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Hidden Hand Message - Law Of One - Discussion!

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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 09:57 AM
You know something "AdonaiChristBless" never did answer my question, and I've been blinking patient. Well how about that, I might as well contact Molloch myself..NOT! if I wanted to pursue answer's.

It's not like we haven't met already, yet I still wonder why he was there in the army barrack's.
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I'm starting to wonder who's side a few individual's are on in this discussion. One minute their against us and telling us horrid thing's are to come then the next they apologise then given a slap-on-the-wrist and let go and that's that.

It's okay for them to do wrong and have apologise accepted yet what about the people doing right who get punished more than the ones who do WRONG! I'm sick of it.

We ought to make up our own bl**dy law's, and work for ourselves and abolish the tax-payer system and go out and riot and make an impression that we're not part of the system no-more. Everybody pack in your job's, we're all pretty much working for nothing, we have people on benefit's who can earn 3 times as much as what us hard working citizen's earn in a month, and we get TAXED on top of that. Do THEY? NO!

If we all gonna work together than we all have to take drastic action and do the system over. Play by our OWN rules, break the law's, make ya point's, it's the only bl**dy way they'll listen.

There's a lot of people who believe more in action and an action done physically than somebody who say's we need to take action by a Spiritual Battlefront. I still believe we should take action by a Spiritual Battlefront however I see more action in other's who are not aware or switched on and there more likely to ring into total chaos-mode if something doesn't change in the next 12 month's.

Tension's are already building here and even good, hard-working citizen's are even stating what's the point abiding to a system that doesn't even care for it's people, we might as well do what all the rest of those who are living-it-live and pack in our job's tomorrow and screw the government. Yeah I could definately see a so-called CHANGE in the work's of this government. Instead of telling us last minute what's to occur, let's give them total chaos and spoil their plan's for leaving us with NOTHING!!!
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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 10:24 AM
We're on a WAR planet, and there's people saying, "Let's all go to church and rejoice with love and hand down our weapon's to our enemies and our leader's, and blah blah blah".

What and makes us all PRIMITIVE in technology so that we get CRUSHED!! Nor way in life will I abide to that!

I'l join a resistance if need be and fight for justice, why should we be made to stand down and accept that we cannot fight without a reason to do so. What makes PTB think that' will even care what they do afterward's, after a lot of people have sorted them out. Neither of us will be better off, though at least in the back of our mind's will have a sense of secruity knowing that people did try and make a difference.

It's like I'm not pursing violence and believe we should work as a team going-behind-the-scences, workign within the lines of these government/military parties and exposing them with everything we've got. But it would have to be well organized and enough people to take action at once. I can imagine the wide-scale of chaos, not something I would really want only speakin through with frustration.

It's like an old saying, "If they want war, They've GOT WAR!!!" - Doesn't neccessarily mean we should use violence either. Just other means of measure of justice and that DOES include breaking law's. How else will we SURVIVE!!!

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 10:49 AM
reply to post by strangleholder1

Hi Strangleholder1,

This planet is one big pulsating spirit but the moment man manufactures something from it, the materials lose their natural connection to the planet and become unnatural. Incidently did you get my u2u?

It all comes from a natural source of energy therefore merely changes vibration but remains the same material. I heard about someone who did a little experiment, they placed a picture of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Regime in front of a small tender plant. Then they had another small tender plant and placed a picture of Yeshua Christ in front of it. They put both plants outside with the same water/sun about 10ft or so separated from each other and the plant with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi picture next to it did not grow as well. There is an energy signature in all things and some of the materials we use to create what we call technology naturally will differ in density, weight, vibration and energy level depending on the source of the material and the materials of Earth itself. But all things are still only energy just as we are.

Our bodies come from the dust and so does every living thing which is all just energy, the illusion is that everything seems more than just energy to us truly. There is far more behind this energy than most can imagine, the spirit could take on many definitions and the soul is specific for each individual but the spirit connects us all. The soul inside of each body is Eternal, the spirit connects us to each other, the energy we send comes out of our 'soul' sent to the (Collective) of all through a 'Oneness' in spirit.

We truly are a 'Oneness' connected in spirit being of One Family Unit. Not everyone is tuned into this spirit but they can be if they practice LOVE in their lives and the true spirit of Love & Peace. One-1 could say that we are all ONE in spirit which is truth but not everyone-1 is tuned in or always connected to this oneness spirit, though they are still part of it. We do have a 'soul' that is for each of us being a part of a spirit family unit of the Creator/Creators. We were created in their likeness/image and this is in metaphor in many ways. View the human body and human family and see what kind of family we are a part of. As we are now, so we are – As Above So Below. The connection of the Spirit of Love & Peace or the Holy Spirit/Ghost is the spirit shared and connected to each one of us or All in --- 'Oneness' if we tune into it.

I know that we each have an identity 'soul' signature just like the picture placed before the plant. The 'Soul' is Eternal and we share a 'oneness' in spirit even though many are out of tune instruments not always in tune with this collective 'oneness' spirit that is the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, Love, Comfort and Peace. The true example and life of Christ is our demonstration of pure love.

I offer you the below video that shows examples of this pure Love and the way we should be treating others. With Kindness, gentleness, caring, loving, sensitivity, unconditional patience, understanding for others, forgiveness and so on. Christ understood (whether you believe in his existence or not) this is an example – He understood about Energy and how it works. He could see into someone's 'soul' and discern their spirit. He could read the energy and had the gift of healing because he knew how to produce Positive Healing energy through Faith and Belief, he never had doubt knowing how it works.

But in order for him to heal it was always necessary that the recipient had faith that he could do such a thing. Why did it require this faith, because BELIEVING is the strongest of all things equivalent to LOVE and they both work hand in hand. Focus positive loving energy and send it to someone or into the world. But if you want it to reach people truly you must believe first in yourself that you can do it. Second, you must believe in those around you or those you wish to help, third you must BELIEVE in the Spirit of Love & Peace and in the Holy Spirit.

If you Put your Trust and Faith in these things with no doubt and strong INTENT believing you will make a difference you will. FAITH=BELIEVING and we need to have stronger Belief in ourselves and those around us, we need to have stronger Faith in everyone, our loved one's, the world in general and in ourselves but last but never least the most important of all these things is having belief in the true spirit of Love & Peace that connects us all or the Holy Spirit source. You can call this the Creator if you like, or you can call this the spirit of Christ but in truth it comes from both and all the same which is the spirit of LOVE & TRUTH. Christ is the energy signature of this and his life was a great example showing us how to live our lives, he showed us the way and there are many great clues in the new testament if you can read past the lines and realize that he was working true miracles because he understood all about energy and Creation and the materials of this planet. (Even if you believe the life of Christ to be metaphor, it was given by divine guidance/inspiration to show us the way as an example of how to live our lives.)

You may have noticed that Yeshua healed many and mentioned that their illness or disease came upon them due to sin. What does this really mean to say? What is sin? Negative Energy is what it is, it means these people were doing negative things that produced negative energy inside of them which attracted outside energy based on their actions/reactions/interactions with others. Cause and Affect and what they put out they received back. Well, Yeshua recognized this so he knew how to heal them but it was necessary that they accepted this positive energy and in order for them to receive it they needed to truly BELIEVE and in this process it allowed them to release the energy within them allowing Yeshua to fill them with Light and with true healing energy.

This is why you may notice the laying on of hands directly because his LIGHT came from within his 'Soul' and he was transferring this light to them in spirit that connects all of us. This is the true healing power and way that the world can get better and become whole again. We are learning our lessons in all of this along the way, but we are all seeking for happiness and yearning for it deep within and due to the situations on the planet it has affected us whether we realize it or not. BUT we don't have to allow negative energy to affect us, someone with strong BELIEF and FAITH could literally be bitten by a poisonous snake and survive, only if they believe and have the true spirit in them.

I do not in anyway suggest you try it, but I am using that as an example and I have no fear of death and know right now that I cannot die. MY time has not come and I know that I cannot get seriously ill or sick either unless for a reason. My 'soul' is clean and fixed and connected with this spirit that connects us all and I have witnessed such things above myself. What I share with you is information that I ask you experiment with yourself. BUT BELIEVE and have no doubts, Have faith in all the things I mentioned and I assure you that the spirit of LOVE & PEACE will answer.

I felt it necessary to share and have been promoted to do so.You can heal the negative using a positive, the healing process and transformation of humanity must soon come and it's all about Positive, Love and upgrades in higher awareness/understanding so that we all may realize that this life was not meant for suffering but to learn from it. Let us move past that lesson and find Happiness and Joy through helping others and being humble, appreciative and grateful living our lives after Christ as the example and tuning into the spirit always that connects everyone-1 of us in 'oneness' when we are connected as a 'Whole Family Unit.'

Here is the example video of Christ healing others and teaching us the way we should treat others in kindness, gentleness, caring, loving, giving, forgiveness and so on. Though the video is of a religious nature disregard the religious stuff and focus on the LOVE & PEACE stuff that is showing Christ and the great examples he set for us on how we should be treating others in pure and unconditional Love for all.


Peace, Love, Blessings & Best Wishes!

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

How else will we SURVIVE!!!

The complexity of our desire to hold on to the only life we know harsh.

But one eventually makes a choice on what life they are fighting for. Is it for a individual self or for a whole? Even in that whole...are they fighting for the life of flesh for the whole or the life of spirit for the whole? Many choices and paths lay before us and we all must walk the one that seems fit.

A inner choice must occur amongst us....for change to come outwardly in the things and paths we choose. There are many still working on that inner battle.

Just know....if there are outward battles going just shows truly, that inwardly, much work needs to come.

Fighting violence with violence will not work. Two wrongs dont make a right.

It is frustrating, but as long as there are individuals battling within themselves, there will be outward conflict manifesting.

Just some thoughts and I know its not easy. Try to stay on the positive side with knowing every one you come into contact with in the world, you can be kind, smile, catch eye contact, send them a vibration of 'you are more then a 'self'. Find the divine light that is within you, in every other.

Be thankful that we are crossing a time/moment where others are working on that battle within them and we are here in a time that those people can share their thoughts with others across the world at their fingertips of a keyboard. This in itself, causes others to question things and observe things more deeply about their own existence and being. To work inwardly, one must be willing to be observant not only at the world around then, but the world within them.
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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 11:24 AM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

ET_MAN wrote a post here in his new thread: Change The World You Say? Are You Ready for Change? The World Has Done It's JOB, that was so inpsirational, I emailed it to a friend who was struggling immediately. I really hope you read it.

The world needs us to turn all negativity, all arguments, all flaws, failings and emotions, all reactions into positivity, and to shine our lights and shine Love. We need to bring in positive change, and not only do this in our lives but share that this is needed with others around us. Its a mirror to our inner state of being collectively.

The u2u you shared with me about your dream, that is karma, we only fall under negative channels like this when we are doing or turning a blind eye to the negativity that gives permissions. So those in war and combat training or situations could very well be giving the wrong channel permissions. War is a big NO to the higher ups, so is allowing anyone, let alone over half the planet, to starve, or anyone to be homeless. If we only understood.

So what is the worst thing that can happen, if you become more loving and recognize your brother or sister, younger sibling, in the ones acting up or being violent? You might, if the Spirit in you doesn't protect you or find the right words or action, (not directed against the other but avoidance of danger) in the worst case scenario, win the golden ticket back home. But if we're still told not yet, get back on task, back to work, you're not off the hook that easily, we're still here. Leaving here, attempting to do the right thing even if it kills you is not something that scares me in any way. Because this isn't my home. Earth is like a higher level hellzone or a winterland to me. And people here need retreivals themselves.
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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 11:53 AM

Originally posted by Unity_99
reply to post by LeoVirgo

Those with energy recognition realize there is a huge difference in energy between granite, sand, pavement, and coke cans, than in creatures, and even here, humans, and ETs/entities have real soul consciousness, each different. ie. When the phone rings, you can often know who it is, or touch your computer and know who has emailed you, or sense someone arriving unexpectedly, sense them from a ways off, over a block away, or when someone is thinking of you, vibe on them. Thats because they are people and have a soul. And in fact, time and space have little to do with anything, and seem to be illusion at best, so that if you try to place something, you can sometimes locate or get a remote sensing location, like when I knew where a murder victim was, and she was found in a location just like what I saw, just less than a year earlier.
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Your comment is interesting....and I had to ponder on it for a bit before I wanted to reply.

Could our connection to things like 'precognition' be due to the idea that we are all connected through Spirit, able to tap into the 'true self'? If all souls are within this web...then like electricity flows along currents/lines so to can we feel that flow and tap into it?

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 12:43 PM
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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 02:52 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

So who's behind this plot this time, the moderator's or is there somebody else here in this chat forum who has something to say to all of us why they don't agree and take away ET_MAN's message above. This was a large post and I don't feel that ET_MAN would just throw it away like this.

Your messing with ET_MAN, your messing with the wrong crowd.
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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 04:47 PM

Originally posted by LeoVirgo

The complexity of our desire to hold on to the only life we know harsh.

But one eventually makes a choice on what life they are fighting for. Is it for a individual self or for a whole? Even in that whole...are they fighting for the life of flesh for the whole or the life of spirit for the whole? Many choices and paths lay before us and we all must walk the one that seems fit.

Mine is simply to exist in consciousness thought.

Its kind of odd - - but I'm almost envious of Stephen Hawking living a life of thought.
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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 06:05 PM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

Hi DClairvoyant,

It's all good Brother, relax, take a deep breath and I appreciate your good intentions/support.

Love & Peace!

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 06:14 PM

Originally posted by LeoVirgo
reply to post by ET_MAN

*peaks head in* did someone say 'oneness'

Hi Leovirgo, yes it was I, that was cute by the way, thanks for peaking in and hope you can stay and share more with others. I only see goodness in you and I know that you truly are a great person and your words speak much louder than pictures.-)

If you will pardon my re-entry to take a shot at your questions

You were pardoned before the thread started, you had me on the first letter of your first post. lol

Im not here to tell you they are right...and I hope no one is here to say they are right....if purely for the sake of sharing and discussion, I will partake.

I can respect how you feel and I won't claim myself here to be any greater or better than any one-1.

Lots of good questions etman. Been pondering on them.

That's great, I was kinda expecting you to show up and fill in the blanks.

I was given a few more things to ponder on. Thinking outside the Box, like the Magicians Apprentice shared with us. You may have noticed in some of my posts and suggestions.-) They are never to insult but to start thinking MORE because understanding ALL of Creation is still way over our heads, me and you both alike. There is only so much we can understand/know on this level and we are still learning things through the life experiences that we have.The spirit is continually teaching, this is part of what we consider to be 'eternal progression' but for now in this lifetime since we cannot yet see ourselves ahead of it As Above – So Below, with a Family like we have down here and children so shall it be Above then we must call it temporal progression.

It's hard to deny that we are not growing from birth and learning new things/progressing in spirit and in awareness/knowledge of our surroundings from birth to death. But death as we know it is merely an illusion, the body being matter returns to dust while the 'soul' is connected to all things in spirit that returns to the spirit world with family on the other side.

Everyone-1 is connected -ALL -'souls' through spirit as we all are a FAMILY unit. In the same way that all Flesh or Humanity in general as a whole is all connected from Father to Son, Mother to Daughter, Grandfather to Grandson and so on. Families on Earth can show us how it is and will be Eternally. It is the As Above So Below, Earth and the human Family shows us this along with all things that produce offspring and family as well.

Is everything in the universe a 'ONE' consciousness mind?

In the sense of the 'universe' I would say there is a 'one something' but am unsure what exact words I would use...maybe 'one consciousness mind'

One spirit tuned in with all things of Creation that carry a signature of the Creator in energy, a 'oneness' that connects each of us to each other like Brother to Sister, Father to Son, Mother to Daughter each containing an Eternal 'Soul' within them but connected in 'oneness' to each other and all things in Creation. That is the 'oneness' spirit we all feel and connect with.

but I think words like 'mind' are open to being alot of things and we can easily confuse then or mistake the word to be like 'human mind' which I dont think they resemble all that much.

The Creators (Family) intentionally created many wonders for us to look upon and think about. There are many reflections found in nature and above up in the cosmos that reflect and show us that we are all coming from something much greater than we could possibly ever fully comprehend/imagine. It is showing us that we are such a tiny spec of the picture yet we are all part of it at the same time being 'oneness' and connected in spirit, One-1 to another like a Family Unit. Families are Forever and all 'souls' have always been in one form or another. We should be grateful and take joy in our hearts that we are part of this Infinite never-ending eternal picture with the Creator/Creators because everything they have Above they offer to us (Their spirit children) and where they are now, we will one day be. We will move forwards to outer universes and beyond as we continue to spiritually progress and learn and reach new levels/heights of Love, Awareness & Spirituality to eventually become Creators of such wonderful Creations as this and beyond. Eternal-Progression!

Is there one spirit in the universe? I would answer 'yes'.

I would answer yes as well. A 'one spirit' that connects all of us one-1 to another in 'oneness' maintaining our unique 'souls' (Family) working our way forwards to new levels (Together)

Does the Spirit transcend and 'be' without the universe?

There is an energy signature on all things from the Creators (Family) but the energy has always existed in space. Infinite energy in space, and 'They Said' - Let there be Light and there was Light. Space is Eternal and has always been. Creation comes through knowing how to create and manifest energy in BELIEVING but must be done with a connection to the Creators spirit or Holy Spirit of Peace & Love.

Eternal energy I consider to be 'Natural' since it's always been. The manifestation of the materials in this Universe were brought together and constructed in 'BELIEVING' working energy (Soul/Mind over Matter) and there was LIGHT. Once Creation was in place with worlds beyond our comprehension in this Universe with life on them like Earth all similar by design as the Universe shows similarity in planets/shapes/sizes and so on. So are all lifeforms that were brought forth upon the face of the Earth. The Creators Created Man from the materials of Earth in their own image and likeness giving us dominion over all the Earth so that we may learn as they once did when they once were BELOW as a Family Unit that are now ABOVE. It is truly wonderful to know that Families Live on Forever, it is not a mere desire of wanting it to be so - but it's how As Above So Below just (IS) – Infinite-Self!

Does the universe 'have' to be for the spirit to be...I would say no.

The oneness we all share in connection one-1 to another in spirit is our connection to family as a whole within this universe. The energy signature of all matter or Creation comes from the Creators and is connected in spirit through energy/vibration of the Creators. We are their Eternal Family and what does this truly mean? It means that As Above So Below, our children our unique 'souls' that have been with us in one way or another Forever. It means that when they were born we brought them into this world as their parents to show us the As Above So Below way Families work as a Unit (Togetherness) yes 'oneness' overall in Humanity coming from the same Spirit Family each possessing our own unique/individual 'soul' as we see this in nature, uniqueness in all things, offspring and family, snowflakes and trees. There is a special family 'oneness' in spirit or unity to be seen that the Creators want us to pay attention to and recognize/learn and ask about through spirit tuning into the 'oneness' spirit' found in all things as The Creators are emanating/vibration energy/signature of Creation (being their Creation) and coming from the cosmos and beyond but connected back to the Creators.

Does that include every single thing such as dirt, rocks, iron, copper and other such materials found on earth?

Defiantly. All of those things occurred in a natural 'state' of being.

Truly everything comes from a so called nature state or 'natural' state being Creation even man is natural itself so our creation is of the natural state. However, I must agree with some here that when man creates something it loses the/Creators energy signature as it is not 'Alive' as we know it. Let us take a tree for example, we chop it down and create a table. The Tree is now dis-attached to the natural energy grid and loses the signature of the Creators being not 'Alive so contains a different state of energy/vibration being disconnected from the planet 'Not Alive' and transformed into something different or man-made but with no flowing 'spirit' from the energy grid or signature of the Creators. (It turns into a different vibration of energy)

Are they part of us?

We all are a part of Earth.

We all are part of Earth and the Earth is part of the universe in whole. Interesting observation - what does the distance of one planet to another show us – As Above So Below. Earth is a Family Unit (Together) We are a 'oneness' in spirit (Together) in the same way that a Family Unit is of other worlds with (life on them) (Together) also as a family unit. This demonstrates Uniqueness /Separateness one planet being away from another and different/unique - yet 'ONENESS' in spirit connection to all that is within the universe from energy to spirit and the greatest of all things is it demonstrates and shows 'FAMILY.'

A Family Unit in 'oneness' working (together) as we must all work and live together on a planet and learn to love each other like (family) - As a whole or family unit. One-1 can recognize that we are all part of an eternal Spirit Family and working our way up with never-ending progression.

When do they lose their spirit? When we manufacturer a coke can? When we use the material to pave a concrete road?

Some have suggested that technology being man-made has no spirit but that dirt, rocks, iron, copper and other such materials do. If this is the case then what are man-made objects made out of?

Nothing can exists within being a part of 'energy'...I wouldnt say anything 'looses spirit' but there are different 'states of being'.

Things that are not alive as we know it are disconnected from the 'nature' or 'natural' energy signature of the divine Creators therefore dis-attached being man-made inventions/technology and so on with a change in energy signature/vibration. One-1 may notice when a tree loses it's connection to life and is cut down it can either be turned into a table, man-made object or it can remain in nature and slowly break down to go back into the Earth. This is what I'm sure most notice and see being a phase of being or process of recyclement as the energy/materials will be reused in the Earth to give nourishment to other life that is connected and will grow and reuse this energy for 'food' as we call it or 'nourishment' for them to survive and grow connecting it back to the energy grid of Life and the spirit of 'oneness' that we are all connected to.

If you go into a lumber store and try to connect with a piece of plywood and feel it's energy it will be much different than a connection being made with a tree that's alive or connected to Earth's energy grid. Once it breaks down and is used by the Earth again it then can be given back to 'nature' to make use of it and take 'nourishment' from it – since all things use energy in one form or another to grow. So we do observe the recyclement of all energy including the human body that eventually breaks down into the earth re-connecting to the energy grid signature from the Creator/Creators that connects us all to each other in 'spirit' - all Life with a one connection in spirit.

I will add more on recyclement so that we understand that eternal 'souls' existing within matter/energy bodies are not only 'ONE' in material or energy but 'ONE' in spirit as well. So oneness in material/energy spirit being connected to The Creators therefore we also share a common oneness energy signature of the Creators who Created physicality as we know it- connected to them in spirit yet we remain unique 'souls' being part of a (Family) unit as a whole or 'Spirit' family.

Our 'souls' cannot be seen by man yet they are there. This spirit that we all share in oneness cannot be seen by man but it is there and can be felt and observed. Energy we can see and observe being made of the same stuff as this Universe was created from what some call nothingness which is infinite somethingness or SPACE which is Infinite Energy/Space. Amazing how Infinity works, Infinite energy from anything out there can exist and be tapped into if one knows how even an atom.

Man made objects are made of the natural energy that was naturally here...but they are a 'phase' of man. They would not be without man. Without man there would of not been the idea, the need, the desire, the will, the working mind to process the thoughts and bring the idea to manifestation/expression.

Isn't it wonderful also, we are here to learn and and attempt to create new things as the Creators, that is what the Creators want us to do in order to learn. We are creating new things, inventing new ideas and working together on things and that is also what the Creators smile upon. As long as the creations we create are with good intent and for our own good. Not to use against others or enslave and start wars. It's when we create weapons of war to use against each other that's not good. Humanity has many lessons yet to learn, everyone-1 should be treating each other more like (Family) and recognize that we are all connected in spirit to each other and to the Creators being (Family.)

Can we bend/wrap our minds around it, and when I say that I don't mean coming out of a computer screen or system, such are metaphors for some to further 'Think outside the box” about how much greater this amazing, marvelous, wonderous and beautiful Creation/World/Universe really is. From pure energy it was created by the Designers/Creators - Energy Workers that manifested energy from nothingness which is somethingness from SPACE which is Infinite space and energy. INFINITY is amazing and wonderous but a universe doesn't literally exist within us or in our bodies but there is Infinite energy/space within us. (If one-1 only knew how to tap into it.)

Also, as the saying goes 'The kingdom of Heaven is Within Us' that is our 'oneness' connection in spirit to the Father/Mother (Family) and all things in this Creation Universe sharing the same connection in spirit of 'oneness.' Made of the same energy matter all containing infinite 'souls' unique and beautiful yet still ONE in likeness/design like butterfly's and snowflakes. Families are truly the greatest thing to ever have. I love my family and isn't this what life is all about? Doesn't everything around us truly show us Family and offspring. Our own children we spiritually have a strong attachment/connection to THEM because we know them and have been with them previously before but our physical temporal minds cannot remember because of the 'Veil of forgetfulness' without preexistence memory/awareness.

I can touch a object made by man and feel there is a connection to man the maker. One can even maybe tap into the desire, intent, and reason...for the first manifested expression of the man that made the first object...the rest are just copies not really needing the original thought or idea. Still....tied to the original expression/idea/phase of a man that created the object. Maybe after man made the first table...another man made it more creative...added a attribute into the 'phase' of that manifestation of him/her self. And so on.

Almost like placing a picture of War and Violence in front of plants out in nature. They do put off of a certain negative vibe that can affect things around them. The above answer you just shared with us also shows that we ourselves as the Creator of something put our own Creator Energy Signature on our own creation or man-made objects/technologies just like the Creators have their own energy Signature on all of Creation. Theirs being 'Life and Alive' (as we know it) manifested from SPACE which is the real natural source of energy. However the 'souls' of men/women have always been (Spirit Family) to our Eternal Father/Mother (Families) In the Heavens above. Just as our Sons/Daughters will always be to us when we reach a higher level of existence. As Above So Below (Family Togetherness)

Now look around, we have all sorts of phases of man placed into expressions of mans ideas. This can be our greatest potential or our worst.

Technology can be used for the betterment of mankind or for not such good things in which we are seeing a lot of on this planet right now. Such as wars, abuse, control through all of these technologies that causes suffering, starvation and a great depression among many. But never let depression bring a person down, overcome it with Positive energy (Mind over Matter) (Spirit over Matter) we can turn a negative into a positive. We have that capability within us, negative energy is not necessary to balance the positive energy on the planet (The Doctors Wife) therefore evil acts and negative deeds are not necessary as well but are available always as a CHOICE.

Like a magnet with two sides to it both Positive+ and Negative-. What holds these two joined opposite forces together in one body to form like a magnet and what happens if a negative changed polarity into a positive.

I hope that there is a natural way of it all working itself for the 'worst' to not become but I cant say I know that.

Simply CHOICE, look back upon history and discover that there were many times of peace, it wasn't always WAR and it doesn't always need to be either. Keep in mind, what we carry inside of us affects and manifests into the world. Mistakes and negative energy are bound to happen, now the question is to what level/degree. When we're upset or insulting someone by calling them a name or making judgments upon them we are putting out negative energy to that person because someone will take it in offense unless they are aware that they can reject/reflect such negative energy and not allow it to get to them turning that negative around into a positive.

Life surely goes on somewhere in this vastness.

Always go with your heart!

If you create may be an original thought or it may be a idea that someone already produces only you just improved it our added your own attractions to it. It would still be a 'ex-pression of you' and without the natural materials of would not be and the object could not be. Think of all the materials that had to exists in the Universe before Earth 'became' for Earth to 'be'.

Intelligently Designed Creation came forth through empty space manifested by the true Light Workers or the Creators materializing things into the natural process of life. Let there be Light and there was Light is how it began yet in Eternity technically it always has been. - Somewhere in TIME.

Some can tap into the memory of earth....which is being in the state of spirit without form, true self, and cascading back through different vibrate forms of being, maybe through plants, animals, man, earths formation, or even times of themes of mans mind in a collective consciousness like religions and why they thought what they thought ect.

We can be shown things through the 'oneness' spirit about nature, to better understand the process of life and what we call evolution as we perceive it to be.

Then the question also comes in of 'soul' and what is a soul. Is is individual in its own right?

It is a unique family member of the Eternal (Spirit family) each family member has a connection in spirit one to another in the same way that all humans are connected via generations/DNA/physical bodies from the first man/men/woman/women to the present day diversification found throughout the world in cultures/races yet all being connected in 'oneness' being a part of the creation and sharing a 'oneness' in spirit, some tuned into the spirit more than others.

I personally think right now (subject to change on understandings) that a soul is a word to describe a 'phase ' of spirit.)

Some call that reincarnation of a 'Soul', the 'soul' being eternal and continuing to work on spiritual progression until they've learned what they needed to learn and turned their weaknesses into strengths (Spiritually.) But they are never separated to the (Family) as we are all made of the same material/energy/signature of the Creator/Creators and share a 'oneness' in spirit with them if we tune into that channel/frequency of love and peace found within us. Our Family the Creators will always be with us even until the end of time as we know it. (The kingdom of heaven is within you) is your radio/communication to the 'oneness' spirit connecting back to the Creators. (Family)

Or do we also have a spirit? If we do have a spirit where is the spirit located at?

I would say all things have to be of 'be'.

I would not say the Spirit though, has 'location' unless you consider that its within all well as surrounds all things (space)....and does not have to be 'manifested in forms' to 'be'. A force beyond our measurements or understanding.

All things have the 'oneness' signature spirit from the Creators being 'Alive' (as we know it) and of their Creation/Making. But 'soul' is unique and different than just energy and the 'oneness spirit.'

Is the spirit separate from the energy/matter or is it ONE with all things and all energy/matter is ONE with the spirit?

Spirit wouldnt be separate from anything of form....remember energy doesnt always 'take form' and there are states of 'energy' in 'fields' like electromagnetic fields. Spirit doesnt have to be in a 'seen observable state' to 'be'. Lets not forget...there are many definitions of 'what is spirit'.

The spirit of 'oneness' or Life/Creation is found within all thing Created by the Designers/Creators. All things that we perceive to be material life, lifeforms, nature, planets, stars, galaxies and so on.

Or is everything truly just ONE and that means all energy even the technology that humans create?

Right...but remember...without man expressing there would not be certain things. There is 'intent and will and desire ect' behind the expressions of manmade things.

We do not connect in 'oneness' spirit with technologies as there is not an 'energy/life force in them' but the energy they put out can affect us depending on the vibration of the energy. The 'Spirit' behind the energy is what we share in 'oneness', the 'soul' is what we have (the you) which is unique like a snowflake being part of a (Family) Unit but connected in 'oneness' through spirit. Nature shows us Family and uniqueness at the same time but everything also shares a common 'oneness' in spirit or the spirit connected to the Creators – Earth Life (as we know it)

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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 06:35 PM

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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 06:48 PM

If the Universe is a ONE mind 'consciousness' and the technology that humans create is separate from it then doesn't that cause division and separation?

If only we could see the swirling energy in the table...right? Only our perception see's division. Just as though...perception see's mankind as separate and trees as separate ect. Are they all not just a 'phase' of being? In some perspective..they are all still energy, but each having a unique vibration of 'being'.

Not so much a phase of being but moreso a part of the Creation of Life connected to us in the 'oneness' spirit. It's not a being out there it's a (Family) and we are all a part of it. Man-made objects are disconnected to this same 'oneness' of life but they still remain as energy but without the spirit of life or the Creators energy signature of life in them – they are not connected to the energy grid of life.

Is there also a body for this one brain mind outside of it's brain similar to the human body that we have?

First I think that the workings of the human brain compared to the working universe as one mind is not suffice comparison.

Agreed, but the Creators definitely want us to keep thinking and asking more questions so they have shown us things in the Universe and in Nature that are showing similarities...They want us to observe 'Intelligent Design' showing us that there are Creators/Designers behind all of Creation who designed such a magnificent body, world and universe.

There are so many things unseen in the universe and there could be planes within planes of existence/being.

This plane and existence/channel/universe is 'oneness' in spirit with the Creators of it. Yet above and beyond this universe lies a new plane and existence/universe far beyond our human comprehension with much higher states of density/existences made of things unimaginable beyond what humans know as LIGHT. But we are not 'one being' of it but infinite-1 family of it with a 'oneness' connection in spirit being (Spirit Family) resembling what our human family on Earth is like now. Togetherness!

Higher States of Existence (Call it ascension into higher density if you like)
This is where Eternal 'souls' will go when they have accomplished what they were set out to do. A persons inner being/soul knows far more than their human/temporal/mind can ever know/understand and as a Family unit of 'Salmon' have an instinct to learn how to find their way back home upon death. So shall eternal 'souls' of our Spirit Family - find their way back to the 'Spirit world' to be with the 'spirit family' where they will remember all things and remember that they agreed to come to this planet and knew it was necessary for their own good to learn, progress and overcome obstacles through trial and error/experiences.

There is alot of new works though that point to our Universe being electric....and an electric universe gives us new ideas to why some things that our current models of explanation do not fully explain.

Energy is sent to us from the universe/cosmos and we're all familiar with the law of attraction, we do get back what we put out as a planet (Family) unit/world. That is why this upcoming year 2011 is of great importance being a time-line/cycle. Let's hope for the best always and work on spreading more positivity into the world.

If so then could that one brain mind exist within a humanoid type being's body on another planet out there somewhere like we are? If that is the case then would that mean that this humanoid type being out there that we exist in exists yet again within another one mind universe also being part of another humanoid type being's body on yet another planet?

I dont think so....but that is just a perspective. But we can assume that if one humanoid type being is out there and it exists within another...and that also being a part of another....they are all 'of eachother' to some degree.

Oh yeah for sure definitely, this was more of a brainstorming 'Let's think out of the box for a moment type of ' thought.'

One can not be without the other. Something had to of came before something. The planet itself had to be there first as well...right?

Yes right, but from the Eternity perspective it always was here – Somewhere in TIME like the movie-)

Is this kind of where we get the fractal within another fractal analogy for Infinity idea?

I personally...dont see fractal analogy for things of matter.

Fractals were basically software developed as a model to help humanity better understand the concept of Infinity among other things. It's taken many a while to figure out/comprehend/understand that things are Infinite in nature, though Einstein had a nibble of the cake understanding of it. Most astrophysicists would agree or maybe throw out numbers at you like - All matter/energy contains 0.0001% empty space that we see in the material world of what is right before our eyes that we can't see. However in truth everything is Infinite it just can never be reached but with the right equipment humanity could search a little further and say everything contains 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% empty space and of course it could go on forever. Mind boggling, unimaginable, incomprehensible. That means literally to Infinity a person could take a ball pen and draw a circle on a piece of paper any size they want. That circle would be no lesser or greater than the entire universe outwards from that circle both being infinite inwards and outwards with no beginning or ending forever. You can go half way to a destination forever and never reach the destination.

The Earth is not infinite....but the energy that the Earth is of is.

Doesn't this show Creators in Creation – Intelligent Design at some point, something had to come into Creation, the earth being temporal but the energy of it being eternal coming from what we call EMPTY space that contains Infinite Space/Energy. If we see an automobile up in the mountains somewhere we know it came from someone who Created it. Intelligent Design, meaning Planned out/Designed with preexistence blueprints/model for it and so on. The universe was Created from empty space and you look at the advanced intelligently designed blueprint of nature, life, the planet, universe, galaxies and so on and everything suggests a highly advanced intelligently designed universe that was Created with a 'oneness' energy signature spirit life-force in it. So the Creators Creation is Alive and Life manifested from empty space into the world and universe as we know it.

Everything is made of matter/energy coming from empty/space before put into Creation. Empty space is very natural.

Everything is connected to the life energy grid or the 'oneness' spirit that we all have within ourselves being part of the Creation. We share this 'oneness' spirit with all of the Creators Creation and with our 'oneness' spirit family group unit/planet.

Yes, this suggests time...something had to be first for a something to come next.

Correct, showing that Creators came to this infinite empty space within Eternity and made a Creation with beginning and ending like a story-book from 1st page to last. The book of life they would call it, they are the first and the last, the alpha and omega to this Universe/Planet/Creation/Existence. But from where they stand outside of our TIME they see all things standing in the midst of Eternity. Another book on the infinite library book shelves of infinite others. If only I had some visualization to share, but I think you get the idea of what eternity stands for and means.

Which opens another can of worms eh? Is one really going to say that the Earth and Sun had no beginning?

For this Universe Creation everything (technically) had a beginning for us on our level of understanding/perception and it was part of the grand design/plan of creation, however if you look from the Infinite/Eternity perspective it has always existed – Somewhere in TIME...It's a great movie.-)

Outside of TIME is a very difficult thing for anyone in Earth's temporal existence to fully comprehend/understand since finite TIME beings or mankind are attached to this understanding/perception of thinking in terms of numbers with beginning and ending yet ALL TIME has always existed – Somewhere in TIME = ETERNITY, I guess a time machine would be nice about right now, I could surely use a future vacation-) Simply think of yourself owning a time traveling machine with access to go as far into the past or future as you wanted. Then you would think, well I guess I could go into the future before something is (technically) created and be there already because it's there in the future now this very moment if I only had a time machine.-)

In the 'form' of energy...manifestations...there does seem to be time, there does seem to be being and ends to the form...but the energy that the form is of...will go on being and was before 'being'.

Definitely showing us that this was a highly intelligently designed creation and automobiles just don't show up out of thin air. But as you sense and feel there is more beyond matter/energy of the body, planets, suns, galaxies. I mean think about it, all of it came from empty space, chance, accident, coincidence. It's because there are Intelligently Designed Creators behind all of this wonderous, marvelous, Creation planet/universe and we have always existed being spirit family connected in a 'oneness' spirit and will always continue to exist as a (Family) unit/group or spirit family.

A question that begs 'non oneness' is what would something that 'always has been and is' need to progress to? Maybe it would need to 'process' itself...but progress? To where, to what? It IS.

There is a 'oneness' we share in likeness/design and in 'spirit' and do we not see progression all around us? Isn't evolution itself according to understanding of it a form of progressing. Everything is progressing, advancing/developing. Take a child, look at the human species and how they have developed/progressed and humanity still is developing/progressing spiritually and physically.

Another question that begs in this idea that we are in a Universe that beings created for us....what was their intent?

To help us better learn, progress/develop our 'souls' and better understand what earth life is like. How can one describe what it's like to see to a blind man if they've never experienced it for themselves?

What Intent do parents have for their children when they send them off to school or college?

Are we not a part of them?

Very much so, like Father to Son, Daughter to Mother, in relationship/likeness, all of us being a (Family) unit but connected in spirit being spirit family. So oneness in the sense of a (Family) and Spirit yet remaining unique in the family like brother, sister, father, mother, daughter, son and so on.

Did we have no beginning and they had no beginning so had did they get possession over our souls? Enough to 'place us here'?

They've never had control over us and we've always retained freewill/agency, we came into this world with freewill knowing exactly what we were getting into. Besides they are like Parents to us and we are on a field trip school outing or off to college but with our memories wiped clean so we can progress and make decisions on all on our own with a clean slate. But they are always watching over us and within us when we need them if we make a connection and tune into that station. This life's a progression opportunity for us as difficult as it may seem, but we knew it was necessary for our (spirit family) spiritual/development and eternal progression.

If I had no beginning and am infinite....and the beings that made this universe had no beginning and are did they get control over me?

Freewill/agency has never been taken away but to understand what Infinite progression represents/means (IS) and Eternity means --- is something to further think about --- It implies that there is always something above and beyond another One-1 out there in the infinite levels of waters and it goes on forever beyond imagination X Infinity. Never say Never when you're dealing with Forever.

Where would they get the material to 'make a universe'?

Infinite SPACE that we call Empty Space that contains Infinite Energy/Space that can be manifested into Light and all that we see in our wonderful/beautiful world/universe/creation came from what we consider to be Empty Space. Now empty space is as natural as it can get being 'Eternal.'

Is there not such a thing as 'natural'?

Natural for me would be elements that have eternally always been --- such as Space/Energy.

With good intentions

I commend you on your patience, diligence and great efforts to come back and continue onwards with this thread. You are a great person and I think everyone here admires you and already knows that you have good intentions and a great heart. It's quite easy to read in what you've shared with us so far. Though I realize this thread's been a (fasten your seat belt) frustrating up and down roller coaster ride, well here we are yet again and the ride is kind of flattening out. Hopefully we can do the log ride next time or the pirate ship that sways back and forth, that gives a person the tingles. lol

With the best intentions as well
Always with Love sincerely,
Best Wishes!
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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 07:39 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

The message of turning the negative into positive, this is the very same message my Higher Self and Family came at the door one day, when I was down and stressed out, and emphaised humor, laughter, love, and to turn every negative thought into a positive. I totally believe this is the way, and to lift people up who are feeling that they can't cope or do it, or who feel they've walked the wrong paths, and this isn't for them. Some may be about tough love, some Ets may be mirrors even of our consciousness to give us stronger nudges to overcome fear and choose Love, but my guides/Family always are the kind that shine light in darkness and to pick up someone no matter what position and give encouragement, love and hope.

The message of Faith being important in ourselves, in the ones around us, those we send prayers and envision changes for, for our intentions and envisioning change and eden. And that they are even better when given to Father/Mother and Family, to Love. Combining the law of affinity kind of positivity with prayer and meditation.

We need to transform the energy in 2011. Is this not the 11 11 awareness message in a nutshell?
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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 07:49 PM

Originally posted by 547000
reply to post by strangleholder1

What about when cavemen chipped rocks to make spears? Did the rocks lose their "spirit"?

What about when monkeys do something similar? Is it unnatural?

Making spears for survival can be considered a righteous action however! manufacturing cokes cans is not essential to our survival so! the spirit contained in the materials that make up the coke can, lose their positive charge...LuLz I don't know, I'm not really into spirits or cavemen, truth be told I was making a flippant post to show off my rad new signature...

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 08:26 PM
reply to post by strangleholder1

I believe in your statement in the signature, about the kind of pyramid and the eye of horus group, but we can't be them, and must use Love as positivity to win, for this is a school, and I've known about the tests since I was young.

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 08:31 PM
reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice

Hi The Magicians Apprentice,

So if your agenda is not of such nature you are not welcome.

Everyone-1 is welcome in this thread of all natures. I heard that Angels need to think along the same line in order to one day get their wings.

Thanks TMA for your great add in posts.

I will get around to following up on that eventually.

Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 08:38 PM
reply to post by 547000

Hi 547000,

What about when cavemen chipped rocks to make spears? Did the rocks lose their "spirit"?

What about when monkeys do something similar? Is it unnatural?

I think we need to distinguish spirit between soul and there is a difference, but all things have an energy creation signature on them. Even rocks and all elements that were created by the Creators. If we chip off a piece of rock it is still energetically connected to the rest of Creation being in solid original/natural form but of course such materials are without eternal 'soul' used for this creation/world/existence, however they are connected to the life force energy grid of 'earth. The matter/energy of them are 'eternal' but they are without awareness/intelligence unlike 'souls.'

Thanks for the thoughts,
Love & Best Wishes!
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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 09:06 PM

Originally posted by strangleholder1
I'm not really into spirits or cavemen, truth be told I was making a flippant post to show off my rad new signature...

I'd say Law of One is about Order.

Order and Control are not the same thing.

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 11:09 PM
reply to post by strangleholder1

Ah, gotcha.

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