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Hidden Hand Message - Law Of One - Discussion!

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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 11:32 PM

Originally posted by Annee

Originally posted by strangleholder1
I'm not really into spirits or cavemen, truth be told I was making a flippant post to show off my rad new signature...

I'd say Law of One is about Order.

Order and Control are not the same thing.

Dear Annee

Interesting statement yet some what wrong, to maintain order one needs control over the situation and to get control you have to do some very bad things at times. So as you see both are linked for without control there can not be an order and without an order there can not be a control. Thus resulting in a intertwined link between one and the other my dear friend.

Kind Regards


posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 11:36 PM
Everything you know is backwards

What if everything you know and ever known was truly an illusion? Thus it would explain that what we see as truth and seek as a path is actually backwards, even though a few find their way they do not see the path it self resulting in them heading into the wrong direction. Now…… would that not explain the endless illusion we call the reality and life around us, thinking for what it is that life brings towards us instead of the long backtracking motion that we take each day.

But….. then this is not life but an endless cycle of travel through a circular spiral, then how do we know if we truly are living life and that we truly live. Well that can not be explained simply however, it can be understood Albert Einstein once said:

A person starts to live when he can live outside himself, by reaching beyond the given limitations and illusions.

The above quote already portrays the true reality behind the lives we live to which we do not understand, so does this reality carry on through the lives of many in our time.
Without truly knowing and understanding that the limitations and illusions set within ones life are their own creation, then the one can not break free of the prison that they are in. After so much time of being taught that these limitations are real how can we unlearn what was taught to us to be the truth. The simplest thing can help us learn and unlearn is to seek the truth, just the merest thing like seeking can help us understand what we have been missing this whole time.

However, there are many different problems with this backwards information and that is what we are doing. Humanity is known to be on a verge of evolution and a scale of great advancement, but….. how can we truly call it to be great when we turned a planet of a tremendous beauty into a basic backyard toilet. Resulting in shock for our whole planet and the living things within it, yet many are believing that progress demands sacrifice. Many of those people do not realize that without the planet and the nature it self we can not exist. So what we see as evolution and progress is backwards to the truth that is hidden from our realization, this is why when we turn around this so called evolution we are shown a grim picture of a destructive future.

The above picture shows to us of what the product of our evolution does to something that was once beautiful, more and more forests are being cutdown also more animals are now face to be on a verge of complete destruction as well. We do not see the effects of these evolving steps that we are taking, many ask “Why?” it is simple and also very easy to understand. Because the leaders of the world and our countries do not wish for us to see the picture, that is why distractions are created such as television, advertisements, gaming products, new electronic entertainment devices, cars and movies. Other things include false news where we mostly hear gossip of someone getting married, but…… the real stories are mostly on 5% of the time giving us only a tiny window of real information.

However, there are also other situations where we see doctors releasing new medicine that is told to us to help us heal our bodies. Now….. the interesting situation is being raised through the new knowledge that is being provided. People are able to heal themselves without any given medicine by share will and power to do so, it is known that the human body has every single gene to cure cancer and many other illnesses. For example of Placebo Tests on many cancer patients has been known to been taken place, like a extract from Scientific American magazine that stated the following.

A man whom his doctors referred to as “Mr. Wright” was dying from cancer of the lymph nodes. Orange-size tumours had invaded his neck, lower body, chest and abdomen, and his doctors had exhausted all available treatments. Nevertheless, Mr. Wright was confident that a new anticancer drug called Krebiozen would cure him. However, while not realizing the potential risks his doctor provided Mr. Wright with a Placebo of Krebiozen. Mr. Wright was bedridden and fighting for each breath when he received his first injection. But three days later he was cheerfully ambling around the unit, joking with the nurses. Mr. Wright’s tumours had shrunk by half, and after 10 more days of treatment he was discharged from the hospital. And yet the other patients in the hospital who had received Krebiozen showed no improvement.

The above statement clearly shows that much of what we know is a lie, doctors do not help us much they merely destroy our health. Yes. Some of the medicine does help us through some things, but…… most of the time it is us who are helping our selves. How many times have you taken a tablet against a headache?
Let me guess more then you could count and yet the amazing situation behind this technique is a mere placebo effect, when you take the tablet you know for a fact that it will ease your pain and take it away. However, have you noticed that these tablets have no effect on people that believe they do not help at all. But…. the miracle truly happens when the person that did take the tablet yet still had a headache, suddenly had a strong will to believe that it does work and amazingly the pain is gone. After which every time they take the tablet the headache is simply gone, that fact it self clearly shows the so called tablets are nothing but a complete lie.

Now….. how does the situation play out when out of nowhere you surprisingly develop allergies for something you never had nor anyone in your family history. This is why you should ask yourself “What is really inside that tablet?”, that resulted in you coughing up a several hundred dollar bill at the doctor with prescription medication. That would basically needs to be with you the whole time of your life because if you do not take it your throat could close up and you might die. Even this whole medication it self can cost you a lot to keep taking, at times resulting in liver failure or kidney failure and even a heart condition like much other medication can produce as well. After going through all this you realize all this happened over a mere tablets that others take as well in their life.
So ask yourselves people “Do Doctors help our health?” or is it all just a mere connection to a bigger picture that we try not to see.

The wondering mind is like water it can crash, flow or drop by a drop resulting in so much understanding over the given time.

Through out history and the much known time of our life we learn to see things differently, not understanding much about known situations that arise through what we call life. There have been many people that have been there to help us all understand more.

The major thing that connected all these people is the fact that they were all killed or assassinated, but…… the big thing we must understand that they wanted to help us. To teach us the way of love, understanding, spirituality, joy, happiness and many more things, as they went public many people listened and many people understood. However, they were all killed because the government feared that they would no longer have control over people and it was beneficial for these figures to be taken out of the picture. So ask yourself “Why is it when great people show themselves in public and teach us the way of peace they always die?” well my dear friends it is simple to see. But….. it can sound a bit funny or even crazy to consider and now picture if the world became at peace, meaning there is no money people merely trade things with one another and there is no war so no longer there is a need for weapons. Now…. the understanding is “Who would be hurt the most?” and the answer is the big billionaire bankers, countries, billion dollar weapon developers, weapon companies, military research and many upon many other people which are in power. Even though it sounds crazy “Is this not the simplest explanation?” as I said before

The simplest explanation is more likely the correct one. Occam Razor’s Law

This law is applied by all scientists, religions sometimes and even politics, but….. to the main understanding of truth we tend to ignore that law. Why? Because of our fear not some other made up reason we try to put forth to cover it, it is truly and basically our fear of truth and the horrifying realization of that it is real. This is not some conspiracy nut theory or general made up information it is provable and can be seen all around the world today. I will even later on explain to you in my 9/11 post how this can be really proven with share facts, information and true events that took place. Now back to the point not only that we are not in control and that things are completely backwards to what we see, the other biggest thing is that we are slaves.

Yes. Ladies and Gentlemen we are still slaves but it is the slavery that we to do not fully see and this slavery is hidden right under our noses. Now I want you to think what is the only thing that could get you homeless, starving, sick like a dog and have no future. Hmm….. many of you would say a JOB!!!, nope that is wrong my friends but you are getting close the fact that what the job it self provides is MONEY!!!. Many of you would straight away ask “But how is this possible?????” simple money became the easiest system to control people it began with the Romans who even sold people for money. So as you see my dear friends you are not in control of your life the money is, reasons being if you don’t get paid you starve and then if you don’t get a job in time you end up on the street. Now….. to simplify it the situation we have Bob and Jessica also 2 of their children, Bob looses his job because of the inflation suddenly one of their two children gets sick and needs an urgent operation. Bob tries to borrow a lot of money for an urgent operation for the child but…. no one can help him, because he does not have a job and can not come up with the money to pay back. Sadly Bob’s and Jessica’s daughter dies because of a small rectangular peace of paper. As you see we do not fully realize this and tend to close our eyes on to this issue it self.

Yet…. Those that tried to stop this system and show people other ways have died, because some people got upset at them now as you see this is simple and it is so simple that you just can not ignore it.


May it be plastic or paper because sadly the day you are born your freedom is no longer there!!!

Many people are born into this world they have sadly 5- 10 years of life then off to school or a better known money concentration camp, where you learn things that are there to help you earn more money. As soon as you are out of school and college you are off to work for endless hours away from your family. The only time you see them is for maybe 3-6 hours a day, sometimes weekends and on some public holidays. All this to keep them full of food, have clothes, medication and a roof over their head. I know this seems harsh but….. it is something that people need to start seeing also understanding. So please my friends ask yourselves now “Am I truly free???” just because some paper that was signed long ago states you are does not make it so.

So you are never truly in control your will is free but you mind is clouded for you must empty your mind to see the real truth.

Now I leave you my dear friends with this message and food for though of.

Am I truly free? and Is everything that I know completely backwards?

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and understood some information within it as well, the facts and truth is there it merely takes some time to fully understand it.
Again I am not here to challenge any of your beliefs or force you to anything, for I am merely sharing information with you of a bigger picture that is in our life. Please take this with a grain of salt or sand and understand that nothing is truly free, because there is always a price to pay and even then you have to pay a price to have freedom.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post, if I did come off harsh on any parts I am sorry.

Kind Regards


posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 11:38 PM
Dear People

So as you see from the above post you are never truly free, yes you have choices but first to understand them you must take baby steps to realizing the truth. Seek what you are not given but what is around you and within you, that is the true freedom and at times you can find freedom at even the most darkest place.

Kind Regards


posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 12:14 AM

Originally posted by The Magicians Apprentice

Originally posted by Annee

Originally posted by strangleholder1
I'm not really into spirits or cavemen, truth be told I was making a flippant post to show off my rad new signature...

I'd say Law of One is about Order.

Order and Control are not the same thing.

Dear Annee

Interesting statement yet some what wrong, to maintain order one needs control over the situation and to get control you have to do some very bad things at times. So as you see both are linked for without control there can not be an order and without an order there can not be a control. Thus resulting in a intertwined link between one and the other my dear friend.

Kind Regards


A lot in these discussions depends a lot on what/which area/level/dimension - - etc.

Are we talking physical world - political world - spiritual world - energy world - etc.

Has anyone mentioned denseness of population? When people have space to live freely as they wish - - as long as they don't interfere with others - - there isn't a problem.

But when population becomes so dense - - people have to live on top of each other - - laws have to be made. Laws - - social laws - - are about respect. This is what I consider order.

If there is no respect - - then you have to bring in control - - which is Force.

I'm very tired and not really wording this clearly. But to me Order is respect - - even planned respect. Control is Force.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 04:47 PM

There needs to be opposition in all things on earth for the time being, if it were not so there would be no right or wrong, no wickedness or holiness, no misery or happiness, no good or bad.

In the astronomic order it's found in the centripetal and centrifugal forces, the holding together and flying apart of objects.

In chemistry it is shown in the composing and decomposing of forces or in positive and negative electricity.

It is seen in light, darkness, heat, cold, joy, sorrow, pleasure and pain.

To have a law there must be an idea of an order, there must also be an opposite of that order or disorder.

And if there was no law, there would be no good or evil, right or wrong, if there was no good or evil, there would be no hate or love.

If there was no love, there could be no happiness and joy, punishment or misery.

And if both do not exist happiness or misery then there could be no such existence of a perfect state or heavenly order.

If there's no such thing as a perfect state or heavenly existence of one compound being good, then there would be no creator, god or creation and earth would have never been created into existence by a creator.

god=good=creator=father in heaven, outside of earth's universe, one universe of infinite, one creator of infinite, one heaven of infinite.

Both good and evil existences must exist somewhere from a higher or lower order of one compound or the other.

Without opposition, all things on earth would be white, no contrasts in coloring.

Evil is the trial for those who are good, without evil, good could not be tested and tried.

Courage could not exist without danger from evil, sympathy or compassion could not exist without suffering from evil.

No other good virtue or thing could exist without evil, without evil nobody could learn or experience having compassion or sympathy.

If there was a world without evil there would be no learning, experiencing or progressing.

All things would be in a perfect or imperfect state of one compound or the other.

The human body would be in a perfect state with perfect health, perfect intelligence and perfect morals.

Without good or evil no one could gain or impart information, there would be no knowledge or experience of them.

The temperature would stand together forever both heat and cold.

Progress is the overcoming of evil, without evil intelligences would be as toil without exertion, as light without darkness, as a battle with no antagonist.

If earth did not contain both good and evil, it would be a world without reason, meaning or purpose, it would not be a learning experience for intelligences to progress.

A bird flying in the sky must have an opposite force of resistance against it flying, without this opposite force the bird would not fly at all.

As there is resistance against a bird flying so is there resistance for intelligences in choosing good over evil, without this resistance there would be no progress or progression for intelligences.

Man and woman both are intelligences, intelligences are found in the animal kingdom and lower kingdoms of earth.

As intelligences progress through a life experience they move forwards and are placed into higher states of existence to continue progressing. Intelligences are never destroyed but placed into higher states of existence to continue progressing.

Intelligences are infinite and have been progressing in one state or another forever, man and woman are both intelligences of a higher order than those of the animal kingdom and lower intelligences of lower orders.

There is only one creator for earth's universe, one universe of infinite, one creator of infinite.

Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 06:21 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
reply to post by strangleholder1

I believe in your statement in the signature, about the kind of pyramid and the eye of horus group, but we can't be them, and must use Love as positivity to win, for this is a school, and I've known about the tests since I was young.

Then how do you explain TPTB? This reasoning that they are being lied to is false, I can assure you they know all about spirituality and have many seers, mediums and gifted people yet they choose to abuse constantly. Could this mean that spirituality is a lie?
Perhaps there is no path or progression and we are predetermined by chemistry to pick a side, nothing ever changes and we are ALL just experiencing this chemical reaction over and over into infinity until the energy fizzles out??

I suspect this is the real truth, the dirty little secret that TPTB don't want any1 else to know. I no longer believe the choices I make dictate anything other than I'm alive, I do not succumb to dogma and I'm truly free because of it.

Did I pass your test???

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 06:30 PM
reply to post by strangleholder1

They can't experience true connections to their HS or Family and live with distortions, no matter how many advanced meditations and magick they use, no matter how much esoteric wisdom they think they have. The reason is, they have to use the LOVE channel to make those connections and allign themselves, strive to become their future progressed HS's. Thats the only way. HS, is kind, merciful, turns the other cheek, helpful, loving, non-reactive, non-argumentative, filled with compassion and encouragement, and high humor, lightness, the Family of Light, they are incredible gifts to one another and to us, and if you are into power, abuse, and pain tactics with others, even nonforgiving and reactive, you're not reaching that channel. That miss is a very big one, because there are lots of entities around to mislead people who are searching, but without love, who qite willing to use tptb, distort what they think, redefine love into something its not, and basically keep them from doing the right things themselves and what Buddah did, walk away, love everyone equally, become helpers not hurters.

But now understand this, they are our brothers and sisters too, even though they are acting like the bullies on the playground. Anyone striving to be unconditional love in this world and waking up suddenly becomes a couple grades ahead of the younger fighting ones, and above the bullies. And we're all family, so we have to start to act like that.

Because we don't get out of here unless we understand how much lack of love, injustice, violence, war and equality hurt everyone.

That we do strive to love and work to recover and to improve ourselves, our love and help others, is really important, to see the traps in this world, and the wars, and not play ball with the leaders and PTB. They have really bad plans, have sold humanity out to the Saturn and Lower channel entities, and are attempting to create a kind of negative harvest, really hurt people, wars, disease, fema and stir them to their worst state of anger and collapse, and then kill them and take them off to the negative channels.

I made a post on the bank mural thread, that showed all the plans in this picture including the net the negatives have put around the earth.

Much of these plans involves harming innocents, such as the poor, represented by the huomeless, man, gloves without fingers, and minorities, blacks, pregnant women/families, nuns/religious people coded to saturn. They think they have dumped magick karma on them and that their laws are real, whereas all laws serve people, people don't serve laws and that goes for universal ones too, and many of the laws are just crimes against humanity, and the religions everything coded to Saturn and deities.

They have been so misled, its their pit, they will fall in it not the people they intend to harm. They don't get it at all, they are not loved by these entities.

I want them disclose everything, change their hearts, understand things better, choose love, before its too late. They may (I refuse to code the word "will" into this and believe in miracles instead) suffer enormous consequences, and we need to intercede. They are also family also.
This is my post about there traps laid and it shows their intentions with disease/pandemic, who their targets are, the lack of voices of the people, depicted in blank protest signs, ovens burning bodies, like Nazi Germany, the net over the earth, fema, etc etc. And the entities above harvesting folk.

Envision everyone waking up and being positive, turning all negatives into strengths and overcoming this and asking those doing this terrible thing to change their minds forever.
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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 06:47 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

so is it, for these higher states of existance that requires higher love or peace to continually progress towards, also then comes with higher states of evil and darkness, that then needs to be overcome again for progression to continue forward to an even more higher state, filled with both good and evil of higher and more extreme versions of both as a need or experience to be had.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 07:30 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
reply to post by strangleholder1

Because we don't get out of here unless we understand how much lack of love, injustice, violence, war and equality hurt everyone.

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You may have painted me as some kind of holographic troll but I can assure you I reach love daily and amongst other things attain 1ness in a matter of breaths. I do not need to learn how bad things hurt people and neither do you, it's the same souls, the same PTB that need to learn. My patience has waned in this life and over the many others I can remember, waiting for them to discover their humanity.
I have seen the one world govt and felt its energy, because of it I'll never submit to loving the elite. I DO NOT! accept either that I'm stunting my spiritual growth by not loving them, I believe that particular lie to be one of the oldest around..

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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 07:42 PM
reply to post by strangleholder1

They won't succeed by someone inviting them to walk away, seek amnesty, disclose all and join the people, because that is the message I'm giving. But a revolutions are not the way for us to progress, we need to learn what compassionate, yet effective adults would do, such as: meditatational protests, prayers, letters, phone calls, and I do believe in bullhorns, and never giving into their cirminal laws and police state.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 09:01 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Hi ETMAN and all

I hope everyone is well. I want to say again...any differing of beliefs to me is not personal and I hope when I have expressed in the past of harsh disagreement with another here or asked for my space for my own path....that it was not a personal exchange to anyone here. I feel like this thread has been like a small philosophical group who begs one another to think critically and sometimes that includes a challenge to anothers thoughts. Im thankful to have a little place where I can observe some deep thinkers ideas and weigh and measure my own along the way.

Etman...Thank you for your kind words. I have been holding you and yours close to my heart.

Annee....I hope your little one pulled through that darn flu!

Unity....I hope you are feeling well..I know your health has been an issue for you now and then.

I keep everyone here in my thoughts no matter where we all stand with our beliefs. out did your self again with your reply. I appreciate your time you always take, it only shows your compassion for others and its a beautiful thing.

For the most part when I compare your thoughts with where I come from...I see potatoes- patatoes

Im still with the idea that all life emanates from one force/emanator/spirit and nothing, even manmade things, can not exists without Spirit. I think all souls emanate from this Spirit and return to it just as the seeds return to the Earth....just as everything in this whole Universe shows recycle. I see this world and our being a natural I dont see the reason for any 'creators'....just one emanator of life. I dont think anything, even man made objects, truly separates in totality from Spirit. A vibration is a vibration, no matter how low of dense, it still is 'to and fro'.

As being 'phases' of something that we are not aware of being a part of it...we as phases of being, do progress, do have a need to fill a role in the 'cycle' of life. For Spirit....I dont see 'life' being as much as a progression as a process...something it needs to do.

'They Said' - Let there be Light and there was Light

Im not too fast to take the way a book has described 'creation' or the emanation of 'life'. I think it is all a very natural process and no one had to say anything or think anything. I tend to think it was a natural cause and effect...a motion within caused an effect that manifested outwardly and with that outward manifestation Spirit filled and fattened it with life. But stilll....potatoes patatoes.

The Creators Created Man from the materials of Earth in their own image and likeness giving us dominion over all the Earth so that we may learn as they once did when they once were BELOW as a Family Unit that are now ABOVE. It is truly wonderful to know that Families Live on Forever, it is not a mere desire of wanting it to be so - but it's how As Above So Below just (IS) – Infinite-Self!

Again....I think we are a product of something very natural. Im not going to say I know...but I have no issues with the idea that only Spirit is true self of us all...and only it in its perfectness as always 'being' is infinite. My true self is Spirit, and as a phase of Spirit, Im trying to learn what the Spirit needs through this process called life. Im not saying I wont experience something after this life as a phase of spirit and my 'soul self' may experience many things even, but I have no issue with at some point returning to Thee and knowing that I am not separate from thee in 'being'. I really cant explain such a thing I guess...Ive experience 'higher self' and guides but I feel that this 'higher self' was in itself, working on merging back to what it knew as its only true self.

If you go into a lumber store and try to connect with a piece of plywood and feel it's energy it will be much different than a connection being made with a tree that's alive or connected to Earth's energy grid.

I do disagree here. I believe that you can touch anything and feel its connection to Earth. Yes, the energy will be different, might take you some narrow passages to find its connection....but everything is still energy, no matter how dense the vibration.

Isn't it wonderful also, we are here to learn and and attempt to create new things as the Creators, that is what the Creators want us to do in order to learn

I think we 'express and manifest outwardly' because its naturally, in our nature as 'being'. But please...dont take my thoughts as nit picking or critical towards your own. Just giving a 'pataoe' perspective

Always go with your heart!

Thanks for that
The same to you and all.

That is why this upcoming year 2011 is of great importance being a time-line/cycle

Some may find certain 'times' to be important...but I think all 'times' are equal in importance of 'being'. I think dates can be unhealthy as a 'focus' for some may not 'be' with correct intent but will 'be' more out of worry or fear or even desire in things such as 'rewards'.

Doesn't this show Creators in Creation – Intelligent Design at some point, something had to come into Creation, the earth being temporal but the energy of it being eternal coming from what we call EMPTY space that contains Infinite Space/Energy. If we see an automobile up in the mountains somewhere we know it came from someone who Created it

In creation....I see Spirit having infinite potentials of 'being' and in creation I see the vastness, perfection, beauty, and Thee. If I was to look at 'creators' as in plural...I would then consider my body of flesh and spirit together....and would see the Spirit that fills and fattens me, the Sun, cosmos, and all that is of Earth that forms me.

And just a note to add clarity...I dont consider this 'world and universe' as a creation (something out of nothing) but I consider it a manifestation/emanation (something that flowed from a former something).

Everything is made of matter/energy coming from empty/space before put into Creation. Empty space is very natural.

Ironically, what we have considered to be 'empty/nothing' for so long is actually full of 'something'.

Everything is connected to the life energy grid or the 'oneness' spirit that we all have within ourselves being part of the Creation.

Am I sensing that you believe the energy grid is not natural but was 'made'? All throughout nature...we see geometry and it makes sense to me why we see a energy grid on earth.

Definitely showing us that this was a highly intelligently designed creation and automobiles just don't show up out of thin air. But as you sense and feel there is more beyond matter/energy of the body, planets, suns, galaxies. I mean think about it, all of it came from empty space, chance, accident, coincidence.

It could just show us, how great the potentials of the Spirit natural manifestations. Yes, an automobile is intelligent took a 'need/desire'...for an 'idea' to become....then a working mind....then a will to manifests the idea outwardly. But just as 2 people can have sex, they might not intend every step in 'manifesting' another human...such as the start of a electrical spark in the womb of the woman when the sperm enters the egg...or the splitting of cells within that egg to manifests a form of eventually a embryo....the 2 people dont have to think about all those little miraculous steps for them to become or be...but nature will still run its due course and will present a natural 'manifestation' of those two people through 'ex-pression' of themselves in that one moment together. Just passing on my perspective...consider it only a limited view.

To help us better learn, progress/develop our 'souls' and better understand what earth life is like. How can one describe what it's like to see to a blind man if they've never experienced it for themselves? What Intent do parents have for their children when they send them off to school or college?

I just dont compare the 'spirit' like ourselves as parents of something. The Earths 'parentage' to all life of Earth is mostly just 'is'. Our mind cant comprehend alot of things so messages of what we are or who we are must come in forms and images that are already in our unconsciousness. What is important is not the image that comes (angels, ets, ect) but what the message from true self to self is.

They've never had control over us and we've always retained freewill/agency, we came into this world with freewill knowing exactly what we were getting into

Ive traveled this belief for a long time. But in all honesty...I have no reason to think I as a individual self exsisted before this life here on this Earth. I must consider that any thing that seems like a 'past life memory' is also, a message, from a inner true self to my 'seemingly self'...from 'spirit to 'phase of spirit (soul)'. I must consider that what seem like a past memory of before this life may just be the Spirit allowing me to see something of itself from another phase of being that will benefit its 'being' within me.

Natural for me would be elements that have eternally always been --- such as Space/Energy.

So imagine for a moment...within that space/energy....a 'sound' arises from a motion of 'to and fro'. The energy within space...finds a 'tone' lets say which changes a charge in the energy or creates a vibration.....could not this whole universe be caused such a event within space...creating/manifesting a totally natural manifestation that holds within it infinite potentials of 'being'? Without any 'guidance of thought' but all natural manifestations? Does someone have to think for the leaf to fall to the ground come autumn? Or for the seed to bloom in spring?

Though I realize this thread's been a (fasten your seat belt) frustrating up and down roller coaster ride, well here we are yet again and the ride is kind of flattening out. Hopefully we can do the log ride next time or the pirate ship that sways back and forth, that gives a person the tingles. lol

Dont get me wrong...I love roller coasters
Just no constant spinner rides
My stomach dont like.

I really felt your warm reaches of welcome and space and I want you to know that it was all very much appreciated and heart felt.

My best to you and yours always (and to all)
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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 09:31 PM
For all of the ones that live for power, feel the need to have more for others to be gratified as a being, find avenues such as selfishness, hurt, abuse, and carelessness to fill those things the think 'fill them as a being'.....we need to remember there is a reason for this. We all will experience some know the worth of peace. Some just have not experienced the hurt yet and dont understand the worth of peace. Many that live for power are living for gratification and are not content with their own inner being of self....they have the need to fill this 'self' with gratification that they are of a group of power, like a role of power or leadership. If they have submitted to avenues like abuse, hate, ect...this only shows they are reaching in fill themselves as a being in some way shape or form.

Its not so much the 'self' in them we must love...but we do need to try to see there is a divine spark in them...they just dont know its there and spend their time filling their 'being' with the outside world of them rather the inner world of them.

I dont mean that we should just ignore what these types do....but there will be a time when they as souls look back and see they only hurt their own being through their path of choices and in that 'time' they will need others to help them stand, raise their try again.

I know...sometimes some actions are seemingly impossible to forgive and impossible to over look...but that is just will not be over looked and they will have to look in their own mirror at some point. We will be there to let them see...they only hurt something that they are a part of....and then we will be also, what helps them stand after seeing this.

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 02:31 AM
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Hi Redgy,

so is it, for these higher states of existance that requires higher love or peace to continually progress towards, also then comes with higher states of evil and darkness,

Once an intelligence 'soul' progresses past earth life/duality it has the opportunity to move forward to higher states of existence where there is no evil or dark. There is no opposition, there is no pain, no tiredness, no sorrow, suffering or death. In such existences there is no need for energy as energy comes from polarity forces working against each other. As an example, a negative and positive charge found in electricity.

Without one or the other, negative or positive there would be no energy and there would be no gravity. Gravity is two forces both negative and positive working against each other compressing and holding matter/energy/objects together like a magnet, love/hate/good/evil. Opposition is found in all things in duality existences and if man was to choose only good or love resisting all evil the planet itself would receive itself into a higher state of existence breaking away from the chains of the negative or opposition force and could not exist within this universe or duality anymore.

This is the eternal plan for the 'soul.' The lessons to learn on earth are to choose what a person wants to become. There are simply only two choices when it comes to duality, good or evil paths. If a 'soul' decides that he/she enjoys doing negative things or 'evil' hurting/harming others which is against the law of positive/love then his or her path leads to lower states of existence in more darker conditions/states than what is found on earth.

If a 'soul' chooses the opposite or to do 'good' unto others choosing love and resisting hate/evil then such 'souls' move onwards in the direction according to their works. Law of attraction can be applied here to 'souls' that choose goodness over the opposite they will move forward according to the current/present state of 'being' or their 'spirituality' level upon leaving the flesh/body.

For those moving upwards it only gets better and better, lighter and lighter, happier and happier.

Lighter in the literal sense, as there is no weight or opposite force working against them holding them down, yes they can fly. This is where metaphors have been used for such heavenly states of existences, some call them angels with wings. Metaphor/ Allegory for higher states of existences where there is no gravity, that doesn't directly mean 'beings' floating around with wings, it means that such existences far surpass all human understanding/comprehension where there is no energy. No need for energy and everything is in an 'immortal' perfect state of being with one eternal day and no night. There is no need for sleep, there is no pain, suffering, misery, death or sorrow. This is what 'souls' are working towards at this level, those who choose love over hate, good over evil will move forwards to such states of existence. It cannot be denied that there are two opposite forces on earth and everyone recognizes which is which deep down under.

As we are aware, the human body is half in dark and light squares in itself. It is trapped in this state of being due to imperfection and two opposite forces working against each other. This is why we see opposition found in all things, from insects battling it out to the human body battling itself which keeps the human body in a 'mortal' state where it's prone to sickness, diseases, infections and so on. It will eventually end up breaking down and return to the spirit world according to the 'souls' spiritual state of being or 'spirituality' level.

To sum it up, by a 'soul' choosing one path or the other 'good/love' or the opposite they either move forwards or backwards.

Eternity is like a never-ending highway but at the same time where there is no time it's a freeway for 'souls' as they are free to choose which side of the road they take.

One side leads forwards and one side leads backwards, some are stuck on the side of the street, some have traveled down the opposite path they originally chose only to make a u-turn and return back in the other direction. There is an eternity of progression or de-progression for all intelligences 'souls' going in both directions. Which way do you choose to go? It's your life, your choice, your decision, the only suggestion I ever make is 'always follow your heart' be what you want to be and that's who you 'are' for the 'time' being.

that then needs to be overcome again for progression to continue forward to an even more higher state,

According to the 'souls' level and where they are at 'spirituality' wise, they will go. If it's another planet much better/greater than earth than they have followed a path towards the positive of goodness and love. Eventually the true destination and final graduation is in ETERNITY - beyond earth's 'universe' which is in a perfect 'immortal' state and beyond all comprehension where they become Creators themselves on a much 'higher' level as inherited sons and daughters, brothers and sisters = equals in rights/inheritances to all other Infinite Creators in existence. Equal in potential/capability but all differing on infinite levels of progression eternally progressing like an eternal chain linked one-1 to another as (spirit family.)

filled with both good and evil of higher and more extreme versions of both as a need or experience to be had.

Those who choose the opposite path of love/good move downwards and they continue to travel according to their own works and desires. If they so choose to make a U-turn along the journey/path they can, however the farther along a 'soul' travels down the darker paths the more unconscious they become of where they are and what they are doing. The dark does not comprehend the 'Light' and when they fall to far down the path into darkness it's difficult for one to turn back, however never say never when you're dealing with 'forever.'

In regards to the 'soul' of man/woman it was never created and has always eternally existed. There never was a 'time' when 'souls/spirits' did not exist. They have been around for ETERNITY in one form/state or another as 'intelligences.' We can then apply the concept of 'infinity' going on forever to what we know as the 'soul' that also goes on forever. Intelligences can progress infinitely or de-progress infinitely but it is impossible to ever destroy the eternal soul, it is unchangeable, it cannot be done in the same way that one cannot get rid of 'eternal' empty space. The 'soul' of man/woman which is 'you' will move on forever in one direction or another and you have always been moving in one direction or another (If you only had recall/awareness or memory of it.)

Infinite space
Infinite energy
Infinite intelligences (souls)

Like a grain of sand it's difficult to comprehend that it never ends both inwards and outwards, so is the 'soul' of man/woman and all other 'consciously aware intelligences' being 'eternal.'

Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 02:45 AM
reply to post by strangleholder1

Hi Strangleholder1,

Then how do you explain TPTB? This reasoning that they are being lied to is false, I can assure you they know all about spirituality and have many seers, mediums and gifted people yet they choose to abuse constantly.

They choose because they have been offered power/authority/reward for their works by some who are behind the scenes and many have been lied to and deceived while others are 'consciously/aware' of what they are doing and choose out of freewill/choice do to what they do. Some enjoy doing harmful things to others and being involved on that side of the fence. This is a world full of opposition after all and freewill so it's only expected that some will fall and choose that darker path to experience.

Could this mean that spirituality is a lie?

No, those who choose to perform such things opposite of love/good will only stick around for longer periods of time in this existence or lesser until they learn the lesson that was intended for this creation of progressing out of duality into one compound or the other either light or dark. Does one enjoy living in pure darkness with no sun or light? Some are headed in that direction and it keeps getting dimmer and dimmer. Pain, sorrow, suffering is the reward in that direction opposite of happiness, joy, enlightenment, higher awareness/spirituality.

Perhaps there is no path or progression and we are predetermined by chemistry to pick a side,

Do you feel that you have control over the choices/decisions that you make? Some of these most certainly involve the human bodies chemistry/emotions/cravings such as 'appetite' or something you feel that you are in the 'mood' for. However ultimately the mind has control over the body but the body is full of opposition inside of it working against itself both on a chemistry level and in the mind. If you seek answers within yourself in 'spirit' you can be guided and gain 'resistance' to certain things (spirit over matter) holding yourself back from certain actions that you feel you want to do that perhaps go against the nature of 'goodness and /love.' It can be done. Anger can be controlled, one can learn patience, more tolerance, more understanding for another, more forgiveness - this is progressing towards the positive/good/loving side.

Positive, good, loving people only go to positive, good, loving placed based on the law of attraction applicable to the spirit/soul of man/woman.

Did I pass your test???

No mortal humans have yet, they are still stuck down in a world with gravity and full of opposition found in all things. The next step is to overcome the world and reach a higher level of 'spirituality' that is of pure 'LIGHT' consisting of only 'Love and desires to continually do 'good.' Then one's spirit/soul can convert into perfectness or one compound of Light and progress to beyond all human understanding infinite existences where true 'happiness' can be found and beyond. Happiness is infinite and one can infinitely become more and more happy and receive more and more joy in such places. ETERNITY

Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 03:00 AM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

Hi LeoVirgo,

Am I sensing that you believe the energy grid is not natural but was 'made'? All throughout nature...we see geometry and it makes sense to me why we see a energy grid on earth.

We see advanced 'Intelligent' design found in all things.

How is it that something without 'intelligence' could ever create earth's advanced universe?

But just as 2 people can have sex, they might not intend every step in 'manifesting' another human...such as the start of a electrical spark in the womb of the woman when the sperm enters the egg...or the splitting of cells within that egg to manifests a form of eventually a embryo....the 2 people dont have to think about all those little miraculous steps for them to become or be...but nature will still run its due course and will present a natural 'manifestation' of those two people through 'ex-pression' of themselves in that one moment together.

Natural as in just coming from nowhere? The human body having a baby analogy is something to further think about and only should go to show that something greater than man created the human body that far surpasses human understanding/intelligence. One should keep in mind that humans are the Creation and their bodes were created/designed to do just what they do and have babies in such a way. How can a universe such as earth's universe show up from nothing with 'no intelligence/being/creator/designer behind it?

Universes like earth's universe do not just pop up out of 'thin air' and the universe is far too complex/intelligently designed far beyond the human intelligence understanding. There is a Creator of Infinite Creators (spirit family) behind all creation in this universe/existence among infinite others. If we were to compare our intelligence with theirs we would be a small seed in the ground with root in comparison to an Einstein. There is no comparison and that is why 'some' cannot grasp the idea that a universe like this was ever put into creation. Keep in mind that 'intelligence' is infinite so you can only imagine how far ahead of human intelligence some are where there is no far. Human intelligence is an extremely low awareness level being 'temporal' only having memory/knowledge of a short period or time on earth.

Spaceships do not just show up out of thin air but are created. Natural is of the Creation, we are part of that so everything that 'naturally' occurs in our bodies or of our bodies is not of our own making being part of the 'Creation' but of the making of the 'Creator/Designer' of earth's universe.

Just for the record, I never came here to change anyone's belief, never a goal, moreso to simply share information and let others further think and discuss. Be who you are and stay the course being true to yourself. If you feel that you are willing to make a great sacrifice of yourself as a 'being' for the betterment of 'all' losing identity I see that as an admirable/generous/kind/charitable/loving thing. That someone-1 would be willing to make such a sacrifice losing 'self' for the rest of everyone. So I see only Love in your heart in believing in such a thing and I thank you for the willingness of you making such a great sacrifice that would be for everyone-1. All I can say is continue following your heart and the life you feel that you need to live but don't be shocked to find out that your higher self may only be merging with your 'infinite-1' higher self and not Creation or a Creator as a whole.-)

I believe that you can touch anything and feel its connection to Earth.

Perhaps this was not that clear, this is what I wrote:

“If you go into a lumber store and try to connect with a piece of plywood and feel it's energy it will be much different than a connection being made with a tree that's alive or connected to Earth's energy grid."

All life is connected directly being alive not 'dead' as humans understand it to be. What I've suggested above is that the vibration of the 'not growing' 'alive' piece of plywood will be much different than an 'alive' or 'still growing' tree. However both are just energy in different states of vibration and both have an affect on the planet being part of it - but the 'Tree' is rooted into earth and still part of the 'life force' of it receiving 'nourishment' as continues to 'grow' being 'alive' as humans know it unlike the table that is 'not alive' but just energy or 'dead wood.'

Ironically, what we have considered to be 'empty/nothing' for so long is actually full of 'something'.

Just like space/energy that is 'infinite' so is one-1's 'soul/spirit' also infinite, it cannot be erased or destroyed and has always existed. 'Intelligences' have always existed and can infinitely become more intelligent or infinitely become less intelligence with no end forever. This is the very concept of 'infinity' that goes on forever. A very difficult thing to fully bend/wrap one's mind around, the very concept of infinity or a grain of sand never-ending both inwards and outwards can be applied to the 'spirit/soul' of man/woman.

Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 03:13 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Hi Unity_99,

I was directed to be corrected on some things and had to empty part of my own cup.

Humanity as a 'whole' being 'spirit family' are not ready for a world consisting of only 'Love.' It's quite obvious that the opposition forces remain quite strong on earth. Earth's experiences are all part of the learning experience as hard as some lessons/experiences may be. It's never easy to understand that some obstacles/difficulties/struggles we have in life that we consider to be a curse upon us could actually be a blessing allowing us to learn and further progress. All we can really do is follow our hearts and help people out in the best way we can. IF WE CAN...

But in Truth, it's never us reaching others or helping them out (though we are the one's holding up the candle) but it's the spirit of Love & Peace that we pass onto others that assists them. All we can really do in earth's world is shine LIGHT in the best way we know how, hoping others will recognize it and be touched by it. The light is not anyone's to own or keep but everyone-1 has it inside of them being part of earth's duality existence consisting of both dark and light.

Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 09:36 AM
reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice

I understand I have committed 3 deadly sins, I am fighting to stay away from them. I understand why ACB gave me the name of Molloch and Babylon. I know where the new Babylon will be set, I understand Molloch is a reflection of myself. I understand that I have been long friend's for many past lives with Anubis, I understand why I have strong ties with the darkness and why for so much corruption in my family. Me and Anubis have fought strong together and battle thy enemies. We have conquered many land's. All past memories from previous lives of great war's known to man. I have fought, alway's in great war's and the dark one stand's alway's on my right side. I have many minion's I cannot get rid of, they won't let me go so easily. I am friend's with Dracula he rid's on my minion's and has shown me his empire which I'm more than welcome to return. It flow's with beautiful marble floor's and stones and between the staircases lava flows. From year's ago my name was called from the dark cemetry of 2003 on Halloween and there I met amonst the shadow's a major demon. Huge, blacker than black, what do they want with me.

I've alway's known I am a strong psi abilities and alway's tuned in with those who never left my side, we fought strong but why in this life do they stand so close. Because I am trying to leave the aftermath, I am trying to be good, I am trying to progress onto a righteous path and have tried so hard in life, in this life to stay on the RIGHT path. I know I am a Warrior Spirit and have many memories fighting alonside Anubis, he was my protector and friend. One reason I do not meditate offen as do not want to invite negatives into my families home. I do feel proud, I feel upset 24/7 though living on low vibrations also invites unexpected guest's.

I'm slowly peicing the puzzle together and I have alway's know my Soul to be from an ancient genre. I am alway's battling my desires whilst I sleep. I never rest. I a fighter, a survivor, a warrior and in true in this life as have trained for many year's in Martial Art's, Judo, Shotokan and Karate. I enjoy the techniques of each movement. I do not enjoy my strong desires though I am working on them. I now understand why I can bring dremas to life. Because we are a reflection of our dream states in our real lives. Everything and anything you do whether right or wrong will come back to haunt you in your real lives. I know because I alway's fighting my demon's 24/7, there alway's here because they do not want me to progress on a btter path than themselves.

I have a strong desire and know I can but I won't do bad because of somebody else. I will learn their mistakes and only judge them once I've experienced being in their shoes.

Like a famous saying "We're the middle children of history.... no purpose or place. We have no Great War, no Great Depression. Our great war is a spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives." From Tyler Durden - Fight Club.

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 09:53 AM
Why do I desire so much power from within and desire to revenge thy enemies? How do I let go of such strong desire to punish and crush those who stood in my way? Why do I feel pleasure when I frighten someone with my abilities? Why have I lost the need to smile and only smile with laughter when it is shocking to another? Though I do not laugh at people getting hurt. Only the funny films. I admit I was bullied a lot throughout schooling all the way into college and there on after into employment. Everywhere I go I'm judged for the way I appear to other's, I feel like an animal from a zoo.

If that's the way people treat me then that's how il treat them and crush them. I try to be kind and it's all thrown back in my face, I can control my anger whereas before didn't and haven't ever required to fight a person physically because I know I can come at them like a thousand's ton's of brick's and hit their emotional weaknesses and destroy them in an instance! I do not do this anymore, I have learnt it is wrong, because I felt their pain and I have worked with them and have asked for forgiveness. We all get on along a lot better now after I was put in their shoes and felt what I put them through.

You'll never escape justice/consequences. We all have to face our demon's sooner the better later the worst.

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 10:12 AM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

I had this feeling, something like this, but I've heard other stories too, and they are also psi. Some from those connections are actually here to help the other side and program the matrix in the wrong way, some don't know really that this is it, they're being "handled". But everyone needs a helping hand too, and the meditation doesnt open the door for negatives if its a meditational prayer, or sungazing, these are tools to connect and also praying helps as well. Because in truth, even if you have companions from the other side, if this is not merely a distortion to lure you, if its an inner knowing, the way to help them is to grow in light and love. All need that helping hand, and no matter what some say, the purpose of life is to graduate from this duality and grow in love, light, and grace. The purpose of this duality is never to allow a large number to be lost, their consciousness growing smaller, and going through countless pain and suffering. I would be handing in infinite numbers of minority reports to get everyone moving up above, and have no problem with it, one thing about my soul is the knowledge that I am a Team Player, and that Family is very important, so I would never walk away, but at the same time, I know that there is not one person in existence, that is without a plan at the right moment to help.

Because everyone is precious and their family/soul mate and friends are on the other side. And only growing in love and graces is it really possible to help others. I also know that there are reasons for some things and timings. That when a person makes a U-turn, the prodigal son, even from the ranks of which you named, some further along in negativity, they have walked such a hard road, and will be great teachers on the others side, able to reach where in with the assistance of the Spirit of Love, where few can reach, a special task force if you will. That is how I see it.

You've had a lot of positive experiences and guidance too, so I would have faith and work on these issues with compassion for everyone involved, and renounce negativity.

Much Love & Light to you.
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posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 10:19 AM
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I have always known that not everyone is in situations to help others very much, and that this is always circumstantial related. But there are many people who are ready for more than this war planet and NWO slavery. And the idea of a duality being choosing polarization, where its ok for people to endless be tortured by negative entities, that out of this great evil progression occurs, means something so grotesque the universe and everything that created it would disappear forever. The means wouldn't justify the end. Ends and goals cannot be accomplished by any means, we would not create heaven by trillions of years of people harming others then being sacrificed in lower levels, its grotesque. We don't stand by and suffer anyone to go through unnecessary suffering, when it only takes light, love, awareness and a helping hand. The real purpose is for all to choose Love, and as quickly as possible is the best way.

Do you believe in a singularity Creator over all, as in One, in the end?

Peace, Love & Light!
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