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Hidden Hand Message - Law Of One - Discussion!

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posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 09:03 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

In a world where billions are starving and living in heavy duty mafia like conditions, such as Phillipines, Cambodia, Africa, India, and South America, to name a few spots, the injustices outweigh any value to lessons.

The Spirit will do what ever is needed to sift out any imperfections. We are not only here to learn things as indiviudals (the path of self) ....we are here to learn things as a unit, and it takes situations like what is going on in the world for us to find the paths that are. You dont have to accept it, but it is what I have been shown.

I too have sought my whole life, I too ache and cry for the sorrow and all beings. I would go to the Spirit and plead for change, plead for a way to make all people heal their ways of flesh and wants for material gains....I offered to give me bring change. I became so desperate for pain and hate to leave this world, I offered my life of flesh to the Spirit.

This was the moment when I literally met, walked with, felt, breathed, merged with.....the Holy Spirit. I learned that before one can or will be shown the needs of must understand, the offering of self. The very life that was within me was of the Spirit, but the awakening of it within me, being able to be guided by this perfection that was within all things.....was the largest download of understandings Ive ever had in my life. I can only encourage you to seek past the Higher Self, the ones that still are in a state of Separation and are concerned with the path of self....and I can only encourage you to seek the Holy Spirit. The things I had to go through to reach Thee....was fasting, forgiving, releasing all grudges, being willing to hold love for all, without exception. All I can tell you is Jesus led me down the way of understanding of what I needed to do to become humble enough to learn from her, the wisdom that will teach us....and when I finally did reach her....I didnt want to leave her. When I say leave....I mean, to stay in that state of learning form the Spirit, I would have to stay in a very Spiritual state of living. If it was not for my children, I dont think I would of came back. I was told, it was ok to stay attached, for my children. I was encouraged, to take what I learned and raise them with this understanding. I can only share with you, as you share with me. I do so humbly, in peace, in hope, for I will now never loose faith, that this world is to be more, it is to move mountains, and I see now that it needs help to do so. If all the souls that understand the worth of love, left Earth for heaven or another can they live, how can they be....knowing the Spirit is still within vessels sifting itself? I was shown what I would feel, if I was to try to 'leave' Earth for the things the 'self' desired'. The ache of trying to leave other selves, was not bearable. It was not possible. The Spirit wont leave its own self. A self of self, will natural only help, its other selves. Its not about what you want as a self as a individual....its not about what I want as a self.....WE ARE ONE and its going to matter what that ONENESS needs of US as individuals, to help sift and weigh and measure.

Im sorry its hard for you to take, and I know you dont accept it. But the design is perfect. You are not seeing what it is doing for the Spirit within all are focused on the limited time of the events and feelings of what is happening while in the body complex.

What do you think moving mountains is? It is not literal mountains.

How do you KNOW the worth of love?

How do you KNOW the worth of sharing?

In a world of flesh and material things (like tents, berrys, campsites ect) it will be a world of cause and effect, with duality.

The whole school has been hijacked and progression for many, halted in an unending trap of karma where NO ONE could be expected not to react, where the pot is stirred nonstop with real horrendous suffering and murders, all for the benefit of a tiny few mafia lords.

It has not been high jacked. There are reasons for all of these things just dont want to see them. There is no unending trap of karma.....if people react out of good will, in a bad environment, it will be noted. If they are only reacting, and not instigating, this will also be noted. When each person in those areas passes out of the body complex, every one will have to stand up for the things they did, they will see the ones that they harmed as ANOTHER SELF....they will have to bare the truth that they only harmed THEIR OWN SELF....and it will be ONLY the unconditional love of Spirit that will help them stand after such truths. They will sift, weigh, and measure. Every single person that had ever prayed for them, wished well for them, every single person that had a thought of them, they will see and stand up for or against. Every single moment will be seen NOT only from their self as a body complex, but EVERY OTHER SELF THEY CROSSED PATHS WITH AND THOUGHTS WITH. In the divine eye....WE SEE ALL THE PEOPLE AS ANOTHER SELF, we KNOW that all in Spirit is what makes us ONE.

Do you think there is actual free will?

I know there is. I know you have the free will to believe what you want, to seek out what you want, no matter how much control is outside of you, you have the free will to create your own wants and seek your own thoughts.

It is the thoughts, the mind, that counts. Our thoughts are literally creating. Be careful what you think.

Many ETS don't and feel the deals/contracts were broken long ago here.

I dont buy that for one second. I think that many are being misled. I think those that wish to find outside help, think the world is falling to pieces and it needs intervention outside of earth, are easy targets for the lower vibrations of the mind complex to give them what they want to hear. These people have lost hope in their own kind. These people are not willing to stay and help. Its no different then the idea of thinking its time for God to intervene and fix things. Neither will happen. The Spirit awaits US. Its such a hard pill to swallow that the majority always refuse....hence, few find the way is how it works.

I don't agree with peoples answers here. I feel they're the kind that allow many to sleep well at night and need to be examined carefully.

You really think that they idea and thinking that there is no quick fix, that fate lays in the hands of ourselves as a unit....helps me sleep at night?

You think the idea of offering ones self to stay here, being of use in any way the Spirit may a easy path?

The idea that lessons must be learned, and no one is going to save us from think that helps me smile?

It is only with the Holy Spirit, I can still stand after learning the reasons and ways. It is to Thee I find strength to step forth, to carry on, to be what I can each and every day.

I think the idea of leaving Earth and escaping this life is the way people find ways to sleep at night. Wrap that group up with the religions that await heavens and the new ages that await ascensions and other planets. All the ones that are willing to leave their own selves.....(so they think anyways).

I mean no ill will, but just as you find your ideas important to others...I find what I am saying not only important, but dire for some.

Too many have had their progression halted.

I find that you see things with a very limited view from the perspective of flesh and flesh alone. In Spirit, there is always progression. Events might be to teach a self, to teach a nation, or to even teach the world. Many suffers have offered themselves to be of use, to teach another self. After leaving the body complex, the self that was needing the lesson, will see that ITS OWN SELF...made a offering, to be the victim, to teach ITS OWN SELF, something of use in things of Spirit. We use the flesh, its just a tool, its just a measure and marker for many things while sifting the Spirit within us all.

I mean no ill...I only wish for love, I wish for the things you do. I can only warn, the path of seeking the higher self, is only going to offer what you as a self is in need of. And that is fine, if you feel that you are still in need of the path of self. But you do talk of wishing for change, wishing for things to be better, and I tell you, there is a way.

I love you Unity, and thank you for allowing the crossing of our words in a peaceful way of disagreements.

Coming into body complexes IMMEDIATELY has consequences which is things like pride, selfishness, greed, and lust. Its a cause and effect from Spirit into flesh. It will be tested, mulled, shaked, ratteled, and rolled....what TRULY matters in not what is happening in the body complexes....but HOW the events in the body complexes SIFTS out the perfection of Spirit.

The worth of love just cant be given....there must be understanding of why its of the highest order. To gain this understanding truly, paths that are not of the highest order will be tested to the last degree.

As you share what you understand, I can only do the same. Rather it be for you or for another, I do not know.

posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 09:12 AM
Just on a side note, getting threats from this thread, along with another who received a serious one, doesnt cut anything with me. Everyone here is Family, though many don't know this, and can't remember glimpses of past lives or eutopias in this system let alone who they really are, behind the veil, that goes for the negative doers as well, from every species in this Cosmos, on every level.

Look within and find you way back home, for you are loved too.

I follow my inner nudgings and am without fear.

I will freely share my feelings and viewpoints, and wish for the advancement and freedom of everyone on earth and eutopia for them, either here or back home.

So far certain groups have not exactly represented the love. For those supporting the pyramids and controllers, to write that et_man offended creation itself when he cares deeply for everyone, shows a complete misunderstanding of what life is about, which is to learn to love, something someone who could threaten doesn't seem to reverberate with. Nor am I spreading lies, always follow my conscious, and diligently search for answers, the system you're believing in is distorting your own views. Find your way back home and go within.

I will be taking this threat and its author to his own Higher Self in meditation, as a matter of fact, because in Quantum, and the other side, everyone made it out, everyone truly loves each other and understands profound equality. Thats the good news. Everyone graduates in this cosmos school even if it takes kazillion/trillion years.

Love and Light!

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posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 09:46 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Yes, every soul/mind complex makes it...

This is why all paths are valid and all paths offer something.

This is why there is nothing to fear.

There had been no threat from me, I have told you your path as a self is have taken offense because I shared a path that differs from yours. I have made no threat, you have taken personal offense. This happens sometimes and you cant see that we seek the same things for the all.

You can seek through my higher self....
....I give you permission to do so. Im in the process of detaching from it, so you may get a download you are not ready for, but any which way, I welcome you to seek the self I am leaving and I hope that the Spirit can shine through and show you why I am working on detaching from the thing that kept me on the path of self. I shared with you the deepest and most meaningful experience that has ever happened to me....and somehow you took it as a threat to you. I have repeatedly said I can only offer to you what I have experienced, just as you offer here what you have experienced. Your free will is not effected in any way with my sharing....just as lies, corruption, disruptions...will not effect your free will unless you allow them to.

Please, seek every inch of being that is a part of will see a higher self ready to offer itself back to the very source of where it came from.

As I said, this is not just for you, it for whoever it will resonate with. Its not personal to you, your path is valid, I have repeatedly said that. I am only using our differences, to show others different walks and journeys.

These things of Spirit can not just be given to man from another man, they cant be placed in a book and then understood....the will to seek the path of Spirit is something every mind complex will have to do on their own, and it is only through personal seeking that the answers can be understood. I only encourage others to seek the path of Spirit and seek understanding in such a path of offering of self, as Jesus did.

If I was to not share....I would not be doing what I have been shown to do. If I was not ready for such a path, I wouldnt of been given the understandings that I have. Its surely not something I just go telling everyone I meet. I share it when I feel a nudge from the Spirit to do so.

Out of love for all, is the only reason I am bringing a voice. Just as though your words may resonate with others and allow them to see things they need to do other voices show things to others, and allow them things they need to see. I welcome all paths...for all are teaching something to someone.

You speak to lead those on a path of self...I speak to offer something for those that have came here on the paths of offering of self. They are both valid and have purpose and I have said this. There is no threat.

Since you have taken as such, I will end my voice here...enough has been said and there is much wisdom in many peoples posts here for any seeker standing at the cross roads.

I wish everyone love

BTW...take it to 'her' higher self...for Im a female
Well in the body complex anyways

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posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 09:58 AM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

I would never exactly cross words with you, though we come from a different understanding, your loving and peaceful spirit is so evident in all your posts, which I always am drawn to.

I also believe in the power of prayer and miracles, and that there is a Divine Plan, and that many, even those who react to the horrors around them and loss of loved ones, will have much love and mitigating circumstances, and in the end all will learn.

Who you would call Holy Spirit, I may see as your Future Future advanced Higher Self, or even Cosmic Mother, Prime Creator of this School/Universe.

The things that have occurred should never have happened, they should not have to be remembered. I cannot bear them. There are equal numbers of eutopias in this School/Cosmos in which these things do not happen as well, and that is something to think on, for the ones running this system literally took control in the old wars.

It is watched over constantly, from within and without.

..and I can only encourage you to seek the Holy Spirit. The things I had to go through to reach Thee....was fasting, forgiving, releasing all grudges, being willing to hold love for all, without exception. All I can tell you is Jesus led me down the way of understanding of what I needed to do to become humble enough to learn from her, the wisdom that will teach us....and when I finally did reach her....I didnt want to leave her.

This was a beautiful passage, thank you.

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posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 10:01 AM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

No, its someone following ET_MAN's threads, who has quite significant energy himself, who hasn't actually posted on this one. I'll be sending lots of love his way. Never had that kind of threat from anyone for posting positive messages online before, and don't post any other kind.

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posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 10:15 AM

Originally posted by Unity_99
reply to post by LeoVirgo

No, its someone following ET_MAN's threads, who has quite significant energy himself, who hasn't actually posted on this one. I'll be sending lots of love his way. Never had that kind of threat from anyone for posting positive messages online before, and don't post any other kind.

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I jumped conclusions...I apologies. It sometimes is a bit nerving to share so deeply, for I never know when someone will take personal offense. My first thought was, surely Unity didnt perceive my posts that way
I then though, maybe Unity is having a bad morning

Im very glad to know....we are able to share and discuss. I thank you always for that.

There are several in this thread I have hoped for a burst of love to reach them, for forgiveness to fall upon them heavily, for humbleness to burst forth from their inner light. But I also see, what ever path they are on, is teaching them something that they wont see until outside of the body complex.

My higher self is something that is still in separate form, not in total oneness with Spirit. Higher selves are close to perfect, but perfection of self....not all. Spirit is perfection of ALL. We all share the same Holy Spirit, this is how we can say we are really ONE. We do not share the same higher selves. I know my family share a higher self...and I know some of them are still very much in need of it and it is helping those mind complexes with many challenges and tests right now....of the 'self'. Even the Higher Selves must merge with Spirit, but much sifting will happen throughout the entire Universe before such an event will take place. A word that sits with me when I think of such an event happening is the purification.

Its beyond any idea of processing we can begin to image or think on.

Im glad it wasnt my posts that you were taken back by

Have a great day Unity!

posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 10:24 AM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

Your posts actually help pull me through some of the areas that really upset me, for the inequalities and injustices were my biggest argument and resistance against the voice within my heart that I always felt, and heard. I got into some big moments when I totally quit, refused to take another step. Had several visions that are always held close to my heart because these were hard years, and wasn't awake during them. In one I was told to continue on my path and was flooded with so much love and acceptance. I was told that if that person was me, in my circumstances, not understanding the larger picture, they would feel exactly as I did, and no one should be able to sleep comfortably with injustices taking place.

Recently, after sungazing and contemplation, it occurred to me, with a little help from my Family, that in this free will school, only those who believe that all learning and growth is from an authorative punitive system, graviate towards this earth school and planets like this, that of course there is another way to learn. And there is so much help and interceptions to nudge at the right moments to try and bring higher knowledge to people. It reminds me of the ET contact I had where I misunderstood the message about freeing the planet. I had thought they would fill the skies and help take back earth. Now I realize its by waking people up, they mean to free us to progress.

I learn something from your wonderful posts as well, just want to share that.

posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 10:28 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

And I from you....learning that love is boundless, without something hard to find around here, it refreshes me.

posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 11:10 AM

Originally posted by LeoVirgo
reply to post by Unity_99

Hey ther LeoVirgo,

Good to see you posting (not seen you here for a while ... I have been reading this thread with great interest since it was started ... but have not felt the need to post ... until that is, I read your post (see below).

That is one of the most heartfelt and meticulous posts that I have read on ATS in a long, long time ... and I have to agree with your sentiments 100%.

It never ceases to amaze me how people can claim to be spiritually aware ... and yet be so closed to the potential of truth, as others perceive it ... the simplest of all spiritual lessons should be that perspective of the path we choose is relative only to the individual ... even those on similar paths will not 'see' things in identical ways ... but as you say, that certainly does not mean that one is right and the other wrong.

The irony is never lost on me that it is the ones who claim to hold not only 'all' the answers ... but the 'only' answers (the same ones who feel because of this knowledge they have the closest connection to the 'Divine Source') are actually the ones with the biggest ego (naturally they do not see this themselves).

But if anyone reading these words is offended by them ... then maybe you are the one who has aloud 'ego' to compromise and breach your true 'spirtuality'. If you're not sure whether this applies to you or not it will be confirmed by your inability to be flexible ... as Aerosmith once sang 'Lifes A journey Not A Destination' ... and only fools believe they have 'all' of the answers.

Good thread OP and some good debate amongst it all

Star for you and another for LeoVirgo (very inspirational)


But there is no way that I can ever ever accept a world like this existing. Theres always a better way. And the ones "in the know" lying, are always the ones most repsonsible.

They are still you. You dont have to accept that while in the body complex, but outside of the body complex, you will just know it.

This is why you long for the cant face yet the need for the ALL and understand the sifting process the Spirit must go through in many different vessels.

Moving mountains is not easy. Hearts are hardened....fear and nonacceptance turns beings inward to self, not able to observe the paths their other selves are on.

Since all paths are valid, it doesnt make you right or wrong. Your beliefs are valid for YOU....and outside of the body complex, this will offer you just what you are in need of learning.

You are stuck on the ideas that the ones that lie and cheat and are learning lessons should be responsible....and they will be, they are other selves of you still learning how to over come the individual self and they can not yet live for another.

Ultimately, it is love that conquers...unconditional love that is offered to each of us outside the body complex, unconditional love that helps us face the things we did and helps us understand why we did those things. It is the love that helps us remain standing when we must look into the mirror of truth. But while in the body complex, unconditional love is not obvious and there are reasons that it is not.

Many have to walk many paths that are find the path that is.

Its easy to fall for powers, greed, pride ect....and by not forgiving them for what they do not know, you actually remain bonded to them through negative emotion.

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posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 11:29 AM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

Good morning.

I just want to say - this was/is an amazing post (as all of yours are).

Yeah - I know we aren't supposed to do that - but . . . I did try to respond and just couldn't find the right words.

I had similar experiences - but each time I tried and read my words - they seemed insignificant - only taking direction away from your beautiful communication.

So - just Thank You.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 08:54 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Dear Unity

What would be the original thought of understanding the situation the world is currently in???

We can not put worth what we can not apprehend yet at the same time a family is watching us. So much many of us produce a key state of mind that falls into a category of responsibility on our shoulders. That produces us to take action for what is needed of us in this world, everything results in many actions through out the time of history.

Yet much of history is a lie to be told to us and our children also their children as well. A great man once said the following quote:

"This is for the record. History is written by the victor. History is filled with liars. If they live and we die, their lie turns into truth for it then becomes written-and our truth is lost. They will become heroes and their lie becomes the absolute truth. Cause all you need to change the world is one good lie and a river of blood. "

You, ET_MAN and several other members provide that lesson yet at the same time we must ask ourselves this "Is the truth that we know really is the absolute truth and not some lie written in this case given to us by the victors??". So this is one of the questions we must ponder upon through out a period of given time to us in our lifetime.

Merely food for though and I do know a family of light would never lie to us.

Peace to you also grace.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 10:20 AM
reply to post by Annee

Hello Annee!

Language, as useful as it is to us, limits us in things of Spirit greatly.

I also will re read things I write when trying to share, and I know that the words do not do justice to the true experience.

After having this time in my life (it lasted a couple months really strongly, I felt I was walking with the angels of the Earth every moment) I then begged for all to be able to experience the same thing. For if all beings could experience this, then they would know, we were all ONE, all a part of something greater then us that made us a whole. Excepting that the only way for others to experience this was to seek it themselves was hard to take. For months then I kept posting posts telling others to seek this, seek it, its there, humble yourself, go before Thee with a honest heart.....I sometimes pleaded with others to just try. There is perfect reason why this knowing wont fall in the laps of man, our ability to 'seek' in our alone time is so meaningful to humans if only they all knew.

This was when I realized, there was something past the higher self, something greater, more perfect....something that was connected with every single being, every single energy of life. I feel that when seeking on working on the self, the higher self is suffice. When trying to step up and look for a purpose beyond the self, the Holy Spirit that is within all of us, that does not separate us, is the place to seek. One will be tried and measured if they do seek Thee....for their purpose of seeking will be measured. If the purpose is of the self...its likely to not show Theeself. At least for me, it was not until I detached from the self for all my own desires, wants and needs....that I could reach Thee. Everything Thee showed me had to do with never had anything to show me about my own little 'self'. Which only made since later, after I saw what Thee had to offer. I had to trust within me the path I was being shown to walk on, with the fasting, with the forgiving of the world and all things, with holding the vibration of love equally for all life here and beyond, with opening my mind and understanding the Spirit offered Theeself first, for us to I could then be shown why, we too must offer ourselves, back to be. Jesus really did show us much more then most people know. Its far beyond any forgiveness of sins....he shows us a process, a circle...THE circle, of life, of Spirit. Its all around us, we are so blind. Its within nature itself, recycling constantly. Offering of life, for life, to be, and on and on and on.

Which is why I feel Jesus within.

I do not feel that the higher self is the deepest core of us, and I think it can mislead people to think that it is. If they think this, they will not see past the separation that still exists between us all. I feel higher selves can still be attached to ego and the desires for self, which is useful for some paths, but can be confusing as well especially if you have a mind complex that is ready and willing to offer itself to the all.

I think future is malleable...I think its up to each being to choose to take steps or leaps. When you have taken a leap, the Universe is going to change around you. I really believe as we think, we create. This would explain the different experiences during NDE's. What people desire, need, want....all will play a part in their 'creation' for their mind complex after they leave their body. Even the figures they see, may just be other mind complexes taking of forms they know that being is going to be comfortable with. Many say there is a 'resting place' that looks alot like Earth, with Earthly themes of culture and history. Some may find this resting place to be 'another planet' or a place that seems like a garden of Eden...a place where they can rest and absorb love. It gets really interesting when studying so many different accounts of peoples experiences as they are dying or have died and been brought back. I think the only destiny that is set in stone is that the Divine Plan WILL WORK. The process of sifting, is perfect.

My grandfather....a non believer in any after life...just a hard working man who was a police officer and butcher for his job...but his love, trut love, was fishing....for 2 whole days before he died, he kept telling of us fishing on the most beautiful river he had ever seen, and how many big ones he was catching....and that his dog 'ruffuss' was with him on his boat (his dog had past on years ago) really filled me with joy. This was 'his' heaven....this is what gave him his 'rest'. He didnt even have to believe it was just was.

Staying open, is wise. It is possible that our higher selves only can offer us what we are ready for. Its not likely a higher self is going to bombard a being with many new things that will bring uncomfort to a mind complex while being in a body. Strangely, the Holy Spirit, offered things that did unnerve me....but the things I had to go through before I could reach Thee, prepared me for such things, I think this is why there are many tests while seeking Thee, such as cleansing, opening the mind and heart, for how can we be shown things if we do not show Thee that we are ready to take truth.

Having to walk the walk Jesus did, is what prepared me. Having to try to relive the choices, the events, the mental acceptance of to offer the life of flesh for the things of spirit was the most sorrowful thing as well as the most uplifting thing, all at the same time. As a self, it was sorrow. As a Spirit, it was of the highest order of love. I think this is what is meant when he said, 'pick up your own cross'....pick up your own self....and follow me, in offering of it.

As long as there are attachments as a self, it cant be done. Even negative emotions against the events and history of Earth, are a attachment.

Forgive it, release it. Forgive them all for what they do not know. Know, they will learn something from it.

I dont seek rest for self, for I know in the highest order, I am not separate from all other life at all.

Most of this is just morning rambles.....if any of it resonates with anyone, then take what resonates and dont worry with the rest of it.

Be yourself, for where ever you are is where you are to be. Enjoy the day, find a smile, share a smile....feel the life that is in you, in someone else, even if its just through their eyes or through having your bare feet on the grass.

I replied to you Annee...but my posts always seem to go way past for the person I responded to

Gotta take the chance to reach someone when I can....

BTW...I read the other day about your image of you standing on the moon above earth.....
makes me so happy to be here at this time with others like you. I just feel that there is change happening, there is a shift, a tipping of the scales, of the united complex of mankind as a whole. It may be small, but change is change.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 10:31 AM
reply to post by woodwytch

Hello woodwytch!

I am well...and my best to you!

Thanks for sharing kind encouragement.

Remembering that we all can only look within things that we are ready for is important. We all can offer eachother something, if we are willing to step back and look at it outside of the body complex. This is so true.

Aside from the thread topic here, there really is some wonderful posts and I think its a great read for a person that is seeking at a cross roads of purpose and being. Its as if some of the people here have created a base of energy in this thread that is far beyond Earth and the things we can understand here. It also, is likely too much for many.

As many paths that have been shared here...the main base still comes back to love and acceptance, finding way somehow, to accept it and let it be what it is.

Much love!

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 10:44 AM

Originally posted by LeoVirgo
At least for me, it was not until I detached from the self for all my own desires, wants and needs....that I could reach Thee.

What I find interesting about this statement is - - I had to do almost the opposite to live in this world.

I had to learn to make/recognize self importance in order to function in physical. If I was a child today - - I'm sure I would have been tested for Autism.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 10:44 AM
reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice

Hello Shadow Ninja ... back so soon ???


posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 10:57 AM

Originally posted by woodwytch
reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice

Hello Shadow Ninja ... back so soon ???


I'm strongly not Feeling the Love.

Extreme caution.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 10:59 AM
reply to post by Annee

And part of that resonates with me too...

For I couldnt stay in that state of be a part of this world. It was for only a moment of time (a couple months) that I could handle it. My children, part of my own 'self' is what grounded me.

If that makes any sense.

Other wise I can only describe the moments as if I could of just flown away from here. I had to return to the 'self' but I returned with a different view and complex. Literally. Even energy around me changed, like family seeing another me, outside of my own self. Sometimes the memories are so beyond here that they are a bit uncomfortable and I have to carefully choose who I share them with. It was like leaving Earth, while standing on it.

I detached, but had to reattach....for I was still very much still a body complex and had to accept that. But now had new ways to work with that and understand its possibilities.

Words...again, dont do the job. I think its very possible it does not work the same with everyone, for different mind complexes are born in the the body complex already carrying with them certain natures that some may not have and vice versea. Which is why I find sharing an important part of offering of self. I think we are to share....for somewhere there is someone that is going to resonate with something that is said.

I think there are some here that come here just to hold a certain vibration of being here, of love for others. I think these beings have offered themselves already, before even being born here. I think some of these beings are the ones that offer themselves as a role of victim, for they are strong enough to hold the love while teaching a part of themselves a very hard lesson. To think that a victim and the harmer of the victim can be seen after leaving the body complex, and that the victim, after the harmer has learned that it only harmed its own self, will only show the harmer very powerful. I think these types of beings have always been here and there will always be a balance of them here.

But what I think its the scale of the amount of those types of beings tipping, to where more of these vibration holders will be able to incarnate here....causing mountains to move. I think this is what we see happening.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 01:22 PM
reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice

It was just suggested to me, for one who is too inward, that sometimes we connect to our HS and Family by turning outward to others. That started an interesting thought, for the connections we all need, to find our way through the illusions of this world, and to find our heart and positivity and tender regard for everyone, is within, but also forming connections to others can really help as well, STO. In a sense, wherever love is, in action, thought or word, in relationship, and in quiet meditation or seeking within, these are all ways to connect to HS too, or raise our frequency. There simply isnt one way. We are all so unique and our situations unique, but we're all a part of a huge family, and those memories are blocked often for a good reason. I don't think we could even participate in this if we realized and remembered, we yearn so strongly for home. The glimpses I have had of Family, close personal Family watching over, made my insides do a leap and just wanted back so fast, if I could have left at that I would have leapt out and returned to them.

If we only knew how close everyone here is, in this world. We see all the divisions, and its made that way, overdone by the controlling groups, Family turned into enemies, harming each other.

But when we're seeking withing, or while meditating/sungazing, whatever the tools we use, its concern for others, that brings connections. Because its Love, and thats unconditional and selfless, that brings us our guidance.

edit to add: I just reread it and realized something. It doesnt matter, how many times each generation hits upon the truth, or individual. Because really finding the way, to one particular idea, isnt what this earth journey is about, not even the cosmic one.

I share what my Higher Self downloaded, because in an ocean of religious/metaphysics thoughts and ideas, its not interferring to share, and provide a new idea or alternative. We all need different answers, and some are drawn to one aspect over another. For example for me the Quantum Time/Infinity stirred my soul. It could be the STO found in Yeshua's message, or the inner searching and meditational model in Buddahism for another, the Vedic, or a little bit here, and a little bit there for another. I grew up in a science oriented family, so was ready to think out of the box that way.

There is no victor rewriting history, though. Thats an illusion too. The way out is love, STO. So even in a controlled evironment, inner rivers can flow.

I would very much prefer true disclosure and an end to this control.

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posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 01:54 PM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

I feel you are tapping into the Higher Higher most Highly Progressed self and or/Divine Mother/Father/Prime Creator and that this process of sensing and bearing, cleansing, forgiveness, for the world, is so akin to Ho'onoponopono, which is offered to Creator, and is to cleanse not only all interactions, relationships, pain or hurt or anger, but also, to see everyone as anew, freshly connected, inspired, healthy, whole, holitistic and taught by Higher Self and Creator. To let go of everything else, to behold nothing but this for anyone, no matter what your eyes are seeing in them, let it go. Higher Self has identity, but not false ego. And we are in unity. Oneness is so widely debated in meaning. We are in Oneness outside of this system, even outside of the lower levels in this system. Universal Understanding, we are connected and interconnected, yet always retain our identities, and can journey forth on our way. But the Love that unites and surrounds us is so wonderful, we're a true Family.

Yet again, though I might see it that way, not going to define you experiences, for they are profound and such a journey as this can't be defined by another.

One of my friends who wrote a thread on his nde, told me that we shall all have a choice, in this cycle. That we havn't been told about the choice that will come. I thought there was something off about this choice, didn't really understand it, for so many have talked about karma and law of consequence. The choice would be to stay and reset oneself with the new emerging school/world, possibly primitive conditions again, to help humanity, or to ascend to the next world, or to go home.

Then I remembered another here, who had told me about a past life memory he had as a child, where a choice was given at the end of that cycle as well, he was given a choice to stay and help, but lose his knowledge and abilities or to go home.

What do you think about this idea of humanity being given the choice, this is something that was a part of why my friend had to return when he had his nde, he doesnt share that part much, why he was sent back, for the times ahead. But he was shown a great deal, relating to upcoming events, which may or may not even happen as people imagine. I almost see the Dark Night stealthing in, and things become more accentuated, the choices more intense, for us to get through. I'm not sure if its literal or symbolic even. But have been thinking carefully over a situation in which choices might be made.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 02:08 PM

Originally posted by LeoVirgo

Other wise I can only describe the moments as if I could of just flown away from here.

There is never a moment in my life when I do not feel this way.

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