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Hidden Hand Message - Law Of One - Discussion!

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posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 01:39 PM
reply to post by benedict9

Im just wondering...

You speak of beings like 'Lucifer'.

How do you know this is a real being? How do you know the word 'lucifer' was not just a personification of a state of being....such as a 'falling' within a souls potential.

Venus...often called a morning star...baffled people in days of old. For they would watch be a evening star lighting up the sky for many days...then suddenly appear on the other side of the sky as a 'morning star'. They called it a 'falling' when it did this (switched places in the sky).

How do you know that people were not using the cosmos to personify things that we couldnt understand and didnt have a explanation for?

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 02:07 PM

Originally posted by benedict9
reply to post by strangleholder1

That post was a wonderful example of a 'test of reaction'. Thank you for your role as both student and teacher.

A "test of reaction", what a fitting choice of words for you to use my friend. I will not divulge where the cracks are, I want NO part in helping you fine tune the lie.

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

Lowki has shared that Venus has hellzone channels, where those who need to vent a lot of rage on each other, filled with angst, kill each other over and over, all the while realizing they cannot die. He made a post that he realized how meaningless it was in the end and meditated his way out of there. I do wonder if Lucifer which is a metaphor to me, has a kind of connectation and believe its linked to Venus. Note I prefer personal experiences like the one shared by Lowki to the esoteric writings in old manuscripts.
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posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

How fun of you to use my previous posts in that manner but why stop there? You have 390 to choose from, portray me however you wish.

You really LOVE the number one..1World, 1Love, 1Religion, 1Govt, 1LawOf, 1Currency, 1%Rich, 1%Powerful, 1Concept...

That concept is....Project Blue Beam.....and you my friend......are part of it.......

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 03:26 PM
reply to post by strangleholder1

You need to find that connection inside. Search, and look at whatever is causing you anger, from a different point of view, a compassionate one for everyone, including the would be elites. When you pour out your feelings, in prayer, meditation, any form of inner seeking. Even picturing Infinity within and imaging yourself growing bigger and bigger and filling the space of that inner cosmos, flying through it. Love is that channel, however, pouring out your feelings and questions, and really seeking, and calling up your own weaknesses, saying you're sorry if you're letting anyone down, can draw some answers too.

No one can harm someone if its not a part of their life story, to do so, though law of consequence and negativity can open channels, and some things do happen for reasons. The ones that are doing this really need love and support. The Adults are monitoring the playground and they know the ones who think they're bigger kids, as in they secreted special knowledge for themselves, are harming the younger grades and plotting out a big mean hearted, trap/trick on them. Something they're doing because they're not demi gods and off the hook, they're in distortions and truly don't know that all the murders, wars, starvation and abuses of the people really matter, and even one murder brings enormous shame and consequence, along with Perfect Knowledge, or going through the same, one way or another.

For what lies ahead, we need to live each day as if its our last, and try to Love, and make up for, whatever we need to, forgiving self and others, and work through our faults, flaws, shortcomings. Thats a channel switcher for everyone. And have some faith in Higher Ups, and if the religions don't work, Infinity means something very very real. It would mean that One is a limit imposed that cannot exist in endless, unrestricted, never ending beyonds, and beyonds and beyond, infinite ones. That there is Infinite Ones, and infinite parts of everyone, in each portion of life and progression.

And if you think it about it, if someone has an infinite number of lives to learn and progress in, mathematically speaking, what are the odds that we don't all progress. Now here and now, there are consequences to hurting others, and real lessons to be learnt, its not like its OK to murder, to rape, to harm others, to starve anyone, to deprive people of their natural rights to land and resources wtihout being slaves to corporations ,so they can build their own homes and plant gardens, to force families to live in ghettos amongst crime and expose children to abuse and violence. Its not right at all. Each and every thing that is done to another we have to go through one way or another, though there are mitigating circumstances, and though forgiveness and team effort can reach those who are already suffering and need to move ahead.

But it means, that the Teachers are overlooking the playground.

My own experiences I always had inner knowledge that something was coming, not sure when at all, but a sense that they go too far, and that its allowed to a certain point, and then the skies are filled. I have seen humanity taught by ETs repairing this world. It may all be symbolic, it could have been astral. I dont what the inner message reflects tthat way.

Today some show I watched years ago came into mind. It was about a magician, dark hearted one, conjuring up some evil Phantom to harm others with. But the Phantom had no ability to harm those who were of good intent, not intent, not according to the traps, people doing the best they can. The Phantom attacked the one who conjured him, for his heart was far from pure.

I know they've been opening portals for years, and Antar's thread first brought that up, but the video on 9/11, about ancient Egyptian astrology, Do You Believe in Magick? and also, the numerology, the leylines that all key events including Haiti and BP oil spill occur, is a sure telltale sign that this is Black Magick and sacrifices.

If they're going to bring in the return of Quetzcoatl or the Eye of Horus, or the S group, or have some plans, they should rethink this a lot.

Who are the mass murderers in this world? Who are the ones profiting from wars? Who have caused most people such suffering in a misguided belief that they are priviliged and off the hook and supposed to torture us? Who is confused here? They need to wake up, and try to undo what they've done, by coming clean, disclosing everything, redistributing and joining us, as humble brothers and sisters.

Of course there could be other scenarios too. But basically I have posted quite a few times that the pit they dig for others they will fall into.

I hope you can let some light and love in you, and seek within really, based on this. Because, you cannot mistake the kind of connection, that occurs when you do, if you persist. Its the pearl and once you experience that, all other things disappear, the whole world fades away and it doesnt matter to you at all any more.

By that, I dont mean that it doesnt matter what happens to others, just the distractions, and the pay offs here fade away.
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posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 03:40 PM
Black Hole
Hawking Radiation
White Hole

Ride the rainbow.

Oops, forgot Lucifer. May he rot in "hell."

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posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by xiphias

Sure, except those are but pixels in a hollogram, and inside an atom are quarks which are energy streams. Imagine Infinity with Infinite journeys, all completed, so like stories or 3D's all complete yet Infinitely continuing at the same time. I was sungazing one day and the entire world became fake looking to me, it was like one of those 3D childrens picture books with charmiing scenary and cute little animals, in our case a bounty of squirrels. Other times, I had the impression, the whole thing flattened like a disc, dvd. And that reminded me of the poster I stood on when I meditated growing bigger and bigger within Infinity, outside the cosmos which was just a poster.

The only things that can ever happen are the ones that already did from a "future"perspective to our journey now. And we're all here for a reason. And Adults are truly monitoring the playground. There are no coincidences.

I'm one of those who would rather the sun expanded and we all went home so quick it would be like the twinkling of an eye, than saw NWO reaching its zentih, so none of that stuff alarms me, since Infinite Consciousness is "above" where there is not "above/below" non animate energy and creations. All Holograms are a Creation. So not alarming, except in that we as people, need to actually wake up more, be Loving and speak up. Conducting experiments that have risks with other people's lives is an ultra disrespect of life and that these few are just a part of a whole family who doesn't intend to take risks with them, therefore a huge crime against humanity, by Intention alone even if nothing bad happens. Because the idea that they can call shots like this over our heads is so massively disrespectful, that alone is a crime beyond belief to me.
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posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 07:57 PM

Originally posted by sphinx551
reply to post by AdonaiChristBless

1. Can any person achieve Christ Consciousness and truly be like Jesus?

A entity can align with the Spirit of Love which is jesus, yes but to become such takes many many lifes of learning, the spirit known as Christ is ancient as old as the Father, a entity can develop into through aligning with the Holyspirit.

2. Was Jesus a sort of a hippie?

In context of peace and love yes but from a different perspective of understanding.

3. Was Jesus a feminist?


4. Do people really go to "hell" or "void" if they don't believe/accept Jesus, like so many Christians believe?

Open, Reap as you Sow, if the entity doesn't accept Jesus and what he showed then could say there is consequence.

5. Did Jesus really die for sins?

So that you might be saved from your sins 'symbolic'.

Thank you.


Adonai Christ bless
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posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 11:54 PM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

Hi LeoVirgo

My path has led me to my truths based on both personal 'validations' and granted experiences.

There was a notable occasion where I had inadvertantly invoked Anti-Christ forces by ignoring my instincts in spiritual ignorance of what I was calling on and I was PHYSICALLY CHASTISED for it within hours. My Spirit quickly recognised that this chastisement was an act of love by the Benevolent ones to keep me on the 'right' path where I belonged and should never stray from what deep down I already knew was guiding me. I may share this story at a later time.

Regardless of names given to specific soul energy entities or groups, it is important to be aware that there ARE opposing forces operating for opposing means for souls on this planet. They are the Christed, and the Anti-Christ to put it most simply.

I cannot 'prove' any of these things to you or anybody, go within, seek and follow your own heart and guidance.

Know thy adversary
Love thy adversary.
Light will always overcome Darkness
And you are granted the 'power' of Choice
To choose the Light of Love

This is what truly matters. Peace.

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posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 12:20 AM
reply to post by strangleholder1

Hi strangleholder1

It is good to see you harbour awareness of Bluebeam.

ET_MAN has actively promoted my website which warns about it's intentions, including content relating to negative formation agendas of one world nwo movement.

But hey, keep shaking that stick if you like lol. No harm done friend

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posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 12:47 AM

Originally posted by AdonaiChristBless

Originally posted by sphinx551

4. Do people really go to "hell" or "void" if they don't believe/accept Jesus, like so many Christians believe?

Open, Reap as you Sow, if the entity doesn't accept Jesus and what he showed then could say there is consequence.

I must add something, hell is a word for a place that some can experience in metaphor 'symbolic' and many in this world already are experiencing their own type of 'hell' in many ways. Life is not easy for so many of our Brother and Sisters on earth at this time. There are many people who will not have the opportunity to find the spirit of Christ in this lifetime. In the past many have not had the opportunity to receive such teachings as well. Just because someone has not received the teachings of Christ and the spirit of Love in pureness through Christ does not mean that they will be punished or harmed. The Family in the Heavens above wants the very best for everyone and they do not wish harm or suffering to come upon anyone.

Adonai Christ bless

posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 10:42 AM
I have tried and tried to see where some of you are coming from with 'infinite progressing selves'...with fail to see it. I have sincerely taken this last week to be open with the Spirit and try to see if I was missing something.

The question I keep getting returned to me is this.

"If you as a self are without beginning and end, what would you need to learn or to progress to, there would be no need for 'progression' in what is perfect".

Thoughts and feedback welcomed.

posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 10:51 AM
reply to post by benedict9

I think its obvious any being in the vessel of flesh has an 'adversary'...a tester, a tempter....and the body of flesh is the cause of it. Having a individual experience, thinking you 'own' your own body, that you are your 'own' self...that you have 'power' to you wish. Pride, greed, selfishness, lust.....all of those things would not be without the individual experience of being in 'separate bodies of flesh'.

I guess all Im challenging is to show me one behavior or action that the cause was not a persons "OWN CHOICE....OWN BEHAVIOR".....and that was a 'outside entity' actually causing the temptation or what ever.

Just one example of a person not being fully responsible for a action or event that they themselves did. Just one example of how a 'outside source' can be part of the blame.

Sometimes its easier to think...something else has caused our failures...or aided in our 'eyes not being able to see'. Its a harder pill to swallow to think....yes, that as MY fault, I know better, that was all out of LUST or DESIRE and sure enough, there is no one to blame but ME. This isnt all so bad....for we learn MORE from the times we think we regret....we can learn to cherish every single thing we have ever done for it has molded us and brought us to who we are right here and now. If we learn from things we have done....then there is value to that experience.
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posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 11:08 AM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

"If you as a self are without beginning and end, what would you need to learn or to progress to, there would be no need for 'progression' in what is perfect".

Of course this is just sharing, from my own ideas, but you know, Infinity needs a contemplation in itself, its quite a thing to grasp. For example, one might watch a video on Infinity/Fractals for example, and reach within to the Infinity within your soul. Picture yourself growing larger and larger and larger, flying through this Infinite universe within you. Reach for more of self, seek to connect to Your Infinite Potential and Capabilities, Wisdom/Love/Talents, etc.

Now, I'll try to put this concept into words, I just understood it all at once. Even as a teenager sort of, when I was more traditionally Christian and reading some theological arguments for the Trinity in the Catholic Church Library, and I read most of their books on a real search for truth. But, in that one, it was of course the Finite One. But I knew Infinity made it such due to its boundless unending nature, just new all at once, that of course were 3 aspects of self, but then I didn't understand how that could not mean, unending aspects of self, and how that would not mean an eternal Family. Note, even then I was still Finite, but something in me was more.

So, picture endlessness in all directions forever, infinite, even spiralling inwards/outwards, fractals, not ones emerging, no we're just following what already is, and forever. But our minds don't reach understanding. For every step is a new step. There is No Such Thing as a One, or Even Infinite Family In One, who could ever know all their is, who could ever progress to the limits or boundaries of Infinity. For if you had some idea of such a thing, a boundary, there would only be an entire Endless Infinity ahead still, the journey would just begin yet again. Never ending. But all at once. My cpu is trying to work overdrive but it is forever Awe Inspiring.

The real question is, not why we progress, for we have to, think it about the mathematics involved. What is the chance, mathematically speaking, of any one soul, given an infinite amount of chances and lives, to not make that U-Turn to STO and happiness and joy, modeling becoming a gift to others? 100%! If you put that into a computer. But no one knows everything, has learnt everything on even the Highest Highest Highest Levels imaginable, theres still an Infinity to go. It just opens the heart, mind and soul and floods such excitement in, such zest for living.

Ok the real question to me is, WHY? Consciousness even exists! Anything. And the only thing that keeps coming is if you put the two ideas on a scale: 1) all there infinitely is, with 2)void, nothingness. The conclusion is there can be NO VOID to me. But we aleady are here, so there never was a VOID. There was always Something, and thats Something is Infinitely Wonderful!

Have you ever gone to Lou Baldwin's website/forum? Sleeper? Ufo Lou! And look through his Quetions and Answers. The infinity is well understood and his humor, unmistakable. He's not just an experiencer, either.

We have Higher Ups here too, and they are so wonderful, and unmistakable.

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posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 11:23 AM
Left out something too. OK, within an Infinite One-1 concept, this is to say, there are Infinite Rays of Consciousness, Infinite Ones, for everything in Infinity like those Fractals are Infinite themselves, and within each One is 11111111111111111111.......................... which amounts to the portions of self on that Infinite journey, and each portion of self is also Infinite.............

posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 11:32 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

I wish I had something intelligent to say

But I dont.

I know your doing your best to explain it to me how you see it but it still makes no sense to me at all. I used to think the same thing you are trying to say...I used to believe I was a infinite spirit in my own right 'becoming and being' always.

Its not that I wish we all thought the same thing....but how can we all receive such different revelations as we all claim to seek within ourselves with a humble heart? I can only assume that 'desires' are causing the different 'perspectives' that we are all seeing different things.

I think somevare wanting a 'personal' connection to 'existence'....and I think some are ok with existence being 'impersonal' and just 'being'.

posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

Its not about seeing an infinite spirit, its far more. Infinity is mind boggling, for there is absolutely no end to it, ever, no One or Infinite Ones know everything, for there is constantly, in the horizon, an Infinity ahead. But the paradox is, its all at once, so all our Infinite Selves exist as well, within a Family, and I can't explain it but it hits you at all at once.

I just want to share something, in no way, to be disagreeing, but I want to share what you suggest feels like to me. To me, the idea of ONE, sending out finite functions to explore, is very depressing. Its akin to an athiest belief, mixed with the One. Everyone's suffering here, would be meaningless, to them, completely. They would not be gaining in this school, for they would not count at all, and simply cease after this One, learnt something through this "feeler" sent out.

And the lessons in this cosmos are lower level ones compared to what lies ahead in Infinity, so in the end, all this suffering and death, all this negativity, without any progression, to learn to choose LOVE. A basic lower level test, for kindergarden kids, and once learnt brigns so much joy and grace, humor, and a Family that can be gifts to each other. But not in this case, in this case, it means nothing.

And is Finite. For One is a Limit, and there can be no such thing in Infinity.

Edit to add: think about the number of new born babies that starve to death in this world alone. Why does One need to send out that number of feelers to learn that lesson of lack? Or is it more? Is it lessons to nudge us to love and therefore grow ,and grow because we are learning and need these lessons? And could any of it have something to do with our own past choices as well?

Also you must know I consider you to be a very deep thinker and full of sensitivity and grace in your posts, so this is sharing what I feel in the concepts you've shared without in any way saying I don't have utmost appreciation of your posts, for I do.
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posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 11:54 AM

Originally posted by Unity_99
Left out something too. OK, within an Infinite One-1 concept, this is to say, there are Infinite Rays of Consciousness, Infinite Ones, for everything in Infinity like those Fractals are Infinite themselves, and within each One is 11111111111111111111.......................... which amounts to the portions of self on that Infinite journey, and each portion of self is also Infinite.............

Im trying to find the words for what I want to say and I already know before I speak that this wont come out very bare with me.

There is a difference in seeing infinity as a 'roll of tape' or 'movie film that never ends'......

Then there is a 'circle' that repeatedly returns to s 'fine tuned point'.

Both...can represent infinity. But their 'order' of different.

One represents always outwardly going and inwardly at the same time.

One represents 'cycle/recycle'.

All of those 'portions or fragments' on the roll of film....are finite. They are a part of what is infinity always 'going or being' but to take the fragments themselves, they are ONLY a phase of the 'infinity'.

As Spirit is infinite, perfect, always consistently 'being'....through expression the energy consciousness becomes a outwardly expression of being, hence the Universe. As the cascading effect occurs....we actually get a more and more compressed expression of the Spirit.

I cant help but to see this Universe as a part of a 'source' and as the seed/universe blossoms and buds some point it will fall back into the source of where it all blossomed from.

I have to wonder why some here see this as a 'programed pixelized exsistence' and feel more connected to 'technology' while others feel "LIFE" within all things, find this 'life to be one', and feel more connected to nature.

It is making me wonder about some things I would rather not consider.

The idea that some see this existence like a 'computer/dvd/ground hogs day effect' has been giving me some of the most darkest feelings I have ever had.

I cant imagine....not feeling the life within all things. I cant imagine being absent from knowing that the life within me is watching its own self 'being' within many forms of 'expression'.

I cant imagine not seeing this 'natural' emanation of 'life' and thinking that it was a 'program' that was 'formed'.

And now I have to ask myself....why are some seeing it differently. Why are some being shown that this is not a natural emanation and that its a program, like a computer/dvd? There must be a huge difference in these 2 types of beings and I am not one that enjoys pondering on differences for I like to find harmony.

posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 12:14 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Could your viewpoint of 'depression' come from the fact that just being a 'part' of it 'all' does not satisfy the 'self' that you think you are?

Of course, one of the hardest things I went through....was pondering the thought that I, as a self, was not infinite in my own right....but yet was only a 'part' of what is infinite, expressing itself through many finite experiences (phases).

You may long for there being a purpose for 'you' as a self....but the purpose may be that you are more a tool for the 'true self' that processes through 'expressions' for more of a purification then progression.

Just thoughts and I also mean no disrespect. I must question why there seems to be such a difference in what we all find 'within' us.

posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 12:36 PM
The use of DVD, is to suggest several things, the clips or sequences of our journey, that from a different perspective of Time, based on orbit and from those beyond/or outside this altogether, different rates change things. For example, if you programmed a ai bot to experience your entire day in 15 minutes, then to him, you would disappear, and to you, he would be standing still, or moving very slowly, like a movie or a picture book.

Its a metaphor for a remarkable technology/creation, that is awe inspiring and way over our heads to understand, and its a school. Another metaphor, is like, we're all there up above, and of course, our Greater Selves are, where there is no "above", and we're watching this movie, and we leap in to experience it and learn, with a small fraction of consciousness, maybe 0.000000000000000000001.........%, and until that consciousness alligns itself to the more progressed Love of the others parts of us, we don't leave this school.

The Groundhog day is a metaphor as well, for it merely means we get another chance, to master the lesson. It can take a while, these are hard ones for most.

Do you think that our bodies are not organic, just because they're creation?

Do you think that nature loses value if its not all soul, but interactive with us, spontaneous and marvelously interactive? Would this limit what souls could be in nature? Can there be souls there, for we have souls in our organic technology/bodies? And for those that may be AI merely, do you not think this is a very personal way some Family would have of reaching us, and stepping in, being there for us, giving us daily gifts, birdsong, the strokes of a pet nudging us? Do you not think they could be giving us love and encouragement and reaching shut ins, the elderly, hearts that are guarded? And saving lives at times even? And teaching us, by contemplating deeply on the aspects of nature, deeper meanings to life, as the natives have done?

Do you really feel this Universe is the One, and only this universe? Are there Infinite Universes beyond this, beyond our comprehension?

And the other questions i have are:

If you think this is all about cycles, and losing self, in this process, then if we all just get recycled forever, would we ever truly learn anything? Where would we be going with this? Again this school/universe is about learning Love, basic levels of it, so surely in these Infinite cycles that have cause so much real pain, but apparently without gain, without purpose, suffering that simply is and then fades to nothingness, surely the lesson of Love of Power versus the Power of Love has been learnt by this One by now?

Do we get to be happy, and live with Family forever, which would be purpose behind these lessons of Love and make sense out of the horrendous suffering that many go through, for ultimately it is for their and everyones Highest Good and Progression?

If we've always been, recyling like this in lower level tests, what would be the purpose in this never ending suffering in these cycles?

And if you think about it, in One, if there are functions of self sent out, in Infinity, even I grasped as a teenager, that this means an Infinite number of Functions that always existed within that One, though now that my finite thinking has been transformed, I understand that that extends to and Infinite number of Ones as well.

How could an a part of an Infinite One as you believe, not also be Infinite, within infinity, when fractals are found throughout nature, containing Infinities. Do our body suits matter more than our consciousness? That they are composed of Infinite Fractals but our Conscousness which suffers so much is recycled, rather than having a purpose to the entire journey?

Also, does it not seem odd, that to do this, means to discount everyones experiences and call them yearnings for self, except your own? Does it make sense that we are all experiencing different pieces of the puzzle and that you have to look at others, NDE's and all that is there, to put together a greater understanding, or to see how they relate?

Is not the concept of functioning and suffering to learn the same lessons over and over again, like a kaliedoscope finite and limited? Limited because it only contains the number of items its reforming in the container, so its finite as well. Are there not other possiblities? Things that exist outside of this?

A circle is often used to represent infinity, but really, think about it. In Infinity, can there be a beginning point or an ending? It would take forever, and ever, beyonds, beyond and beyond this, to try to join that circle, only discover that if you thought it was close, there still and Infinity ahead, and Beyonds, Beyonds, Beyonds ,yet again, and there would NO MOTION, the dot, doesnt move ahead that way, for it always was, and will be and exists forever.

Infinity is the most Liberating, open ended, forever inspiring reality that we exist in. It throws every door and window within open, and the vistas are infinite..........

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