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Hidden Hand Message - Law Of One - Discussion!

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posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 10:04 AM
reply to post by polarwarrior

Thanks Polarwarrior for adding to the discussion and sharing what you have with the rest of us.

I want you to know that I have Love and Respect for you Brother.

Love & Best Wishes Always!

posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 10:22 AM

Originally posted by ET_MAN

Spiritual for me is more important than material as spirit is eternal and material is temporal to be recycled but not the real 'US' within the body suits occupying them. Our spirits/beings/souls do live on forever and are 'Eternal.'

I too have reached the level of spirit - - that physical is only a temporary choice for some and possibly not choice for others.

I live by every thought is an action. I sometimes think negative thoughts - - but then feel my spiritual presence rise up above my body almost engulfing me - - showing me what I am doing - - and encouraging me to put that thought in a different perspective.

This is being tested right now as my grandson's paternal grandmother is trying to sue for grandparent rights. Its complicated. Its about control. She has never been denied visitation.


At this point in my life - - I would love to live simply in a garden sanctuary - - spending my days in a spiritual meditative state. LOL
- - well that's not happening.

posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 10:25 AM
reply to post by Annee

When I turned 12 years of age I was the most respected kid about the block, didn't curse, did have bad habit's but not dangerous habit's, was pleasent to people and nice, cared for people and would try and help people then I got picked on a lot in my first year of secondary school so did what I realise now to be the worst thing somebody can do. And my way I dealt with enemies over the year's was turning aggressive towards them. I got so bad since from the age of 2 years of age becoming angry even then that I had bottled it up til I was 16 and when I reached college I realised I had psi abilities, tele kinesis and clairvoyancy. I did what I classed as fun and daring and dangerous, I was the typical thug, vandal, arson trouble-maker, but smart, I'd plan everything week's before I'd do them, and all because I got thrill's of doing wrong which to me at the time seemed right. I didn't know any better other than I knew deep down I was wrong however I chose to shut out Love and reject it since that's how I was made to feel on a continous daily basis from schooling to college and even in town I would be judged differently because of the way I look.

One thing led to another by the age of 16 I hit the drink, started getting upto no good in town, causing nuisance and noise, getting pissed and the anger built into the drink. Sooner or later by my late 17 going on 18 I was danerous, crazy in the mind, unpredictable, smart and mastermind of all the crimes me and my friend's committed over the year's. We caused some people trouble and mainly had fun with the police as I learnt how they think and what they do to catch criminal's. I would study them and try and be one step ahead of them alway's by alway's tricking them into the wrong crime scene.

I got better and better and more mischievous, eventually made myself a name for crazy fighter, and an old saying, "Nobody get's in a fight with a crazieee" Yet only very few self defense fight's, my mother doing what she thought was right at the time, had me join Karate - Shotokan just as I turned 14 years of age. I was shy at first but within my first year double graded what would take somebody 2 years. Then my 2nd year I was into my third year and into my third year onto my foruth year of learning and so on. I learnt to transfer my anger into fighting and started taking up in tournament fighting.

I got so aggressive and physced out that I drew blood at the first round and got disqualified. I used a street kick - round house kick which is obviously designed to break a person's jaw and nose together. He hit me very hard and was only supposed to tap as it was semi-contact so I went full blown full contact and that was that. I walked off smiling.

I started getting uncontrollable, then was in an verbally and mentally abusive relationship with a very demanding teenage girl as we were both 17-18 years of age. I started bottling the anger back up and drinking out in town and coming back very verbally abusive towards family and friend's.

I started having weird occurances happen around me and I started having nightmares living in hellish realms then I'd awake to be surrounded by negatives and starte dpracticing dark magick and using my psi abilities for experimentations but I alway's had the intent to not harm anybody but to just detroy what they had.

It was very bad, only a few occassion's but still enough to do harm toward's people who crossed the line with me.

Eventually I learnt the hard way, every single thing I had done towards people was coming back to haunt me. All the pain and suffering in my dreams in my visions and in real-life. Everything from what I worked hard for at schooling and college came crashing down, mates around me started getting killed in horrific car crashes due to stupidity, one or two mates died walking back drunk down the main road in the dark, one mate got splatted by a 40 tonne truck as he staggered into the road. Some mates getting stabbed up in street's going out for drink's, I too got attacked and now suffer a fractered cheeckbone and skull and can't express my emotion's much because it hurt's to smile a lot. It hurt's to laugh a lot and the stress started getting to me, loosing mates because we were all being irresponsible for our action's. Most mates got locked up in prison for most theft's,c ar boosting's, robberies, attempted murder, the lot.

It was as if we were all being targetted one by one until we were all finished off.

That's when I started getting my act together because there wasn't many of us left. I joined the TA back in 2008 after 14 months of an abusive work placement between 2007 and 2008 and then was so psyhced up joining the army was the next thing and they told me I had the perfect mentality of a killer, great..NOT! So that's what really made me CHANGE.. I realised I started turning into a MONSTER. Then I had my encounter with an Evil entity that looked very much like Molloch and realised I was being brain-washed and didn't have a clue what the war was about. And called it quit's.

Then started from scratch, went out looked for 100's of job's and started bottom-end and suffer like everybody else and learn what hard labour is. Did many variety of job's. Two year's later was struggling but not giving into anything, control my anger and stopped smoking, and stopped drinking alcohol 11 weeks ago.

Family and friend's have told me endlessly I am a lot sounded to be around and they can understand me as a person and they like to be around me.

I have tried for these two years to CHANGE. It doesn't happen over night.

I'm not as aggressive though still have my bout's, but without the RAGE! Which is a start to a positive direction, no anger and just calm and chilled out and relaxed. Went out into town for the first night lastnight. I'm as quiet as a mouse, no problem's to anybody, just keep to myself, listen to people and try and understand them as people. Respect them and learn from them and have patience for them.

Patience was a BIG flaw in my life and it's took time.

I've got my head screwed on now that I've took up Plastering and getting training soon and also my bosses driver since he lost his license. We make a right pair, LOL.

I've started having nicer dreams/visions and have woken up a LOT. I understand how the Elite work because I studied how they controlled people over the year's and I learnt a lot from them. Also having a dark side like some families do, I also learnt that I do not want to be anything like a few of my Uncle's and Aunt's who have made BIG monies through corruption the law justice supreme court's and the banks.

It's fascinating, but now that I understand how they did it in life I feel one step closer to doing the opposite what they achieved and that's helping you lot realised that there's a heck of a lot of s**t going on out there that we all need to work together like ateam and bring something positive out of it.

I have practiced Good Spirituality from now on and I am learning and stop being lazy listening to my intuition at times and actually being patient and trying to show love and affection towards everybody and animals and insect's and treat everybody equally. Was the hardest lesson though I'm slowly getting there.

I do not want to be anything like the negatives and I'm slowly working to a better more positive change of lifestyle and mentallity style of thinking and helping other's and being nice towards other's and trying to let people in where I pushed them out. As I still find love an awkward thing, it feels weird and strange people being nice and happy, I'm not used to it. But I'm trying to be a good person.

Thankyou for your time reading this and thankyou all for those who have helped me overcome my fears and better my understanding of nature and all around us and what makes us who we are and where we are from Spiritually and so forth. Thankyou alway's dear Cosmic Brother's and Sister's and I am dearly sorry for upsetting you lot out there and causing you grief. I'm still paying the price.
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posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 10:28 AM

Originally posted by AdonaiChristBless
My brothers and sisters,I have made misjudgements of you all that are Family and I am sorry for all harsh words I have said I thought I was helping you but now I see I was the fool, please forgive me, I ask for your forgiveness and offer you my Blessings.

Adonai christ bless

My Brother Adonai,

I commend and respect you for this courageous act after all the posts you've made in this thread among the many other online forum posts.

It takes great courage for one-1 to come forward in the depths of humility with an open heart and cup making admittance for such misjudgments and to even in humility being lowly in heart call yourself 'the fool.'

I wanted to say that you are not 'a fool' and you are wise in making this courageous step forward and setting the example for all of us. I've learned greatly from you and your courageousness among the many emails and discussions we've had.

I will always support you in this new change for the betterment/transformation of yourself - turning a new leaf over- as I'm sure everyone here supports you in this act of humility asking forgiveness and desiring to make amends with anyone you've ever hurt or offended. I forgive you and I believe everyone here forgives you as well. You have truly shined that 'Light' you possess from within and recognized your error and some past distortions and I'm sure in the near future we will hear from you again and we look forward to your future posts shared to us from a new awareness.

With Love, Peace & Blessings to You Brother.

Best Wishes Always!

posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 10:39 AM

Originally posted by benedict9
I for one am glad the latest developments have taken place. It has been a fantastic example of how we choose to react to and interpret the motivations of others.

I feel there is much difference between just humble tolerance and UNCONDITIONAL love. The latter being a spiritually advanced state, and not always easily understood to 'outside' (frequency) observers.

Once one in the oneness can truly 'walk in another's shoes' and understand their reasonings for thoughts, feelings and actions, then it is much easier to apply deep empathy, aiding true compassion and feelings of a genuine love for their spirit. True love is never expecting anything back, especially ANY positivity (reward) in return for such. Whenever something is 'taken personally' in offense, then you have given your power over to reciprocal desire. This is wilful choice in reaction. As far as I'm concerned, anybody can threaten and condemn me to anywhere, so what? Good luck to them. If I took offense, I would ask why have I given that power, when 'letting go and acceptance' of other's nature is the path of least 'resistance'. And who am I to judge them for any flaws when I give recognition of my own? What are we really trying to 'uphold' or 'defend' here?

Love your 'enemy', and your accusers/persecutors. This is the Christ within. We have a way to go to develop and many tests beyond just examples in an online thread. Everything has it's role and purpose and many just may have opportunity to cast 'real' stones so to speak in time. Choose your road carefully in the wisdom of understanding the consequence of chosen paths. When push comes to shove, much is revealed of what is within hearts. But hey, we're only human right? And most are 'contained' here on this 'human level' for very GOOD divine reason.

Could you imagine yourself praying for the soul that is about to put a bullet in your head, your captors, your torturers? Consider if you could truly bring yourself to that level of love and acceptance of 'flawed man'. Blessed are those that could in better understanding of 'the bigger picture' of our divine roles. And blessed are the peacemakers. Amen to that. There is enough division already in our family and there are going to be more obvious 'divides' on Earth in future. We will be sorely tested as we deserve to be, for we have earnt our trials.

And I apologise for the 'directness' of some of my posts. It is not my intention to ever offend anybody. May the seeds of tolerance and humility displayed sprout to love. Peace within, love without.
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Hi Brother Benedict9,

Thank you as always for sharing with the rest of us your 'spiritual insights' and great additions.
I always look forward to reading new posts from you and hope that you can continue sharing with the rest of us.

With Love and Blessings always!

Best Wishes!
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posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 11:53 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Hello ETMAN....and all

I just want to say, I stand with humility beside those others that I called out in their casting of judgments. It does happen, it will happen, and it is these deepest times, we see our self and can weigh ourselves. It is moments like these that I can weigh and measure....and realign myself with a fresh perspective and fresh direction of my 'goings'.

My posts...were more in 'worry for you' that maybe you lost your own tred in your path. In reflection....Im overjoyed that ACB has been able to gain a 'new tred' in his path and I want him to raise his head in knowing that he is loved, worthy of it, and through our trials is where we learn the most.

About the word 'fool'.

ACB....I always wanted to qoute something to you....but something withint me told me not to. Now...that something in me smiles and its time.

"Only the fool thinks himself to be wise.....the wise men....know themselves to be fools."

To all the other things you wrote ETMAN....we still see things differently. For what ever reason...concerns me not. I am on a path of learning from a perspective that only the Spirit is infinite...and we are only phases of this 'infinity' ...only a part of it. We wish to claim infinity ourselves, we wish to not loose the 'I' that we think we are....but for what ever path right now is showing me how finite all the 'expressions' of Thee are...and I dont see this as something that is bad....for what a great thing it is to be a 'expression' of something, the most perfect everything that is....and KNOW that you are of it...being conscious that you are of where it can 'see' its other expressions through 'your' eyes....and touch its other expressions of self...through your can hold other expressions of self...through your arms....we cant imagine the purpose of The Holy Spirit emenating out/in cascading out/in to many expressions of being and with each further/deeper expression of being....the energy/light becomes more and more compressed....and we, are the latest compression of this expression. And we....are conscious...and through us...the Spirit awakens to itself. There may not even be a purpose...for here lately the answer that keeps coming to me when I ask 'why' that it just 'is'. Its just a part of 'being' just as in our 'being' some things just us having the need to 'express'.

I know that people desire to continue on the path of self...and I am not one to take that from them. Just sharing that where Im at in my wanderings....its more about being 'of a self' then being 'a self'. As this Spirit awakes and begins to 'see through' each of weighs and measures many things. It will weigh and measure and come forth as the perfection that Thee is.

All I can share is what I learn through Spirit...and what I learn right now is a limited view Im sure. But I do not see souls as something that is infinite in themselves. We only desire them to be...and in that desire...we create beliefs and ways for such a thing to be so. Only by walking that path and finding we still thirst after creating a belief of 'many infinity' can one find the true one self, Holy Spirit, without beginning and end...and admit to only being 'of it'.

All my best, thank you for your time you put into your posts always

posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 12:12 PM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

Thank you DClairvoyant - - for sharing your story.

I have found it interesting as I get older how all the pieces of my life fit together like a jig saw puzzle - - - making me who I am today.

I've also witnessed that there are different levels/lessons each person must experience - - and if they miss them in their childhood/adolescents - - they seem to find a way to experience them later in life - - often in destructive ways - - or develop bitterness towards others who have lived a full life.

Thankfully - - you got most of that aggression out early - - and didn't bring it into full adulthood.

I always say a child needs to be raised from the "inside out". The only person anyone ever really has to live with is themself. And if you are not at peace with yourself - - then you have a problem.

I carefully observed my own children and now my grandson on what works for them. Its not about me - - its about how they can live happily in the life they will build for themself.

Two things we do insist on is No Shyness & do not hold in how you feel. We start them early by things like - ordering your own food in a restaurant. Its important to go after what you want in life. The words 'never mind' or 'forget it' are not allowed - - because you will be put in a chair until you spit it out


How wonderful that you have your whole life to look forward to - as awakened. I think you will probably have more challenges though - - it seems to be the way of the awakened.

posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 12:12 PM
I got this in a email today and was debating on putting it in its own thread or not. Decided to just place it here...maybe it will offer some the 're boosting' that is needed sometimes on this 'path'.

We often wonder...where we are going..why we are here....what can we help.

The email was titles "Spiritual Conspiracy" but I think 'Inner Revolution' suits the words much better. Take it for what its worth or what you may need from it. I received it from a so called 'Nazarene'

On the surface of the world right now there is war and violence and things seem dark.
But calmly and quietly at the same time, something else is happening underground.
An inner revolution is taking place, and certain individuals are being called to a higher light.
It is a silent revolution. From the inside out. From the ground up.
This is a Global operation. A Spiritual Conspiracy.
There are sleeper cells in every nation on the planet.
You won't see us on the T.V. You won't read about us in the newspaper.
You won't hear about us on the radio. We don't seek any glory.
We don't wear any uniform. We come in all shapes and sizes, colors and styles.
Most of us work anonymously.
We are quietly working behind the scenes in every country and culture of the world.
Cities big and small, mountains and valleys, in farms and villages, tribes and remote islands.
You could pass by one of us on the street and not even notice. We go undercover.
We remain behind the scenes.
It is of no concern to us who takes the final credit, but simply that the work gets done.
Occasionally we spot each other in the street; we give a quiet nod and continue on our way.
During the day many of us pretend we have normal jobs.
But behind the false storefront at night is where the real work takes a place.
Some call us the Conscious Army.
We are slowly creating a new world with the power of our minds and hearts.
We follow, with passion and joy. Our orders come from the Central Spiritual Intelligence.

We are dropping soft, secret love bombs when no one is looking Poems ~ Hugs ~ Music ~ Photography ~ Movies ~ Kind words ~ Smiles ~ Meditation and prayer ~ Dance ~ Social activism ~ Websites Blogs ~ Random acts of kindness...

We each express ourselves in our own unique ways with our own unique gifts and talents.
Be the change you want to see in the world. That is the motto that fills our hearts.
We know it is the only way real transformation takes place.
We know that quietly and humbly we have the power of all the oceans combined.
Our work is slow and meticulous, like the formation of mountains.
It is not even visible at first glance.
And yet with it entire tectonic plates shall be moved in the centuries to come.
Love is the new religion of the 21st century.
You don't have to be a highly educated person or have any exceptional knowledge to understand it.
It comes from the intelligence of the heart, embedded in the timeless evolutionary pulse of all human beings.
Be the change you want to see in the world.
Nobody else can do it for you. We are now recruiting.
Perhaps you will join us - Or already have.
All are welcome The door is open.
~ author unknown

In the silence of 'being'....something 'inward' is occurring. As the Spirit within awakens in looks out and finds itself in many.

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posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 05:04 PM
reply to post by AdonaiChristBless
Id like to apologise for being rude to you in my post yesterday, thats not who i am and i didnt mean to cause any offence, i think its just that im being bombarded with imformation in this thread and its causing me to become frustrated. Think il take a break from the thread for a few days and do a bit of knitting or some sudoko or something, keep me out of trouble.
best wishes.

posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 05:19 PM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

Hi LeoVirgo,

Thanks again for sharing and always holding yourself together in a kind, considerate, respectful and friendly/uplifting way.

I know that people desire to continue on the path of self...and I am not one to take that from them.

I would agree with you in reasoning and logic as a human 'finite' being that not everyone in the world would ever want or desire to seize to exist as a being of who they are and most in the world in religions/beliefs - believes that a 'soul' continues on and continues to live and exists in the afterlife. The teachings of Christ, scriptures and gospel suggest that very thing that a 'soul' continues on.

Definitely a 'soul' that vanishes or is wiped clean/recycled from the hard-drive upon death is not the most popular answer or what people want to hear naturally if we are to reason with ourselves and perhaps even ask the population of the world what they desire/want by percentage/survey for sure and by far.

Just sharing that where Im at in my wanderings....

It's great to hear you share so openly with us and admit that you're in wanderings and I'm also going to be straight forward in sharing in all honesty with what I feel inside and feel that I not only know but understand based on my own experiences but always with an open heart/mind knowing how little we really still do know where there's no such thing as little. I know inside that I'm being guided and directed in my life from the Family which is more than just ONE being but Infinite ONE-1 beings 1111111111111's and I've been with them retaining memory of it and seen them as I stand in this world so have I stood with them. So if this life is an illusion/delusion of my own mind/making as some have suggested as a possibility for those who leap over or have nde experiences among others than that's an acceptable/reasonable possibility (for some.) If this world is my own delusion and of my own making in the here and now on Earth than to me the BEYOND and Family is also of my own making as some suggest being a possibility (for some in reasoning) but as I sit here in what we consider to be the human body on planet earth typing this away behind a computer so have I seen and been to places in the BEYOND of this universe and been shown/explained and told great things with understanding that came to me that I still retain.

its more about being 'of a self' then being 'a self'.

I would say it's more about being 'Infinite' ONE-1 self then being temporal earth life self.

In the same way you believe in the ONE, each and everyone ONE-1 of us is the ONE-1 and Infinite within ourselves. I would have to say Dear Sister Lyn in many ways we seem to be quite close in belief when it comes to that ONE being that you believe in accept instead of it being a ONE being it is an Infinite ONE-1 being that exists among Infinite ONE-1 others also being INFINITE in themselves no lesser or greater than all other Infinite ONE-1 beings as there's no such thing as greater, lesser, bigger or smaller within Infinity and there truly is no such thing as center, without beginning or ending.

No beginning or ending and that includes for all 'souls' but the temporal earth life self surely will lose itself and become of this 'Infinite' ONE-1self of a much higher awareness upon leaving the body/flesh that could be equivalent to what you believe in or the ONE where there's no such thing as higher. Hoping some of you are following along understanding the what (IS.)

Could you agree that all objects are infinite such as a sun, planet, basketball or grain of sand?

If all objects are infinite in themselves than why couldn't a soul/being/essence of a person or 'awareness/consciousness' be 'Infinite' in itself?

Why could there not be infinite ONE's as you believe them to be within Infinite ONE-1 others existing within 'All that is? I realize this is a concept/suggestion that requires deeper thinking about where there's no such thing as deep to further ponder and gain a better understanding/awareness of why 'INFINITY' doesn't represent just ONE but INFINITY-1111 representing endless within endless forever and it represents and stands for Infinite ONE-1 - all things being Infinite in themselves with infinite potential/capability and equal from the infinite picture being no greater, lesser, smaller or larger than anyone-1 for 'ALL' --- Infinite ONE-1 'souls' in existence that have always been and will always be existing forever ETERNITY. This TIME now will never seize to exist and tomorrow you will always be remembered. Your temporal earth life past self exists forever being part of TIME sealed and recorded like 'Somewhere In Time.' Good movie by the way!

I'm Thinking I wanna go back in 'TIME.'

Back to the Future would always be nice too.*Smile*

As this Spirit awakes and begins to 'see through' each of weighs and measures many things. It will weigh and measure and come forth as the perfection that Thee is.

As the temporal earth life self begins to find it's infinite One-1 higher self (HS) begins to see through temporal self it weighs and measures and infinitely comes forth as the perfection Infinite One-1 Thee is to be according to the ONE-1's desire of what they wish to become where Dreams and Wishes do come True.

When you-1 Wish Upon A Star, makes no difference who temporal you-1 are, when you-1 wish upon a star Infinite one-1 dreams come True.

All I can share is what I learn through Spirit...and what I learn right now is a limited view Im sure.

I am with you on this 100% and feel the same way as you do. All I can share is what I feel I've learned in spirit and know through experiences that I've had and what I see and understand. I know that I also am presently 'limited' and 'finite' based on re-occupying this 'TIME' machine body that feels so alive which is a player that helps us perceive things in this earth life existence such as 'TIME' with many illusions around us based on design of the body which is higher Creation setup/created by the Infinite One-1 Creators/Designers so that we may experience this thing called duality existence within 'TIME.'

But I do not see souls as something that is infinite in themselves.

If the ONE being you speak of is Infinite in itself then why can't other beings be Infinite in themselves? As a fractal is infinite within another infinite fractal among infinite other fractals. Does there always have to be only ONE? If it's just ONE being doesn't that put a stop or limit saying this is 'All' that it can be only ONE and nothing more than one? Doesn't that make something limited?

So let's try to at least think and consider the above being a possibility and it's of course not the most important thing for one-1 to perhaps understand/comprehend/know if you ask me in this life but it is the truth from where I come from and where we all come from and if ONE-1 wants to better understand who and what they truly are then One-1 must understand that they are Infinite One-1 within themselves as an infinite One-1 fractal within an infinite One-1 fractal no lesser or greater than all other infinite One-1 fractals being a part of 'all that is' or Infinity that is never just ONE but always Infinite and there's more and more and more and beyond and beyond and beyond forever.

To Infinity & Beyond!

We only desire them to be...and in that desire...we create beliefs and ways for such a thing to be so.

I realize that is your reasoning and belief and I can respect you and have unconditional love and acceptance for what you believe in at this 'TIME.'

I understand that you are only truly seeking to follow the spirit within you and be led by it in guidance and the best advice I believe there ever (IS) is always follow your heart and go with what you feel inside. Be who you-1 always are and as the song goes twinkle twinkle little star --- Strike that reverse it I mean the other song---)

You are beautiful, no matter what they say and words can't bring you down.

Follow your heart and be who you are and never let words bring you down.

In the silence of 'being'....something 'inward' is occurring. As the Spirit within awakens in looks out and finds itself in many.

Something infinitely inwards is always occurring as one-1's infinite one-1 (HS) connects with temporal earth life self, it looks and sees itself as an Infinite ONE-1 being without beginning or ending being part of INFINITY or 'all that is' which can never be just 'All' but always infinitely more than Infinite ONE-111111111111111111111111111111111111

Only by walking that path and finding we still thirst after creating a belief of 'many infinity' can one find the true one self, Holy Spirit, without beginning and end...and admit to only being 'of it'.

Only by walking the path to eventually realize the Infinity ONE-1 truth of the 'many infinity' in ONE can one find the true Infinite One-1 self. The Holy Spirit that connects everyone-1 to another in the spirit of Love, Peace & Guidance- without beginning or ending and then one-1 can admit to only being equivalent to it no lesser or greater being infinite ONE-1 in themselves being part of 'All that is' no lesser or greater where there's no such thing as lesser or greater like an infinite ONE-1 fractal within in Infinite ONE-1 Fractal that goes on endlessly forever.

Love & Best Wishes always!
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posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 05:46 PM
The students did not come into the world to work upon the world but the world was created to work upon them.

The majority are here to become whatever they choose to become without recollection of who they previously were.

posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 06:20 PM

Originally posted by cutout23
The students did not come into the world to work upon the world but the world was created to work upon them.

The majority are here to become whatever they choose to become without recollection of who they previously were.

Hi Cutout23,

Exactly worded in format as we've been putting it all along and true.

Everything happening/occurring with a reason/purpose from the 'Infinite Picture' and by design.

There are no accidents or coincidences from the Infinite perspective.

You posting this here and now and visiting this thread is not by coincidence.

Thank you for sharing and we hope you continue to participate in this thread.

Love & Best Wishes Always!

posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 09:57 PM
I have been very moved by many of the posts that have come through recently, and by the many who have displayed grace via a sincere open heart.

Our greatest teachers are often those who have hurt us and taken us to a place within our consciousness that we realise we don't want or need to be at. I greatly agree that we should learn to recognise the divine child in everyone-- though of course it's not meant to be easy, and would be lying if I stated I haven't been greatly challenged within my own personal relationships. Yet these challenges have taken me to a place where I eventually realised that I have the ultimate choice in will of what I ALLOW AND CHOOSE to affect my spirit. Feeling bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, seeking revenge on those that have hurt is akin to throwing hot coals. You may burn a perceived adversary (though harming only a member of your family), but you have also served to burn your own being in turn in a state of dis-grace. BTW, this is not directed to anyone particularly, for I am sure everybody reading this has been guilty of falsely/harshly judging another at some stage of their journey.

Thank you Chris for your kind words and the frequency you bring to this thread. The Holy Spirit you speak of helped me greatly recognise your intentions on ATS almost immediately from your first post on the Warnings thread. I have not developed the level of patience you have which I admire, but I acknowledge the 'work in progress' that I am. Thank you also for having the courage to deliver Christic teachings/scripture, in spite of the corruptions of organised religion turning many away from the 'living word' related to the divine Christic way, truth and life.

Yes there are forces here that do wish to create negativity, and they take pride in their role influencing our ongoing divisions and spiritually 'disconnected' states. My spirit has only been astrally attacked when I have prayed for souls to connect with the Christed and the Christ within with guidance away from the temptations of sin. Seems some entities don't like those that pray for Christed guidance/deliverance of souls away from the 'binding' grip of negativity. I don't fear or harbour animosity towards these entities either, for I understand from an eternal perspective they can't hurt me. I just call for support in Yeshua Christ and thank those entities for indicating to me that I am on the 'right path' in loving service. These experiences only encourage and educate in validation of my faith in Christ love/service path, which I strive to not give in to fear or negative selfish desires in this temporal Earthly life. Be a lamb among 'wolves', if provided the choice.

Be strong in your faith of righteousness to persevere with your path when any 'threat' presents itself. The righteous (because, yes there are right and wrong actions) WILL be graced with the inner strength to face any Earthly challenge and reap the 'rewards' in this life or the next with good and sincere intentions.

Please be aware that there is a real battle going on between forces serving good and evil within this duality realm.and our conscious choices are going to greatly influence what is allowed to occur both to the Earth and to our eternal souls contained within. There is much to the words 'Love and Truth will set you free'. The question is whose spirit is truly 'open' and ready to seek and receive both? For the Truth is not always 'comfortable' in a world of many illusions. Blessings and thanks for everybody's role in sharing and teaching here.

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I believe the real forces of opposition are in our daily lives, and these are of far greater importance than the way in which anyone attempts to manage world affairs, for this world would be transformed naturally even if wolves where attempting control, and darker entities/beings lived under the earth. The front line is in our homes, and daily lives. Its not that I prefer blinders on, as to underground or these forces. I don't, I wish everyone would wake up and rescue all those trapped or imprisoned below, and be truly compassionate and responsible adults who problem solved together and overcame these things peacefully.

To me, examining from all sides, I believe that Yeshua's life as depicted is a metaphor as well, and yet the principals within it are very real, a blueprint for a journey to Love, that channel of Love required, to connect to our Infinite Higher Self within.

Love is the only way to connect. For some time now when people wrote to me asking how to have contact with ETs, and were trying hard themselves, or when they spoke of star gazing, I pointed out that it was always best to first raise consciousness, awareness, compassion for the state of this planet, for the suffering, and slavery, a strong desire for complete equality and peace, and happiness for all. That this, pouring this out of our hearts under the stars, with sincerity of heart, brings positive contact.

So the journey is to increase Love and awareness and connect within to ourselves, to draw into our lives the infinite potential and effectiveness/capability we already possess but are not aware in the eternal NOW.
And its Love that opens this connection, though miracles happen, and when a person is often at rock bottom, or a critical point and is regretting their lives, the Family can move in quickly and reclaim the lost sheep.

I feel that happened in my own life as well. Though despite the many challenges and wrong choices, where I should have had the confidence to go for my dreams instead, I kept seeking, praying, examining. But the wake up call was a miracle, an intervention of sorts, and the contact/crafts my family saw. Even this, occurred when the door opened, I had to seek again, and then this time it came quickly as if there was a timing involved.

Yesterday, after the two younger were fighting, and I took them shopping, 3 stops for 2-3 hours, which was a little fun at the big last one (said dryly!) to stock up, I talked to them about Infinity, and who we were and how we could always connect within, but that Love was the channel. And there was a rainbow, we sat parked to get a treat for them, and talked about the Infinite potential and capability we all have, and that even one person could make a big difference, which may have been over their heads altogether, and looked at the rainbow. And my youngest kept hugging his brother and me for the next 40 minutes or so.

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What can we do? On a world level, aside from speaking up, writing in to leaders and news editors? I believe its making inroads within people, planting seeds, calling upon them to wake up, to the way the world is, their lives are, the distractions and traps around us, to love each other, and to meet up, talk with each other, online, and in the real world.

I also believe we can make a difference by holding meditational thoughts, by joining intentions/prayers, by reaching inside us. Sadly so far the few threads that have attempted this have not taken off and gained a support, and this is a real tool that we have. The studies that were conducted showed that a significant drop in crime rate, and in wars zones shellings, occurred when the group was meditating for peace and holding that vision.

Mass meditation REPEAT 11/11/2010


The Great Intention

Even the intention of joining minds, no matter how diverse a person's philosophies or relgious beliefs and envisioning, yearning and asking for this, in itself would say alot world wide, even if the studies had not shown a link. We don't have to agree to have a common purpose of Love, to see peace, to respect the feelings of others, to share what we have, and ourselves with others, to have compassion and work at overcoming our reactiveness and judgments,

ERA - Prayers (english version)
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There is a Family in Heavens and Father in Heaven that loves us and wants us to make our way back to them. I am a witness of them, those who choose to find their way home to our Father and Family in the Heavens must follow the path of the true spirit of Christ that has no distortions. Review the new testament that was given to the world for the very reason to learn from, it is available to man so they may learn and distinguish right from wrong and good from evil.

also would like to deeply apologize for any misjudgments that I've ever made and am sincerely sorry for any hurt and pain that I've ever caused anyone. Please forgive me and know that I have love for you and truly wish the best for all of you. I have had my own personal experiences and confirmations of the above for myself and know of it's truth.

Quorum Adonai Christ Bless

posted on Nov, 8 2010 @ 04:30 PM
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The same goes to you too. All is well. Check your email when you get a chance brother.


posted on Nov, 8 2010 @ 06:38 PM
Brothers & Sisters, I need to add for better clarification that the true spirit of Christ is the true spirit of Love so all must find that true spirit of Love that is not distorted to overcome the world and make it back to the Father and Family in Heavens. Examples are found in the parables and teachings in the life of Christ so you may better understand what represents the true spirit of Love. It must be noted that there are also distortions found in the bible of the true spirit of Love that have been changed so do not take all of the bible to be the true spirit of Love as it's not all 100% clean water truth and has been altered in the past intentionally from translations.

You must feel inside with your heart and discern what is the true spirit of Love found in the new testament in the teachings that was given to mankind and placed on earth to provide the true path and way for you to make it back home to your Father and Family in Heavens.

I suggest you pray to your Father and Family in the heavens for guidance and direction always so you may discern the true spirit of Love so there are no distortions. This is the path and the way to make it back home to your Father and Family in the Heavens by understanding the true spirit of Love and putting it into practice in your everyday lives.

I felt inspired to share these messages with you and have love for all of you.

Sincerely with Blessings to All

Quorum Adonai Christ Bless

posted on Nov, 8 2010 @ 08:07 PM

Originally posted by AdonaiChristBless
There is a Family in Heavens and Father in Heaven that loves us and wants us to make our way back to them. I am a witness of them, . . .

HOW are you a witness of them?

posted on Nov, 8 2010 @ 08:26 PM
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Hi Benedict9,

Thanks again for adding more to this discussion, your posts are always touching.

Love & Best Wishes!

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