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Hidden Hand Message - Law Of One - Discussion!

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posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 10:57 AM
Open source software is innovative, cutting edge and always ahead of the others, with everything under the hood revealed to those with know how, so problems can be solved, programs forked and improved upon, and is ahead of the others. And this moneyless type of approach, although in todays dollars they still need donations and some are retail of course, is a really good mdel for the Venus Project type society, which is how we should have been living all this time.

Propriety companies like monopolies pretending to be free enterprise always promote people's collective efforts as poor to their own ones. Thats only because they put so much money into their projects. Now I wonder why in the computer world they rarely improve the public software's at all, just a little more eye candy, when they have so many resources for their over priced usary extortionary products.

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 11:05 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Hex usually means six. Dec- usually refers to ten. Hexadecimal has a six and a ten, which is probably why base 16 forms of numbers are called that. You're starting to sound like an over-the-edge fundamentalist here. Next thing we know is you'll say science is the Devil.

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by 547000

All the language is coded, and I've been aware they're coding the matrix for some time now, and Sony, Microsoft, and the gamemakers are big players, this is negative affirmations, black magic, spells with words, NLP, conditioning, setting moods, and acutally to bring negative entities to you, phantasmasgoria

This isn't over the edge, its the actual stuff under the matrix.

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 11:52 PM
Almost all western language is based on Greek and Latin, because of the major influence of the Greeks and Romans on western civilization. It's not some devious plan to caste spells on people through words.

posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 12:49 AM
reply to post by 547000

We're really going to have to agree to disagree on this one, for I'm wide awake, and the elites are the annanuki and go way beyond Sumar, they have been coding and controlling every aspect including the languages, though they do have ET imput as well. And I wrote a thread on the codes in the english language, which is codes beyond the english as well, all the languages in fact. They're not done by accident, not at all.

Is Ra El, certainly is something to these babolynian/Ancient Egypt/Eye of Horus, guys, (Isis, Ra, El/Osiris/Saturn!!!). Sat ur day, Ma trix or Ma's Trix. There is no mistaking magic or spellcasting words in computer language. Literally, they are not only coding the matrix, but attempting to lure people onto these channels, and put karma on them. I've been posting this awareness for some time now, its real. And yet, the pits they dig for others, they fall into. For it has to do with the intent of our hearts. This does not mean, that when I am aware of things, I don't cancel cancel for do.

This is a really good read, with excellent research, though I can't follow every conclusion. But its all coded. Even our modern day funerals, are replicating egyptian ones, relating to their pyramids, and their 8 sided dimensional hypercube, where they attempt to seal souls off (thank goodness they've already left before the funeral!!!) and send them to inner earth channels and Saturn ones too. We have beveled edges to the coffins that make them 8 angles too. Everyone in my family really believes in creamtion and even scattering them to nature.
The Code To The Matrix Final Copy

This isn't accidental. The coding in the religions isn't either, but the paradigms we live in.
Sun God Sacrifices. They code all religions to sun gods too.

The only thing is they mean Saturn. The black sun. The real sun isn't an object of worship. In a holographic universe its a gateway/window/input system. Connection to Family and Beyond is possible. Very good for us to sungaze safely, increases the pineal gland. Also, avoid sunblocks, for they block UVb, and let in UVa most of the time. And its UVb you need, it enhances your immune system enormously, prevents depression and is the best metaphysical/meditational tool I know. They did a study in BC, that I included on my thread about sungazing, to showed a significant, reverse finding from what they were expecting in studying workers who spent long hours outside. They were expecting increased cancer, and found significantly decreased.

But we don't worship the sun, and even if someone did, what would that matter? I'm not religious at all, but what religion people practice if it is positive and leads to love, and helping others, should not matter in this grade, so the sun, the moon, a purple pumpkin in the sky even, hardly matters. In fact if anything this shows how religious in their own gnostic way, and limited the thinking of those who are doing this coding is. Its juvenile!

Not only are they coding things, but they use NLP, and phantamasgoria type media, frequencies in television, news, music, movies. They not only place negative holds on people to fuel this negative war planet and attempt to keep them chained in karmic traps to the ones they serve, but they also literally are bringing a kind of channel, in which those entities, and their minions can affect us in our lives. We need to become aware, and savvy. And work at turning all negatives into positives, and invite the ones doing this to join us.
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posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 06:01 AM
I can tell you this: if you studied stuff, instead of assuming everything is a trap, you might not sound so paranoid. Like, maybe study physics, electrical engineering, computer science, or linguistics--perhaps anthropology too--and also image processing, because you cannot tell the difference between low resolution, compression artifacts and real images--it will go a long way towards denying ignorance. There's nothing magical about how computer languages or computers work. It's applied science.

posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 08:43 AM
I must say, out of only concern.....

First, saying things like "I am awake" is nothing but ego (its best to just take a deep breath and call it what it is and just to note....we all must absolutely must, be aware of what is ego and what is spirit).

Second....if we still hold tight to worries, fears, and duality......we are not reaching enlightenment in the true sense.

As I have said before....many get stuck in the phase of 'experiences'....for the experiences in themselves FEEDS THE SELF. If there is not outside observing going on or eventually going on during or after the experiences....people take them literally and get stuck in what some call the 'saintly' phase of development.

Experiences are personal.....very very personal....message of ones true self trying to rise to their consciousness.

But it is pretty much a fact that without preconceived images, ideas, ect....people would not have what they need in their unconsciousness to bring forth messages.

There are times where the personal consciousness adds creativity to an image and adds their own personal attraction or distaste to it (depending on the nature of the character/message) and things like 'new names' can pop out from their own personal additions.

To be having well as having fear and paranoia at the same time...concerns me.

There are several reasons peoples mind reaches out to 'self'. Some are simply because the person is seeking and open the door. But if that person has not emptied their cup of what they think is 'truth' they will only rehash their own thoughts...for their ego is so sure that it 'knows' already. Some people cant explain why their first 'experience' happened'....they have honestly seemed to search the avenues like 'pride, to be gratified, to be proven, seeking themselves, critical situations'.....and it seems that the unconscious does decide itself somethings.....when its time to reach out to the 'self'. Maybe such things are triggered by emotions that are deep within that the conscious persons isnt really aware they are suppressing or holding. Then...there is a critical wrecks....someone passing on from someone....freak moments/accidents.....trauma....that most definitely have been known to be the automatic door that opens up between unconsciousness and consciousness to bring a message, reassurance, hope, stability, love, deal with fear, encouragement, ect.

Its not that experiences are not worthless...for they ARE priceless BUT personal. One needs to not get caught up in the fact that they can have them or have had them. The message is something very personal to that persons 'self' from their Spirit. Masks will be worn....images will have faces and shapes....the unconsciousness will work with anything that has already been placed there throughout life....and use it as a 'messenger'.

When knowing there is nothing outside of Spirit and that Spirit is the only thing that is incarnated into every single life and being there ever was and ever will can start to see how such things are possible. Every seemingly past life....can be taken personal if the person is attached to being a self....or if they manage to further develop after the 'saintly/opening of the 3rd eye' level.....they can get to understand that the Spirit allows you to see.....what will benefit you allows you to see into many phases of Spirit in ways that will help you sort out 'what has been and what will be'. There is still a catch even in the level of being guided by, your 'ego' self, can be very very tricky. Your heart has to be separate from your mind at this level....your heart must be able to step outside the body/mind and observe and be willing to check in all honesty.....if what you 'see' in the messages is due to your own blocking due to desires of what you wish things to be....doubts of what you have already decided you would never accept.....needs like being loved, comforted, or to be giving a energy boost because life gets you down. You have to observe in all honesty....after the level of your 3rd eye opening (experiences).....if you emptied your cup and if the images are not being blocked due to 'self' wants, needs, and ideas. This is why....many here in the not get past the 'saintly' stage/opening of the 3rd eye.....and can stay in that stage for years and years and years.....because it is SOOOOOO satisfying and the 'self'.

Im not going to say that eastern mystics and sages have it all right....but they stress on not getting stuck in the stage of 'experiences'....not that you cant or should not keep having experiences....but the channel has to be open in fullness without any preconceived ideas....the messages are not then going to be about annunaki ect.....but is going to be all about how to develop as a 'spiritual self' and how you are a part of 'life'. None of the messages are going to bring fear or be based on 'concern/worries' that could rise paranoia or live in fear. In fact....true enlightenment should be able to cast all ideas of duality to the side and see this world as everything is needed and it is one (as in it all works together for a larger purpose).

I know this may not be taken well....and believe me, going through my own path in all of this was HARD. Many months of observing each level/phase and trying to be honest in my observations and finding along the way I thought I was being honest but there at times hid pride or fear or doubts that caused alot of my experiences to be blocked from a full meaningful message. All in all...the messages showed me alot about me....some of them were nothing but mirrors of my own self.

There comes a time in 'path of self development' that the being wont need images for a message to come. Some will practice this in small doses (but never forget the ego can lace every message with something the 'self' is in need of that will only feed the self, not bring true wisdom of a enlightened nature). But there can come a time on narrow path....that the messages from Spirit to 'soul' will flow more freely and there is communion between the two.

Dont ever think that 'ego' cant be a part of 'higher consciousness'. It can actually led the way into very high stages of 'development' and the place this turn happens at is when the third eye opens, when the person gets caught up in having experiences, and cant let go of their own ideas of what history ect has told them. History triggers fears, worries, concerns, feeds the ego in that it 'knows' something of importance ect....and all of those ideas must be emptied to make the open channel between spirit and soul. The spirit is not going to worry the soul about anything fear based, trapped based, duality based.

Im not saying experiences are not real....Im saying....they can be laced for a long time with our own ideas, needs, desires, and doubts. Even making a 'channel of love' is not bring the pure channel needed for the Holy Spirit. Once one gets this....they see why God could never have a name...they see why 'God/Spirit' cant ever be fulfilled with a image....they see why people have always called the Holy Spirit a 'she' and said she was 'wisdom'. Spiritual wisdom and knowledge of things are very different things. Knowledge is not what makes a person enlightened....experiences do not make a person enlightened....and there are stages beyond the 'opening of the 3rd eye/minds eye...and yes the ego can remain attached into very high stages of soul development. Constant observation, constant emptying of the cup, constant and daily humbleness and honest can be practiced, to make sure and double comes before their 'messengers' with a pure open channel that is not already filled with an 'I' that thinks it 'knows'.

Dont take my word for anything....only each us of can know if we are honest at heart and open in mind.

Just to note...we all have ego for we all are in a state of self...Im not denying that I have it but its a fine line to determine what is of 'self' and what is of 'spirit'. Going back through experiences and thoughts and discerning a long process in itself and many dont venture that process for they get 'stuck' in what is fulfilling to the 'self'.
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posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 08:52 AM
reply to post by 547000

Such is the level of illusions and deception within this dominion that those who dare speak truths are thought of as paranoid, delusional, unstable or worse. Many 'in the know' of occult and spiritual knowledge often bite their tongue publicly on such matters on account of the judgements of those who can for the most part only perceive as truth what can be physically 'proven' with what their limited senses can measure or 'learn' from published mainstream sources (i.e spoonfed data from 'deemed credible' sources). There is so much more going on my friend that is often unseen, things usually not revealed in sanctioned/approved educational textbooks. Consult your alphabet agencies for more information hehe. Good luck.

'Deny ignorance'---I notice many love to throw those words around this site. True insight is a gift of the Holy Spirit, period! Pray for it my friend, but then again why should I request you pray to a God we can't see or without doubt 'prove' exists. Total lunacy right?? What do you think?

posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 09:03 AM
Only ones level of thinking....can keep one trapped. All the answers are in a place they can be found. There is no trap...another being can not hold you back unless you give your spiritual right to 'be' to other beings.

Work on the 'self' and when every other soul is will find that path too.

This is not a negative planet. It serves what is needed for souls/phases of spirit to awaken, slowly, to what we are.

Those that choose power and pride....have every right to choose that path. No one is forced to follow them in that path.

Earth is a very positive just so happens that souls are able to test many avenues of 'being' and self fulfillment here on Earth. They will only still thirst and the end.

We all must go through trail and errors to find out who we are and what we are of.

posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 09:12 AM
reply to post by benedict9

In Spirit...there is no worry or fear about earthly things.

I see it only natural that mankind would take things like geometry, patterns, symbols.....and use them for their own 'signatures' in their works.

I dont see any symbols or patterns ect...being 'magic'. Any thing that can work beyond the laws of 'earth' are purely out of intent. The symbols and patterns are just fancy ways to sign a signature to a work.

I find this idea of a matrix being coded to be paranoia. Its based on fear. Is such things something that the Spirit is going to teach you to be concerned with?

posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 09:29 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Is Ra El, certainly is something to these babolynian/Ancient Egypt/Eye of Horus, guys, (Isis, Ra, El/Osiris/Saturn!!!). Sat ur day, Ma trix or Ma's Trix. There is no mistaking magic or spellcasting words in computer language. Literally, they are not only coding the matrix, but attempting to lure people onto these channels, and put karma on them. I've been posting this awareness for some time now, its real. And yet, the pits they dig for others, they fall into. For it has to do with the intent of our hearts. This does not mean, that when I am aware of things, I don't cancel cancel for do.

There is a time to be aware of these things....for they show us how mans beliefs have emanated over time from one thing to another...adding on 'new ideas' along the way. Is Ra El shows us alot about our history in beliefs of 'gods' and how eventually a group tied many gods into one. Its not some magic and its not some trick for anyone. We can see through 'religions' and beliefs....mankind trying to make sense of many things and along the way....alot of beliefs were converged together. I used to be into it all like you are....thinking I found something of fear and worry...I blamed the 'yahwhe' image in it all and thought of it to all be a trick to man. For a long time many thought there was magic in symbols....the only magic is there is that when you write something or take a thought and express it outwardly (writing, image, creating) you place your 'intent' into a outward manifestation. So in a are creating a 'phase' of your own self every time you write down something...every time you create holds your 'intent or 'heart' within it. There are symbols and writings that do hold intent and some are sure if not many do hold a negative intent....but they have no power over us.

History is important when learning about mankind and the paths man has walked to understand things. Just as mankinds history is within in all of those beliefs....there is the hint of Spirit within them all to show mankind a mirror to look into and see themselves.

The religions and beliefs of man have a strong purpose and can teach us alot about our choices and why we should have positive intents over negative intents.

Its not magic though. Every part of mans history has something to show for itself. It is not about some beings setting mankind up.

Pardon my need to place a voice from a different light, please....I mean no harm or ill will.

posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 09:39 AM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

Is Earth a positive or negative place?? Reply depends who you ask with their personal perspective. To me, it's obviously both, as the design is a testing ground for all souls to be challenged to the 'sinful seductions of flesh' in order to face karma and be hopefully drawn to the 'light' of our true Holiest essence--the God within. Our nature is not 'perfect', though we have the potential and goal to work towards unconditional love and 'perfection' throughout the infinity of eternity of our granted life cycle. Earth souls are provided 'individual ego' both here and beyond as part of the vehicle for progression.

Both good and bad things happen in this 'freewill' duality system and if you are one of those souls seduced to be sinful/self-serving/predominantly negative, then your own being in higher awareness state will agree that it is not ready for soul progression. As we advance, we too will eventually be the Creators of worlds, using energetic/manifestation abilities, unbound by laws of time and physics. Highly advanced Creators created advancing Creators and round and round we go lol.

posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 09:45 AM
reply to post by benedict9

I dont mean to be rude or ill in please dont take it personal in any way.

But I think the idea that we will be creators of wishful thinking of 'self' and individual tests of what we long for and desire.

There would be no reason for us to 'make worlds'.....the Spirit has provided us with all we need.

Why would you desire to make a 'world'? Would it not be to a degree of 'control' in what you think 'should be'? Your own idea of how worlds should be....does that show you are not content with the natural worlds Spirit has provided? Does this show a soul bucking in its own right to be as powerful as Spirit is in what Spirit can do in manifestations of itself?

posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 09:46 AM
[ i]reply to post by benedict9

Well, I know there is a God, and that Jesus was not a mythological figure, but if you think computers and languages are coded to achieve magic, you're speaking from a position of ignorance. It's no different from drawing animals on the walls of caves hoping to cast a curse on them so your hunt goes good.

I also notice people love talking about quantum physics used to prove anything you want under the sun, but very few people ever actually read books or understand the real science of quantum mechanics.

posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 09:51 AM
If we look too deep into ANYTHING with intent on finding 'something' in it.....

We will find what we seek in some perspective.

posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 10:46 AM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

There are methods to harness energies to create harm and attain Earthly gains if that is a soul's desire with intent. To be born into such an environment or be introduced to one where one is made privy to such 'sacred hidden knowledge' with the free will to apply it is also part of the Earth test for these 'illuminated' souls. With great power comes great responsibility, it's more than just a line in Spiderman and a difficult test for those privy. I had first hand experience with dark magick and it indeed worked in the few hours I was applying it, though it came at a price.

However, once I quickly 'earned' my obvious lesson to come to proper realisation of what I was playing with, I never went back to such 'charms'. That was my wilful choice and I could have defiantly continued to work with it as many in life often do wilfully choose wrong actions for selfish gains.

There are both evil and good forces operating within this duality system. Do not be deceived to believe otherwise. This is not written in fear or to cause fear, it's just the way it is. Do you believe the bombing of babies, raping and starving of children is not evil??I could list more examples but I'm sure you get the point. Is this what makes the world positive to you? You may need a severe up close and personal wake up call or maybe a holiday to a third world country to understand the wickedness that often overcomes mankind via continued wilful sin to both commit and allow such atrocities to take place in dis-grace. Atrocities are happening every minute of every day my friend.

Such ancient passed down from millenia methods/rituals/coding/numerology are what are taught in many true 'Luciferian based secret societies'. If you do not recognize or perceive the adversary and his dominion on Earth, then you will fail to understand the complexities of this incarnation and your role within it, because whether you are comfortable with this notion or not I will tell you that there is a battle for our souls taking place right now. And you are here to recognise evil and overcome it via not giving in to the it's seductive influence and embracing the love of the Holy Spirit.

To fail your Earth test, means you will be bound to Lucifer's dominion again, and he wants as many souls retained here as possible. The more wilful negativity created here, the easier the corruption of souls. I'm putting it in the most basic of terms as possible. Take it or leave it, seek further or ignore for that is a choice that bears potential consequence also now you have been provided the insight.

Luciferians delight in mankind's ignorance, for it leaves them so much more open to their deceptions. And there are many more to come.

Christos Anesti Kai Filai

posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 10:56 AM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

I am not stating it is a personal desire of mine to 'ascend' to seed worlds, because it isn't--- just stating that it is one of many levels once we advance as evolving sub-Creators.

When we progress to such a level, creation is only performed in service and love to nurture life and create for the benefit of other incoming souls, not at all for control. Control is an Earthly ego mindset.
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posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 11:09 AM
reply to post by 547000

I don't wish to get trivial on what constitutes magick or not. There is power in numbers and subliminal language codings and song lyrics including choice of tone frequencies that are a popular avenue of influence. The chosen frequencies for mobile phones are also a delibrate choice interfering with/altering human bio frequency. Mind manipulation is an extremely well studied science and there are patents out there that would shock many.

You are free to your perceptions and your path and I do not aim to discourage anybody from seeking within to discover/confirm truths, beyond just books.

It's one thing to believe in Yeshua and God, strong faith and living according to the will of love is another matter. May your faith serve you well for the trials to come.

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posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 11:16 AM
reply to post by benedict9

Yes, this I agree on completely although I've never studied any of the dark things and never practiced all things that have negative energy or jaki, that I can feel. I can sense this, and have for years. But I know, once it was brought to my attention, just a surface study, and I realized how far more than this was occurring. And its not a modern day plot, its a long planned, carried out, blueprint that is passed on from generation to generation, with some things put in prophecy, mother shippon or naustrodomas, as examples. I find them very interesting and consider that this could be the blue print for what is planned put out in plain sight for them to follow.

Its all black magick. Even their science has that training, their black op type. And its based on the workings of this holographic universe. But its limited too, its based on limits and thus require fueling of human sacrifice and life energy its not connected to all that is or Light. In short, the true force isn't with them.

Also, they write spells and cast them to the elements, in a kind of negative affirmations and plans. Ie. manuscripts buried under stone, perhaps ancient things discorvered, or sumar or other documents, are the long lasting and the frequencies affect the earth grid energy.

All is fed by our negative thought and the control they have over our minds. So mind control is their most effective control methods, or false paradigms, a matrix wtihin a matrix. And keeping people ignorant is necessary for it to work. Which is how earth is run, elites and serfs. Now the human race is moving beyond serfdom and that ruins their plans, for it takes a lot more to control people. Keeping them locked into backwards, ancient and warring religions with major health problems and substandard education where anyone who thinks out of the box is subject to attack by their peers, is their best strategy.

But Love undoes it all, and it takes far less positive than the massive workings of negative to clear, heal and resolve this. We just need to start undoing the negative thoughts, seek within to see clearly and work at helping others.
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posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 12:00 PM
not really sure what to make of symbology or the magic these may contain, it could just well be only thought that produces the end result from use of these symbols as way of focus and manifestation through the self, even though the powers and magic some symbols are said to hold are still in use even to this day and age, pentigrams and circles used as way for dark arts or bringing forth of evil, the sign of the cross to ward off and as protection against these dark forces in play as well as many more other symbols in numbers or letters, coding or rituals, in design and placement for use and magical effect as contained or opening of channel that allows these symbols the power to perform the purpose for their many uses, either to be seen or unseen as result..makes one wonder though.

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