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Hidden Hand Message - Law Of One - Discussion!

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posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 07:55 PM
reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice

Yes the Father has planted His seeds, though not all choose to bear the fruit of His righteousness in Truth and Love.

I am loving your posts Brother.

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posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 08:20 PM
reply to post by benedict9

Why it is important to be good for the seeds are planted in the fields of gold, yet some became bad and spread their lies amongst the flock. Like sheep the rest followed the lies and became spoiled for they were unable to bare the right fruit. They spread their seeds and from them became the children of the fruit spoiled by the spirit of their mothers and fathers. For the youngsters went to deep sleep falling into the darkness and then they sprouted their own youngsters and so forth. Until the day came unto them to spring the young of the pure flock, yet over the time the fruit became pure again and were allowed to be gathered.

Kind Regards


posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 08:26 PM
reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice


Who ya callin a fruit?!

Happy days Unity. I look forward to your return.

With Love,

Your Brother

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 08:29 PM
reply to post by IAMIAM

Are we not all fruit waiting to be picked ????

Kind Regards


posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 08:38 PM
reply to post by IAMIAM

Who ya calling a kid!!!!

Kind Regards


posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 08:41 PM
reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice

Not all fields harbour the nourishment for a seed to grow. One must choose to plant themselves in the field where the soil is rich to bear good fruit ripe enough for harvest.

Peace my Brother.

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posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 08:50 PM
reply to post by benedict9

A riddle for you my friend.

If the Father and Mother told you to start a war, would you say "Where?" and yet would be really the Mother and Father asking when for a fact we know they never wish to see their children shed blood of one another. So as you see how confusion can occur to the knowing of the bible, when the truth it self is completely different.

Kind Regards


posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 09:12 PM
reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice

Our Father Creator representing Truth and Love does not condone war nor violence in any way shape or form. A false (AntiChrist) spirit would request such in a 'noble' manner to try to FALSELY justify such actions.

And there are many here operating in such a manner. And many will be deceived to believe that 'evils' are 'good' as written in Scripture. Those who do not walk with Christ are very much moreso exposed to the false doctrines of 'devils' (undivine evils masquerading as positives). The deceptions/manipulations will be ramped up in the coming period to test the will of Man. Who will walk the Christ path? We shall see. I am doing my part for this age, for I have been granted enough in seeking to 'see' the times we live in. And they will unfold as written by the Truth of Christ's Living Word. Peace.

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posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 09:37 PM
I was given a scroll and on thee scroll were names, thus I ate the scroll for it taste sweet as honey but became bitter in thy stomach. Just kidding if I was given the scroll I would not eat it I would burn it to smell the sweet smoke of honey.

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 10:13 PM
Dear Children

For you are all love and light of our spirit no matter how big or small you are always not alone, seek us not around you but within you for we are you and you are us. We love you always and see you as the light and the love of our love to be given to all for there is no greater love for anyone in the world and we love each and every one of you equally to one another. The times ahead might hold things that many of you might not understand but have faith in the family children for we are all one. Thus we must trust one another to understand and learn the way ahead together as one and for all. Seek the words we left behind for they hold the most true light and need no be to abandon faith for we never left you and we never hate. We are all one and all for all there is a key to be given to you all, but you are one that must see faith within the light and love this late in the day there is no need for truth about the coming times to be foretold, so seek children the truth on your own clock/time and the children always have the love of all.

Love and Light to all those that see these words given to all by ONE-1 for we are all equal yet but still coal and on our way and in the process of turning into diamonds.

Kind Regards


P.S: Diamonds are Forever = Eternity

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posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 10:21 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Hi Unity_99,

Alas,though very primitive and magical in nature, with a warring overlord in in, demanding sacrifices, wars and murder, and extremely harsh religious lifestyles,

Wars, abuse, sacrifice and murders are clearly negative things and do not come from the unconditional Loving Light Beings – Family - Creators/Designers - but such things occur due to human freewill/agency/choice and the powers behind the world that are continuously working hard against humanity opposite to that which is of good.

the only safe thing to do is what Budda taught himself, go within, find you own truth

Going within is wise but believing one can find all the answers and do everything all on their own without anyone's assistance is unwise. Tuning into the pure and unconditional Love station that is One with the Creators - who are the true and pure unconditional Loving Family of Light in character of Christ is wise. The answers come down and can be found within one-1 for those tuned into that station. More things are given to the spirit family - 'souls' on earth than one-1 can realize and most are never aware of it but take credit for such things and easily take the things that they are given for granted never realizing they were given such things as gifts by the pure and unconditional Loving Light Beings (Family) believing they did it all on their own.

As Annee wrote:

"Following the teaches of Jesus and other great benevolents - - is one thing. But there is very little Jesus in today's Christianity - - and probably never was."

Usually when people here the word Yeshua or Christ and other such religious human words they immediately are turned off and think certain things in their mind that are not very good due to the many religions that use such things to control people for their own power and gain.There are some smaller organizations/groups/religions that perhaps mean well but the large majority have been greatly corrupted and distorted in teachings. It all come down to pure and unconditional LOVE and that is what it should always be about. Perfect LOVE and unconditional LOVE. Many use words and teachings based on the character of Christ - the character that showed examples of this pure, perfect and unconditional LOVE. Many draw near to the true Teachers/Creators/Designers in words and teachings based on the character of Christ but their practices/actions and hearts are distant from them in connection due to the many misinterpretations of human words. The dark squares and distortions have been intentionally added to confuse and turn one-1 off from the simple and plain truths showing the pure, perfect and unconditional Loving way of how one-1 should be treating others.

Love your neighbor as yourself, pray for those who despitefully take advantage of and use you. Love your enemies realizing that they are part of your spirit family being a Brother and Sister to you in Spirit. Exercise this unconditional Love to all in the house and those you communicate and interact with so that they may see your good works and be touched by the Spirit Of Love. The Light shines upon the Darkness so that all can see, so should one-1 shine their light upon the world and those around them regardless of which freeway lane they are in. By one-1 withholding their Light and not showing this unconditional Love unto others being upset with one-1 or holding grudges - they are only adding to the darkness and negativeness in the world. Let your Spirit Light shine as the Sun which gives Light to all equally regardless of where they are in life or what they are doing.

I started a simple thread on Religions Of The World,The Bigger Picture! quite a while

Words have been used such as Yeshua or Christ as the Christ character showed this pure, perfect and unconditional LOVE for those who can read past the titles, story and coloring book pages interpreting it correctly finding the plain and simple Truths. One-1 could easily change the title, lines and story replacing it with Light Being - FOL - terminology such as the Perfect and unconditional Loving Light Beings instead of using Yeshua Christ in their place and some may suddenly interpret and see things differently due to One-1's initial reaction/conditioning on such religious terms and words containing the dark squares and distortions added to such things in order to confuse One-1. Writing a new story with new titles, lines and human words would be a small example of how One-1 can easily misinterpret and miss the simple truths mixed in with words, titles and stories that upset some due to misinterpretation. It's never the title, words or story but the plain and simple truths that can be found within the title, words and story. The intent and actions of a character and how they treated others speaks of this pure, perfect and unconditional LOVE and shows everything.

As LeoVirgo wrote:

"I find that the true nature of the soul is to be in service to other souls."

Souls are eternal and different from the spirit, the spirit is something that connects the souls one-1 to another-1 which are One-1 in spirit if tuned into that pure and unconditional LOVE station. If LeoVirgo's statement is interpreted correctly it is a true statement. Conscious and Aware intelligence's or 'souls' which (IS) the real 'you' but perhaps not the 'you' you-1 think you are for the 'TIME' being in earth's life existence due to the temporal memory loss and state of amnesia of not truly knowing 110% of who you one-1 really are - (IS). Nevertheless the true 'soul' of one-1 is in service to others and that is their 'soul' intent or desire in spirit once they remember and realize who they truly are. It's never about selfishness when it comes to the other side once One-1 remembers who they truly are but those who did not serve and did harm unto others feel great remorse, shame, guilt and regret for what they did to their own Brothers and Sisters (Spirit Family.) As stated it's not about selfishness but it's about Family and teamwork, helping, caring, sharing, giving and Service to Others.

There is a continuation for the large/vast majority on earth seeking the truth, most are on that same boat, but when one-1 discovers a new color of understanding for themselves and clearly understands what it (IS) in Spirit - they see, discern, recognize and understand something they've never recognized, seen or understood before to eventually know what that true color - (IS). Infinity/Eternity understandings raise a higher awareness for One-1 in better understanding what (IS) Truly represents/means - (IS).

The biblical focus that occurred was surprising to many, really and yet there is the same Family and mission of Love, and message to us to follow in Yeshua's footsteps as well, so in a sense, its a matter of how we interpret all these things.

Interpretation is always in the eye and understanding of the interpreter/beholder, there (IS) hidden truths/information contained/encoded within light squares of understanding that can be found within the universe, nature, sound, information and creation of the ying/yang checkerboard opposition structure. Some are aware of such things having awareness of the true geometry/structure behind the earth life creation/existence while others are left unaware without sight, understanding and perception of such things. If nothing is truly solid or physical as humans understand and perceive matter to be - everything being merely vibration/energy on a sub-atomic molecular level - than what is information and sound to the energy body and 'soul' within earth's checkerboard opposition reality/existence... What is 99.9999% empty space anyway and is that as far as the Human eye/perception/understanding can so far detect/reach...

The Light of One-1's Spirit is in One-1's eye and perception/understanding, when One-1's eye is focused on seeing Light their eyes/perception/understanding (IS) also full of Light. When One-1's eye is darkened or views/sees that which is opposite to Light - their perception/understanding/eye (IS) left in a state of confusion or darkened state of understanding/perception disconnected from that which they truly are-1 (IS). The Light eye understands/comprehends the dark but the dark cannot understand or comprehend the Light.

If One's Spirit/eye be full of Light than One-1's perception/understanding (IS) also in a state of Light allowing One-1's true Spirit or that which (IS) to clearly connect enabling One-1 to discern, see and understand the simple and plain truths contained/encoded in all Light within all things of earth's ying/yang checkerboard opposition structure within all materials/information/nature/creation and so on.


Can we take a post, or suggestion, or idea, and see the positive in it, turn it around? Can we get beyond ideas, and start to see light and move beyond all this.

An eye in tune with the pure and unconditional Love station connected back to the above and beyond is full of Light, when One-1 sees another in darkness One-1 perceives and understands the dark but brings out and finds the Light in another-1 and turns a negative into a Positive.

Halloween, Xmass, Valentines, Easter, all these days were chosen to duplicate specific pagan type holidays by the bloodlines and the negative faction does terrible things.

Even though such things have and do take place - regardless of the date, occasion or holiday, there's always a Light plan that over-rides all dark by design. Light squares are truths that see/perceive and understand the dark. The Light always has the upper hand being the true Creator/Creators of earth's creation and universe perceiving/understanding the dark. On the flip side of the negative/positive magnet/coin, the dark cannot perceive/understand or comprehend the Light or the Creator/Creators. Just about anything can be interpreted however One-1 chooses to interpret it, but the Creations/FOL or pure, perfect and unconditional loving Light Beings/Benevolent's find Light in darkness and turn negatives into Positives. Such has always been the case and taken place = Key, there (IS) always a flip side to the ying/yang coin of understanding if One-1 can clearly discern and see with an eye full of Light. An eye full of Light is the Key to Eternity.

But humanity, with love sees the positive, and recreates out of all of this wonderful days of love and giving,

Isn't the above a great example showing the intent of the people. The power of Love and Intent (S) a powerful thing and can always turn a negative into a Positive.

We can purify everything and turn it around.

Humanity could turn negatives into Positives if they joined together and worked together as One-1 Family unit in teamwork, not just by themselves or on their own but as a whole.The same concept applies to the above and beyond, it (IS) a Family effort and teamwork in serving others, it's never One-1 person seeking within themselves alone trying to find out all the answers/solutions on their own. The Eternal Spirit Family in the above and beyond works in perfect harmony/unity as a team in togetherness - assisting, helping and serving each other and everyone-1.

Oh, one last post. I just wanted to add something on looking for codes. The King James Version has the most potential due to it being edited by high ranking Free Masons, thats their baby after all, something I've read for some time.

Mankind and dark forces only have so much power to mix and mingle dark squares with Light. Both dark and Light remain within all things due to the dark's lack of power to remove such things. The dark side (and I'll bet your thinking Star Wars) work to cover up the Light and hide and distort the Truth, in order to confuse Humanity. Truths are mixed in intentionally with untruths so that humanity remains confused to never see, perceive, think or consider the plain and hidden truths/mysteries that remain right in front of their faces yet unrevealed. Opposition must remain and exist by Light-print design until the end of 'TIME' as humans perceive it to be comes -where a separation/division of all opposition must take place. Earth splits/divides and all things become purified/cleansed and eventually crystallized into a perfected state on a purified Light energy level - ascending/transforming into a higher state of existence/density/Light-channel/station - The Great Day of Purification comes, The millennial period of preparation, the new and alpha/omega - beginning and ending of the first day/last and final age/stage of preparation - reorganization/finalization of the Light-print coloring book plans of Creation- which One day in 'TIME' where there is no 'TIME' for some shall come. One-1 can look upon ancient manu.texts/scrolls and all other information as a black and white ying/yang checkerboard structure containing both dark and Light truths mixed in with untruths. Truths covered up, twisted and mingled/distorted with the fictional assorted.

Much information containing/encoded truths of Light are found within earth's Creation, all things in nature and the energy bodies of all things showing opposition. The solar system, earth's energy grid, the elements, gravity and the very geometry and structure found in all things within the human perceived Universe including ancient and modern day materials even fictional/sci-fi and other such materials. Hidden mysteries/truths and untruths mixed in with distortions intentionally placed to cover up the light square/hidden truths many of which reveal great mysteries that most will never see, perceive, think or consider even that which is in plain site yet thought of as and considered to be fiction. Many cannot see, hear or read past the lines to discover such mysteries/hidden truths contained therein as it's intentionally mingled and mixed/distorted with the fictional assorted of twisting and unbelievable untruths intentionally placed into ying/yang structure to conceal the mysteries/hidden truths from the world and cover them up. Of course the Light of truth must always remain in the world somewhere within information but without awareness of it One-1 cannot see, perceive or discern such things. But the simple and plain truths remain and are still there for humanity to find if they can and interpret such things as they so choose to coming from Light squares perceived by the Light Spirit/eye.

The answers to the test of earth's school life/experience are never handed out. Pure and unconditional Loving Light Beings = Christ = FOL = Teachers/Creators/Designers which are ONE and the same in the pure, perfect and unconditional Loving Spirit. Just more Human words and numbers that fall short of higher awareness and new colors of understanding-111111111111

Rewriting recent posts would be an easy thing to do changing words from religious oriented terminology into Light Being script text using such words as Benevolent's, FOL, and the Family Beyond in structural format taking away what appears to be religious - terminology that has been conditioned to take affect on many via the sub-conscious subliminally. If simple human words are replaced and reworded with the same story lines, title, characters and truths contained therein, many may see and perceive such things in an entirely different/new way according to the interpreter/viewer/receiver.

Thinking deeply on things, with Love and Positivity, looking for the kindest and most Loving/Positive message in something,

If there is an actual "code" rather than simply translating passages with a loving eye, choosing the white squares to see with (because I've see two distinct paths in the scriptures, one Sharia law retribution, and one, turn the other cheek, forgive all, model charity), to actually physically ascend. But its not put out in plain sight.

Some things are never left in plain sight and the pure, perfect and unconditional Love spirit that is ONE with the Creator/Creators when tuned into that station speaks far beyond human words where a new color language of understanding can be found/understood in Spirit. Human words are not always to be interpreted or seen in the same way as the typical human mind/eye sees and interprets such words in definition/understanding. Some of the Light square truths go far beyond human words into a new color of understanding that can only be understood and perceived by the ONE true and pure unconditional Love Spirit that connects back to the Creator/Creators. The pure, perfect and unconditional loving Spirit when tuned into that station can open up One-1's understanding in a new Light way to see past the title, story book lines and human words into the character/truths and the Light reveals itself for those tuned into that station that diligently seek it, viewing/seeing with a Light/eye to receive and perceive it.

Don't Be-


Well, the words, put in parables lest they can see, or pearls before the swine.
Do you believe Jesus meant humanity as "the swine" and not the pharisees? He meant an elect little group?

The above simple parable can be taken as an example on how human words can easily be misinterpreted. The word swine is used simply as metaphor. It's not to imply that people are swine but that casting pearls before swine if one were to literally do such a thing, the swine would not understand the pearls and would stomp them into mud. The swine are not aware of what pearls are as they have no meaning or value to them. It would be without meaning or purpose to cast pearl's before swine and share such knowledge/information with some who would not see, perceive or understand - even if it were directly put into clear words and shared with them. Some would turn and stomp pearls into mud not understanding/seeing/perceiving/discerning or correctly interpreting. Casting pearls before swine or giving out mysteries/hidden knowledge to some incorrectly would be unwise and can do One-1 more harm than good lest they offend the pure and unconditional True Spirit of the Creator/Creators. More awareness/knowledge of the Truth comes with more accountability.Those who read did not fully understand, those who saw did not truly see lest they offend the Spirit.

Casting pearls before swine interpretation:

In Metaphor this is to say sharing certain things with others that would not see or understand what they are may offend the ONE pure and unconditional Loving spirit of the Creator/Creators and by some doing so it could do One-1 more harm than good. It can be looked upon as an unwise thing to do in the same way that casting pearls before swine literally would be unwise as the swine have no idea what pearls are as they have no value to them. People are not swine of course and the metaphor was not meant to be taken literally. But many do not always understand or see what is being shown to them and take such human words literally based on their ideas own ideas/interpretations of such words. There is also the issue of subliminal conditioning in some words on a sub-conscious level that can immediately affect or turn off a person's understanding when reading some materials.

A Simple Video used only as an example on how some materials can be subliminally coded, of course it's much more complex than just Sleep, Eat, Buy, Control and so on...

Finding Light and hidden truths is searching past the story book lines and coloring book pages, titles and characters. Finding truth in nature can be viewed as opposition seen in all things Light squares to dark in hidden meanings and human words, in nature - cycles, birth, death, rebirth and the recycle process and so on. Searching beyond languages, ancient texts and human words.

Turning a negative into a Positive and discerning Light truths/information from dark is an important thing for one's awareness. The simple truths and untruths can be found within Light and dark squares - one being opposite to the other can never be taken away from a 50/50 state of opposition as it remains within the ying/yang structure existing within a temporal imperfect/mortal state. Truth can be connected with from the beyond within and seen by the Light eye of the Spirit. Truth can be found in the eye of the viewer/interpreter/beholder according to One-1's connection and level of awareness. If One-1's eye is full awareness and Light it can discern and see all things the way they truly are in correct interpretation found in nature and through human words, sight and sound perceive new colors of understanding that it never previously saw or knew existed before. One-1 can recognize, understand and comprehend what it never once could see or perceive according to One-1's awareness level - Light eye and connection back to the true and unconditional Loving - Creator/Creators.

One For All and All for One!

One-1 day where there is only One-1 day with no night and One-1 way- where One-1 comes to a perfected state/condition of immortality being Pure unconditional Love = Light being - in the beyond where there is All for One and One for All in perfect love, harmony and unity. Then it can be said One for All and All for One. In the mean 'TIME' earth existing within a black and white checkerboard existence with oppositions found in all things light to dark – dark to light symbolically representing opposition in information/,matter/elements/creation – there must remain opposition lanes of choice on a highway. One lane leads to the Eternity beyond to the True Creators/Designers and the other lane to a disciplinary temporal Spirit camp/existence. It's always a freeway and freewill/choice/agency for 'souls' will always remain, it's 'you-1' the 'soul' that is always choosing and deciding which direction you-1 choose to take based on One-1's Intent, thoughts, interactions with others/reactions and actions in the temporal mortal earth life school existence.

It can get COLD...

Love & Best Wishes!
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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 07:36 AM
“Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

My own interpretation of this passage is a bit unique to what I have seen elsewhere. That which is Holy is your love, Your pearls are your affections. The dogs and the swine are but the material things of this world, thus:

Do not give your love to those things which are material, lest they pull you down into this world. Give your love to that which is holy, your Brothers and Sisters.

But, this is just my interpretation.

With Love,

Your Brother

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 09:11 AM
I prefer the Quantum Physics Spirituality. The real Family, and my Father/Mother who I experienced, I don't find in its pages, save but for Jesus.

The messages everyone is finding and keeping in a select group don't appeal to me based on it being coded.
I don't parables, though I love poetry, because straight forward answers and communication is not only respectful of others, but its the right thing to do, and I am so much for the people, that if the highest highest highest highest highest, in Infinity and Beyond, beings asked me to encode or make difficult my speech I would decline as to me its elitism.

Anything that I have ever read or felt or heard, or dreamt even, or experienced that has every informed, or helped my understanding, whether it be a post from someone's who's energy I recognized, or Jesus and any loving passages in the past I felt in the bible, or the Family's presence many times, and Higher Self, that lit me up from the inside, I learn from due to my inner knowing and that very facility within me that would allow me to be a spiritual being, seeking for progression in a world without one religion or one guru out there.

I think that if there are things occurring soon that are being done for NWO and the black squares, such as wars, and depopulation, and 2011 is critical, every month in it, then finding ways to encourage others to think of others is wonderful, to wake up, to tell their leaders NO in no uncertain terms.

We have way more power than anyone realizes. If your leaders are planning a huge war, a majority need to circulate pamplets and get signatures from everyone that they will not be supporting this war, they are finished with ALL wars, they will be doing all they can to discourage their or anyone's children from going to war, and also, that they will not be paying any taxes whatsoever, until THESE WARS stop.

Why pay for what you don't want?

Are we really here to work on personal ascension?

I had an experience of reading Matt 3: 3, and I don't prefer the KJV either, I like the New International and even the Catholic New Jerusalem Version, however, I don't think it matters. I don't know if the code is there, or if its just experincing light within light squares, interactively, which really would have to do with a different matter. This would simply be that as one is more loving, more focused on improving and overcoming their weaknesses, they would be more sensitive to Light, encoded in all things. You realize Light/Life is the stuff Soul is made of, and its also, Intelligence/Intellect. Eternal Intellect in a sense. Its real time, so its like light reaches you, very much the same as when I sungaze, or afterwards, and suddenly clarity occurs, the room lights up, I experience Family and the answer or encouragement comes.

So, what happened was, a stirring. I suddenly my Family, and the words seemed to be telling me that They were coming, that there were struggles and difficulties ahead, but to keep strong. Withdraw from world and strive for my innocence and purity, (ie John the Baptist in the desert and wearing simple clothes and eating simple foods off the land), and that they would help in all things. To turn within, meditate and pray, and know they were there. And this born again, is really Becoming ourselves, with help from the Family, becoming more like they are, or striving for it.

So, short form was, struggles, renounce world, find ways that are not reliant on the society around more, seek purity, renewal, faith, spiritual resources, with their help, become anew your progressed self. And peace, transformation. That came out.

So light can reach us no matter what if we're truly seeking, and feeling so much lack in our lives we feel we need to constantly improve and try to help others. Light is interactive. Family is interactive.

But the bible is Saturn, El, Eye of Horus, Top of the Pryamid. Why go from Law of One to this new focus on the Bible???

And suddenly, the same as the Law of One: ascension! Its selfish to think of self and work for ascension.

Jesus ascended because he didnt think of himself.

So Bible, Law of One, all Saturn. Of course there is good stuff in it. But this is like full circle to the beginning when we were discussing Law of One.
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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 10:39 AM
The point I'm making about the scriptures is that, the bloodlines/elites/ptb can deliberately choose certain days for their festivals, create Jesus to resemble Horus, and the bible is after all, borrowed from Egypt and Sumar directly in many passages, so they can create this dark coding.

But is there really a permanent light one? Or, is it simply Interactive, Real Time, Experience of Light and Family? no different than experiencing them in a dream, or meditation. In this way, Jesus is still the model of F O L, and his example is one of the world's best for Love, STO, and the scriptures are a tool, a way of allowing light to reach us at times. The light in the saturn book, where real effort was made to keep Love alive by the Higher Ups. But...........I don't see it as permanent fixtures, when we read it with in an inspired way, but Interactive in the moment. So two people may garner two differing answers.

There is a bible code that some use software for. That one seems to be light permanently creating some keys, to wake us up more.

But if I get an insight from reading something, would I not share it?

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 11:01 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Hi Unity_99,

One of the reasons why coding was brought up in this thread was due to an earlier discussion in the thread mentioning about the coding and I believe it was you and Benedict9 pointing some things out if I can recall.

I honestly prefer not to use the word coding as it gives off the impression of secrets being kept and can easily be misinterpreted as well. How about using the word opposition and cover ups instead or something along those lines.

It appears you have it the other way around, the dark does the so called coding and tries to cover up the Light.

The opposition to Truth is the L word and deceptions and the dark works to hide and cover up the Truth and therefore does the so called coding.

Parables are used because they can relate and apply to people in different ways depending on one's interpretation.

As an example - IAMIAM's interpretation of casting pearls before swine differs from some of the previous interpretations and it was also a good and correct interpretation taken from the parable. Good was seen and taken out of it.

There is never only one translation on parables but many interpretations that can be taken depending on the eye of the interpreter/beholder/receiver.

There is nothing dark or wrong in using metaphors, analogies and parables.

The real Family, and my Father/Mother who I experienced,

John 14:2

In my Father’s house are many mansions: I go to prepare a place for you.

Keep in mind Unity, the bible doesn't share the whole truth and nothing but the truth.-)

But Truths can be found, search for the LOVE in words and disregard all the rest.

It really all come down pure and unconditional LOVE and Service to Others.

LOVE- Many words can fall under the category of LOVE.

Here are a few...

Willing to go the extra mile for another
One who shows Love to others unconditionally
Blessed are the peacemakers
Blessed are the pure in heart
Blessed are the merciful
Blessed are the meek
Blessed are the humble
Blessed are the patient
Blessed are the sharing, caring, giving and loving people in the world.
Blessed are those who face negative situations with positivity.
Blessed are all who seek equality and non-division among all people and all nations.

38 Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth:
39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, forgive with understanding that this person is a little lost and only needs more Love in their life.
40 And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, offer him more if you have more to give.
41 And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him and ask him/her if there is anything else you can do to help.
42 Give to him that asketh if you have enough to give, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away if you have.
43 Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thine enemy.
44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use and persecute you;

Love & Best Wishes!

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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 12:37 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Thank you for this post. I agree with you about the negative, and the coding in the bible, the message there never was something I was persuing, for I have reasons for avoiding the bible. It is not a book I recommend giving to children to read. I've had these behind scenes discussions with someone who knows fully well who he is, who has been saying things that were quite a bit off, and how since I can't see the codes he said that this group felt I'm a lesser advanced person, less light in me. And he also doesn't realize how the bible got formed he told me a story of a man living in a cave who got a wonderful story from Heaven and then rome polluted it. Instead of the truth of the various myths and writings of the lands, icluding Egypt and Sumar, that much of this was plagarized to begin with. And they all turned God from Love into the opposite, El/Saturn. That believing in this was such a corruption of what the F O L and Beyond, our Family was all about.

Further they are not about playing favorites, greater or lesser, bigger or smaller, but are about equality, and everyone as equals, and do not call themselves Gods.

But I can't remember which prophet, as an example of how twisted the Judaic/Islamic and even Christian Faith, based on this, is, when it describes one of the prophets furious at the king or leaders for sparing the women and children/infants of the conquered race, so he grabbed the sword and murdered these women and children himself.

This is not the Beyond, the F O L, the Creator, or our true Family. This is the opposite of God.

I agree, now I understand that someone just gave me their misunderstandings themselves, and you are showing us, that the bible is coded to what the leaders want, the bad things, but that Jesus is both metaphor and real. As a metaphor, though his story was altered too, it represent true Love and what Love means, and it stands out in complete opposition to the bible:

ie. An eye for an an eye, a tooth for a tooth


Turn the other cheek, offer no resistance, if someone wishes your cloak, give him your robe as well. Forgive everyone. Judge no one, lest you be judged.

Jesus represents F O L.

But he is also a real person, this is based on, our Brother in the Beyond.

But we don't need to read the bible to progress, its the Love that counts. I do understand, and its not about elect groups lording over others as well, as someone was trying to tell me, those who can see the codes, the bigger ones come to teach us, and this small elect group having to see the codes to become this in group and there is a key to ascension.

Because that is the opposite of the F O L, they are not about greater or smaller, but equality and this is all about waking people up to improvign their lives and putting their lifes and hearts and homes in order, its about Love and trying to get others to pass the tests and turn all negatives into positives.

Thats how we really ascend, overcoming the 50/50 negative squares, the black squares. This the gravity that holds us here. If we overcome the negativity, truly LOVE. Its all about LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, then we may even find ourselves floating in meditation,

Love is: charitable, kind, caring, non-argumentative, positive, hopeful, faithful, trustworthy, faithful, caring, forgiving, tolerant, and helpful. Love is Truth! It does not play favorites. It is very humble.

And to me ascension means going back home anyway. So its not really the goal but overcoming the negativity and perfecting Love, and actually striving to become our Family is.
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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 08:15 PM

Originally posted by benedict9
reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice

Not all fields harbour the nourishment for a seed to grow. One must choose to plant themselves in the field where the soil is rich to bear good fruit ripe enough for harvest.

Peace my Brother.

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As with all things in nature...randomness is of the utmost importance. Particularly when one is reaping the energy of distorted experiences.
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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 08:54 PM
One thing that helped me reconcile a lot of conflicting information, was when I began to realize that the karmic effect can be a very positive thing as well as negative. I am convinced that the law that says "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction " carries over into the energy of the conscious realm ( The energy created by our conscious experiences ). Once I began to realize this... I began to see that the positive energy potential in our next phase will be determined by the height breadth and depth and randomness of the negative experiences in the present phase. As I contemplated the traumatic events that humanity has been subjected to I realized that it is the very intensity of these events that will fuel our positive experiences in the future. If this is the case we must ask ourselves much would we want if it were up to us??

posted on Dec, 10 2010 @ 05:09 AM
For there is physical and thus there is spiritual but...... also there is energy, when the 3 are balanced so shall you be balanced. Seek not what you desire but what you can give onto the others around you and thus grow in the spirit of love and light together as equals. During meditation picture your perfect place and go within to connect, think not but still your mind for too many mind one has. Which is why one must have no mind to hear the secret chords.

Kind Regards


posted on Dec, 10 2010 @ 02:54 PM
reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice

You're close, but you're a little off. Here's how things break down:

Physical being has three phases:

• Solid
• Fluid
• Gas

All things physical exist in a solid, fluid, or gaseous state. These things are considered ephemeral, or constrained by the passage of Time, and the cycles of coming and going to which the physical universe is subject.

Now, within the physical universe there are two subsets: scientific laws, and spiritual laws. The scientific laws fall under five subsets, all of which are energetic in nature:

• Electromagnetism force
• Gravity
• Weak Force Governing Nuclear Structure
• Strong Force Governing Nuclear Structure
• Hypercharge

The spiritual laws fall under three subsets:

• The Will
• The Emotion
• The Thought

It is through either the three, or the five, that all things empirical and metaphysical find their explanation and evidences. So you're close in your post, but not quite there yet. Nice attempt though! The real mechanism behind the universe is, as the wise have said, thus:

"From Negative to Positive through potential existence; eternally vibrates the Divine Absolute of the hidden Unity of processional form masked in the Eternal Abyss of the Unknowable, the synthetically hieroglyph of an illimitable past-less future-less present. To the uttermost bounds of space rushes the Voice of the Ages unheard save in the concentrated Unity of the thought-formulated Abstract and eternally that Voice formulates a Word which is glyphed in the vast ocean of Limitless Life."

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