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Hidden Hand Message - Law Of One - Discussion!

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posted on Nov, 4 2011 @ 10:05 PM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

I agree with LeoVirgo, we are creators of our own experiences and we do create our own realities. Everybodies belief is different from another. So we shouldn't pass judgement before others. And just be open-minded to the possibilities of what others may or may not believe in.

posted on Nov, 4 2011 @ 10:13 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

You only taking parts of what I said to you and making a conclusion as a whole. That is incorrect as I haven't even told you what they are about. I am only speaking from my own interests in what I want to achieve in my life.

You go on about lower frequencies when I am completely healthy and both in mind, body & spirit. And yet you question my own beliefs when your the one creeating your own suffering, by the sounds of it you are on a lower frequency. I live happy, feeling happy, and go out my way a lot to help others.

You talk about money being some so-called lower frequency, just take a step back to what you said and remember who's paying for your care, tax-payers.

I just can't reason with people who insult others for trying to do well in life, when they in no better position to go out their and achieve their dreams.

I couldn'r care less what you think of me. I'm doing what I would have done many years ago, as now I'm fully focused I already know what I want in life. Your beliefs, you do what you want with them. Your choice, you create your own reality. Put it this way if you had an IQ of 60 you would be no more smarter than an individual who has Dementia, they wouldn't know any different what you told them, and they would be at peace with themselves. I used to work with a group a few years ago. I find it sad that they do not know any different but thats the way life is.

Life is what you make it to be, so make it good. Because theres only one way to go, and thats Death.

posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 06:57 AM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

There was absolutely no insult in my post. However, money is indeed the source of slavery and equality, abundance for all is the only thing that is virtue.

There is a need for people to raise frequency, ie. frequency is associated with love, goodness and getting life in order. And getting into nature, sungazing, sunshine, laughter, being positive, turning negatives around. Higher Frequency means protection from lower frequency events, more memories, more direction.

But this very topic was taken in prayer, ie. should we play small and not attempt to hold visions for health and balance our personal needs with others.

As happens quite frequently, was in contact with a female guide instantly, and she showed me, children praying and holding out their hands to receive. And assured me that there were many teams and helpers who worked to assist those prayers. However, growing up and joining the team of helpers is a good thing. But intention is everything.

Intention to share, to see the world moving beyond the banks and money system, to see everyone equal and empowered, free, waking up.

The reason that was written was due to some of the correspondence. And then mocking me. So we must have different ideas about goodness and good intentions. I would never do that to anyone.

All my manifesting is seen as prayer and given to the Will of the Family of the Highest Love and Goodness in Existence in Infinity and in Reality and Truth, ie, nothing coded here in earth religions. I walk straight, never worrying about drops for I know everything here is a trap and go with the intent of my heart.

When doing a manifestation for resources, I see money as a resource, that shouldn't exist, however abundance means the end of all scarsity, abundance for all, generous amounts of inflow of abundance into your family so all problems are solved, all credit paid, and all projects can be lifted off quickly and easily with beauty and health being demonstrated in your home. And then outflowing to everyone in the community creating a huge river of abundance and ending all scarsity for everyone. Just a huge flow of abundance, equally flowing through to everyone, who I also see awake and aware, and able to see through all the corruptions of this world and working at KINDNESS in everything they do.

I envision good health, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, holistically, everyone filled with radiant health and energy, transmuting all negative into strong positivity.

As for whether I believe it works or not may I recommend one of my earlier threads:
Manifesting, Visualizing, Raising Frequency To Co-Create A Free World,

And share something that happened while watching Linda West's video a few years ago:

The clouds were stormy dark pink, with this rapid sheet of thin blackness moving across it over the reservation.
I was really disappointed in the weather that day and then suddenly thought, this won't do at all!

For 20 minutes concentrated on seeing pink hearts, everywhere.

Finally, tired out, went in and made a pot of coffee, and took a cup of java outside and was blown away. There were big hearts, little hearts, abstracted hearts, upside hearts, sideways hearts, white hearts and delicate pink hearts, but not a dark cloud in sight!

I know it works, but also that like everything else in life there are choices that need to be made.

The choices are always about selflessness/selfishness, the few/the many. pyramids/inverted ones.
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posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 04:51 PM
I want to make a public apology to Unity_99.

I was very wrong about you.

I hope you forgive me for all my troubles.

And you were telling the truth all along.

posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 04:55 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I had a pop at everyone all week, so I really do appologise for being an a*se.

Well they certainly do say somewhere along the lines. That when a person learns something new it should be dealt with response-ability and patient.

The Law of One, is no myth either.

posted on Jan, 6 2012 @ 02:41 PM
OP, I address you directly: Have you noticed that you have done with Law of One and HH exactly what the Christian and Catholic and Roman priests did with the Bible? They interpreted it based on their experiences and understandings, ignoring the fact that the Bible was written OUTSIDE of their lives, OUTSIDE of their hearts, OUTSIDE of their knowledge. You cannot interpret this stuff based on yourself; you must interpret it by simply putting it in layman's terms. Not what you think; what you SEE. I understand that this is just your take and understanding on it. However, I felt compelled to point out that following interpretations is folly. Thank you for your input. On a side note, I will record here that I am an avid follower of Law of One, and Hidden Hand is the user who showed me it, albeit indirectly. Thus, I am greatly pleased to see that others are taking stock in it...we all need to learn the lessons of Ra. May peace be with you always.

posted on Aug, 12 2012 @ 01:10 PM
I think Hidden Hand was wrong about something, I don't know if he lied, it's possible that even those people are put on mind control or led to believe false truth. I know people are under mind control right know, but it's nothing compared to those subjected to that consciousness, it can control you like a puppet, even beings that are very advanced and very old.

He told us that his kind came to this planet long ago to 'save' us from logos Yahweh who kept us in prison with no Free Will. I think that's not true. They did however came here and what they find were less intelligent human beings connected to the source, they were aware participants of creation and everything was fine. They had free will, but not that high intelligence of their own, even though knowledge was available to them from outer source. From nature, like inuitive knowing. Oldest way of communication, shamans and spiritual elders know about that.

When his kind came on this planet they created viruses to improve our intelligence, our brain.
Viruses can change human DNA, I know they are doing that right know. Same technique was done on animals of this planet and very easy. Food chain was created easy, as well as insticts etc. Human intelligence and our ability to question things was given to us only because only then they could present to us false answers and religions. When they did that, they put humans to enslave their souls and connect all humans to their logos, they had to break their connection to nature and planet. Because, Earth is one step higher of conscious collective, we sustain planet and it sustain us.

Since then, human civilization was growing and exploiting this planet..minerals, water and everything on this planet including humans is sustaining this planet, because everything is energy and things like crystals and minerals are very important to planet. What we are going to do is to kill Earth, it's spirit, to separate it from it's consciousness and then their consciousness, of that Hidden's a giant consciousness...will consume us and this planet with every organism on it.

They gave us more intelligence only to serve their plans. Simple minded humans with connection to spirit
could never be manipulated to do such horrible things to planet and to each others.Intelligent ones are best for indoctrination and presenting false answers to them. There is so many people on this planet, a lot of energy to asimilate for that consciousness, We are at the peak of civilization we created together with them..Earth almost can't hold any more people and something will happen in about 50 years from now, maybe sooner. There is a reason why would they allow to us to populate planet so much in 20th and 21st century and 'harvest' he talked about isn't really everything of importance for them.

And yes, they are evil. This consciousness he belongs to absolutely is evil, maybe he is not personally evil.
Why? Because his role isn't requiring for him to be evil and this consciousness is polarized good/bad anyway. There are some positive things but their goal is negative one - to expand and to assess as much as life possible.

This information is not from my knowledge, just sharing.

Interesting to think about, probably true, but ultimately not important for improving condition of this planet as it is at the moment.

posted on Aug, 25 2012 @ 08:06 PM
reply to post by creativespirit

Hidden Hand's message is very much like the message of Law Of One, and this is a discussion that was brought out on my thread:

(To All TPTB/Black Ops, Time To Wake Up To Equality and Love)

And ET_MAN expressed fully just what kind of distortions this is, and there are many who mistakenly believe they are catalysts serving Love and Goodness, who they misinterpret as both Good and Evil, or Dualistic.

The dualistic tests are restricted to certain testing levels within the multiverses, and are the tests where we are choosing (for some time) our paths.

I was searching through my thread and was again, really impressed by the level of Integrity and Clarity expressed by the author of this current thread, ET_MAN.

This post gets into it quite deeply, and this is more concerning RA, and the Law of One but the messages are similar, and due to ancient times, the same entities, those in positions of power, the elite, have been misunderstanding the nature of the School and believing themselves to be the catalysts.

Evil/dark materials is not what infinite one-1 light souls are made up of but light/love/intelligence materials and EVIL acts and murder is not what LOVE & LIGHT souls do nor can any such things exist within our hearts. EVIL is not part of the infinite one-1 FAMILY of LIGHT.

I have seen what Evil/Dark souls reap and where they go upon leaving the flesh and if you think they go to be rewarded in LOVE & LIGHT utopia existences for murder, rape, torcher and evil acts then you are gravely mistaken and being deceived.....

There are infinite amounts of TIME where there is no TIME for a soul to find their true infinite one-1 soul/nature that is LOVE & LIGHT and get it RIGHT. Duality existences is a learning process and experience and there is a RIGHT and a WRONG and murdering people is not RIGHT but WRONG... There is a PASS and a FAIL to the test I only wish/desire/hope more and more make the right choices turn to the LOVE & LIGHT so that they do not have to go through horrific soul pain, suffering, sorrow, misery upon leaving the flesh after murdering, abusing, using and doing horrific evil acts believing that what they were doing was only GOOD and LOVE.

That is FALSE and not TRUE but lies and deceptions.

Do not be deceived, I'm writing this because I can say that I know and I feel it my obligation knowing to speak up and testify that what I write is the infinite one-1 LOVE & LIGHT truth and I only care about the “Family of Light” and souls that are lost doing evil acts believing that what they are doing is good have been gravely and greatly deceived.

When he is replying to a quote, in a post where Blessings are Cursings, this is actually much in line with the hidden gnostic faith of the elites who truly feel they are hurting someone if they show tenderness, this only makes people weaker. They've been sold a twisted package.

That is NOT the truth and I denounce it because EVIL is not LOVE or GOOD but an opposite to that which is GOOD and LIGHT.

If RA the great deceiver full of LIES and DECEPTIONS can make one-1 believe that they are truly on the right path when they are headed in the wrong direction then these poor unfortunate souls are being led away to suffer unknowingly. Such souls are in for a big surprise upon leaving the flesh if they contribute and support murder, evil acts, deeds, blood rituals, hate, wars, rape and so on.

Doing EVIL does not reward someone to LOVE & LIGHT existences but EVIL/DARK one's.

What a person sows so shall they reap, a soul is choosing their own path/journey through free will/agency and decisions and they ultimately decide/choose that path for themselves. ...

RA is a deceiver and full of deceptions consisting of some fundamental infinite truth principles mixed in with lies. We have gone over the 6th as it (technically) does not exist to the infinite and never take the deceiver RA's word for such claims. RA has lied about the true infinite one-1 nature of existence and much of the law of one is FALSE and not TRUTH and I denounce such deceptions/lies KNOWING what I know 110% where there is no % but 110. If one-1 chooses to really ask questions with an open understanding/mind for comprehension I can SHOW them in clear understanding that RA and the Law of ONE-1 material CANNOT be true and is FALSE. But in order for one-1 to better understand one-1 must empty their current glass of water based on what they currently believe /understand and try to look at things from a new infinite one-1 perspective with a new glass of water.

posted on Aug, 25 2012 @ 08:23 PM
We're in a school/prison, (we cannot leave until our time is up, so I can see how this could be seen that way), and the dualism is the test we are given, without our memories, for the most part, though those who seek may be given more understandings and glimpses under the veil. We're here to grow our Love and the nature of what Love is, can never harm for any reason. You can't come down from some lofty eutopia and don a HARM OTHERS HAT, to help them grow faster.

This is in fact an enormous soul trap for anyone who doesnt understand what Love is. If one doesnt understand already that Love never harms, and doesnt have a heart that feels guilty over harsh words even, and an inner sense of what qualities Love is, then they need to really work on recovering their own hearts, an renewing their inner child, who did know these things, and discover what it is that has dulled this knowledge and what programmings they've accepted as well. Or have they allowed their impulses, their animal suit, to control their urges: towards greed, materialism, comfort, selfish sexual versus selfless, retaliation and blood lust.

Here again:

If you want misery, pain, suffering and sorrow then all you have to do is make others suffer in pain with misery and sorrow.

If you want to visit Love and beyond all comprehension existences/worlds full of Where your DREAMS do come true then love your neighbor, do good unto those around you. Help the poor, sick, needy and afflicted. Show unconditional Love and forgiveness, patience, understanding, compassion, sharing, caring, giving and the rest of the GOOD infinite one-1 loving qualities that the eternal “Family of Light” possess.

Focus on that which is eternal not that which is temporal and materialistic that cannot be taken with you upon leaving the flesh. Focus on the eternal soul qualities of LOVE & LIGHT that can and will go with you upon leaving the flesh.
What you do unto others will come with you.

Its how we treat others that determines our next placements and whether we are ready to go Beyond and Home where dreams come true.

In order to reach the Hand that is reaching down, where there is no up or down in infinity, yet infinite Beyonds, we need to reach up to that Hand.

We need to start focusing on all the attributes Love is, and the Family represent and practice practice practice trying to make perfect, trying to make earth like perfect love, or at least the parts we can help and reach around us.

posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 10:33 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Absolutely absurd if this is based off of reality, it seems that these "ego freaks" in their constant quest to minimize uncontrollable outside influence and controlling it to serve their own selfish impulses through being completely negative they are accomplishing the exact opposite effect in the long term. They become increasingly subjected to domination by those who are operating on a higher plane because they are doing everything they can to lower their frequencies by burdening themselves with the matter their negativity attracts.

It is a basic detail of metaphysics that higher frequencies control the lower.

posted on Feb, 19 2013 @ 03:32 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

I only read some of these and while I understand what they are saying, I for one, am not going to run around killing people in the sake of creating more negative energy. Also, wouldn't humans have both a negative and positive charge within them? Some sort of energy source, a battery if you will? To keep us running?

posted on Jul, 17 2013 @ 02:40 PM
Hey everyone.
This is pretty interesting, this information "HH" has provided.
At this time I would like to discuss this part of the communication;

ATS: How do you know that your bloodline deserves to lead and the rest deserve to follow? Wealth and power is self-propagating therefore I say to you that your bloodline only comprises the 'extreme elite' of the world because your ancestors came to power by chance in the beginning, not because your kind are special. In fact, there's nothing special, clever or honourable in enslaving others.

HH: It is not about 'deserving' or not. Does one 'deserve' to be born English, or American, or Italian, or French, or German, and so on? We came not to power by 'chance', but rather, (which I know may be hard to swallow) by intelligent design. This path of ours was not 'chosen' by us, but rather it was appointed, and accepted.

Although I believe that 'some' are born to lead, it cannot be determined by bloodline who has this 'gift'.

This quality has nothing to do with education, social savvy or even persuasive abilities, it's simply something 5% of the population is born with. This skill may not even be known to the person and usually is utilized in extreme emergencies by the most unlikely people.

The ability to organize people in an 'emergency' and accomplish a common goal (survival of the group) is not necessarily something you can train for. It is a type of uncommon stress which only the real circumstances can exemplify.

I learned many years ago in sociology that 5% of any animal population is born Dominant with Natural leadership Qualities. This happens by pure chance and it is no more likely to be more frequent in a particular bloodline than it is to have more female or male children.

There were some great military leaders quoted in my class, although I don't specifically remember which ones I believe Napolean was asked "who would lead our army if you were to die? His answer "one in twenty of my men could lead". 5% coincidentally.

Also there were studies done with rat populations which shower this though I don't recall the specific studies.

So HH is somewhat accurate in stating that some are 'Born Leaders' IMO his application is incorrect. Some in his bloodline (5%) are surely born to lead.
But he has been mislead into believing that his bloodline by nature produces leaders at a greater rate than one in twenty.

These are my views and opinions obviously, you mileage may differ.


posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 12:39 PM

Originally posted by ET_MAN
Disclaimer: I won't claim this to be anything more than my perspective, I'm not after anything from anyone, I'm not out to deceive anyone, I have nothing to gain from posting here, I'm merely sharing my thoughts/feelings on the subject matter and nothing more.

Hint: If you want to be considered credible, brevity is your King and lies in Disclaimers are off-putting.

Of course you gain from posting here.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 01:10 PM
reply to post by TheOd

He's the real deal. A lot of stuff went down over many threads. He asked me if I was there in the kitchen and saw the ets for my sons missing time that took place in the kitchen and knew things he should never have known, and a profound understanding, though I don't support the karma stuff and there is alot of coding and metaphor in his posts, I see what my HS directed me to see and we spoke for hundreds of hours. He has a great deal of personal integrity and higher level contact. By the way, similarities between his and Sleeper's information is astounding. Due to his questions, and sending me things that nudged me deeply on infinity, woke up and had more inner contact and experiences.
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posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 01:33 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
reply to post by TheOd

He's the real deal. A lot of stuff went down over many threads. He asked me if I was there in the kitchen and saw the ets for my sons missing time that took place in the kitchen and knew things he should never have known, and a profound understanding, though I don't support the karma stuff and there is alot of coding and metaphor in his posts, I see what my HS directed me to see and we spoke for hundreds of hours. He has a great deal of personal integrity and higher level contact. By the way, similarities between his and Sleeper's information is astounding. Due to his questions, and sending me things that nudged me deeply on infinity, woke up and had more inner contact and experiences.
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He may be the real deal but he's wordy as hell and 90% of the people that see his threads don't read them. I don't for sure.

Communication is key. Looooooooong involved threads that take hours to collect and post come across a self-indulgent.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 01:41 PM
reply to post by TheOd

I believe ET_MAN was trying to fine tune it, and had a sense of responsibility in not misleading, not overburdening, trying to find the language that conveys the same message. He could speak in ufology, quantum/metaphysics/spiritual, or metaphoric religious if needed.

Examples of very in depth and wonderful posts that open the box on the programs here:
(with regard to this, don't wish to hurt feelings for both became friends and brothers, and that is the thing. If someone was misunderstanding or taking a more negative view point, he would stay up night after night just trying to be there for them if they wanted to talk, sacrificed alot of time even to the detriment of his health to be there for people).

The post had some exceptional wisdom on it however, so wanted to share.

And nor did I agree with all things for example I can see nature as both a program running, ie the screen Bohm speaks of in the holographic universe theory and ai running in the background, but also as fellow brothers and sisters and participating in progression themselves. To me it can be both. It doesnt have to be one thing.

Though he and Sleeper both shared Italian descent, proximity to military or para military background, ufology, past life as a Roman soldier, pixie me he was like the Higher Mind of Sleeper, they share alot of similar answers in some areas, whereas Equality and giving to others was important, and with Sleeper more emphasis on the dog eat dog unequal system, inequality and odd little disagreements we've had. Think alot of Sleeper but that is completely wrong, inequality is evil, and its not the way back home. Predators, Beast and Primitive Body suit regression is the survival of fittest, dog eat dog military and elite code. I stopped asking him questions on his forum because I respected him enough to not want to be needling him too much, but that was so wrong, yet you can't bring a horse to the water and force him to drink. Plus wouldn't want Milton visiting me, meanness gets no cookies from me.

Chris had the more equal, to infinity and beyond, message comparative to Lou's.
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posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 02:13 PM
The long and wordy posts, were wonderful to me, they were a book. I kept asking him to write this book, it would open so many minds. It was the most important information there was, and the most freeing. Once he opened the hood on infinity for me, my HS and I were face to face, and then I started getting download after download. And contact with her, and the Old Man my son and I both experienced. There is No Time and its not linear. It is infinite progression as we overcome this world of war and suffering and inequality, inside us and then without us, peacefully. Peace and Love!

Its his writing style I liked the most out of every writing I've ever read.

Personally I felt that Sleeper was being owned and bullied by all those military guys and forced to compromise with this agenda. But still throwing lots of information, but also hints. And Chris, before the heavies started in on him, and the threats, was free for a while to share from his heart. Then it went into religious stuff, and I saw the incredible box they keep this world in. They run all their systems through their fundamental understandings of religion and pyramid systems, and dance people on strings, keep their power first and foremost, and income, through this method. And drop threats and belittle slanders and slurs with terms like new age, anything to try and discredit or limit anyone who would open up the door or window on this box.

Well they can talk to Momma, she isn't very happy with them Mother is all about Equality and freeing the slaves, finding the most needy child and loving them back to wholeness. They can go to timeouts, but the people are free.
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posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 02:24 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
The long and wordy posts, were wonderful to me, they were a book. I kept asking him to write this book, it would open so many minds. It was the most important information there was, and the most freeing. Once he opened the hood on infinity for me, my HS and I were face to face, and then I started getting download after download. And contact with her, and the Old Man my son and I both experienced. There is No Time and its not linear. It is infinite progression as we overcome this world of war and suffering and inequality, inside us and then without us, peacefully. Peace and Love!

Its his writing style I liked the most out of every writing I've ever read.

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I'll wait for the book.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 02:26 PM
reply to post by TheOd

Not me, I had the joy of reading these, talking to him in chats, and am so grateful for that, woke me up enormously.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 08:54 PM
Since this thread popped up want to share some very inspiring quotes....

Integrity, diligence, never giving up in difficult situations and living life to the best of one's ability with whatever life circumstances one's been dealt in life is what truly counts and is a BIG part of the TEST. ...

Earth school is not easy and that is obvious for many reasons, it was never made to be easy for the majority and the majority will never truly know why they are here on Earth and what this human body is really all about and why they must experience all the sorrow/pain/suffering and hardships other than their own personal beliefs for experiencing such things. That is all part of enrollment on this earth life school existence as a student and is necessary for the betterment/progression and growth of a 'soul'. What is taking place here and now has to be done and was meant to be done, everything with reason/purpose behind it. Some are here for other reasons, not everyone is here for the same reason. Some are here in rehabilitation and to be disciplined for past experiences/existences while others for different enrollment reasons. There are always consequences to actions, the best thing a person can do is look forward and try to improve themselves making their weaknesses become strengths - forgiving themselves and everyone and especially forgetting about the past. Make amends with everyone around you and find peace in your soul TODAY in the here and now (PRESENT.) ....

Stay in the day prepared to face/meet all things on a spiritual level. Make amends with those around you on a daily basis and maintain your 'soul' inside as you maintain your physical body outside in cleanliness/showering on a daily basis. Clean out the inside spiritually and let go of any anger/hate/prejudices/grudges of any kind that you may have. Learn more patience, endurance, forgiveness and integrity. Charity is necessary, find desire in yourself to help others in need or the less fortunate not those who have less materialistically necessarily but those struggling spiritually. (Both are desires one can strive to achieve but it's never a requirement but don't you truly want to help someone out in need? Work on being a better person all around and there's always a positive outcome but why do it for yourself and not for others. The bonus and happiness comes in bringing a smile and happiness to another persons face. It must be sincere and your true desire/intent is what love genuinely is all about. Graduation is around the corner for those who GROW UP and figure this out!

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