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Hidden Hand Message - Law Of One - Discussion!

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posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 06:48 AM

Originally posted by HarryJoy
reply to post by strangleholder1

As far as delay.... The Husbandman haveth great patience. You're grip is not loosening is it? Don't worry you won't have to hold on much longer. Btw...You're not upset about the little tidbit of info I received earlier...are you?

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Have you resorted to typing riddles as a way to garner my interest? Well played HOWEVER! I'm seasoned enough to know the blind use "vagueness" to hide behind.
SO! HarryHusbandmanJoy why don't you tell me about the little "tidbit" of info you received earlier that you feel, may have upset me and I'll let you know if it has...I'm calling your bluff charlatan...My inbox awaits!


posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 06:58 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN



Here's how to acquire it along with the instruction..

1: Find your centre, go within...
2: Once "there" respectfully announce the intent of proxy on behalf of Strangleholder1 (they will know who you mean as they know everything)....
3: Ask for the data to be passed on and you will receive, you will feel warmth and love afterward and you will know it as the right thing to do.....
4: DO NOT! feel tempted to plagiarize this information or alter it, it may seem many things and may not make any sense but I cannot stress enough that the data does not become corrupted in any way......
5: U2U me if you received anything and I will send you my email address, DO NOT send received information by u2u........



posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 09:40 AM

Originally posted by AdonaiChristBless
Many grains of wheat seek to grow but have fallen on hard ground, in the process of falling onto unnourishing territory the grains of wheat end up struggling. In the process of struggling the tender surrender, loosing root in the ground where Light can't be found. The weeds and the thorns overtake the new and tender, smothering can it be for a plant to ever see. The seed cannot grow as they reap what they sow, the consumer draws nigh and so does the fly.

My friend, a grain of wheat does not seek to do anything. It just is. Where it falls it will either grow, or grow not depending on the conditions of the place it has fallen.

Originally posted by AdonaiChristBless
A man was walking along saying to others I am perfect everything is perfect while across the road a child was starving and begging for food but the man did not take notice to the child for he was to busy with his rosy all is perfect coloured glasses and could not see.

My friend, you do not see this creation as perfect. You are too busy judging God's work, finding fault in it. I see this creation as perfect, so let me share with you how this man would actually react to the scene you have painted.

I want all to see this existence as perfect. I wish they could see it with my eyes. How can I help others to see this existence as perfect? What leads them to not see it as perfect is suffering. How can this existence be perfect to one who suffers? Therefore, to open their eyes, I look for the suffering. When I see suffering, I find ways to help their suffering end. I feed them if I can. I find others to help me feed them if I can't. This existence IS perfect.

What causes you suffering that you do not see it so?

Originally posted by AdonaiChristBless
He continued to walk saying everything is perfect I am God and Good you are God and also Good and by the way we are all God and only Good.

Again you distort the understanding of one who sees this existence as perfect. Only God could have created this existence so perfectly. The Man is NOT God, but one of his perfect creations within the creation that IS God. We are Good as God created us. Our creations are attempts to mimic that which created us, but are flawed, for WE are Not God. That which God created IS perfect. That which we create is NOT perfect. This is the view of one who sees this existence as perfect.

Originally posted by AdonaiChristBless
That man continued to proclaim we need not work to become the God of Good for we already are.

We do not need to work to become good, we need to recognise that we are good and worth working for.

Originally posted by AdonaiChristBless
The other man walked up to the one proclaiming to be the God of Good and said don’t you see the starving children need our help on the other side of the road do you not see this, how can you proclaim to be what you are and not see.

The second man is too busy judging the other to feed the child? Is this how to feed a child, by judging another who does not that which YOU can do?

Originally posted by AdonaiChristBless
The man wearing rosy all is perfect glasses says to him, it is all only perfection and love there is no opposite.

No, he would ask that which I just asked. Then having the child brought to his attention would feed the child, and leave the second man to find others to judge.

Originally posted by AdonaiChristBless
Does the man with rosy glasses really know and does the man really see what is natural do they know yet they sow what is low. Do they preach the fallen tree, understand the fallen state, oppositions do they miss what is Love and what is Hate.

The fallen state is being to busy saying "we are bad!". To make each other feel "good" and see the perfect existence we have been granted, this is to Rise. I am Risen.

Originally posted by AdonaiChristBless
Does the man with rosy glasses pray unto the Father or does he look into the mirror and say I am the Creator and the Life, Light, Truth and way.

When the man with rosy glasses prays it is short, "Thank You!"

Originally posted by AdonaiChristBless
Be prepared and be wise for it's only Good advice, do not listen of your own seek the Father be it known.

You are prepared, open your eyes! Your father is right before you in everything that you see. Be good to yourself and your fellow Man. This is how you were created.

With Love,

Your Brother
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posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 10:10 AM
i for one believe this guy was in fact the real deal.....any others like this been on ATS if so can you please U2U me the links cheers

posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 11:24 AM
This ad at the top of ATS caught my eye, messages in adds, do you think they're put there by accident, or was someone given a little nudge, perhaps, inspiration when they designed the cover?

Because there's more than one you. Shine from yahoo.

We're like the sun, we're all like suns/stars and we need to be peaceful and shine our lights, reaching in to connect with Father/Mother, Family, Higher/Infinite Self (IS) and Pure Love and bring forth our gifts and positive light only.
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posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 12:37 PM
Also just want to share something in sungazing today, I plucked up the courage, though still alarmed, I only wanted to see the usual sun, the normal sun. So this changed sun is not my sun, and it started again. I didn't stay out long enough to allow it to turn past the emerald clock stage however, this dark emerald color rimmed by gold. However the time I want to note, was 11 20 or 21. Well if this was Jan 21st, 2011, then the date would be 01 21 2011. That would make 11 11, two 13's and two 3's, 0 1 2 primary, including 10 10 twice as well. That could be significant if you are into numerology.

So, I'm not quite comfortable with the sun, was praying to Father/Mother and all that is TRUE LOVE, beyond any distortions here to know what this is, for all negative to be removed from my sight, for me to be healed and see and hear with eyes filled with Light & Love.

But I found I could still retreat to that waterfall where I went during my bath, and the significance of it was clearer to me, why I was shown that place. For thoughts would come that caused turmoil or tensions, and I recognized and canceled, renounced and prayed again for those negative squares in my mind, body, thoughts, emotions to be removed. That is when I was suddenly reminded of my waterfall location, my center during meditation, in the sun, and why I had floated in lotus position with others, guides or teachers, we were floating there in one of my meditations. I was shown that, the waterfall represented turning all the negativity into positive, cleansing, healing, working through even, and I believe its a good place for me to be, while the floating message was obvious, and its link to the cleansing, turning all negative to positive.

Warm Wishes, During the holidays. May the Spirit of Love and Peace be with all of us, and every man, woman, and child, and may we be healed, and true insight, sight, hearing, given, so that we may shine true light, be truly positive and overcome this duality.

Edit to Add: the significance of these dates is not just for the Cosmos, but is also gnostic, egyptian numerology/astrology and bloodline related. I recall Haiti and Chili quakes in Jan and Feb, and the dates where very HAARP like and suspcious.

While I have complete 100% faith in the Good and Family, and also a redempton of everyone and was directly shown over the past two years a number of metaphors taking place that involved ascension or shift, wether or not its in the flesh or simply after we leave this behind, or even the date, but I knew it related to my time here at least for us, and I saw humanity being taught by the cosmos, higher ups, instructed about how to manage and care for the world and each other with Love and high clean tech truly, which could very well be a metaphor for the winterland, or place for those who are not immeditately passing on, they will be taught, and I saw the cosmos coming in uniform to make arrests on the bloodlines, which could be a metaphor for this law of consequence of a kind of time out situation.

However, all of this related to a miracle for everyone taking place, in all three situations or groups, everyone was going to be saved, or redeemed in the end. Family is so much wiser and more loving than we can imagine, and I was given the message today to not underestimate them in the least, just love, its all going to be alright. And work at perfecting relationships, forgiving others and self, and doing what we can to wake up, yearn for equality have Faith in Good, pray, seek find, if we can. Thats what life is really about.

But i was also reminded by a conversation with a friend this morning that the weather abnormalities are being blamed on this Cosmic event.

Well maybe, but don't forget BP, please, and the Gulf Stream. This wasn't an accident, it was carried out on orders, probably from the Rothchild's I did hear that rumor somewhere.

I can't help but shake the feeling that earth changes can be their plan, that cosmic heat and fire could be the result of them crashing that probe into the eye of sauren end of Saturn.

We know its Family when it really is them, but otherwise, please know that these guys are really up to something.

Just a thought.

And always think of others.

As for the poor, the poor are always with us, by the set up of this world too. Its not possible for everyone to give money, some give prayers or other things. Many people in the rich and propserous "have" countries expeirence the happy happy joy of working to barely afford an appartment OR as one nurse in New York City discovered, to not even afford an apartment for her children, and so they were in the system and she was working full time, living in her car.

Does that sound fair? Nope. Could she feed others, were her children supposed to sacrificed by the F O L. I keep hearing sell everything and give it all away. And then what? Have your family removed by the services and put into questionable, M'Kultra type foster homes while you sit on the corner under a cardboard box and meditate.

Lets get real. Thats not it either.

Do you know how many billions of dollars the world gives each year to help the third world, and starvign children. In any given month, several prosperous nations could run all their programs for their citizens, and within in each year, the world is equalized and everyone is living and contributing healthy, happy lives.

So why, is the money not reaching the right people?

Who is to blame, the person who gave or the crooks running this system?
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posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 02:37 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
As for the poor, the poor are always with us, by the set up of this world too. Its not possible for everyone to give money, some give prayers or other things. Many people in the rich and propserous "have" countries expeirence the happy happy joy of working to barely afford an appartment OR as one nurse in New York City discovered, to not even afford an apartment for her children, and so they were in the system and she was working full time, living in her car.

Does that sound fair? Nope. Could she feed others, were her children supposed to sacrificed by the F O L. I keep hearing sell everything and give it all away. And then what? Have your family removed by the services and put into questionable, M'Kultra type foster homes while you sit on the corner under a cardboard box and meditate.

Lets get real. Thats not it either.

Money will never solve the worlds problems my friend. That is not what it is supposed to do. Money is designed as a means of exchange, one man's labor for anothers. It's down fall began when one man's labor was judged more valuable than anothers. It became an even greater bane on society when some one managed to trick others into believing that the mere creation of money became worth anothers labor. The final curse of money is when it became the method of enslavement and control.

This system will not last much longer. It is even now in its death throws.

With Love,

Your Brother

Offer what you can in aiding others. No one asks any more than this. Meditation may bring a sense of calm and inner peace. So to does sun gazing. Neither will bring the inner peace that is found in loving others and seeing them healed by random acts of kindness.

posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 03:02 PM
reply to post by IAMIAM

I agree with you, Love and Kindness are first, and the tools we use to connect and pursue our spirituality are secondary. The first is the essence of Spirit in action/practice, the second is the refueling station.

But, what I was saying is that, people are giving, those random acts of kindness are being given all the time. We all know that the pitiful amounts of foreign aid our governements give is nothing compared to the mountains of aid, we the poor and middle class give to the third world and to our Church coffers, tithes and charity funds. What I'm saying is the amount given every year by the citizens to the third world has already equalized us all many times over, and we're the ones living off less than 40% of the pie. The majority, 60-70% of the population, live off less than 40%, in some countries, less than 10% of the pie. With a small portion of it, we have already solved the inequality.

Why hasn't it happened? Why is the poverty growing. Everyone i know who is not at the poverty line themselves sponsors a child and that is only part of their gifts.

Why, is the problem not solved?

Who is hijacking the money?

Something very criminal is going down, and yet all I hear is how humanity is warring and violent and humanity is cruel and injust. How, they voted obama in to end the war, though he didn't. Its just like those bank murals, where many people are holding up blank signs, there words mean nothing, they are not represented by their leaders. And the people have already given enough money to equalize the world many times over.

Its not humanity at all, its a small percent of bad apples, and yet I keep seeing broad sweeps of the painbrushes saying bad things about people.

Just who do you think the Family of Light, Future Selves in the Quantum Reality of No Time, are?

Or another way of saying this is: If you understand you're an infinite being on an infinite journey, and there is No Time, who do you think our family is in the Future? Have you ever thought about it!

I love my family/Family very much.

posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 03:14 PM
I'm beginning to think the charities out there are fronts for organized crime and that instead of equalizing or helping our aid dollars are going to fund their criminal guerrila warfare campaigns against new social democracies that are pro people and services to them, and to fund their corruption. Its all a front.

posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 03:50 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
I'm beginning to think the charities out there are fronts for organized crime and that instead of equalizing or helping our aid dollars are going to fund their criminal guerrila warfare campaigns against new social democracies that are pro people and services to them, and to fund their corruption. Its all a front.

Yes, it is all a front, but it isn't as nefarious as you may think my friend. The average charity gives between 1 and 5 percent of what they take in. Where does the money go?

Six figure incomes for the top level executives.

Five figure incomes for mid level executives.

No income for the ground troops (those doing the leg work of charity collecting) these are the volunteers.

You gotta have a corporate headquarters right?
You gotta have a marketing campaign to get the word out about your charity?
You gotta have neat little gifts to give away (sell), you know bracelets, key chains, bumper stickers etc.
You can't be expected to give without receiving something right?

Charity is big business. Anything based on money WILL be/IS corrupted.

Churches are no exception.

The best giving you can do is when you see someone in need of something you can provide, give it.

With Love,

Your Brother

posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 07:22 PM
Hi this comment from me about the "Jackalls" I'm aware of their plan. Haven't been here on ATS for 5-6 weeks now and shall be gone again for a while.

As "they" refer to 2011 as "the colouring book".

I can soul read and just wanted to drop a hint that only recently after completely stopping my social alcohol consumption 5 months ago which is well-done-for-me, lol, I have reguraly observed other's and along with my Clairvoyancy and premonitions I have recently adapted well to feeling other's soul's, reading their energies and even visualising before and after outcomes of their desires and intentions, some good, some sad, some are to be avoided at all costs.

As for the start of 2011 and starting clean with a fresh start to the new year especially as we are all to be challenged very well and people must be more alert and aware and pay attention to what you feel and desire be very careful, especially be very careful desiring something for yourself or other's, and especially be very careful being wishful thinker's. You may not realise the "power of thought's". Even a word exist's as a vibration and return's to the Cosmos, so be careful with your Desires/Intentions as id you want something good for yourself and other's in life, than only have GOOD intention's, and GOOD desires, and you'll create a more positive future a lot further than you think.

I have something on the "Jackalls" I know what there upto. For now I will keep this message neutral.

posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 08:02 PM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

Hello my friend,

Your message was a bit too cryptic for me to make out what you were trying to say with the first section of it. I do not know who or what you mean by "jackals" or what the supposed plan is. If you are uncertain of my intent or plan, I assure you my intent stems from a desire for peace for all mankind and my plan is linked at the bottom of my posts. I am not a psychic, a soul reader, high magician, or anything other than a regular man who has grown weary of the pain and anguish we visit upon one another in our struggle to survive on this planet. Thus, I simply encourage people to remember who we are and what we are capable of.

The second part of your post I fully agree with. The human whisper, once uttered, travels up through our atmosphere and breaks free into the cosmos in approximately 20 hours. From there it travels on into the infinite wonders above. Some where deep in space is a record of every sound made on this planet. An auditory time capsule of Earths entire existence. Such is the power of prayer. That which one pleads for is forever recorded in the depths of existence. Similarly, that which we perceive in this existence travels our sensory network to the center of our consciousness and travels to the deep infinite point within, from whence issues forth at a rate far surpassing the speed of light, thought which leads to reaction. As above, so below. Such is the power of prayer.

With Love,

Your Brother

posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 10:06 PM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

Hey are you trying to say with the 2011 frequency, that it is very important to ensure that every word we speak is from the highest intent, and with the best regards for everyone's well being, and for this reason you're advising that we be very careful with our words and choose right, and for this reason you are avoiding online situations? Do you feel that there are traps planned for those online, threads that will stir the pot on our emotioins and this will be done by intent of those behind the scenes here on earth, with full intention of manipulating this.

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 11:27 AM
It's no fun if you're not gonna play
, I urge you all to try my above instruction at least once before the 31st of December and let me know if you get anything.....

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 12:15 PM
reply to post by strangleholder1

Dropped in. Saw your post. Not feeling very "energized" this morning.

Went to Reply - - to respond - - got the: "No Posting - Maintenance" sign.

TAP TAP TAP - - OK "Weeeeee're back".

All I'm getting is a bunny rabbit. Maybe later.

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 07:41 PM
I came across this, and apparently all the programmers, software people seem to understand the duality, and who is who even, Linux being the white hats.

I couldn't resist adding this.

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 11:52 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I know how to program and I think it's bull. The only thing Linux seems to be good for is technical things. Windows is far superior at everything else, most importantly user interface.

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 03:26 AM
reply to post by 547000

Really. The only thing windows has going, is that they bully all the companies making games and products and have them cripple software so though it technically runs on linux ther is some third party app that won't let it install, oh and lets not forget the drivers, which are written for MAC though there are far fewer using that system.

All the innovations are Linux. The clean system, its Linux. Security, its Linux. Empowering the world, hey thats Linux. Windows is a not only a virus its the annanuki, pyramid, arch criminal slave system,

Two words, under-standing and inner-standing.

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 03:41 AM
As someone who wanted to be a game developer, I can say Microsoft writes professional level code that's a pleasure to work with. DirectX is a marvelous API. Whatever security advantage Linux has is due to the fact not many people use it on a day to day basis. Therefore virus writers do not really target it. Did you even look through the source code before installing the Linux Kernel? Of course not. It's one of those things everyone brags about, but nobody really audits the code before running it. They just install it without looking through the code, losing whatever advantage being open source means.

I tried Linux, and despite all its programming tools, I was still more productive using Visual Studio on a Windows platform.

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 09:08 AM

why are you now speaking in parables and scriptures only..

There's a reason for sharing certain information in parables along with certain scriptures. Parables can be interpreted in many different ways depending on the interpreter. If a person takes something from the parables that is Good then perhaps the spirit they have within them is a Good Spirit interpreting. Others may interpret a parable in an entirely different way and find only dark square interpretation/meanings behind the parables missing the true light square interpretation/meanings. Some may skim over the light square truths not seeing, understanding or recognizing them while interpreting only the opposite. Parables of truth can be understood, revealed and interpreted correctly based on the spirit one has within them.

This is why it's been written that some see yet cannot see, some hear yet cannot hear nor do they understand. Taking time to review parables even pondering on them can further open up one's understanding. The spiritual light square truths behind words can be seen in an entirely different way if one takes further time to ponder on them. It's also necessary to think not so much in terms of earthly definitions and meanings but in terms of truths and spiritual knowledge not of this world as some spiritual understandings have no words to ever be put into a human language. Parables are not to be taken literally word for word according to human dictionary definition but should be looked upon as spiritual comparisons, analogy and metaphor. Search for spiritual applications and new colors of understanding within the parables, for example if a person can only see and understand the color red then they cannot yet see, know or understand what the color blue is. A grain of wheat is not to be taken literally as a grain of wheat. The grain of wheat parable will differ in interpretation/meaning based on one's understanding given to them by the spirit within them.

What do you feel that the grain of wheat parable represents and how do you interpret it?

By taking words literally one can easily miss the true meaning of what IS being shared in the parables. Light square information can be found for those who interpret and see the Light square truths behind words in the parables correctly. Parables were shared along with certain scriptures for a reason. Understanding what is behind the wording, parables and encoded information found in earthly material is necessary and especially the hidden truths contained within the biblical accounts. There are many spiritual truths and encoded knowledge to be found within ancient records and biblical accounts. In order to find these truths and interpret them correctly one must also recognize and understand that truths are mixed in and mingled with untruths in order to twist, distort and cover them up.

The dark square untruths are intentionally placed in all things in order to confuse a person and cause distortions of the truth. This is one reason why so many religions seem to argue back and forth about the true interpretations/meanings of certain passages of scripture. Truths mingled with untruths are placed there intentionally in order to cause confusion so that many are turned off from clearly distinguishing and interpreting the light square truths that are hidden in plain sight. Some feel they see yet truly cannot see, some feel they hear yet truly cannot hear, nor do they understand.

The light and dark square information structure of opposition exists in all things and if one has a Light eye of understanding meaning the Spirit of Truth and Revelation assisting them from the Family of Light in the Heavens then they can properly see and distinguish light/truths from dark/untruths. One-1 can understand and discern more easily the true meanings behind why certain things have been worded the way they are. They can reveal that which is in plain sight, some believe they see yet remain unable to properly see, some hear yet are unable to properly hear lest their eyes and ears of understanding be opened and they truly hear and see to better understand that which they once did not see or understand. The book of revelation and other biblical accounts are clear examples of things encoded with light square truths and there is far more in such accounts than meets the average human eye. One-1 that has the Spirit of Truth within them can properly discern and interpret virtually all information correctly. If they are properly in tune with the Spirit of Truth that reveals unto them all spiritual truths and understandings so that they may see clearly and properly discern the energies found beyond all matter making them aware of the true light square and dark square structure's of creation. If one-1's eye is filled with the Light of Christ which is the true Spirit of Love then one-1 can also properly discern and clearly see the Light square truths behind all information/energy/matter allowing one to properly discern truths from untruths.

Just as with a puzzle there are only so many pieces to a puzzle and there are only so many positions that each piece can fit within the puzzle. So too if there are pieces which do not belong to the puzzle such pieces must not be focused upon lest one ever figure out or not finish the puzzle one is working on. Half the pieces do not belong to the light square puzzle, so in wisdom one should be aware of the pieces that do not belong to the puzzle and put them aside.

It's not only enough to merely be aware of the dark and light pieces to the puzzle but one must also have a clear understanding of the picture to the puzzle in order to properly fit all the pieces together correctly.

If there was a blind man in a room full of Light he could easily be told false information about certain objects in the room and easily be deceived. A blind man can easily be taught to learn untruths based on what they are being told unknowingly not even realizing the false information that they are being given. But if the blind man is to suddenly open his eyes and see then he will understand that what he has been taught and told all his life was not in fact the truth but some truths mixed in with untruths. A blind man feels objects to discern what they are based on the information he was taught about such objects from birth. It would be quite easy to give false information and teachings to a blind man. So is the world in which mankind lives, there are many truths mixed in and mingled with untruths that people have been taught and learned to accept as truths most of their lives not even realizing that which they believe to be truths are merely distortions of the truth. Some truly believe that they see yet they do not clearly see, nor do they understand the truth behind all information/energy/matter lest suddenly their spiritual eyes be opened and they be revealed the Truth according to the spirit of Truth and be shown the missing pieces to the puzzle behind all information/energy/matter of creation.

And their eyes may be opened that they may see that which they once could not see. Their ears may be opened that they may hear things that they previously once could not hear. The simple and plain truths have been in front of them all of their lives yet they could not clearly see them nor could they fully understand and recognize the plain and simple truths of the ying yang dark and light opposition structure. Light with Dark, Day with Night, Love with Hate and oppositions of one thing to another existing in all things. For they were blinded most of their lives as blind men that could not understand or see the oppositions of all things right in front of them.

In order to properly discern, distinguish and see the simple and plain truths it takes more than just awareness of the opposition structure.

I understand that I must have ears to hear and eyes to see.. and I believe I am getting there slowly..

The Light of Christ and Spirit of Truth can guide, direct and assist us in all things.

there seems to be so many dimensions to what is going on.. preparing spiritually, preparing mentally and physically..

We must pray so that we can spiritually prepare in order to receive further guidance and assistance in our lives to properly overcome our weak minded thoughts that can easily interfere and distract us due to the conditioning from the adversities/oppositions which lead us into confusion and further distortions of the truth. Spiritual preparedness is the most important thing since it's preparing for that which IS eternal. One must recognize the opposition structure to further understand the truth behind all things within creation.

Where to begin, The Ra Material??? Allies of Humanity??

None of the above, focus on the simple and plain truths that can be found in the words of Jesus Christ.

One-1 must first have the Spirit of Truth within them in order to correctly discern and see the rest of the world for the way it IS. It's necessary for a person to turn on a Light in a room that they may then see and interpret things correctly.

There are many great deceptions taking place on earth that must be recognized. Be not deceived.

Our Family of Light, Father/Mother in Heaven and Jesus Christ are always there for anyone who asks and prays unto them. You are not alone and can receive guidance and direction in your life if you sincerely and genuinely seek it through prayer. Pray unto our Father in Heaven and the true Family of Light to receive further assistance, direction and guidance in your life so that you may be led by the One-1 true Spirit of Truth. Understand that there are many other spirits out to deceive people and a person must find the true One-1 spirit of Christ which is the Spirit of Truth. Pray sincerely and I promise you that if you are sincere about truly receiving answers then according to your sincerity and faith in Jesus Christ it shall be given unto you.

What do you see in the parables that have been shared so far?

May Love, Peace and the spirit of Christ be with you always.

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