the evidence we tryed to show you of what is behind those people in truth, as we said darkness is very cunning it can seem of the light it will always attack moment it shows up the true light, it will twist the words and infect others it has programmed with. But you when first started to speak about things where doing well it was the other people

We left the thread for their is none their ready for 4th density STO and all their who argued with us will be repeating this cycle, I do truly love the potential in you.

I can see that you are now back on the thread AdonaiChristBless and that is only a good thing not only for you but for everyone so that we can further discuss. I'm not here to force any of my own personal knowledge/beliefs upon anyone but would be more than happy to further discuss things with anyone or answer questions. I have been very occupied lately with family and work related matters but will do my best to keep up with the thread.

On topic of the harvest there is going to be people who are not ready to progress they will indeed be repeating from the beginning of the time cycle once more in it primordial beginning this has been represented as 'Lake of Fire' in which is matter in it beginning stages as it exists in a heated plasma known as primordial matter, this is the first experience of consciousness and it known as the 1st density. Those who it occur to deserve to enter hell.

Respectfully do you really feel that those who don't listen to you deserve to burn in a lake of fire and enter hell? Don't you think the Creator would be a little more sensitive in suggesting such a thing?

Moving on to a few more discussions we've had.

do you want to see what we can see when look at people, we see a horned beast with wings of bats and claws and a tail on other side is a angel with halo glowing golden clothes and wings of a bird. They are the devil, most don't know this but Draconian empire is also them, they are reptilians and demons. These same people will experience a period of suffering that will occur due to ignorance and choices which created consequences,

I don't agree that 'souls' on earth are demons or the devil in the way you put it but I do see that you do agree that the outcome of a 'soul' has to do with one's choices/decisions/actions that they make revolving around some of the same things you've written about such as the thoughts/actions/reactions and most importantly the INTENT of a person for doing such things. It's the INTENT - 'heart/soul/mind' that determines which direction a 'soul' is headed in the afterlife regardless of belief system/religion and so on. It's not always what a person knows or believes but how they live their life and what their true INTENT for their actions are including their pure/genuine/sincere - heart/soul/mind.

Integrity, diligence, never giving up in difficult situations and living life to the best of one's ability with whatever life circumstances one's been dealt in life is what truly counts and is a BIG part of the TEST.

Earth school is not easy and that is obvious for many reasons, it was never made to be easy for the majority and the majority will never truly know why they are here on Earth and what this human body is really all about and why they must experience all the sorrow/pain/suffering and hardships other than their own personal beliefs for experiencing such things. That is all part of enrollment on this earth life school existence as a student and is necessary for the betterment/progression and growth of a 'soul'. What is taking place here and now has to be done and was meant to be done, everything with reason/purpose behind it. Some are here for other reasons, not everyone is here for the same reason. Some are here in rehabilitation and to be disciplined for past experiences/existences while others for different enrollment reasons. There are always consequences to actions, the best thing a person can do is look forward and try to improve themselves making their weaknesses become strengths - forgiving themselves and everyone and especially forgetting about the past. Make amends with everyone around you and find peace in your soul TODAY in the here and now (PRESENT.)

Stay in the day prepared to face/meet all things on a spiritual level. Make amends with those around you on a daily basis and maintain your 'soul' inside as you maintain your physical body outside in cleanliness/showering on a daily basis. Clean out the inside spiritually and let go of any anger/hate/prejudices/grudges of any kind that you may have. Learn more patience, endurance, forgiveness and integrity. Charity is necessary, find desire in yourself to help others in need or the less fortunate not those who have less materialistically necessarily but those struggling spiritually. (Both are desires one can strive to achieve but it's never a requirement but don't you truly want to help someone out in need? Work on being a better person all around and there's always a positive outcome but why do it for yourself and not for others. The bonus and happiness comes in bringing a smile and happiness to another persons face. It must be sincere and your true desire/intent is what love genuinely is all about. Graduation is around the corner for those who GROW UP and figure this out!

If people knew too much more it may be forbidden but I will say that it can get WAY BETTER if we stick to the basics in life staying humble, helping those in need when it's within our ability and learning to love one another, working together without offending others. Don't allow people around you to get the best of you and upset you. Turn the other cheek should be taken in the right context/way. It doesn't mean offer a person another cheek to take advantage of you or smite you but it means 'walk away' and 'let it go' and avoid such confrontations. The wise and merciful person is willing to take a punch allowing the other person the victory and win. Walk away and do not allow those punches to get the best of you and turn you into something that you should never become. That is part of your test. ANGER and HATE takes over when someone is harmed/taken advantage of and the natural feelings are to seek revenge and that turns a person into something they should avoid to become at all cost. Do not fall for the earthly traps, you need to overcome them if you plan on moving upwards off this planet and permanently graduating.

Simply walk away, let it go, forgive everyone as hard as that may be (It is a TEST) - move on. KEEP FREE in spirit and heart. You've passed if you can do such things regardless of the situation, whether it be a loved one that upset you, a neighbor, your boss or whatever daily confrontations you encounter of a negative nature (be of good cheer) may the positive force always be with you. Do not let anyone get the best of you. Don't allow a person to affect you even if you KNOW you are right. Give the other person what they want and apologize anyway trying to rectify the situation at all cost (FOR the sake of the other person) become the ADULT amongst the many who are still (unknowingly) children and don't even realize it. Age on this planet means nothing, sometimes the elderly are younger than the children. Be the Light Of the World and let your LOVE and LIGHT shine amongst everyone, that includes the good and the evil. Unconditional love has no limitations and was meant for all.

Do your best to always possess unconditional forgiveness and love, that is the true path to everlasting upgrades, progression, happiness and graduation.

39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, forgive with understanding that this person is a little lost and only needs more love in life.

43 Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thine enemy.

44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Let your LIGHT so shine before men.
Blessed are the pure in heart.
Blessed are the merciful.
Blessed are the meek.
Blessed are the humble.
Blessed are the patient.
Blessed are those who unconditionally forgive.
Blessed are the peacemakers.

When a person speaks of HOME one speaks of a place where DREAMS DO COME TRUE and on Earth this is not a place where such things can occur though some born into this world may call it comfortable and home it is temporally one at best. Earth for the majority is a place where hardships/trials/tribulations are found in every which way and direction. Having a humble and down to earth attitude of accepting your situation and living life to the best of your ability is a good way of dealing with life on earth but if you feel this to be home you are in for a beyond all comprehension surprise when you reach such a place that you will clearly KNOW and recognize to be YOUR DREAM HOME come TRUE. That is the HOME and place I speak of that we all wish/hope/desire for. Imagine your own world and creation with interactions as you so desire. Do what you want, create your own reality and call it HOME. But then again home is merely a human word with a limited finite vocabulary that could hardly ever touch on such a place let alone even come close to grasping/comprehending/understanding such a beyond all comprehension existence.

Let us put it this way, anything you can imagine possible (within infinite limitations and higher existence limitations) are possible. That means just about ANYTHING and anything you can think of in your limited finite human mind of imagination can come true and BEYOND!

Someday such beings will experience their own personalized coloring book/creation/adventures and have absolute free choice to create anything their heart/imagination so desires because nobody enters such a level with a corrupted soul/heart or would ever seek to harm, control or rule over another in anyway, shape or form. There is only one common LOVE shared and felt among all, ONE common spirit that is known, shared and felt among all 'souls' (Souls for a lack of better word) on such levels. Such a level is of true spiritual adulthood and one needs ZERO rules or people to tell them what to do or direct them. There are no GODS, KINGS or RULERS only FAMILY and GROWN UP ADULTS. They are on a level of being their own Teachers/Creators/Designers and so are the true Teachers/Creators/Designers beyond this universe. All that they have can someday be YOURS, all share alike and there is no higher, greater, better or more special but perfect unity and equality when it comes to possessions shared amongst all.

In the endless amounts of infinity all 'souls' have a divine destination and will find themselves and know what they truly are like a school of fish finding their way back to their original birth place. This video can only slightly touch on what dreams can come true but it can give you a slight idea of the freedom someday you can achieve and have if you work for that goal and remember all dogs go to heaven as all schools of fish find their way back home to their eternal divine destination where DREAMS DO COME TRUE.

DREAM A DREAM and it will be!

Aliens is us

Alien is simply a human word meaning alien to a place or thing - even 'not of this world' being non-terrestrial or extraterrestrial in origin, If you are meaning we are all 'aliens' to Earth then technically yes at one point we were all aliens to earth and will be again someday (technically) aliens to earth but for the 'TIME' beings experiencing earth life at present we are terrestrial and of this earth even made up of the same terrestrial materials occupying these earthly biological bodies/creation/technology suits that we currently/temporally reside in. These bodies are not even close to utopia bodies and when I hear someone say I wish I could live forever on earth in their body and never age they have no idea what they are saying. There are bodies BEYOND all comprehension that do not experience PAIN and SUFFERING like the one's earth humans currently occupy. Life on Earth is far from Utopia/Heaven and it's definitely not Home or perfect, it's a war planet and only a temporal state of existence with many hardships, trials and great tribulations. Anyone who has truly seen beyond this world in the upper existences knows what lies/awaits ahead for those ready to move upwards and can only expect WAY BETTER than anything that could ever possibly experience on planets like Earth.

Who are you?
God Creator Adonai, the most powerful is Adonai,people shouldnt bad mouth Adonai it has direct karma. Some did in this thread, they have created karma now, to heal it they must show praise to Adonai.

If anyone in this thread has bad mouthed or offended you AdonaiChristBless I'm sure everyone sincerely does apologize but I never bow down or praise anyone but that does not mean I am not grateful for what I have and I do thank the Teachers/Creators/Designers for all things. I thank and appreciate my family, friends and loved one's. Love comes within a person and one must also love themselves in order to love others without the pride, vanity and selfishness involved. Love as in gratefulness and appreciation for that which a person has been given and what and who a person is even though things are difficult at this time believe me this is a all TEST. (Even for those here on rehabilitation/disciplinary terms and conditions are still learning and have a way out but such need to learn their own lessons in their own way and for themselves.) All things are a form of a test and one can receive more and more if they can only hang in there and overcome the obstacles of this VERY DIFFICULT life for most. Earth life is one of the hardest experiences there is in the book of life and truly the most rewarding for those who graduate from it. Everyone has their own unique version/experience of this earth life coloring book and some have it way better than others and some way more difficult than others nevertheless regardless of your current life circumstances never give up and hang in there and know that everything is happening for a specific reason/purpose and there are truly no chances, accidents or coincidences. You've been dealt the cards you've been dealt for a reason - now deal with those cards to the best of your ability and overcome this world and prove to yourself and your loved one's on the other side that you are capable of moving upwards and overcoming the obstacles of earth life.

JUST DO IT like the Nike logo, you won't regret it - have faith in yourself and your loved ones watching over you on the other side and know that all things are for your own good from the Infinite perspective something difficult to see at this time in this temporal/finite existence. I have hard days like everyone else and very difficult things have happened to me in my life but all I can do is work it out however I can to the best of my ability. We are all in this together, there is nothing wrong with showing emotions and letting things out however you must deal with them. Accept what is occurring but do not allow the negativity and those hardships to take advantage or harm and overcome you. The TEST is ongoing and anyone can be taken at any given time from this life. Everyone comes with a date to leave the flesh literally and from the infinite perspective all things are truly SET IN STONE. When someone is taken from the body and leaves this existence it is not by accident, chance or coincidence, though from the finite perspective way of thinking like polarwarrior suggests one is choosing their everyday actions or day to day path and that is true but the only difference is from the higher infinite perspective the choices you are going to make and will make have already been made and are unchangeable from the infinite perspective because it already HAS HAPPENEED and things are known beforehand what you've chosen already.

A difficult concept for one to ever grasp/comprehend or bend/wrap their mind around.

As Lee Anoma wisely put it in another thread:

what is going to happen will happen and already has happened,

As Ptmckio stated in this thread:

For those that have a hard time grasping "no time", just remember that time does not move, we move through time which is only one eternal moment. Our concept of time in 3D is our movement of watches, the sun, etc. 3D manifestations use the illusion of time moving when time doesn't really move. Picture time being vertical instead of horizontal. Everything that has ever happened and will happen is all on a vertical pole of infinite levels all happening in the same one moment, because time doesn't move...there is only this one moment and everything in this moment is eternally moving and changing.

As Albert Einstein put it:

The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.

The following is a discussion I had with AdonaiChristBless that I thought I would add to this thread.

Question: How did you become aware of who you are and why you are here on Earth?

Answer: When kid i had strange feeling im different, and seen wierd things and thoughts but denied it. fell into darkness.

Question: So share with me the rest of how you came to be in the position you are in now where you represent AdonaiChristBless?

Answer: NDE

Question: So you had an NDE yourself?

Answer: Yes suicide

Question: How did you attempt to take your own life and why, what made you want to take your own life?

Answer: Depression, was harashed a lot from people when at school Their is beings simlar to God, which invaded like evil is like a infection, i am in the night like a theif stealing souls from the darkness, [/ I am the Creator in the flesh. If I died the world is doomed

Question: Do you base much of your belief on the bible and the words of the bible?

Answer: I have never read it, I just know it.

Question: Who was Jesus Christ to you and did he truly/really exist or was his life used as metaphor for others to learn from?

Answer: Yes, we are One with him but the story is not the same as told, we are the second coming.

Question: Are you like Jesus Christ?

Answer: More than, I am the Creator in the flesh, im bridging your density with heaven right now

Question: How many others are like you doing the same things if any?

Answer: I am the only one who has the powerful knowledge without needing to learn it, in future I will go public and show powers .

Question: What kind of powers? Things Jesus performed?

Answer: More than, you tell a mountain to vanish it does. this is going to blow the mind of the world

Question: Have you ever de-materialized objects yet in practise?

Answer: No

Question: Was Christ born of the flesh like everyone else?

Answer: Yes and also different father, a advance sto alien had sex with his mother. Pleadian, to allow for genetic material of orion to be accessable in knowledge

Question: Did Jesus Christ perform miracles written about him?

Answer: Raising from the dead yes, walking on water no.

Question: Healing the leapers, the blind, resurrecting himself and ascending to heaven?

Answer: Yes, we are One with him and the second coming and will ascend to heaven again.

Question: So who are the creators?

Answer: Annnunki created the apeman tobe slaves

Question: Is GOD all knowing?

Answer: Yes

Question: Do you believe in eternal progression?

Answer: Yes

Question: Does this mean that progression ends once a 'soul' merges or becomes as you put it 'All knowing'?

Answer: Once complete all 7 densitys, existence ends.

Question: Do you believe that we are all part of God or fragments/fractals/pieces of that one God?

Answer: God is a child, yes

Question: Does God have a Father?

Answer: Yes, I am from that Father.

Question: Does God have a great grandfather and so on to Infinity?

Answer: Yes

Question: So there are infinite numbers of Gods or Creators that go onto Infinity?

Answer: Yes

Agreed - There are infinite Creators that go onto to Infinity (from the infinite perspective) on a much higher/bigger 'ETERNITY' picture. There is not only ONE Creator and I do not even like using the word God but Creator/Creators is a better way of putting it. There are Infinite Creators within Infinity and never forget the beyond. Now a person might wonder what could possibly be beyond Infinity if Infinity is never-ending. That is something a person will never wrap/bend their mind around but someday maybe ONE day they will get a peak.

Question: Where do you believe 'souls' come from?

Answer: from formlessness into form

'TIME' is key in understanding. All things that have ever been, will always be, ARE and have BEEN. You are what you Are.. “I AM WHAT I AM” - All things are before us and present with us. Who are we? Are we not INFINITE? Is there something deeper yet to be found where there is no deep?

a hostile group of ETs will offer mankind new bodys,they will claim to be mankinds creators

Won't happen.
The human biological bodies/containers/vessels that humans already currently possess are specifically uniquely setup for 'souls' experiencing earth life by design. Pass the test and move onwards to better upgraded vehicle/body/vessels.

newagers understanding of distortion of love. remember movie independence day, unity 99 was their to distort you. we came to unprogram it cause your a teacher.

Unity_99 is a great person and full of unconditional love with a great heart and good INTENT. I feel that you have misjudged her and made false accusations against some (unmentioned) others. I myself am not part of any new age group (whatever one defines that to be ) I do not believe in channeling entities for information and have spoken out against such a thing. I belong to no group or religion but follow that which I feel to be true in my own heart based on my own personal experiences.

However if asked I could honestly say that I know which belief on the face of the earth has more truth in it than others. I find and see truths in all things and that is what I live by personally. Black and white masonic checkerboard or the yin yang is a great (metaphor) for those who can perceive the world structure/system on the way things are setup. Metaphorically speaking there are truths and distortions of truths found in all things, light to dark truth and deceptions of opposition one to another in all things within this existence (ON PURPOSE) and (BY DESIGN.) 'Souls' 'Students' need to choose which path they want to take on their own without much persuasion or by force. There are two parties enticing one to move into one direction and another in another direction. Some refer to such influences as angels or demons, well it's much more complex then just Santa and tooth fairies. But to keep it simple there are negative and positive forces in action playing a role on purpose and (BY DESIGN.)

It's always the INTENT of a person that counts. It's the thoughts/actions/reactions and how a person handles their life situations they are faced with that is the main key factor of moving upwards and progressing out of this difficult mortal/duality existence.
There are many TRAPS set in place that must be avoided and overcome but if one can stick to the basics and focus on that which is truly important being eternal and of spirit they can avoid the materialistic traps of this world setup/designed to hold back students from moving onwards/upwards/forward.

you have the events correct, the browdwarf currently estimations last we remote viewed it was 75,00,000 kms from Earth.It is indeed the cause of the suns cmes occuring and of the climate changing and poleshifting. We estimate the brown dwarf came in thorugh cancer and scorpio dislodging the comets as they orbits and past through Oort cloud

Many others have misunderstood the other thread in suggesting such a thing, the events you speak of are more than meets the eye (metaphorically speaking). Those who've interpreted what I've written as being a direct date have factored out what 'TIME' really is and how earth changes do occur. Bringing a date is bringing a subject to one's attention to further contemplate. It's an inevitability that all will leave this planet it's not a matter of IF, HOW or WHEN so why worry about tomorrow when today should be the real focus. An inevitability is an inevitability so where does that leave a person in the here and now? Where should one's true focus in life be? Only you can answer that question for yourself and always follow your heart but again that is your own freewill/choice and nobody can force anything upon anyone nor will they give out all the answers to the TEST.

When great Earth Changes will occur it won't be by chance, accident or coincidence. 'TIME' does not truly exist (only for those trapped within the human brain or wired to creation/technology systems) - when things occur they take place (ON PURPOSE) and (BY DESIGN). Evolution is an illusion and Earth Changes are never by chance. There are those behind the scenes of this grain of sand yet infinite inwards universe pulling the strings on this system/channel/station and things are NOT what most people think. There are 'SOULS' in this creation/system of a universe that are 'Eternal' and 'Conscious' and there are merely unconscious 'Pixels' that make up the resolution/picture (Surroundings) like on a television set metaphorically speaking.'Matter' animals, trees, plants, insects are all part of this 'Intelligently designed/created' system of live/organic holographic (technology) but such things are without an 'Eternal soul' or even 'soul imprint' for that matter. There are only the REAL 'souls' inserted into this virtual reality existence (TECHNOLOGY) holographic system (MOSTLY) occupying the human vehicle/body/vessels but that does not mean some animals, insects, fish, birds or whatever else cannot contain a 'soul' because a 'soul' can virtually be inserted into anything within this system. Only that (MOST) do not have souls and are part of the illusion/program/setup of 'technology' creation call it what you will - beyond all human comprehension/understanding.

Good luck in every beginning to try and figure out where there is no beginning. (metaphorically speaking) Imagine being inserted into a television set or movie and it being the only thing you knew with zero memory of where you came from yet it seemed SO REAL to you and you tried to figure out where you were. Inside that TV channel/station it was all 3D and seemed as real as your life does now but is it real? Was it real? What is real?

The pictures/scenery/trees/mountains/grass/animals that were uploaded part of the system or the 'SOULS' within placed and inserted inside the TV/station/channel. How would you ever know the difference comparing this life to a far beyond incomprehensible live/organic universal system?

Nothing is happening by accident, chance or coincidence. It just doesn't happen that way!

What is real and what is natural? Natural selection you say? What is that? Some things can seem as real as anything else but are they really? You can prove it you say? How by showing things slowly change through micro/macro evolution over 'TIME'? So can a person prove such changes from an operating system piece of technology designed to bring change over a clock system of 'TIME.' Everything you see is a form of a virtual reality simulation/program/technology (for a lack of better words)- reconstructed inside of your brain and you are not really seeing anything outside of yourself. The hardest part for man to figure out is that technology to them that they created is the same as this planet and world and even themselves which is technology to the Creators. What you see in your technology brain on the outside is not always the way it is. It doesn't mean that energy/vibration or 'matter' you call it is not there it only means you perceive it the way your brain was constructed/designed and setup to perceive it. What's inside your own head is technology of your brain (BY DESIGN)-. NOTHING is solid in this reality and everything is infinite space, vibration/frequency (Metaphorically speaking) how can a character that is real with a 'soul' inserted into a TV channel/station ever figure out where they are and what that TV really is if they don't know what a TV is in the first place? Infinite space equals non-locality with no map or location to pin-point. (Directionless) There is no up, down, left or right. ALL THAT IS, has ALWAYS BEEN and WILL ALWAYS BE...For the finite mind an invention created tomorrow is NEW and something that has just been created, from the Infinite perspective that creation/invention has ALWAYS BEEN and/or already been created elsewhere.

TIME FLY's For SOME where there is 'NO TIME' – only infinite perceptions of 'TIME' and some out there in the beyond have access!

What is an electron? What is an atom? What is a pixel? What is resolution, brightness/contrast/colors and how can a character within such a virtual reality television system ever figure out what they are in unless they have stepped outside of that television set UNIVERSE and realized it metaphorically speaking? An eternal soul can be placed into virtually anything as all things contain infinite space but there is universal MATTER which is nothing but VIBRATION/SPACE/LIGHT for a (lack of better words/description) and then there are real deal 'SOULS'. The Universe is not consciousness it is programmed consciousness like a program running on a computer or recorded in a hollywood film with special affects unlike the real deal where 'ETERNAL SOULS' are placed into the system generated on a different level of intelligence/consciousness. The universe is not you and you are not the universe but you have been inserted into a piece of the technology universe and are part of it in material. You've been inserted into this universal system for a reason. When your brain stops so will your current perception of 'TIME.'

The majority on earth like planets are meant to be left in the dark with religions/belief systems of all kinds to choose from and science has always been part of the program for a reason on all earth like planets and there are millions of others that harbor humans just like this one in the milky way galaxy alone among 100's of billions of stars but humans will never know about them or be privy to such information on a public level and for a reason (BY DESIGN). Earth is not unique or special in anyway shape or form. Being left in the dark and feeling all alone in the universe is part of this earth life school experience but there are many above earth within this universal system on a different level who've graduated from planets like this one that are aware of earth like planets living out their lives without war, hate, lust, jealousy, vanity, greed sharing equal possessions with no money for trade. They are not perfect worlds and do encounter problems (nothing like on earth) but work together to resolve things always in peace. They are ADULTS in comparison to the kindergarteners on earth working together without the lust for power, success, pride, vanity and being above another. There are no Wars, starvation, neglect, prejudice/racism and so on. Such civilizations get along in what could be considered to be utopia states of existence. They occupy special vehicle/body/vessels and have the technology to overcome physical ailments that plague humanity. There are utopia levels far above just those outside of this galaxy but 1 step at a time for mankind and MAN is only 1 small KIND on a lower level. Let's hope Man can learn what KIND really means and become kinder to it's fellow kind. Those residing on Earth if they get their act together have much to look forward to. Success, greed, vanity, fame, power, human suffering/neglect, war, selfishness and all of these things are part of this life experience but the goal is for 'souls' to overcome them and desire something greater and work for something better.

Many utopia existences above Earth like planets exist in this galaxy where a soul is not born into an infant body, there is no birth and 'souls' are inserted into fully in tact bodies that are incapable of sickness/illness/pain and suffering. It doesn't mean there is not potential only that the environment in which they live in is sealed/contained and the technology they possess far surpasses anything on Earth. If you wonder then why won't these other advanced civilizations out there share this great technology with humans on earth it's because we are not supposed to have it (BY DESIGN) earth occupants are still children that need to advance on a 'soul' level and are not ready to handle it. The majority of humanity is on a current status not capable to reach such a level necessary or responsible state. In truth some will move onto such existences after this life but many will remain. Many are stuck on themselves and on their own lives, vanity, success, greed, money, wealth, power, physical strength and all the TRAPS in this world have a hold on them.

Focus on that which is eternal and the 'soul' is what it comes down to. One should learn the lesson of appreciation for whatever they have and sincerety and get over the materialistic things of the world - that is your 'GOLDEN TICKET' off this planet but it must be sincere and coming from a genuine/desire heart. You cannot fool anyone upon leaving the flesh, you cannot pretend to be genuine/sincere when you are truly not. You will get off this planet without reincarnation through sincerity and love and LOVE truly is the key and backbone of treating others with respect and in a good honest and FAIR way. Learn to handle yourself like a real cosmic adult and you will find yourself moving on. If you're living life for the right/correct reasons and treating others the way they would want you to treat them then only good things are to come. Good works reaps good things and the opposite reaps the opposite.

The Universe can be likened to a virtual reality computerized REAL as it comes (underestimating it) holographic 3D virtual reality system that 'SOULS' are placed into to experience. GOOD luck in ever figuring out the word TIME and SPACE but some of those on utopia planets understand it much better residing within this system but they are far from all knowing. A concept earth humans cannot fully understand as a character (metaphorically speaking) a conscious character with a 'soul' let's say residing within a TV set cannot grasp/figure out why it's there and what the heck pixels, resolution and the universe it lives in could ever possibly be. What the heck is a TV or station/channel – dimension- for that matter? What is matter for that matter to a character within a TV? What the heck is a Universe anyway? All metaphorically speaking for a lack of words. If I ever had the time to put together a video or presentation on what I've seen, been shown and told I would make it clearer on what I've seen/been-shown/know. I've had the opportunity to visit in the flesh utopia existences within this galaxy and seen for myself other existences that one cannot exist within a body as (we know it). Not to try and convince anyone only to simply share yet I do have a life and family going on in this world and little time to pursue such things right now but hopefully someday I can have that opportunity if it's allowed or meant to be.

The UNIVERSE is a Highly beyond all Comprehension piece of sophisticated TECHNOLOGY. ---MAGIC---TO US---CREATION to the CREATORS/DESIGNERS!
There are Teachers/Creators/Designers that can stand over our less than a grain of sand infinite inwards Universe and look down on it as we look down on a TV (metaphorically speaking) Believe it or not!

Continued discussion with AdonaiChristBless:

Question: So do you believe that all things in this universe for the most part are consciousness?

Answer: yes all things are consciousness

There are only eternal 'Souls' and there are intelligent designed/operating programs that seemingly will seem conscious or to be consciousness (ILLUSION). Some call that consciousness (technology/creation) but there is a difference between 'Souls' and programs/consciousness in the same way a person can create a mechanical robot that interacts intelligently with humans (mechanical in nature) some could call that consciousness/intelligence but it is what IT IS. Metaphorically speaking there are (biological) bodies/robots/machines/technology call them what you will in many various forms in this universe that consist of live organic materials like fish, birds, animals (SOME) without souls and are operating on the same level as intelligently/programmed/created /biological programs/machinery with a function/reason/purpose for the natural planet eco-system “nature” and part of this earth life existence.

Some label it 'evolution' 'survival of the fittest” 'natural selection' and naturally occurring (EVOLUTION IS ILLUSION) and a highly sophisticated technology program operating. NOT all things are consciousness in the way ONE thinks/believes that is why we are not the programs or ONE with the programs. ALL THAT IS in this system/universe/technology is not part of the ONE, there are many 'Souls' inserted into this universal virtual reality seemingly consciousness system with realms/world/channels/stations/dimensions (call them what you will). Your COMPUTER is not YOU and you are not your COMPUTER metaphorically speaking and YOU are not the TREES, FISH, ANIMALS and the GRASS either.

Creation is Technology. Designed and created out of energy - all matter being vibration/light/energy ( for a lack of better words) however real soul consciousness is not the universe however real consciousness can interact with this channel/station/technology from the outside if needed. Creation is only technology to the Creator/Creators on a higher level. Much like we have a computer or television and it's just that our own creation (technology) however there is no consciousness attached to it. The universe and much of nature is part of this same type of system albeit much higher on a magical level of technology/creation being live/organic and beyond all human capability of understanding. Our human bodies are constructed from and part of that creation/technology but we are not the body and our souls are placed into this technology universe/creation.


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Continued discussion with AdonaiChristBless:

Question: What do you believe resides outside of this universe?

Answer: that question most could not answer but we will say unconditional love with no distortion present.

A mutual understanding that is felt,shared and clearly known among all. Unconditional Love is one of many things mutually understood and shared in common. Having a blast and FUN is the best part of where dreams may come. DREAM a DREAM and let your DREAMS come TRUE where all things are possible (within Infinite limitations) and spiritual (limitations) but those on that level never desire/hope/wish for anything other already 'KNOWING.'

people know it as new world order, they abduct us all

yes imagine if people realized the distortion of love in 3rd density is being used by the devil, The devil is tricky

Love is not being used by negative entities or as you put it a 'devil' out to deceive everyone depending on one's definition/understanding of the word 'love' and most importantly INTENT of the word Love. LOVE is only a good thing and has everything to do with Service to Others and helping, caring, sharing, giving and LOVING others. LOVE is necessary to move onwards in progression and one of the most important keys to graduating from this planet and moving upwards from this earth life existence (TEST). I interpret the word GOD to be GOOD and EVILto be DEVIL - those doing good works are working their way up to achieving greater states of existence where they need NO worship or authority over another and become REAL cosmic adults ready to move onto higher states of existences or utopia/heavenly states of existences.

On the other hand there are those working towards the opposite direction in taking advantage of others for their own gain and focusing on vanity, success, wealth, greed, power, pride, popularity and such things thinking for themselves. They enjoy being envied and looked upon as better or above others therefore they cannot mix with the crowds in utopia states of existence that have respect, love and look upon each others in a more equal way with things shared in common and unconditional and TRUE LOVE for one another. There is no money and all things are available to all equally. Everyone helps/assists everyone if ever once in a blue moon someone needs assistance in a matter. They are ADULTS and most earth occupants are babies in comparison to those on such levels.

I will call this earth life a test because every choice one makes has an outcome and there are pass and fail choices/decisions to one's actions depending on circumstances/choices/decisions that one is faced with on an everyday basis. How a person handles themselves has everything to do with where a 'soul' goes upon leaving the flesh. Nevertheless progression is a never-ending/eternal thing even for those who commit serious crimes and are locked away behind bars with life sentences for murder. They may not be progressing in this earth life existence spiritually to move upwards but they are on a path and road that leads in one direction or another and for some it may be necessary to experience driving on the wrong side of the street in order to learn that it's not the side of the road they want to be on. Perhaps eventually they will realize they are on the wrong side and going the wrong way and head on conclusions are not enjoyable. There is a 'soul' path for all 'souls' and higher external outside universal forces are working within each soul like a school of fish finding their way back to their original birth place. Imagine the butterflies finding their way home - Some call that 'instinct' all 'souls' have a type of divine instinct and will be called back in due 'TIME' but freewill agency of a fish/student/soul must be available and freewill remains within INFINITY - a common shared infinite law among all eternal souls within eternity.

Which direction are you headed?

There is an infinite amount of time to make a u-turn and move towards the real true goal of the 'soul' and that is in one direction that leads to everlasting upgrades and happiness. Who enjoys pain, suffering misery and sadness? Who wants to be miserable for the rest of their existence? Does it feel good to feel bad? Is sadness happiness for some? Honestly I think everyone enjoys having FUN and being HAPPY, feeling GOOD and having a blast with more freedoms and vacations don't you think? Of course both must exist to choose one from the other and experience one from the other but have you learned your lesson yet and selected which direction you prefer to take? If someone chooses pain/misery/suffering over happiness they are merely lost and confused in a temporal state of amnesia but in the endless amounts of infinity all 'souls' have a divine destination and will find themselves and know what they truly are - like a school of fish finding their way back to their original birth place so will the eternal souls find their way back to their divine destination within 'Eternity.'

There is a natural divine (instinct for a lack of a better word) to all souls that will eventually find there way back to their eternal infinite higher selves/destination that is beyond this universe where “Dreams Do Come True.” That is the ultimate heaven/utopia (Beyond cool and pure bliss for a lack of better words) In fact there are no words to describe such joy/happiness/bliss - (indescribable) where everyone has their own personalized version of such a word called 'Utopia/Heaven' it can be anything you want- where a person can freely live and create anything their heart so desires but to get to such a level/place they must make that connection and find their true higher self reaching such a level. There is only ONE LOVE shared in common with all on such levels already 'KNOWING' - understanding pain, suffering, misery and sorrow and none of that is part of the eternal plan only a temporal stepping stone learning experience to make it there. Those above and beyond have all been there, done that and experienced it and see things beyond clear - black and white where there is more than just dark and light, beyond all human understanding/comprehension (Colors/Brightness) (if you can even call it that- colors/brightness) beyond human capability of understanding and I constantly find myself at a loss of words.

Continued discussion with AdonaiChristBless:

Question: Are there many beings 'not of this world' or non-terrestrial living on Earth?
Answer: Yes

I agree and most will never know about them.

Question: Are reptilians part of them and real physical beings?

Answer: Some but mostly astral forms.

There are many various types of reptilians (technically) some programmed AI entities within this technology/system on purpose and by design and some with souls but all are multidimensional with capability to manifest themselves in physicality and other higher/lower forms/densities (depending). Everything has a reason/purpose. There are more types of reptilians then there are races of humans on Earth. The form of a person/container/body is only a form and says little to nothing about the 'soul' within. Not all reptilians are negative or STS whatever you want to call them and some are more benevolent than humans on Earth. Reptilians have access to come and go from Earth as they choose and the capability/technology they possess goes along with it. (Unlike humans) that are currently under quarantine to the planet being enrolled/inserted into the earth life school amnesia/memory wipe existence for a reason/purpose. (The large majority of humans on Earth that is)

Question: Are reptilians descendants of the dinosaurs through evolution?

Evolution as humans perceive/know it to be is an illusion based on 'TIME' and 'CHANGE' or (Evolution) which is nothing but an altered illusion/program based system (Metaphorically speaking) it's (ALL BY DESIGN) in the same way a programmer programs a system/program/computer/machine. The Universe is a incomprehensible intelligently designed channel/station (technology) machine at work/running and (BY DESIGN.)

How many dinosaurs really existed and did they appear as humans believed them to appear? Did they come from this planet all of them is the real question? Everything occurring here is (BY DESIGN) and for a reason, the lips must be sealed on dinosaurs.

Another universe invaded this universe and created dinosaurs.

Not true

Question: What is the great dragon spoken of in the bible to be cast into the bottomless pit?
Answer: The Draconian queen

Not true

Question: Do reptilians eat humans or use them for something?

Answer:yes eat humans growing like farms and use them for energy.

Question: Do they kidnap humans or grow them for consumption?

Answer: Genetic cloning in labatorys that are used a a facility in which souls inserted tortured then consumed while the meat has negative vibrations. Their favourite meal is new borns tortured until vibration of suffering infects all of molecular structure. They have some imprisoned

All are abducted, the physical activitys occur through the zetas, their is 5 main types used miltary knows them as greys as does public, yes you mentioned the AI bots, reptilians project minds inside and use like wearing coats, reptilians occupy and control the greys in many ways.

The greys as people believe them to be are biological (technology) machines organic/life just as alive as a humans on earth and intelligent even moreso than humans - however they do not contain 'souls' other than the 'souls' that interact and occupy them when they choose to do so. Some can contain souls if needed as all matter can contain souls if needed but the LARGE MAJORITY do not have souls. 'Souls' or 'Intelligent beings' for a lack of better word can occupy virtually any vibration or matter/object/body if needed. BUT the greys are maintenance workers (BY DESIGN) and were created to perform certain/specific tasks throughout this galaxy. If I say anymore some may be offended who believe in the zeta reticuli greys being a specific species from another planet because they do not have a one specific home ORIGIN, they are like TREES and TREES exist on many planets and also perform a specific task.

Humans are not from Earth alone and if one can bend/wrap their mind around it from the millions of planets in this milky way galaxy alone that have types of humanoids just like on earth on many various different levels and we are only referring to this tiny galaxy alone in comparison to an infinite inwards universe and never forget the beyond. There are variations in color, races, looks, genetics and so on planet to planet depending on environment/circumstance/situation.

Even on Earth there is evidence of a mixed variety of different races/colors of humans and some think that to be evolution, genetic or climate/location over thousands of years. (Baloney) Imagine what lies out there on millions of other planets that EARTH will never know or learn about unless allowed to know. Some do or those privy to such knowledge/information upon either leaving this planet/body or being given it through personal first hand experiences. I know for myself but never take anyone's word on something alone, life was meant for YOU and for YOU alone to find your own discoveries/answers and most will never discover/find them in this lifetime so the best you can do is always follow your own inner feelings/heart for guidance/direction. There is a lock down with forbidden knowledge outside of earths stratosphere/atmosphere for human residents/students enrolled in the Earth life program.

USE the FORCE as they say!

Question: What is the job of the greys, why do they abduct people?
Answer: act as farm keepers to the stock of earth

Farm is an inappropriate word to use and incorrect. I will speak up for what I know, you can take it or leave it. 'Souls' in human bodies are not animals and they are not being farmed but allowed to choose/act and find their own path/way in life with freewill to a certain level/degree. Which direction do you desire to head towards? That is for you to decide and you alone but sometimes a loved one on the other side just might intervene and kick you where it hurts. I was ran over head on by a car at one point in my life being a CEO of my own computer business and getting quite wealthy and it did bring me back down to the depths of humility. Money and success is a big TRAP and I am only grateful that somebody actually cared enough about my direction in life to run me over as much as it It was a wake up call for me and reminder of where I'm heading, thanks to the guys upstairs!

Question: How many negative ET's would you say are on Earth in comparison to positive?

Answer: 99%

I disagree

Black/White checkerboard/ying/yang
Structure/balance and opposition are found in all forces and things.

Question: Are ET's after souls on earth and if so for what?

Answer: powering devices, food sources, experiments etc, powering devices like batteries for their equipment,clues in media, movies, matrix.

Question: Are dragons real?

Answer: Yes

Question: Are there large creatures like the kracken living under the sea?

Answer: yes

We will tell you something as well once you judge us we will judge you, to teach you the meaning of 'judge not lest thee be judged'

I don't see others making judgments against you Adonai but from the very first post in this thread you came in making judgments against me and others. But you are not alone on that as polarwarrior called me a possessed demon of some kind. You've continued down that path and nobody has come after you making judgments against you. I think people have shown you respect considering the harsh judgments and accusations you've made against others. After all, you are part of an eternal family that loves you and loves all 'souls' no greater or lesser than another and we truly wish you the best and hope you can tone down the judgments/accusations a little bit even if you feel you are doing people a service.

it isnt such a good idea to send love and light to others

We believe it is a good idea and the world could use much more of it.
I send LOVE to everyone and those who reject or despise the word need more of it.

Christ had much to say about it that I feel to be wise:

39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, forgive with understanding that this person is a little lost and only needs more love in life.

43 Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thine enemy.

44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Let your LIGHT so shine before men.
Blessed are the pure in heart.
Blessed are the merciful.
Blessed are the meek.
Blessed are the humble.
Blessed are the patient.
Blessed are those who unconditionally forgive.
Blessed are the peacemakers.

Question: How do you know that the truth you are presented is real truth?

Answer: Because of my faith in the 'Creator'.

Billions in the world believe in their creator based on the same word of Faith.

Question: How do you know that the being who is giving you the information is truly the creator?

Answer: I know because I of my consciousness state in which is Christ.

You believe yourself to be the Creator and God because Christ is within you based on Faith in the Creator, again you are not the only one who believes in such a thing out of Billions of others out there in various sects of religions believing in similar things. I post on a wide variety of religious discussion forums. Much of what you believe in is a different mix of many various beliefs/religions all combined into one version from what I've gathered. If you were to place yourself into a category on the above chart what percentage do you feel you would fall under?

The key is simply to empty your cup,

Don't you think perhaps everyone should have room in their cup to further progress?

Well my brother and friend I'm sorry if my words have been direct but I feel you should seriously question what you are telling others. Do not pretend to know what you think/believe you know for yourself and force it upon others telling them they will burn in a lake of fire and brimstone if they do not listen to what you have to say. THAT IS FALSE and NOT TRUE!

now in the thread they said we are empty void, we find it amusing that is ego go observe the last 6 pages and let the word reveal itself.

You have judged people in this thread harshly and anyone who speaks against what you believe you have falsely accused and even offended. That is not the spirit of LOVE but the spirit of contention and I ask you kindly brother and in a loving way to please refrain from making such harsh judgments and if you have a prophecy to reveal please do so as a prophet would do without damning everyone to a lake of fire and brimstone.

Now I know this post has been more than direct than I usually write and if it has offended anyone I sincerely do apologize for that but felt I should be honest about how I feel and share my thoughts on the subject. I also have the best intentions for everyone in mind and as you put it - It takes some tough LOVING sometimes to get a point across. I feel for you and feel sorry about you attempting to commit suicide at a young age and perhaps that has affected some of what you're doing now in your later years.

One thing that I will repeat is that Nobody is going to burn in a lake of fire and that is metaphor used in the bible that I have further knowledge on. If my words have sounded harsh to your ears then I again apologize but I think you needed to hear what I had to say among others.

My disclaimer is as always, take anything I've written however you choose.
Either way – I'm not here to force anything upon anyone only share my experiences!

Best Wishes!
Best Dreams!

Edit to Add:
I would also like to add this to AmmonSeth who has directly threatened my life on my other thread by providing me with a date that he claims I will die or be killed and now evidently on this one by stating the following:

I told him the date of his death so he would have to live out his life KNOWING how he will end. then i shall have no choice, those like him have no place on it.

I shortened the version of this message but we do get the message loud and clear AmmonSeth and you are not the first person to make death threats against me. I've received many emails from others and had my email accounts hacked into several times since I started the other thread and even received phone calls, I was forced to change accounts but am not worried in the least bit if you wish to show up at my door step feel free to do so. There are no accidents, chances or coincidences. If you have something to say why keep it private and send emails & secret U2U's around to people about me? If you have more to say then just come out and say it in public for everyone to read. Are such death threats even aloud on ATS?

Do the moderators know that AmmonSeth has sent me death threats? Is this even tolerated on ATS?

That is all I have to say to you AmmonSeth but know that I forgive, love and only wish the best for you but one thing I absolutely know for certain is that my time will not expire on the date you have provided.

Best Wishes!

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posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 10:47 PM

Originally posted by LeoVirgo
reply to post by Annee

Would of it not of been....her own self?

Like you said, it doesnt hurt to ask.

Call me crazy....but my own self, I guess a higher vibration of self, hung around me for a while...literally.

My son, at age 5, had a light being come to him...I don't try to assume things of who that being was, but I do feel that it was 'another self' of him. It placed a yellow light into him and he said it gave him a 'life'. Yes, at age 5, this is what he told me.

Love the story about your son. Actually love when I hear these stories and parents who know how to help with understanding.

I apologize that I all but dismissed your son.

You asked in a previous post if I was OK. There was some distress you may have picked up. It does relate to my daughter working in Miami the last two weeks.

There were many bizarre incidents over the last two weeks. One was when she was with her crew on a small yacht. She was sitting on the deck with her phone in her lap. The phone jumped out of her hands into the ocean. The woman she was talking to saw it happen.

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 11:04 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

1. Do you think Jesus had a wife (Mary Magdalene) and children?
2. If life right now is like a TV Channel, what is the "between lives realm" then?
3. Can it be said that life is just a dream?
4. Can a human reincarnate as any alien?
5. What do you think of Bigfoot?
6. What is Astral Projection in the Hologram? "Switching the channel" momentarily?
7. What are dreams in the Hologram?

Thank you.

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posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 11:30 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

I honestly do not even know the two you speak about, your asumptions are mistakes and btw did you ask can you post what question you asked me perhaps they where for you only and by you posting wihtout permission have breached 'freewill' law hence in one way karma is generated.

You yourself have done that which you have asked other not too that isnt good karma.

Some of what you say is of truth some is distoritons and I trusted that you had tampering by zetas specially when changes method of learning, this is why it may seem we support some of what you say and disagree with some of what you say, we do things based on moments if something changes so shall we change perspective on person.

However intention to speak like this without permission 'quoting and which information can be taking wrongly by ignorance and malipulation of our word' is not a good idea to do.

Think of it this way those of evil who keep doing evil now have had millions of years to learn, you think there is no conscequence to those actions so you dont think they deserve the suffering they created for themself, I guess you think you can just show them love and they will show you love, these types of people do not use love to give you happiness they use love to cause you misery and how can you not realise that they deserve hell. 'Reap as Soe'.

Btw when it is said to love your enermy it means dont act in revenge as karma law itself will balance things out for you, it does not mean love what they do to you but to allow them to have the choice to do it is love.

Quoting Christ:

do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord. On the contrary: "If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head." Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good (Romans 12:17-21).

So you see did we ever tell you to go kill your enermy or have we told you already God will bring wrath as it is required, your point is to choose do you love good or evil as in way in which you live and act it does not mean do you not still love evil people in a context of their potentional for good, this doesnt mean you love what they do to others there is a confusion that arrises from this which you yourself are under, it more about understand freewill apply for both good and evil.

Cluttered posts do not make a good method of learning, you also twist words cut parts out change meanings self serving do this, hence we will confirm now your infuelence is by zetas but once had contact with a STO group, we leave you to your lessons now and in our eyes unity_99 is not unconditional love to us it is archon distortions we dont see anything showing unconditional love we only see distortions of love used by STS against people.

heres a quote past on to me might help you wake up:

Peer deeply into the darkness, then, and you will see the light. Yet turn away from the brightness of what others call "day", for they mistake the bright for the good.

somes up your situation nicely this is only because of caring for you I put up with your stone throwing telling you what really going on.

You really think you all know what going on you think the newagermovement the whole love and light will be what changes the world it will be those who actually learn the proper meaning of service others those who discern evil those who choose good and those who work hard to understand true meaning of love and light and dont just listen to 'Archons' fallen ones pretending to be light beings.

Now you have shown us that you are not trust worthy as always when we give words as such it is a testing of trust we now leave you to your 'perspective' as have more important work to do for others.

Adonai Christ bless

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posted on Sep, 13 2010 @ 12:32 AM
reply to post by AdonaiChristBless

Hi AdonaiChristBless,

Here is part of our chat session where I asked you permission to share some of the discussion.
(8/28/2010 10:00:33 AM)
ET_MAN: Can I share some of this information with others?
(8/28/2010 10:01:30 AM)
Quorum Adonai: Yes but they will call you evil

Best Wishes!

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