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Hidden Hand Message - Law Of One - Discussion!

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posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 10:36 AM
reply to post by 7Over22

Hi 7Over22,

what do you feel blue means to You?

A new horizon

Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 06:39 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Thankyou for your comment. And I do too feel this to be true.

posted on Sep, 11 2011 @ 06:59 PM
Lovely topic, nice to see so many truth-seekers having found these pieces that I find the most accurate pieces of info that I have ever met. I never found anything that would top the contribution the Ra Material gives to the "big picture", together with all the rest of the channeling done by LLResearch, that is, the approx. 3600 transcripts that continue being channeled from mainly Q'uo up to this day. For those who've finished reading these and the 3 bloodline-revelations, and would like more truth, I'd recommend the Conversations with God series. If you prefer a bit of short sci-fi style truth, visit Not sure how the author got her info, but seems accurate and has some new (for me at least) info in it.

posted on Sep, 12 2011 @ 01:38 AM

Terence McKenna's Final Earthbound Interview
To All TPTB/Black Ops, Time To Wake Up To Equality and Love,

Terence McKenna's Final Earthbound Interview

I wish to make this post, for I know deep in my heart that amongst those mismanaging this planet perhaps with memories directions from an old and new empire, spanning many cycles, that they must be seeking a certain degree of Logic and Understanding What seems to cloud it is the gnosticism, that takes away their accountability in their eyes, for they believe erroneously that "right" and "wrong", "love" and "hate" are illusions.

Science is all compartmentalization. Physicists don't compare notes with biologists, or with chemists, or with plasmologists, supposedly on the surface.

But we all know there are the master anaylsts, I'm pretty sure they use advanced computer models.

DNA has diversified in muliferous ways in a short billion years, was channeled down canyons to its goal, but this can be seen with all of nature, the cosmos too. No way did this happen by being pushed from Behind, affected by the preceding action.

This is rather, Creation, that is Pulled From Ahead, the Escaton, the Force that is Acting Upon All Things.

And this can be logically deduced by models and science, and analyzing forrests not just trees.

If you put this into super computers, and even added every spirital belief including negative ones, and theirs, you would see probabilities and outcomes at 99%, 98%, 97%, and so on, that would be mind boggling in their suggestions.

You would also be able to logically deduce that this Force Acts Upon Creation.

This Force Acts Upon Chemistry.

This Force Acts Upon Biology.

This Force Would Also Act Upon Culture And Consciousness.

It Would Send Forth Great Teachers. Who Have Taught, There Is A Right And Wrong.

And thus, with the teleology, or progression, ascension out of 3d matter, out of this school of oppositions, one would see the Escaton, the Advancement.

Not a question of IF, but a question of When.

This means they have never ever been in control. There is something way over their heads and they know it.

And it wants them to be Good, and Loving. Not To Harm Anyone. To be incapable of Harm even for selfish reasons. They would see the school is but a test and dog eat dog just one of the choices, and not the right answer on the test.

It is only PURE LOGIC.

Also with the realization that they never were in control with all their Empires and Cycles, they have so much more to lose than this. There are things they must never loose or become, such as their Light/Consciousness, that they need to find, in this very short time, whenever that time is, even 500 years would be short, themselves. They need to find themselves and serve humbly humanity like Christ, without judgment, always forgiving, sharing everything, washing the feet of humanity, they need to come clean and turn away from HARMING OTHERS.

Wake Up.

1 Corinthians 1:18-29

posted on Sep, 12 2011 @ 01:42 AM
Very Wise Words. No need for credentials, for out of weakness God's strength shines. Out of all that appears foolish in the eyes of the world.

1 Corinthians 1:18-29

For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.

Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?

For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.

For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom:

But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness;

But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God.

Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called:

But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:

That no flesh should glory in his presence.

posted on Sep, 23 2011 @ 01:28 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Ex unitate vires.

posted on Sep, 23 2011 @ 01:31 PM

posted on Sep, 23 2011 @ 02:19 PM
Those words also have the positive:

Ex Unitate Vires (POEM IN ENGLISH)


My Afrikaner Nation, my mother-tongue -
Why in shame our heads now hung?
We still have our pride
but no place of safety to reside.
My people, my country, my Language ....
1 "Eendrag maak mag" we pray with anguish.


9 Apartheid stared here?

But the injustice and inequality is pushed in a karmic law of consequence way, by those who are distorted.
Its almost like this to them: If you can accomplish something evil, buy off a dictator, or set one up, takeover a nations resources due to your ruthlesness and their gentleness, or drop a bomb, and there is damage, harm, carnage, that this to them means: they are full of guilt and if they were not could not be harmed.

When I say Light protects its own and Darkness has no power, this is actually a metaphor, true but not something that one should test, and mysterious, spiritual in truth. Bad things do indeed happen to the innocent.
Jesus the symbol of purity, was put to death, and by doing so he freed everyone. He made null and void tptb's contracts and distorted karmic laws.

Also Isaiah 28 has quite a bit to say to them.

This world breaks my heart. Light needs to shine out strongly in it from every nation. Not the dark squares light in everyone faiths, but the higher road to love and unity.

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 05:25 PM
If we(humans) can grow an ear on a rat,then it's not too far fetched to say that humans were indeed created or grown.We are but robots made of flesh and blood which can reproduce.

The human body alone suggests intelligence.Not randomness.

I believe we were created and then evolved.By aliens,or by God is the question.

The bible does refer to the Gods instead of one God.Why is it so impossible for people to believe that aliens created us?

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 05:32 PM

Originally posted by GodIsPissed
The bible does refer to the Gods instead of one God.Why is it so impossible for people to believe that aliens created us?

I believe off-planet beings created humans.

Who created them?

I'm Atheist - - so don't go all god on me.

posted on Oct, 18 2011 @ 07:05 PM
This is one amazing, and very well put together post.

The 20min video toward the end, regarding our perception of reality, is pretty mind-blowing!!

Originally posted by ET_MAN
reply to post by Unity_99

Hi Everyone,

Be Advised: This post may not be for everyone as it does contain some material and suggestions about Creation and the Universe that may not fit into everyone's paradigm/view/outlook on the so called (material world). If anyone happens to be extra sensitive when it comes to earth, nature, evolution and other such things than it's recommended that they do not read this post. I want to make it really clear that there is absolutely zero intent to ever offend or hurt anyone in what's being suggested here.

A few things to add about this particular thread, it was started with the intention of having an open discussion with everyone to openly and freely discuss their own beliefs/perspectives and views on things. As a reminder, let us all try to be more sensitive, kind, understanding, patient, considerate and respectful with each other regardless of our differences in belief.

So now for those who don't mind, I will share some of what I see about Creation, Planet Earth and the Universe.

Thanks for your understanding in this matter!

Hi Unity_99,

Here are some of the publicly available informational/digital holographic technologies. Holographic interactive rooms and systems where one can experience through the senses of seeing, hearing, touching, feeling and interacting with objects. I'm adding in some other food for thought technologies such as technology human body part replacements, limbs, organs, artificial eyesight for the blind and so on that humans already have available today. Imagine what the military and black ops have in their possession if the following below listed technologies are already available (information wise and direct) to the public.

After reviewing some of the below articles and videos, use your imagination than stop and think a little bigger and imagine other advanced galactic civilizations out there hundreds of millions of years ahead of earth technology. Than try to imagine yet other civilizations far more advanced than those beyond this galaxy some of which are let's say billions of years ahead of earth technology (It's always easier to imagine something when using numbers, time-frames and calculations. -) I realize this may not mean much for some of you but then try to imagine yet other more advanced civilizations beyond gazillions of Galaxies out there – Eventually if one steps out of this 'infinite' inwards Universe they catch up with the EU's or (Extra-universals) outside of this universe/system/creation/technology beyond all human understanding – The Designers/Creators of this universal system that not only created it but parented all life throughout the entire 'Infinite' inwards universe/creation/technology with unimaginable channels/stations/dimensions/realities/existences and so on.

There are 3 main ingredients (let's just say for now) to this universal/system/creation/technology/channel/station (from a list of others) that can lightly be touched upon that I'll get into further as this post progresses but for now I will just add the following:

Ingredient-#1 'Energy' E=MC2 'Matter'
Touching upon the main ingredient of earth's universal/system/creation/technology/channel/station -MATTER which is 'energy' vibrating at certain frequencies or at a certain molecular vibrational level - of what humans consider to be physical- seemingly physical or solid to the human eye/vision and touch however nothing but 'Energy' vibrating at a higher or lower vibration/frequency - in other words at a lesser or greater density.

So all -MATTER (As humans know it) =MC2 being Energy (E) – is vibrating at a higher or lower density/rate/speed or at certain frequencies/molecular/vibrational/levels. Keep the word frequency in mind.

Ingredient #2 Intelligence
For now let's call it intelligent 'energy/vibration' or 'intelligent matter.'

Ingredient #3 Intelligence/Consciousness/Awareness or 'Soul'
This is who 'You' are' that occupies the human vehicle/body/vessel that is made up of Ingredient #1 or Energy/MC2

This intelligence/Consciousness/Awareness or 'Soul' is not of the same material as 'energy/matter' and is only temporally occupying the physical body that's made up of 'energy/matter' but YOU the 'soul' are not the Vehicle/Body/Vessel or 'Energy/Matter' but something else, however while occupying the vehicle/body/vessel or your seemingly physical body - you are the driver of it controlling the human brain/mind that controls the rest of the physical body (metaphorically speaking) like a driver that drives a vehicle with the gas peddle/breaks/steering-wheel, controls and so on.

Here's a simple video I made on this very thing - The Human Body.'

The technology humans create on planet Earth consists of mostly computers, machines, electronics, digital, laser and holographic systems but for the Creators/Designers their technology is what we call Life, Earth and it's 'Alive.' (As we know it) It's what humans call natural, evolution, instincts, real, reality, creation, nature. The Creators/Designers Creation consists of the entire Earth, eco-operating-system, trees, grass, flowers, insects, birds, fish, animals, humans and so on.

What does natural or evolution really mean for those who organized and designed/created this universe/creation/technology?

Do humans call their own designed/created technologies natural or evolved?

Everything in this Universe and on planet Earth is a higher form of Creation/Technology.

It's necessary to review some of the added articles and video's below- for those who are following along that demonstrate new possibilities behind Creation and the non-material world/existence or planet Earth, Nature, Evolution, the Universe and Creation including some of the future coming technologies.

The future brings holographic computerized technologies, holographic interactive/televisions/holographs, holodecks like seen in Star Trek/ holographic interactive rooms.

Holographic interactive computer systems is the future technology on it's way and will be used in all kinds of ways in the upcoming years ahead.

Holographic interactive toys, games, educational products, books, televisions/holographs, computers, communication devices, holodecks and so on. New replacements for organs, limbs, artificial vision for the blind, technology to move body parts for the paralyzed among many other things including interactive vehicles that sooner or later are meant to be released.

Eventually there will be advanced robots (mainstream) marketed that can do things around the house or on job sites.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."


We are now moving off the topic of Infinity where there's no such thing as big, but in order for conscious observers to better understand things they need to use comparisons/numbers/equations/calculations and TIME.

“If you've ever watched "Star Trek," you may remember seeing the crew of the Starship Enterprise live out their fantasies in a room called the holodeck. The holodeck was a giant, holographic projection room that allowed the crew to touch and interact with projections as if they were in a big video game. Scientists today are developing a new communications technology that will allow you and your friends to interact inside a simulated environment even if you are thousands of miles apart.

Most of the basic components for this network are already in place to allow the development of tele-immersion. Tele-immersion is the scientific community's answer to the holodeck. “

Link to read more -

Connect your brain to your computer!
Current mood: amused Category: Web, HTML, Tech control your computer with brainwaves? We've heard this one before...hook your brainwaves up to an AI computer interface, cyborgs, and wupti! you can control your computer with your mind--a favorite subject of SciFi films and books, and often rumored in the popular media.... But this time, it was IBM and partners who demonstrated the technique at the CES computer show in Las Vegas, which I have just watched on a video podcast... Emotiv systems based in the USA, has developed a headset for this purpose (don't worry, you don't have to drill holes in your skull to make the connection, like in the movie the matrix) and has actually demonstrated the device... “

Human Brain Region Functions Like Digital Computer
A region of the human brain that scientists believe is critical to human intellectual abilities surprisingly functions much like a digital computer, according to psychology Professor Randall O'Reilly of the University of Colorado at Boulder.

The finding could help researchers better understand the functioning of human intelligence.
In a review of biological computer models of the brain appearing in the Oct. 6 edition of the journal Science, O'Reilly contends that the prefrontal cortex and basal ganglia operate much like a digital computer system.
"Many researchers who create these models shun the computer metaphor," O'Reilly said. "My work comes out of a tradition that says people's brains are nothing like computers, and now all of a sudden as we look at them, in fact, in a certain respect they are like computers."
Digital computers operate by turning electrical signals into binary "on and off states" and flexibly manipulating these states by using switches. O'Reilly found the same operating principles in the brain.”

Article link

”You know what I need; I need a way to hook my brain up to a CAD CAM design computer, because like many designers, I see things in my head, and we all need to get these concepts onto either a piece of paper by drawing them, or better yet, we need to be able to get them onto a computer, and into some design software so we can manipulate them from there.

After all, I am writing this article using voice activated software, they call it speech recognition, and whereas, I will have to spend two or three minutes re-reading this article and slightly editing the minor mistakes, I can tell you that it is about 98 to 99% accurate, and it speeds up my time by three to five-fold. In other words most all the work is already done, think of this incredible time savings and efficiency. The productivity increase is truly astounding.”

Hitachi Creates Brain 'Remote Control
”HATOYAMA, Japan (AP) -- Forget the clicker: A new technology in Japan could let you control electronic devices without lifting a finger simply by reading brain activity.
The “brain-machine interface'' developed by Hitachi Inc. analyzes slight changes in the brain's blood flow and translates brain motion into electric signals.
A cap connects by optical fibers to a mapping device, which links, in turn, to a toy train set via a control computer and motor during one recent demonstration at Hitachi's Advanced Research Laboratory in Hatoyama, just outside Tokyo.
“Take a deep breath and relax,'' said Kei Utsugi, a researcher, while demonstrating the device on Wednesday. At his prompting, a reporter did simple calculations in her head, and the train sprang forward -- apparently indicating activity in the brain's frontal cortex, which handles problem solving.
Activating that region of the brain -- by doing sums or singing a song -- is what makes the train run, according to Utsugi. When one stops the calculations, the train stops, too.
Underlying Hitachi's brain-machine interface is a technology called optical topography, which sends a small amount of infrared light through the brain's surface to map out changes in blood flow.
Although brain-machine interface technology has traditionally focused on medical uses, makers like Hitachi and Japanese automaker Honda Motor Co. have been racing to refine the technology for commercial application.
Hitachi's scientists are set to develop a brain TV remote controller letting users turn a TV on and off or switch channels by only thinking.
Honda, whose interface monitors the brain with an MRI machine like those used in hospitals, is keen to apply the interface to intelligent, next-generation automobiles.
The technology could one day replace remote controls and keyboards and perhaps help disabled people operate electric wheelchairs, beds or artificial limbs.
Initial uses would be helping people with paralyzing diseases communicate even after they have lost all control of their muscles.
Since 2005, Hitachi has sold a device based on optical topography that monitors brain activity in paralyzed patients so they can answer simple questions -- for example, by doing mental calculations to indicate “yes'' or thinking of nothing in particular to indicate “no.''
“We are thinking of various kinds of applications,'' project leader Hideaki Koizumi said. “Locked-in patients can speak to other people by using this kind of brain machine interface.''

Article link

Artificial sight for the blind technologies!
In recent years, progress is being made towards sensory substitution devices for the blind. In the long run, there could be the possibility of brain implants. A brain implant or cortical implant provides visual input from a camera directly to the brain via electrodes in contact with the visual cortex at the backside of the head.

Article link-

Bionic vision: Researchers at Harvard Medical School aim to build a small digital camera that will feed images to an external signal processor worn by the patient. The processor will translate the image from the camera into neural impulses, then transmit them wirelessly to an implanted stimulator. The stimulator will drive a set of electrodes placed in the lateral geniculate nucleus of the brain to elicit images in the patient’s brain.

Credit: J. S. Pezaris, adapted with permission from D. H. Hubel.

One day it may be possible to restore sight in people who are congenitally blind by placing an implant in a part of the vision system hitherto ignored. Unlike most visual prostheses in advanced development,this new approach could make it possible to treat blindness even when the entire eye is damaged.

While the work is still in the early stages, researchers ultimately envision a device that translates images from a digital camera into neural impulses and then feeds that information into the visual system, allowing the wearer to see.”

Article link

Brain Technology
”There are only a handful of scientific revolutions that would really change the world. An immortality pill would be one. A time machine would be another.
Faster-than-light travel, allowing the stars to be explored in a human lifetime, would be on the shortlist, too.
To my mind, however, the creation of an artificial mind would probably trump all of these - a development that would throw up an array of bewildering and complex moral and philosophical quandaries. Amazingly, it might also be within reach.
This isn't just pie-in-the-sky. The Blue Brain project, led by computer genius Henry Markram - who is also the director of the Centre for Neuroscience & Technology and the Brain Mind Institute - has for the past five years been engineering the mammalian brain, the most complex object known in the Universe, using some of the most powerful supercomputers in the world.
And last month, Professor Markram claimed, at a conference in Oxford, that he plans to build an electronic human brain 'within ten years.”

Article link

Paralysed Limbs Move When Connected Directly To Brain
Scientists in the US have successfully shown it is possible for a monkey to move a paralysed wrist via a connection made directly into the brain, that is allowing electrical signals from the brain to be routed to the wrist directly without using normal nerve pathways down the arm.

Article source to read more

Scientists give new life to paralyzed limbs by rewiring brain
Researchers at the University of Washington are working to reroute brain signals in an effort to give paralyzed people the ability to move their limbs again.
By creating an artificial connection between nerve cells in the brain and muscles, scientists say they are restoring voluntary movement to the once-paralyzed limbs, according to a report from the University of Washington in Seattle. The rerouting effectively bypasses damaged nerves in subjects with spinal cord injuries, which generally damage nerves but leave muscles and brain tissue unharmed.
Research that involves making new connections in living brains and even connecting robots to living brains has been gaining a lot of attention in the past year.

Article source top read more

Artificial Heart
An artificial heart is a mechanical device that replaces the heart. Artificial hearts are typically used in order to bridge the time to heart transplantation, or to permanently replace the heart in case transplantation is impossible. “

Article link

ScienceDaily— Mechanical 'artificial hearts' can be used to return severely failing hearts to their normal function, potentially removing the need for heart transplantation, according to new research.

The mechanical devices, known as Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVADs), are currently used in patients with very severe heart failure whilst they await transplantation. The new study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, shows that using an LVAD combined with certain drug therapies can shrink the enlarged heart and enable it to function normally once the LVAD is removed.
For the study, researchers from Imperial College London and the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust gave the full combination therapy to 15 severely ill patients. Of these 15, 11 recovered. Of these, 88 percent were free from recurrence of heart disease five years later. Their quality of life was measured as being at nearly normal.

Article link

Artificial Organs
An artificial organ is a man-made device used to replace a natural organ, for the purpose of restoring a patient’s state of living back to as normal as possible. An artificial organ does not need an external power source, nor does it any refilling of chemicals and/or filter replacements.

Reviewing the 3 main (let's just say for now) ingredients of the Universe.

Ingredient-#1 'Energy' E=MC2 'Matter'
Touching upon the main ingredient of earth's universal/system/creation/technology/channel/station -MATTER which is 'energy' vibrating at certain frequencies or at a certain molecular vibrational level - of what humans consider to be physical- seemingly physical or solid to the human eye/vision and touch however nothing but 'Energy' vibrating at a higher or lower vibration/frequency - in other words at a lesser or greater density.

So all -MATTER (As humans know it) =MC2 being Energy (E) – is vibrating at a higher or lower density/rate/speed or at certain frequencies/molecular/vibrational/levels. Keep the word frequency in mind.

Ingredient #2 Intelligence
For now let's call it intelligent 'energy/vibration' or 'intelligent matter.'

Human computer technologies can be labeled as 'intelligent matter.'
Many other materials/elements on planet earth can be considered to be 'intelligent' matter on a far more advanced and much higher level and some of this 'intelligence/informational/software/matter does not contain the Ingredient #3.

Ingredient #3 Intelligence/Consciousness/Awareness or 'Soul'
This is who 'You' are' that occupies the human vehicle/body/vessel that is made up of Ingredient #1 or Energy/MC2.

Keep in mind you are not the Body only the driver of the body and the 'soul' resides inside the vehicle/body/vessel (temporally) until it's released upon what humans consider to be (death.) It then leaves the body, 'soul's' do not die, they are eternal. Depending on the 'soul' most have a life review and can reincarnate or re-occupy new life-form bodies or move on to higher existences depending on circumstances/situations. W/exceptions.

Note: Everything you see is not actually seen externally -photons/signals/light/pixels -keep thinking- received by your eyes are sent to the (retina) then converted into electrical signals that are sent down the optic nerve to the brain where your brain like a TV set hooked up to a cable picks up the information/signals and converts everything into an image instantaneously to see in the back of your head. In metaphor/analogy - Like a TV works when you hit the 'power on' with a remote.

(Metaphorically speaking) Your brain is the digital TV set technology/imagery system that receives information/data from the outside world like a TV set receiving information/signals and converting it into a real time (live organic)i 3D picture.

What is sight? = Technology
What is technology? = Creation

Everything a persons sees is not actually seen at all - it's merely information encoded within energy or 'matter' vibrating at certain frequencies/stations based on the planetary operating system which contains ingredient #1, 2 & (some but not all 3).

If you're interested in further understanding the above in greater detail with better visualizations than I recommend you watch the following video:

“The content of this film is not just a different approach or a philosophical thought: It is a fact which is also proven by Science today!"

Now don't take this in the wrong way – This is only a metaphor/analogy!

(metaphorically speaking) the universal/system/creation/technology is like looking at one of these.

The above LCD Television set shows a metaphor/analogy. Let's compare the TV set picture/reality/channel (if 'souls' really existed inside of TV channels) to the 3D non-material/energy/informational world/creation/technology humans live in that is something truly indescribable/incomprehensible fully to man so don't get the wrong impression/idea thinking that humans actually live in a TV set/channel/station or digitalized computer system because TV's and computers of course are super super beyond low-grade technology. Comparing earth's universal system/creation/technology to a TV set would be like comparing an ants nest to a spaceship.

Ants nest Creation/Design!


(metaphorically speaking) Evolution is a running 'intelligently' designed eco-operating-system/program - encoded with information/software in the energy/matter but the human body did not evolve directly from lower life form ingredient #2 materials, there was intervention.

ET's and those behind the scences of earth seeded the Et_Planet or Plan_Et and humans were Planted/Seeded long before most will ever know, find evidence for or realize.

Homosapien/intelligently designed lifeforms/creation/technology has been around a lot longer than most will ever know.

The more technology humans receive, the more they will start to understand and realize that they themselves are technology on a far more advanced and much higher level than they could ever really/fully understood/comprehend/imagine at this TIME. (metaphorically speaking in the same way that an ant can't comprehend/understand a spaceship.)

As it's been said, if you could only bend/wrap your mind around it, well they meant it.-)

Love & Best Wishes!

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posted on Oct, 20 2011 @ 08:16 AM
reply to post by SquirrelNutz

I think that post that you pasted into this thread takes away credit where it is due...which is of and to-the holy spirit of life.

That is not to say that beings could not try to control 'life' in some way...but its important to see that life is filled and fattened with the spirit...that nothing would be, without 'thee'.

As spiritual as Etman is...I think he is misleading many by taking them away from the real mystery that we are here to seek out which is the word that is in all life...the very design is filled with the nature of spirit, which is why there is a interconnection between all life.

It could be that this is all a projection of sorts...but it would be a projection of the spirit of life...similar to a 'expression of self'. As we express constantly and consistently....we are made in this image...the spirit naturally expresses itself and 'life' is that expression.

Its just natural for Thee to express as Thee is always being. To to To to push outwardly a part of yourself. Any expression of you would contain you within it. Just as the expression of the Spirit which becomes 'life' contains the Spirit within it.

Its not so much that the Spirit was sitting around and thinking about creating something and then does so...but it is more of a natural happening/occurrence...similar to how its natural for us to smile when happy or cry when sad. We dont sit there and think 'well I feel happy there for I will now create a smile'....but its more of a natural cause and just 'being'.

There is a verse in a old gospel that says 'cut the tree, I am there....lift a rock, you will find me'. This sums it all up in a nut is filled and fattened, by the Spirit/God.

This is why the kingdom, can be found within.

This is why the nature of our harmony, between all life, a balance for life.

This is why...we can sometimes connect to a consciousness that is far beyond just our own individual consciousness and is more of a united consciousness, because we are all connected by this spirit.

Even in Genesis (which I find it so strange that ETMAN talks so much about this world being a creation of higher beings and not so much of God even though he quotes alot from the bible now) it uses the Hebrew word 'bara' which we have translated to mean 'created'. There really is not a hebrew word that means created, as in something coming from nothing. Bara actually means 'to fill'. So it can be translated as 'and god filled the heavens and the earth'.

Just adding thoughts

posted on Oct, 20 2011 @ 08:36 AM
reply to post by SquirrelNutz

Yes it is. There are many who are believers of Law Of One, and didn't like his information, from Chris's NDE, lifelong experiences, and memories.

I didn't the warning parts of his threads, though am aware there are things chaning/coming. Diliigently watching for signs,but also for corruption and human agents and technology causing things as well. But no longer worried about the warnings parts of his message as we have to stand in love and have faith. We're all here for a reason. And we can access and reach our Infinite Selves and Family.

It is his metaphysics that drew me because I realized/understood, and then with just a tap into contemplating infinity had prolongued contact with HS, my son had an experience as well, woke up with more and more information continually, and negative experiences stopped soon after.

I was looking over one of my threads, and now I'm going to start collecting his posts, for a pdf, there are far too many that need to be brought up and not buried.

This one tells us, we don't need to look for demiurges such as Ra, in order to be effective. What Chris once said to me was:

If you were the only light in a dark world, where everyone was reaching/searching for some truth, how could you fail? You are a ever progressive superstar in infinity an infininte Light, and your Infinity is equal to the Infinity surrounding you. How can we not be up to the task?

You can find the "INFINITE" words within yourself that comes from the "INFINITE" connection to your "ETERNAL"--- "INFINITE" self in "Awareness." There's no need for Channeling or Ra! You are the "INFINITE" and have that capability already within you to connect with your true "ETERNAL"---"INFINITE" self to find greater understanding where there's no such thing as greater coming from an "INFINITE" Eternal perspective.

I see you have many pieces of the puzzle/truths in you. The words I have to share do not come from me but from the "INFINITE" understanding and I see that you also have that perspective and see it very close to this as well.

The message I've always shared that comes from the "INFINITE" has always been right in line with the U2U and you're previous last two posts in this thread. From an "INFINITE" ---"ETERNAL" perspective everyone will make it to the "INFINITE" as our INFINITE selves have always existed in the INFINITY & BEYOND and they are part of the Designers/Creators but the Designers/Creators are "ONE" in likeness and we are not merely fractals/fragments or pieces of them but we are merely fractals/fragments of our "INFINITE" selves.

There are "INFINITE" Designers/Creators so the "ONE" part is in likeness and the codes I use to show this are 111111111111111111 that go on forever and ever because there is no beginning or ending therefore there cannot be numbers to distinguish one from the other as there's no such thing as higher/lesser/greater or more than from an "Infinite/Eternal" perspective.

I see truths in the Law of One but there are "INFINITE" Designers/Creators and each one of us is one of them and "ONE" in likeness/design but that does not mean "ONE" being as there are "INFINITE" beings among the "INFINITE" Designers/Creators but we are interconnected to all that is in "LIKENESS" within "INFINITY."

I'm aware that the law of one is very close to this but believes in "ONE" being however if you connect and feel with your Soul/Heart about the "INFINITE" and "BEYOND" then you may realize that "ONE" being could have never existed within the "INFINITE" because if "ONE" being did exist what would be "BEYOND" that one being?

If there was only a "ONE" being that would mean there was a beginning and if there is a beginning that would mean there must be an ending but that is not the case with "INFINITY" where there was no beginning or ending and there's always a "BEYOND" and a "BEYOND" forever infinitely and never ever forget the "BEYOND."

posted on Oct, 20 2011 @ 08:38 AM
God, the Good Family, however we wish to see this, the Spirit of Peace and Love, Yeshua, the Holy Spirit, none of this takes away from what is, and Infinite Progression. And Prime Creator is always discovering He/She is yet a child of another Creation. The existence of God/Goodness/Spirit does not take away from the reality of infinity or the schools we're in. So everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. However they're not entitled to try and suppress the truth of others out of their own beliefs.

My own terms for God, since I don't trust this dark worlds codings, is: The Highest Love and Goodness in Infinity and the Spirit of Peace and Love. Goodness and Love.
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posted on Oct, 28 2011 @ 05:43 PM
Why do I get pleasure out of being a mean person to others.

Because I was bullied a lot as a child, I wonder if this is why all those years of bottled up feelings of anger has led me to attracting that burning desire for a vengence!

And now I know I have this burning desire to reflect the way I was treated and know how to use it, I know I can bite back! But I chose not too.

What does that tell you about the Law of One?
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posted on Oct, 28 2011 @ 09:04 PM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

Well you must know I don't believe in a monied system but universal abundance, equality and eutopia for all. Frequency and manifesting is a positive tool, like prayer itself, if its not enslaving the will to self. We have to be pure in our intentions. At the same time strive for unlimited ourselves, in a sense of balance and good self care, and extending this to all. When I was writing to you about the difference between imagining, putting emotion into this writing down, affirming, praying, even image boards, in terms of what we want, better homes, debt free, helping others, projects, friendships and meaningful work, energy health, happiness, and connections to Higher Self, discovering our true path, creating team work and community project, whatever we see, envision, why put the money into it?

Now at the same time not being afraid of money, realizing here and now it may come through money, but some people focus on money, not the goals. And instrinsically its a lower vibrational frequency. These things are connected to your bottom 3 chakra's. The very ones they want to keep us in. Money has the vibration of inequalty, scarsity and lack. It is the root of so much evil and pain and suffering. That just to wish for money, seems to be defeating the purpose of life, which is progressive, growing, learning, expanding consciousness, and increasing frequency.

The energies, or chakra, begins with health issues and survival, then goes onto the compassion, unconditional love, and speaking your truth or shining your light, creativity, insight, third eye, rainbow bridge and connecting within to your very Source, the wellspring of crystal waters, the connection to Higher Self and Family, Father/Mother and our Team basically.

At a time like this do we only focus on the outer trappings and survival issues?

I also realize that the wounds need to heal within us to help others, and without family improvements and reaching goals in the home front we're not as balanced or effective so its a hard one for me Because I have hard time asking for self.

A house should not be divided. We cannot serve two masters. How to balance this? When the world needs to be freed!

What is meant by a time like this is an experience I had on Sept.9, the day there was 6.4 earthquake off Vancouver Island. It dated it, I just looked that up.

On that day, which to begin with was charming, surreal, picture post card, not because everything changed, the house was still this old rental, in need of more team work , but I was higher frequency, and there was a pure peaceful, perfect feeling, like a story book.

Then suddenly was in contact with "Guides" and myself. My own extended Spirit/Soul being was with the Guides, and I realized we'd had a CME reach us,and it was white light, pure light CME.

Up until then, I would have videos and gloom and doom sent to me to post. And wanted others to help assess them really, try connect dots and see through them to the real agendas going on here. But it was also pulling me down. I was taking a huge hit in my positivity.

The message that they told me, flooded my consciousness with was that now was the time to dream our biggest dreams to really see the world that could be, to see high level civilization, complete love, equality, services beyond expectation of services, peace, joy, creativity, adventures, community, family, high clean technology, high learning, just the most wonderful equal world. To put aside all negative thoughts and while it was OK to be prepared, in a sense, to know you would hold faith in an emergency, to choose the positive.
To turn negative thoughts around into positive.

Now a part of this is not just picturing or holding the thought. Its trying to put into practice in our daily lives, qualities of peace and love, and taking it to the practicum level. Where we're doing the work too.

Finding the things inside us we wish to do, contributing from our gifts.

So I do see manifesting and co-creating/praying, as positive. Just don't want it to be selfish, think selfless.
Manifesting, Visualizing, Raising Frequency To Co-Create A Free World

How can you raise frequency so your feet don't trust the ground, if you're in the first 3 chakra's? By the way. I'd like to know if these guys really have a clue what High Frequency means, where you're in the highest lightest buzz of another realm so every thought gets answered by a Guide and you really need to ground, or your just so high, literally high as a kite,and you need some wings, but almost have them, so you need to ground, and its all gentle love peace goodness. I call the halls of light when the light keeps ascending. When my freuqency raise it was Ho'onoponopono, and also the CME, various contacts, the light ship I saw, and a video.

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posted on Oct, 28 2011 @ 09:13 PM
These videos which I still debate and argue the message in, and very much am aware that positive does not war, or fight, but on the other hand serve and protect and stand up for freedom??? Then again we're not going what he calls 4D for that is still duality. We're going to Beyond the duality. But other than that, this information is interesting. And I don't have a clue how they put the frequencies into the video. Did the PTB do it? Did the ETs do it???

I was higher than a kite watching this one day, and the other one the next, and had some interesting windows open. Had some more soul memories too.

Andromeda Council - The Facts about Life as a 4th Dimensional Human

Andromeda Council - Transformation to a 4th dimensional Earth Life

posted on Oct, 30 2011 @ 09:46 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

There are many who are believers of Law Of One, and didn't like his information, from Chris's NDE, lifelong experiences, and memories.

Unity, there were many different types of people that questioned Etman and there were many different reasons that people asked him of things, maybe chose to show doubt in predictions period, maybe they wanted to tell him NDE and dreams are all ones own creation, maybe they wanted to tell him that the things he thinks is for the world...was really something personal, meant for only him....maybe some just do not believe in contact with other life, maybe some wanted to challenge a ego

I personally do not understand spiritual experiences to be what you and etman find them to be-I once looked at them similar to how you do but now see them differently, so I share with others now how I went from seeing it one way and now see it anew-not saying its right....but a friendly reminder to all those others on a path of 'seeking and finding'....that dont ever think you 'know' for sure, anything....for then when something new awaits to be found, you will not see it there

It matters not my challenge anyone in using dreams, nde, or 'past life memories'...and present the possibility to them, that it all might not be, what it seems, at first

we have to ask ourselves, why is it that sooo many people, when they find the 'wellspring' that you speak of within you, that peace...why do all the dreams, all nde, all past life memories, not connecting to show us 'one for sure thing'? they do really, but we dont see them for such. what they really are showing us is we are creators, and we create while experiencing, the creation-we are always experiencing/expressing-wht we express has something to teach us on a personal path...when we are ready to see it for such

posted on Nov, 4 2011 @ 09:59 PM
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What Are You Afraid Of?

posted on Nov, 4 2011 @ 10:01 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

If your such an expert on creating your own experiences into manifestations into reality, than why is it you still suffer?

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