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Hidden Hand Message - Law Of One - Discussion!

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posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by Cosmic.Artifact

What did you just say, lol? Yes, I am a woman, a mother as well. In fact, even in my experiences, I've been called mother as well. I must have a lot of children cosmically in my travels.

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posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 01:20 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
reply to post by Cosmic.Artifact

What did you just say, lol? Yes, I am a woman, a mother as well. In fact, even in my experiences, I've been called mother as well. I must have a lot of children cosmically.

well that settles it then but you are also an artist... I will support cloning (on earth) conditionally. only if Unity_99's imprint and her likeness are allowed to be subject.

come on girl... Lets Tango !

posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 01:30 PM
reply to post by Cosmic.Artifact

I'm all for diversity and value it greatly. This is just sharing too by the way, there are others posting from their own views. I'm just sharing mine along with a small amount of experiences on this thread.

posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 01:45 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

my humor is quite poor, it strays from logic. it is a way of showing respect without actually saying "respect" because who would I be just by saying that word "respect"... but you command respect very well indeed.

posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 04:05 PM
reply to post by Cosmic.Artifact

Alas my humour needs to grow too, part of raising our vibrations, is to find things that are positive and fun, not at the expense of others, and laughter. Higher Self/Family at the door, who have a great sense of humour, truly the Family of lightness, who I experienced as ETs, much the same kind of telepathic experience, with the sun brightening up enormously through the clouds, took all my negative thoughts away, I was being very hard on myself at the time, and feeling down, and they told me to turn every negative thought into a positive and to always use humour, shower the kids with humour, its the best weapon against their fights with each other, to see the positive, and find something to laugh with them, put on something that lightens their mood. To see with love, positivity and humour.

Everyone is all equal, and hopefully everyone has respect for everyone here.
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posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 04:21 PM
I understand what you mean, I do not want to have to break my post down or explain what they mean but somewhere on the last page I stated consuming the knowledge you present it was direct reference to Adam & Eve and the knowledge which was represented in the apple.... and so I ate

this may give you better idea of where I come from in most of my philosophies, I set aside the ET part but I am cool with everything else and the way you present. It's not necessarily that I reject ET's, just everyone has their own road to travel... I obviously have been hurt and do not like what I see in a majority of men and women so giving you the nod was something very hard for me to do. When I spoke of cloning and imprints I did not mean an exact copy as they do when talking about cloning, I ment an impression something that rubs off you and on to others, and by likeness I ment female. This in no way ment loss of individuality/diversity which I am all for too.

there is still individuality in equality.

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posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 07:15 AM
To all my Brothers and Sisters

I was led to an older thread just a short time ago and I include it here because it includes highly insightful revealings by the OP of sacred truth extremely significant to our journey, the meaning of it, why we are here, what we face and what we came to do. I can only suggest you read what the OP has to say, for she has been gifted tremendously with both experiences and perceived knowledge and the things she wrote pertaining to certain segments of the message was the Holy Spirit inspiring and working through her. You can judge for yourselves.

We as mankind are all imperfect sinners here, however there are true prophets of the Creator sent forth in this world (among the false) to deliver vital messages of awareness. I will testify that this is one of them and I will leave the discernment of that statement up to you all. If anything, take it as a shared perspective.

Before I go, I request that all the peace loving among you say a prayer for the aversion of war. I was shown something this morning that made my spirit feel quite uneasy about certain 'buildups'. Peace and Goodwill for All on Earth.

P.S--I understand that many of the things I share here may sound downright crazy, however there is so much more occurring beyond what the limitations of our eyes can see. And these things are affecting us all as a humanity with much at stake.

Here is the thread. It is only 5 pages long.

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posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 08:40 AM

Originally posted by Unity_99
reply to post by strangleholder1

You're not supposed to find balance between the power of love and the love of power, or love and fear/hate etc. You're here to work your way through ridding yourself, of the negative, through lessons and experiences, you learn that the one way is false and doesn't bring love and joy and healing to self, loved ones, or others, or to society as a whole, its a trap and a false brittle tinsel compared to what your soul really yearns for. This is about finding the way to happiness, for we are all light beings, and have forgotten, and now challenged by the duality we must regain who we are, and purify this opposition, grow through and beyond it, see through it clearly.

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This is where you and I differ, I believe the negative is not just an engine used to manifests lessons and experience, it also contains some of the much needed tools for progression and should not be discounted so readily.
For me this highlights the main problem with the light/love collective, they refuse to see that they are just as 1dimensional as their polar bear opposite. From my perspective both cults are unbalanced and stay trapped because of it..

It is certainly true that LOVE has and always will unlock Heaven's door but in the end, it will only be the balanced that can walk through it...

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 10:53 AM
reply to post by strangleholder1

This is where you and I differ, I believe the negative is not just an engine used to manifests lessons and experience, it also contains some of the much needed tools for progression and should not be discounted so readily. For me this highlights the main problem with the light/love collective, they refuse to see that they are just as 1dimensional as their polar bear opposite. From my perspective both cults are unbalanced and stay trapped because of it.. It is certainly true that LOVE has and always will unlock Heaven's door but in the end, it will only be the balanced that can walk through it...

Hi strangleholder

You have had some interesting posts as of late and I must say its been nice to see you open up a bit.

I agree with you here. I think that its not so much though that we need to find balance between the power of love and the love of power.....but that the power of love and the love of power finds BALANCE IN US.

We need both for maturing and choosing.

I dont think this experience here is all about love. I think its all about a 'choice' and that 1 choice makes your path. We can be fence sitters our whole life if we wish....but when we do start to observe, weigh, and measure....we are going to make some deep spiritual choices. If we are not careful, we wont keep moving and growing in the development of 'self' and its easy to get stuck in stages that fulfill the self as a being, as a individual.

Till about 4 years ago.....I had things in my life that I regretted, wished I could of done differently. Wish the hurts I had caused could cease, wish my times of short temper could fade away for what it was, so many things I always thought I would change. Till someone told me.... a mature ego.....can cherish all things, bad and good, for they can see that without both, they would not be who they are today. No regrets said the man....for every single thing that has ever happened, you needed to be who you are right now. If you regret, you have not forgiven yourself. If you hold grudges, you have not forgiven others. If you can not release and forgive, you will remain attached here.

I saw that every single thing that ever happened to be t hat I considered bad.....shaped me, made me, molded me.

To look at this on a larger scale then.....every single thing that our species has gone through, that the earth has shaping us and molding as, to what we are now and what we will be. Every single moment, holds a light within it, even the worst of the worst. There is always a mirror on this world to look into, and weigh things. To weigh have to have 2 sides. Its not so much we are to find balance between the 2.....but they are going to find the balance within us and through the 2 weights......our souls will be measured.

What do we live for? This is what the weights tell the Spirit. It weighs the inner most being of our soul and shows what we long for, what we desire, and what we have accepted. What we still need, what we must learn.

How would anyone know the worth of the sunshine.....if they never saw darkness or felt cold.

You might be able to love the sun....but could not know its full worth. What we all want to call evil, bad, dark......makes the things of light, good, love.....burst forth all the more so.

We all have choices to make here....and all the tools that are needed to discern things are here for us. Our need to make choices is a life long venture or weighing and measuring within ourselves and we may change our ways or we may continue to fine tune our ways....hopefully all in the means of awakening our soul to its nature. If not....the person is more likely to follow the ways of flesh...lover of power ect. The body, self.....desires to be more in the ways of flesh, fulfilling the sense, pleasures, ect. The way of soul, spirit....desires to find harmony, unity, nature of compassion and vibration of love.

What ever path one is on.....shows the Spirit.....what we live for. What we still need. So not only do we need both the night and the day....the Spirit uses both sides of the same coin to measure and pull out the inner 'self' to see if our ways of flesh trump our ways of spirit. It works perfectly. As many will think...they are living one way....they will see after death....they were actually living for something other then what they thought. ITs not about punishment or wrong or right.....its about finding ones inner nature and peeling away many layers of self to find it.

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 11:01 AM
reply to post by benedict9

There is only one thing set in stone....and that is we all return to Thee.

Till then, its in our own time, our own choices and our future path is malleable.

When looking at prophets, you have to ask if there was desire of those people that made the prophecy. In the people that made the they fulfill a desire or want for their own self in that prophecy? Is there any reasons of pride or attributes of greed within the minds and thoughts of those people and their ways. Is the prophecy something that can be predicted due to something that already has happened? For example.....if you have a people that believe they are chosen over other people and believe that they have been given soething of importance over other it hard to prophecise that there will be war and blood shed over such a belief?

The Spirit.....does not have chosen ones. The Spirit, is concerned not with earthly land. The Spirit does not set paths that cause pride or greed to arise in any being. These things must be discerned between things of earth and things of spirit.

Just be careful with prophecies. Dont let other men lay to many stones on your own path. Be very careful of anyone that puts forth a date as well.

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 11:05 AM

Originally posted by 547000
All those awaiting Niribu/aliens/archons/demons: what will you do if it doesn't come in the next ten years? Will you extend the deadline for its arrival indefinitely?

Man has been extending doom deadlines forever now.

I think its in our prepare always in our mind for something, though we just dont know what that something is. Eventually our imagination places images to this 'something' and we create ideas of what we are to 'prepare' for.

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 11:17 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

until we can overcome the darkness, or negativity in ourselves and progress

What we see as darkness or negativity is a cause and effect situation.

Spirit compressed into form for 'individual experience' is the cause of pride, power, greed, ect. These things are not...until the Spirit manifests outwardly and becomes something besides the unmanifested. There is immediate cause and effect from the Spirit outwardly expressing/manifesting. Just as when you create something and you outwardly express/manifest.....that expression is still of you, has a part of you in it....but seems very separate from you.

The experience of being a self and thinking that we have every right to being that self.....may create 'pride' in being more attractive....or envy of those that are more attractive.....may create greed for material goods and desire to be gratified by others in the things that they have that they feel fulfills them as 'being a self' amongst other selves.....or may create offering which is more of a soul nature then flesh....wishing to naturally be of help to all and naturally wish for others to have things over your own self. As we grow up, we start to weigh many things in ourselves of what attracts us. In those attractions....we may find it very hard to give up some of the things we 'love' in the nature of flesh and earth.

Its really about discerning between flesh and spirit. We choose to live more for one then the other. Some will see this all for progression of the self. Some will see it as a process for the Spirit (all).

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 11:27 AM

Originally posted by Unity_99
reply to post by LeoVirgo

There is a difference between researching and just maintaining opinions without looking at the evidence, and the evidence is overwhelming, for a logical mind. Also, people, such as Rik Clay, died for their knowledge. I prefer being wide awake, and think its really a good thing for others to understand the world they live in so they can fully renounce it, say no, hand it back with all the karma intended, and work at bringing light into each moment including positivity, love, kindness.

We don't draw the map, without assuming what it is.

Just because you can research in earthly books....does not mean you are sure to find facts and truths of causes.

What evidence? For logical minds? Are you sure about that....for there are many logical minds that say there is no evidence that anything of the name Lucifer exists at all. Just because there is beings that live more for the nature of things of flesh does not prove there is a Lucifer anything anymore then I could show evidence that its all due to captain hook.

Earthly knowledge does not make you awake in fact if you are not careful, it will only attach you here since earthly knowledge is what you feel makes you 'awake'.

Blaming 'bad things' on some outside source helps no one. If we all have something to work on....we need to look within and figure out why we did what we did, not blame a scape goat.

The way to over come through admittance...through understanding why you did what you did....and why you would not do the same thing again....identify what attribute led you in the wrong path, was it pride, greed, ect.....accept it for what it is...and forgive yourself or others for it.....then heal. You can not just wish off karma. There is a process to it all.

You can rebuke it all you want....but we all must look into the divine eye of truth and see it for what it is.

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 11:45 AM
reply to post by benedict9

If I told you 'I knew' I would be serving awareness of these times many years before I was GRANTED the more specific/greater conscious awareness of these times, would you believe me? Do you believe in life path choices agreed to prior to incarnation? If your reply is 'no', then it would help explain why our perceptions vary so much of the 'what is'.

Im not denying there is not worth in what you feel you 'know'.....but be cautious.

Man can create things and all man needs is a preconceived image of something in their unconsciousness to create experiences.

People are having a vast amount of different experiences in 'what is truth'. Why do so many of them differ? Why do so many NDE differ from eachother? Some have Jesus waiting, some have a mother figure waiting, some have what they feel to be a Indian waiting on them.....why?

1000 years ago most of the unconscious messengers were angels....coming to people in need or showing up to people that was seeking. As the angels seem to of died out a bit, becoming almost a endangered species if you will....more and more people are having experiences and messages show themselves through 'aliens' or what many call now 'higher selves'.

The experiences are real on the level of they carry a real message.

Nothing can exists outside of anything that of Thee.

Our minds are very powerful and they in themselves are trying to work things out due to their own 'working process' of discernment. We must look at all things and ask if we are really 100 percent on that. We must look at others experiences and wonder why they are all so different. Is it our desires that create experiences? Is it what we can accept for explaining the world as it is...what creates our experiences. Many of us have our minds made up on certain perspectives and that in itself can cause blocks for spiritual wisdom and can cause us to get lost in earthly wisdom instead.

To think that something happened, that was not supposed to assumption that the design of the Spirits manifestation went not perfect. How could something that was not meant to a perfect design? You may not see it as perfect....but the Spirit may see it as perfectly so, being what is needed.

That is where I would start with this earthly knowledge.....go to spirit and ask Thee....were there any mistakes. Did something go wrong> If not....what then is the purpose, for us being in what we call this fallen state. The Spirit may not consider it a fallen state at all.

But you we go to Spirit, with preconceived thoughts or ideas....only we ourselves can know if we are being honest as we come before Thee and open. Only we can know if we clinge to what we have already been told or if we can open to learning what is which may be different then what we have been told or shown already.

Maybe its just me.....but the Spirit seems to stress....there are no mistakes.

My best

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 11:54 AM
reply to post by benedict9

For a moment....go back before man walked the earth. Picture forests, valleys, mountains, waters...animals...all living together, to and fro together.

Where was evil?

Was a toxic plant that could harm a animal evil? Was the storms and earth changes that likely took lives of animals evil? Was a mother that lost her cub due to survival reasons experiencing evil? Were these 'dark things' something that had a blame somewhere outside of Earth? Was there any 'evil' before there was man to identify such things?

Take any 'evil' who is the cause. Its not something outside of anyone....but its an attribute that is the cause. Being a individual amongst other individuals....creates things like pride, greed, ect. If a person chooses to live for things like pride more then humility....they are simply showing their nature is more of flesh then spirit and through cycles and sifting, they will only be shown such and will grow stronger in spirit through cycles.

Things like 'evil' are neither here nor there really. We make choices on what attracts as 'individuals'. As others choose paths that you find to be evil....forgive them for what they know not in spirit.

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 07:39 PM
reply to post by benedict9

Thanks for link I wonder why the thread went dead?
By the way I see things very similar to the way you do. I enjoy reading your post and admire the way you are able to convey your thoughts. Do you plan on updating your website anytime soon? now back to watching from the sidelines.

Your Brother.

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 07:47 PM
reply to post by LeoVirgo


I appreciate the time you have taken to address my posts. Whatever ponderings you addressed, I assure you I have already well treaded the path of self-questionings and doubts --though I eventually realised it was only ego attempts of conscious denials of subconscious Spiritual truth already in place with 'heaven set' soul memories that were GRANTED to be 'imprinted' in my being to affirm the FAITH necessary to fulfil important aspects of this incarnation. What I have gained throughout my journey of 'logical based reasoning' has always taken me back to my original state of FAITH. I needed to walk this path to ensure my faith was not just 'blind' or in 'hope'. I feel I have been provided everything necessary to do the work I am doing, and the insights/affirmations have kept flowing to help the cause of Christic awareness. The 'times' we face are very important for such awareness.

I know why I am here, and I know why I am urged to be here on this forum among other avenues of awareness. The things I have shared are simply for those who are meant to receive them. Indeed we all will return to our Father in Heaven throughout this eternal path, but not all at the same time, with many caught in the trappings of ignorance and seductive distractions and manipulations of will on Earth, where indeed good AND evil have their place. It is said 'though evil will occurr here, woe be unto those that do it'! It is a statement of Divine Truth, though the adversary forces are pleased if this is not acknowledged by Earth souls. Humanity has a way of justifying many evils that take place here. I accept not all will progress in this lifetime, including any guarantees of my own for I do not deny my own imperfections in this life. So back to Earth school for many to repeat lessons for another opp to overcome their will to sin in divisive fear and service to self pathways influenced by the same 'wolves' present here via Divine Will of the Creator to manipulate. Sorry, that's just the way it goes. I suggest you contemplate the following more, for it will serve the path towards greater Truth well. You have the power to cast this pearl in the dustbin of 'deceptions of men' as well as probe into seeking/deciphering further. All has it's place here as our path of redemption was never laid out to be easy, both truths and lies in equal distribution.

'Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.'

Divine knowledge offers spiritual power as a 'tool' to recognise and repel the cunnings of evil, when it's charms and offers of 'material self-service/preservation' extend their hand to bend your divine will. You will be provided the freewill opportunities in the coming period that WILL serve to test just how well your knowledge has served you. You will be either be Graced or Dis-Graced with the Truths of our Adversary force eventually. I am just doing my part as a messenger of these times. Whoever wishes to in turn judge me for such a statement is entirely free to do so.

I will reiterate that there are those with urgings to reveal certain knowledge attained by much more than 'Earthly books', even in the knowledge they will be ostracised, accused, judged and potentially physically persecuted for such. I am under no delusions as to how the revealings may come across to those in a different state of awareness. However I am not doing this to either make friends or for any material gain. In essence the journey I have chosen has led to material lack (financially), though great spiritual rewards with material needs have always been well provided for by the Holy Spirit. I have always felt greatly protected and guided on my path from a child in firm faith I was going to be playing an active role in raising awareness for 'these times'. And I know it is not in vain, because even though all the elements I speak about have not become 'obviously apparent', there will come a time where they will and warnings will be eventually noted with 'seeds planted'.

There will be choices to make in the coming period that will prove a catalyst for a great 'fall from Grace' for many Earth children. Who among us here will be prepared to make embodied sacrifices to deny the Will of the Adversary who certainly is part of the 'what is'. The greatest deception of Lucifer is convincing the world He and his Spiritual Legion did not exist. They also for the record as Spirit beings can take on many forms and can greatly possess/influence those that let them in via their freewill actions including the 'beings of light' that many channellers/false prophets of the New Age movement have fallen prey to.

Truth is the key. Love opens the door. Who recognises the true Father and His Will? No man can have two masters, though many serve false Gods, whether being led willingly or in disconnection/ignorance of loving Grace. May Truth be 'remembered' in the yearning to both know and love our Father of Creation. Seek as a humble child and you shall find things that maybe you don't want to know, but are important to recognise. Peace.

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posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 08:38 PM
reply to post by Mad dog

Thank you, I try to express the 'complex' as best as I can.

I edit and add to the site from time to time and aim to make more additions regarding spiritual matters soon enough.

Aaah the sidelines, I hear it's peaceful over there

Hope all is well with you Brother.

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 09:34 PM
there is choice between evil or good, this does not mean that one cannot be experienced without the other. for if anyone not aware of what intent either stand for or for reasons why good should not be practiced over evil is blind to all that is around. lessons are shown, taught, written and even experienced from the beginning of life to it's end and is all the proof or understanding that is ever needed for a person to take hold of.

man does not need to kill or harm another just to get a feel for it, to know or understand that it is wrong or goes against laws of nature or life, as spirit or flesh. there is no less understanding in a person who commits wrong than one who strives for right, the free will of self is the dividing factor, the force that turns man against man, the force that allows an experience to take form and side, one that gives its preference to good or bad.

the evil is present and needs no experience or lesson to understand its difference, the path of man is choice, being possible by free will. evil that needs not to be sought for, to gain benefit from as showing the way back to righteousness. for good is a path that should never be strayed from, a path that brings justice and life, a path that needs no evil to follow, for this path is possible for all as choice, a choice as free will to decide upon.

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 11:16 PM
A personal account. Interpret at will.

There is a friend in our family who I encounter from time to time due to indirect association via family friendship link. I came to learn that he is a high level Mason (his claim) and Iater noticed his ring though never had reason to doubt the claim learning of his list of influential networks with members of police/public commitees and within govt etc.

Over time I learned he had spoken of a 'friend' he has. That's what he calls the Spirit that communicates with him that has for many years (according to him). I had already mentioned aspects of the Divine Christ to this person in previous conversation, knowing what I know of the Luciferian temple that is the institution of Freemasonry. I was therefore not surprised when he flatly rejected the divinity of Christ in that conversation and I let him be with his position, treating him no less.

I came to learn he wanted help to write a book based on knowledge provided to him by this 'spirit friend' of his. I only found out about this because he confided in the person he first approached for asistance and he mentioned it. Eventually he later approached me to transcribe and translate the book content in the knowledge that I am 'spiritually minded'. I wanted no part in it, nor did my brother in law at the time who was first approached.

At a family gathering one day, this claimed Freemason member decides to pull me aside and begins to reveal some of his given doctrines to me. He begins talking about supernovas and big bangs as the Creation of life and the kicker which totally caught me off guard--his enthused promotion of microchip implants for the mass population saying it was a great thing for humanity to reduce crime/aid order/peace etc. I was stunned he could so casually come out spouting such, and right at that moment I realised just how much of his spirit had been seduced by the evils of false doctrines. He too is aware of the coming Earth changes, though he initially denied such personal 'insights' to me even though I was the one who brought the subject up that they would be significant in this lifetime. He was not forthcoming/transparent in true 'secret agent' style like many are who are part of 'priveledged memberships'. I later learned via my brother in law, that this Mason had been told by this 'spirit friend' that he is going to be taken to safety via his 'space ship' when time comes to evacuate. Another reason to be suspicious of any 'alien' groups sent to 'save'. If you join them, you're likely lining up for the wrong team. Those part of Lucifer are not your 'friends'.

The purpose of sharing this is to inform that there certainly are individuals out there part of such 'secret societies/affiliations' who have been seduced by their evils and unholy legion spirits manipulating consciousness (who people have both invited and aligned themselves with), and who have plans to make their influence more strongly present increasing deceptions to fulfill agendas within this timeline. And many in such SPIRITUAL IGNORANCE I feel are going to support the serving of the will of the Lucifer forces who will deceive those who have chosen to set themselves apart in wilful disconnection of the Holy Spirit of Christ love path.

I can't help but also note his lacking of divine Graces in his everyday desires of money (which he likes to flash around wads of), boasting, gambling, heavy drinking and rumour has it low-level drug dealing. The frequency of such attributes observed is not Christ like by any means, although he is quite charismatic and charming (like the many inspired by the seductive will of Lucifer). Please note that just as one can reach out to be filled with the Holy Spirit, you too have the freewill to reach out for the Adversary to fill/inspire your spirit also.

I perceive many souls on Earth who are going to be seduced to believe that 'evil' things are good, with further manipulations of good being presented as evil/wrong (i.e our desires and demands for sovreignty, freedoms and basic human rights).

Be wary because agendas planned are real and the will of Lucifer to bind your soul in the reincarnation cycle via the wilful embracing of sin and abomonations (i.e microchips) in the eyes of our Creators is also very real. Know thy adversary, recognise their deceptions and walk strong in faith of the Christ path and it's eternal reward shunning any evils masqeurading as 'light' which has been warned about by many true prophets. This is my message, promoting awareness not fear. Fear is to be overcome by reaching for Spirit and knowing you are here to love your Father/family in Heaven and neighbour and enemy alike in spite of what any Earthly governments/powers/principalities attempt to 'sway' you to feel. And for that faith in righteousness, all that is good and glorious will be given in turn. Peace.

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