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Hidden Hand Message - Law Of One - Discussion!

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posted on Oct, 7 2010 @ 03:28 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Communication is the main element to plan ahead, without the vital element communication represent's we'd have a broken network system/resistance. Trusted contacts/sources/friends/groups.

Carry non electric equipment and operate similar to the middle east just how their groups operate "Off-The-Grid".
all electric equipment contains a tracking device. If it has a circuit, it's tracked. So only bring along with you warm clothes, supplies of food/water and plenty of medical kits, a bergen rucksack. I've already some military camo clothes, I'm saving up for food/water as a first then I'l continue getting all my army supplies together that I used in training as comes in very handy when you need to stay warm, low-profile, silent, out-of-sight, dry and invisible to the enemy.

Then I'm getting myself off-road wheels, can't drive cars through mud as I'l be doing lot's of off-roading, considering doing lot's of spot welding and stregthening of body work so i make it into a bulldozer, that should get through road blocks

posted on Oct, 7 2010 @ 04:45 PM

Originally posted by AdonaiChristBless
Word less or distortion occurs.


- Phoenix

posted on Oct, 7 2010 @ 06:50 PM
ACB I see that you are happy to see me, that is an improvement, I'm glad you have had some change of mind.
I'll respond to a couple posts made by others in a bit here.

posted on Oct, 7 2010 @ 08:36 PM

Originally posted by LeoVirgo
reply to post by chezs

I don't ever tell people Not to take my word. What is the Holy Spirit Worth? People do Not have higher self lower self if the core of them is of the Holy Spirit and of God, If you perceive lower self, it is a reflection of your own inability to connect with the core. Which naturally responds with Grace. Get out of the thinking of soo much seperation, and take my word for it. All the Best, you bet.

Hello Chezs,

This is my point, I dont perceive the separation anymore. Most here on this thread are on a path of learning from the higher self, which is still a separation. The path of seeking ones most 'prime image of self' (higher self) is not a true path of 'service to all, service to others'....they are not truly seeing the need to make the offering of self, back to Spirit, to be of use, for unity. This is our purpose, its a process of purification of the Holy Spirit.

No path is wrong....for all teach us what we are in need of.

Just because at the core, we are Spirit, and that spark of perfect light of us is Holy, does not mean that this is where people are learning and growing.

We all have a prime image of us, an image that is the 'perfect self' that we are striving to be. We all must learn of self first....before learning things of Spirit, before learning how to be of service to Spirit.

What is the Holy Spirit worth? Without it, we would not be. Its where the most precious wisdom is held, it is why we exists, it is what offered us to have the breath of life and experience the existence of separation here and now. Without the Spirit, we would not be. It is the common ground we all hold that is the same. It is what will bring us to unite at some point when we understand this on a greater scale. It is the one thing that we can try and try to buck against, to only find out, we cant deny our most inner core being, which is of Spirit. As many try to 'leave' other selves through harvest, ascensions, salvation to heaven......they will see they cant separate from their other selves, they will learn that they must abandon at some point, the path of self, for their most truest 'self' is of the Holy Spirit, so all things that contain the Holy Spirit of life within, are another self to them.

We do have a lower self and higher self. Our Earthly the lower self. When we live more for things of flesh, things like power, greed, ect....we are living for the lower self. We are not always aware that we are more then this lower self, this body of flesh. Its meant to be this way, we are to learn about things of flesh and earth before learning things of a higher nature. The higher self, even though its a 'prime image' still very much a path of separation....but seeking this prime self, helps a soul/mind complex starts to mature, start to create a healthy ego, starts to be of use to others by love, forgiveness, acceptance for them, understanding to all beings for the things they know not. Still though, the higher self path is still a path of separation, for the being still seeks things for the 'self' over the 'all'.

You could say that perceiving or living in the lower self image, is a inability to see the connect with the core. Think of all the leaders that live for things of power, greed, separation of nations....they are not connection to their core light....they are living more for things of Earthly temptations, things of flesh, things that are not eternal, things that can be destroyed.

Just because the core of us is the Holy Spirit of God, does not mean we naturally know this or live for this. Living for the Holy Spirit is a path of living for all, living for the Spirit that is within all. Seeing, that in Spirit, we are ONE. There is much a being has to learn first, before learning and understanding such a path.

You said "I dont ever tell people not to take my word". So you expect others to just take your word for something and believe it? That they should not seek what you say for themselves, for it is in personal seeking that we gain understanding. If someone is just taking your word for something, are they really gaining then the understanding of what you have said. This is why, I dont tell anyone to just take my word for it, because I believe is they start to seek things through the Holy Spirit, they will be shown what they are in need of.


See LV, I know things of the Holy Spirit as everyone else does.
If I am given the holy spirit, why would I ever tell someone to not take my word?
Fact of the matter is, I don't ever have to tell someone to keep my word.
To understand it, to acknowledge it for what it is worth, to see it as truth, those things
I may say, and others may say, I don't like your word, I don't believe you say the truth.
That does not "matter". Those appearances are nothing more than appearances.
If we have been given things from the Holy Spirit, the truth in our words Live.
They naturally Live and Manifest in others lives as if it was a Natural Law.

Gods grace is a powerful thing.

If we are part of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God, and that Spirit is One, Why can't we search
everywhere and anywhere and see that Spirit there? Help that Spirit live.
We don't have to use 'higher self' 'lower self' as a vehichle to being One.
What happens the majority of the time, is that people do not know when it is
ok to let go. In my world it is sink or swim, and I say let go of the shi* from the start.
No higher self, No lower self, God loves us, our lives are meaningful, and nothing can
stand in the way of that. There are a many of people out there on spiritual paths that
as well seperate the good from the bad in their lives. This is as well, meaningless.
Nothing bad can be any more bad than the greatest thing you have experienced or done.
Nothing great can be anymore great than the baddest thing you have experienced or done.
Its all a part of who we are, not at some times, and not at others.
Our perceptions change, but the Holy Spirit IS the Holy Spirit, and omnipotent through
it all. Nothing is more omnipotent than the Holy Spirit, in our words, in our acts, in
our thoughts, and through all of it, even as though we may believe we are doing
other things and thinking of other things and doing things that are not part of
what is Holy. Everything reflects our relation to the Holy Spirit, at all times.

There is no reason to put ourselves down and there is no reason to lift ourselves up,
but there are reasons to let ourselves be who we are, without guilt, with no care
for appearances of what others may take at face value, and at all times to love
every bit of ourselves accepting that we in our entirety are liberated from the
confinement of judgement in living as a child of God.

posted on Oct, 7 2010 @ 09:29 PM
reply to post by AdonaiChristBless

1. Are/Were there Jesus-like or Buddha-like individuals on other planets where humans live?

2. Is it beneficial to listen to the Pyramid frequency (inside and outside) over long term?

3. Did some humans settle on Earth from Mars a long time ago?

Thank you.

posted on Oct, 7 2010 @ 10:22 PM

Originally posted by sphinx551
reply to post by AdonaiChristBless

1. Are/Were there Jesus-like or Buddha-like individuals on other planets where humans live?

Yes not many.

2. Is it beneficial to listen to the Pyramid frequency (inside and outside) over long term?

Are you speaking about can pyramids be used to assist you yes shape focus.

3. Did some humans settle on Earth from Mars a long time ago?

Some but mostly was the yeti kinds like bigfoot and other reptoids greys.

Thank you.

Adonai Christ bless

posted on Oct, 8 2010 @ 11:46 AM
reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice

reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice

Good to see that you grasp the finer details of my message. Metaphysical and spiritual truths can never be completely defined by one person's experiences. Which is exactly what everyone on this thread is trying to do. They're taking their own experiences, which are open to distortions and personal perceptions, and claiming that such is the ultimate truth about, well, everything.

Unfortunately, if one person truly did possess the answers to everything, then they wouldn't be part of our world anymore. They'd have sublimated into the ether and become one with the all that they're all seeking. So anyone who is still part of the physical manifestations of the Universe has not discovered the whole truth.


reply to post by phoenix_zephyr

I was going to comment on the notion that true free-will cannot exist if any part of our lives are predestined. You beat me to the punch though, so I'll just see how Apprentice responds to this. I suppose though, that most people would confuse free-will with true free-will. To have true free-will one must have the ability for every single decision, action, event to be completely random without a single predetermined event.

Apprentice, in his reply to you, states that some events are predetermined, which means he believes in the illusory free-will, and not true free-will. Which is a shame. For all the talk on this thread of waking up and escaping the system, no one seems to realize that predestination, fate, destiny, predetermination, are all more ways in which we're enslaved.


reply to post by DClairvoyant

I'm dismayed to see that you overlooked the crux of my post. Although it is very revealing to see that you fixated upon the notion that your religious experiences might not be true spirituality, ignoring in equal amounts the point of the message, which was that maybe we're all wrong and the only truth will come from us all putting our theories together and finding the existent overlaps.

If you'd rather believe all of your visions and experiences are the only absolute truth, then by all means go right ahead; no one is trying to stop you from being swallowed up in your own preconceptions. I was merely trying to invite all and sundry here to consider that maybe we're all only seeing part of the picture, and using our own culture lens to fill in the missing links, instead of genuinely seeking them.

Oh well.


reply to post by LeoVirgo

This is all very good, LV. I'm not at all suggesting that we change ourselves, or expose ourselves to that which we're not ready to accept yet. Not at all. I'm suggesting that we take our views, beliefs, experiences, and everything else and we overlap them like a ven diagram. And instead of looking at just what is in the left, or right, circles we look only at what exists where the two overlap.

After all, the essence of everything must be something that permeates all things. So what better way to find it then by searching for the uniting elements of everything believed on this board? Essentially, by doing this we'd discover "the truth", or, in the event that nothing overlaps, that none of us knows "the truth".


reply to post by Unity_99

I agree with your agreement.

~ Wandering Scribe

posted on Oct, 8 2010 @ 12:54 PM
reply to post by Wandering Scribe

Well of course you would.

Sometimes the intellectual and ancient writings approach is not the way to see things, I believe all that is written is a code to control the bloodline/illuminati, and also a kind of coding the matrix to try and pull this in, especially if things are alligned in their Egyptian/Babolynian Astrology.

Going with the heart and insight is a good way. And really asking/seeking to discover what we need to improve in our lives, to search for our shortcomings and try to improve.

posted on Oct, 8 2010 @ 01:18 PM
I want to share something the last day, that sent up some warning lights. To begin with had some conversations with someone posting on this thread, and read some material he suggested, and discussed concepts that were very much what the bloodlines believe, that love is choice and this polarizing idea. Not Love, which it truly is. That Higher Self is a 4rth dinmensional being in the cosmos, not outside, or at least another us, a benevolent compassionate 4rth.
Note, there is only one of us in this time clip sequence, where there really is No Time, and our Higher Self ,is outside the whole multiverse, the BEYOND. To Infinity and Beyond!

The energy I've been reading is actually elohim, ie. as in tall blue grey race, I do recognize it, and I was scanned, intently, this incredible strong dense gravity type scanning, I shielded, and imagined swimming in the sun, and asked for assistance from Love and Higher Self, and gradually this rather long scanniing ended and this very intense dense energy left me. In fact, I feel much more like myself again, with my own higher lighter vibration.

Love is our protection and we need to reach that love channel, its the most important thing we can do, I feel.

There is a plan to wipe our souls, and we're supposed to believe our souls are AI. We're not AI at all. Its very much like the living game, or what reconpilot talked of, as a soul wiping technology akin to black and white hole he thought, but in any case, connected to the soul catchers John Lear Speaks of. There is a very real plan. No matter what happens, there is a perfect plan here, I know and many are sent here, for this purpose. The laws we recognize are love, and they're written on our hearts. Evil and Goodness are not equal, they are not the ying and yang. The duality is a hard school with many challenges in it. Those are the dark squares. Death, illness, hardship, injustice, temptation even, sexuality to some extent though there is a healthy side to that as well.

ET_MAN writes of our intentions. The intentions of our hearts. These matter the most. Also, if anyone could harm your soul or wipe it, know that the Family of Light would find a way, and that all of your memories are backed up. This whole thing is a dvd on the other side or akin to a magazine/newspaper, like ET_MAN has said and shown a picture for. There is no mistake that we are not safe and protected.

Meditation is very good and it leads us to fuller understanding.

Even clearing our minds, and placing our beliefs in a box, set aside as in the Monroe Institute meditations is a very good idea. But Love is the answer. Choice and freedom is a part of Love, not the whole thing. Everyone knows what love is.

I can read energy, and the channeled I was reading is elohim, I recognized it. They chose on both sides in the star wars scenarios of the past, there are very positive cosmic beings and very negatively alligned ones, and many in between. But all need to find their hearts and compassion to go back home.

After going through this, there must be some kind of trap in even reading the channeled information. Like it gives permission or something. I renounce permission. Because my 9 year old son woke up crying and afraid. I will be working with him, to raise his love and decrease his fear, and its time for him again to do some meditating and careful safe sungazing. Its time to find ways to get them to give and I'm thinking of a two day, fruit and veggie fast where we set aside money and contribute it. I'm going to work out a plan and get them invovled in learning altruism, though we're not even middle class ourselves.

He woke up, telling me it was his quilts fault. He thought it made him unable to move or speak. When we sat down I discovered he had had a classic sleep paralysis, unable to move or speak, and he kept trying.

There were beings in hoods, that had a prod or wand type thing, and whenever he tried to move, they prodded him, and it felt like a punch in the gut.

This has never happened before, and they are also in that negative channel associated with the negatives.

So I have some work to do, and will be seeking some strong protection.

Edit to add: Channeled material is not safe to read. Also, LOVE as in Compassion is not a distortion!
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posted on Oct, 8 2010 @ 04:31 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Sometimes the intellectual and ancient writings approach is not the way to see things

I am afraid I must disagree here. If we do not strive to comprehend, with our intellect, that which we experience then our comprehension of it is not complete. Intuition and feeling are all fine and good, but no one understood medical science through feeling and intuition. Logic, reasoning, and the intellect are all extremely vital variables in coming to a complete understanding of a thing.

As well, ancient writings are the foundations for all modern writings and beliefs. The "densities" that everyone on this thread is so keen on have their origin in Egyptian theology and writing. What Egypt believed were the "pieces of the soul" is what is today believed to be the densities of existence. The belief in a powerful 2012 event re-shaping the face of the planet has it's origins in a Mayan's calendar. Greek manuscripts on mathematics are the fore-runners of sacred geometry. Babylonian, Egyptian, and Greek medical manuscripts are the pre-cursors to Biblical healers, which have become the new-age spiritual healers.

The ancient manuscripts are all of great importance to the future of spiritual development.

I believe all that is written is a code to control the bloodline/illuminati

Again, I must disagree with you. This is merely a belief, most likely brought on by you not "feeling good" about the theories expressed in these ancient documents. There is no evidence that the Bible, or the Egyptian Book of the Dead, or the Rig Veda are all coded by the illuminati. There is only you, saying this based on a feeling.

The reality is quite the opposite. Ancient manuscripts have been the cornerstones for philosophical, spiritual, and metaphysical advancements for the past 10,000 years. Animism and Shamanism introduced the concept of the "soul" to the world, primarily in animal life important to the nomadic bands. Paganism and Aboriginal writings gave the Earth, and all of the Universe, its own essence and life-cycle. Polytheism gave every living thing it's own essence, soul, and spirit. Faiths like Buddhism have helped millions make sense of the "problem of evil", and of their own existence.

These writings are not evil coded mockeries of human spirituality. They ARE human spirituality at it's core. You should really read them sometime. The whole world of wonder they open up to an individual is breath-taking. Think of all the things you're not experiencing and feeling by purposefully cutting yourself off from the experiences and feelings of others.

I would hope you would not be so vain as to believe you're the only person to have ever experienced or felt something.

and also a kind of coding the matrix to try and pull this in

How do you know that the Family of Light is not also stuck in the Matrix? They have bodies, forms, essences, and existences on one plane or another. That means they are still stuck in the matrix. Consciousness is a form of being stuck in the matrix. If you can contact another existing being, or contemplate your own existence you are still stuck in the matrix.

Sublimation is the ultimate escape from the matrix.
Beyond consciousness, beyond contemplation.
Beyond all phenomenal and noumenal existence.

as a flame blown out by the wind
goes to rest and cannot be defined
so the wise man freed from individuality
goes to rest and cannot be defined
gone beyond all images—
gone beyond the power of words.

especially if things are alligned in their Egyptian/Babolynian Astrology

There is nothing wrong with Egyptian or Babylonian astrology, religion, or anything else. Without the Egyptians and the Babylonians we would still be stuck living in clay mud houses, traveling in hunting packs following wild game, we would not have written languages, contemplations of densities, or anything. More important than Greece, or Rome, or the Islamic states of the Christian Dark Ages are Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures.

I am dismayed you would consider the foundation for everything you use in daily life to be evil and vile. Do not use your computer, or a cellphone, or an automobile, or eat farmed good, or write, or read, or love pets, or just about anything else you do in modern society if you believe Egypt and Babylon were evil.

A view like the one you're purporting disgusts me.

Going with the heart and insight is a good way

Insight is a branch of intellect. You cannot trust insight without trusting intellect. But I will gladly trust insight, as I completely trust intellect. The heart is a muscle, operated through chemical impulses orchestrated by the nervous system, which is operated by the synapses of the brain. I do trust my heart, and my brain, and my cognitive reasoning skills, and my five senses, and everything else I have evolved to help myself identify and understand my surroundings.

Listening to the heart is perfectly fine if you don't plan on looking at the world ever.

And really asking/seeking to discover what we need to improve in our lives, to search for our shortcomings and try to improve

At this point you've become condescending again, believing that you know better than myself, or whomever else you might have happened to be talking about in this response. This, of course, means you have lost the meaning and intent of my proposal. You think you know better, which means you are just as blind as all the rest of us.

Truth is a collective, part of it must come from everyone.

Open that heart you trust in so much to those around you while simultaneously letting everyone have their say in what is truth. Maybe then your life will be filled up by the experiences and knowledge of the human race.

You're not the only human after all.

posted on Oct, 8 2010 @ 05:04 PM
reply to post by Wandering Scribe

Everyone is having their say, and I don't disrespect anyone for doing so, even bend over backwards to support the right of those who say things I disagree with to do so. However, that is not for me.

Insight is your innner knowing, your pineal, your psi and energy recognition. With it you can see, feel, and understand alot. You may use the word in another way, but that is my only use for it when I write or speak.
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posted on Oct, 8 2010 @ 10:20 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Oh he is an Elohim but he is one of those dark ones that enslaved humanity, so I guess not much to say there for what he did. A child I mean honestly that is just sad he sent them after you and they couldn't do anything to you so they went for the child.

Ahhh...... how low can he go? and I shall watch this show unlock it self.

Kind Regards


P.S: I hope you are ok and so is the little angel.

posted on Oct, 8 2010 @ 10:42 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Please point out this user to me, and the "unsafe" channeled material. If simply reading this material is enough to cause events like you described, then reading this material is exactly what I've been waiting for. It is evidence that what you say is true.

I accept full responsibility for anything and everything that happens to me as a direct, or indirect, result of reading this material and talking with this individual. I expunge you of any ties to myself, or what becomes of me from such actions. Please direct me to the material and the user.

In fact, please use the U2U feature to do this, as I do not wish to bring undue distress upon said user by making it publicly known.

I would greatly appreciate you doing this to help aid me in coming to a better understanding of the things of which you speak.

~ Scribe

posted on Oct, 8 2010 @ 11:01 PM
reply to post by Wandering Scribe

Several questions I must ask you ^_^

What is your view on the force?

How well are you familiar with the subject of black matter? and also would you consider it to be the force that Jedi speak of?

How much do you know about energy that each person contains within them? please do explain simply and easy.^_^

Hehehe you did say to ask anything at any time ^_^

Kind Regards


posted on Oct, 8 2010 @ 11:53 PM
Originally posted by The Magicians Apprentice
reply to post by Wandering Scribe


What is your view on the force?

Lucas invented The Force, basing it off of spiritual concepts such as energy, biological-radiation, psychokinesis, telekinesis, and other such things. I do believe that some of these things exist (bio-chemical radiation being one of them). I also believe some of it is capable within human restraints (see below). But I do not believe for a moment that The Force is a good spiritual guidebook at all.

Now, if you mean the telekinetic abilities some Jedi and Sith possess in Lucas' universe... I do believe that someone who can manipulate the lower planes of existence well enough could, in theory, manipulate objects on our plane.

How well are you familiar with the subject of black matter?

Do you mean dark matter?

If so, I am as familiar with an unverifiable concept, existent only in mathematical stipulation, as one can be. I also possess my own theories on what this invisible, unmeasurable, only-exists-mathematically substance is.

and also would you consider it to be the force that Jedi speak of?

You'll have to answer my above question before I can answer this one. If you meant dark matter then no, it is not the force. Midi-chlorians, another thing Lucas invented, are the real culprits behind The Force.


You really need to realize something here: Lucas was not writing a philosophical treatise when he made Star Wars.

What he was doing was combining the cultures of the East—Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism—with those of the West—Christianity, political theology—to form a cohesive protagonist-antagonist relationship. The Jedi are the sages and gurus from India, China and Japan. The Force is the All-Spirit from Hinduism and Buddhism. The abilities Jedi's gain are those of the Ascetic Masters. The meditation techniques are those of Buddhism and Hinduism.

The Imperial Forces, the Sith, and the Empire are Christians and right-wing Conservative politics pushing their authority down on the common folk and their intra-personal spirituality. Darth Vader is Jesus Christ, the Empire is Catholicism, and the Emperor is Yahweh. Storm Troopers are fundamentalists, and the Bounty Hunters are Apostles.

He was also unifying his childhood cinema fantasies—westerns, action flicks, war flicks—with the current popular film genres of the time—science fiction and fantasy—to create a film experience the little kids would enjoy, while also still being appealing to the older generations.

Lucas was good at blending cultural memes, themes, and trends together. He was not necessarily good at writing philosophical, political, and religious treatises on the Truth of Existence. I really, really, really hope that you don't believe The Force is real, that you're a Jedi, that you can move objects with your mind, push people with force shove and the like.

Because if you do, there's a name for the religion you're a part of: Noguardianism. Seriously, it's a real, legitimate religion. Go look it up if you'd like. I'll wait.


Welcome back. The existence of Noguardianism blew your mind, didn't it?

How much do you know about energy that each person contains within them?

Are you referring to electric, and bio-chemical radiation every individual gives off? Because if so, they are simply radiation that all life forms give off. It allows us to fight disease, recognize our fellow human's body signatures, produce auras, spin pendulums, and much, much more.

If you mean some pseudo-scientific spiritual energy signature, I'm also really good at recognizing, analyzing, probing, and cross-referencing the probability waves of a visible persons' spiritual energy too. I cannot do it if I cannot see them though, as the Universe is too cluttered with everyone's energy for me to pinpoint and pick out a complete and total strangers whom I've never seen before.

Simple and easy enough for you?


You're always welcome to try reading anything about my energy pattern, or signature. As well as hers. I offered you such opportunity many, many times before. I do not use probability wave-front protection, nor any type of spiritual or magickal defenses on myself.

I am not afraid of probing, curses, hexes, surveillance, or energy-scanning. I welcome anyone and everyone to try it on me. Report your findings. When you get stuff right, I add you to my list of spiritual-psychic contacts. When you're wrong, I invite you to keep trying until you learn how to properly do it.

Anything else Apprentice?

~ I.G.S

posted on Oct, 9 2010 @ 12:34 AM
Everything I posted is true, but I'm talking with him, and the attack could very well come because I was reading it. Its the Casseopian Wave. I was very upset with the intrusion and targeting of my son. I won't say who though, and he is saying that the military and co-op with negatives is behind the hooded ones. Since it was negative that makes sense, but I still want to find the individuals and keep them away.

posted on Oct, 9 2010 @ 12:41 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

I did not ask you to have them come to you. I asked you to point me to this "necronomicon" so that I may read it and they may come to me. I am actually doing you a favor, because when I read it they will come and assault me, leaving you alone.

So link me. I know you read a link, so this document is online somewhere. Link me to it, please.

posted on Oct, 9 2010 @ 12:46 AM
reply to post by chezs

If I am given the holy spirit, why would I ever tell someone to not take my word?

Because a spiritual path is something we all should seek, we should not just be willing to take anothers word for it. If you have faith that your wisdom comes through the Holy Spirit, then you should also have faith to tell seek what you say for themselves, for then they can KNOW it is truth.

There are reasons to seek it for ourselves and not to just take anothers word for it. Through personal seeking, the Spirit see's one's true intent of seeking. The reason I tell others to not just take my word for it is because I have faith that if the humble themselves before Thee and go to the Holy Spirit with a honest heart with honest intent, they can find that what I have said, is truth, for themselves.

Through seeking, we gain understanding of why something is what it is or how something works....if I just give you the answer to a do you then understand how to work the problem? I could tell you, take my word for it that the answer is right....but if you learn how to work the problem yourself and experience that through that understanding of how it then know the answer I gave you was truth, for you know have understanding of it. There must be understanding in answers....there must be a personal relation with the Spirit.

Why can't we search everywhere and anywhere and see that Spirit there? Help that Spirit live. We don't have to use 'higher self' 'lower self' as a vehichle to being One.

I have never said that we cant search everywhere and anywhere. The Spirit is within all things that hold life, in the very blueprint of the design. BUT....the path of learning things of Earth....must come before learning things of Spirit. We must learn what is of flesh, so we can then discern what is of Spirit. We must understand where pride, greed, ect (lower natures of ourselves) originate from, what the cause is so we know what the affect is. The higher self also must be learned....we must learn about the self before learning about the ALL. There must be milk before the food. This is why the Spirit does not just lay out all the truths in books ect....for many would call such things foolishness. The Spirit does not offer Spiritual wisdom to those that are not ready for it. Similar to not throwing pearls to the swine. We need to learn that the lower self, our bodies of flesh, living a selfish life, is a lower nature of us so we can later discern that this is not the nature of Spirit. The higher self of us teaches us how to mature our ego of self, how to forgive our selves and others, how to work on unconditional love for ourselves and others....the higher self leads us to the path of Spirit. After we can master maturing as a 'self' we can then start to mature as a ALL, as part of the ONE, being of us as a tool for the Spirit to work through us. The higher self is still connected to the 'self', us as individuals and this path is for those that are still attached to the image of 'self'....not ready to let go of being a individual that is separate from others. The path after higher self is one that can let go of being a 'self' that is a path that is ready to live for the what ever way the Spirit needs. The path past the higher self is one that offers the 'self' back to Spirit....offer what is of Earth back to Earth. After one has reached the point of being able to discern what is of flesh (the lower nature of our earthly bodies), being able to discern what is of the higher self (a higher nature of 'self', a prime mature 'self)....then a being is ready to learn things of Spirit learn that the highest service a soul can be of is 'service to others'....for in Spirit, they see that all others, are ONE with them.

Do all people need to understand or use the terms 'higher self' ect? No, these are just terms to help in conversation by the use of language, which limits us to describe certain things. Is the higher self a being seperate from us? Again, no....its the prime image of us...still very much a part of us....but a part of us that has surpassed the lower natures the Earthly body goes through.

There is no reason to put ourselves down and there is no reason to lift ourselves up, but there are reasons to let ourselves be who we are, without guilt, with no care for appearances of what others may take at face value, and at all times to love every bit of ourselves accepting that we in our entirety are liberated from the confinement of judgement in living as a child of God.

By learing how we can improve ourselves on the path of self....there will be guilt, for to think that we have feelings of guilt for no reason would be silly. Things like guilt make us aware...trigger us to think critically in the future....trigger us to reevaluate what we have done and why we have done it. If one takes that action that caused them guilt, and then learns from it and understands why they would do it differently next time, then the guilt can be overcame, forgiveness can occur, as long we learn....then there needs to be no regrets, for that action that taught us something molded us and shaped us to who we are today. I judge my actions daily, this helps me evaluate if I am being all that I can be and how I could be a better person. It sounds to me like you feel that we should not care if we are trying to improve or become better people.

Just because we are loved unconditionally....does not mean we are to not strive to be better, to work on things, to find the will to overcome things, to fine the will to work harder, to be better parents, to be more patient, to be more empathetic with others, to be more compassionate ect.

Guilt has its place, but not for us to beat ourselves up over helps us be aware of something that we should of done differently.

If I lie....the guilt helps me understand why that was wrong. There is rights and wrongs....there is a certain nature we are to become and that nature is of Spirit. Yes, there are many paths that are not (killing, being dishonest, stealing, selfishness, greed, pride, ect)....but these teach us things...they offer us ways to discern and find the path that is. Just because the wrongs help us see the rights....just because the worth of hate helps us see the worth of love....does not make hate right in the nature of Spirit. Its more a tool, to learn and discern....what is of more worth in Spirit.

Just because we are loved unconditionally, does not mean we should stop being aware or trying to be aware, of a more humble way of living, of a more unite way to live amongst each other, of a more selfless way for the world to work, as ONE.

We, as a species, on this sphere...have expectations of us by the Holy Spirit. We are not just be, to just exists. We have a consciousness for a reason. We have a mind to discern things for a reason. We have feelings to alert us about our actions and others actions for a reason.

If you want to do something wrong and ignore that guilty feeling in your gut for your actions...then good luck with that. My my path of Spirit....does not allow me to ignore things like that anymore. In fact, on the path of Spirit, I must be aware of those things, I must try to find the path that is all the more so now. At the end of my day, I have to observe how my patients was with my children and my attention to my children, I have to make sure Im weighing and measuring my actions on a daily bases.....and it is the Spirit that needs me to do this. If Im trying to live my life more for Spirit then things of flesh I defiantly have to be aware of my behaviors, of my attitudes, of my patients, of my mercy and grace towards others. In living for Spirit, one tries to allow the nature of Spirit to become them.

Just beacuse someone is aware that the Spirit is within them and all life....does not mean that they take it seriously enough to try to live more for the nature of Spirit then the things of flesh. One can 'learn' many things....but to mature in those things that they have learned, and live them through their own different.

It takes alot of work on the 'self' to get to the point to live truly for the ALL. Some want to think....just we what ever you are....and you are loved and its all just peaches and cream. It takes work to sift out what is of flesh and what is of Spirit. One must dedicate themselves to discern things daily. The design is set up so that we sift out what is of flesh and earth first.....before we start to learn things of Spirit.

You dont have to be aware of it that when one lives in cheating, lying, selfishness....that they are living more for their lower natures. You dont have to be aware of it that even though one loves all and forgive all, they still seek things like harvest for self, ascension for self, salvation for self....that they are still on a path of self, but a higher path of self then the lower natures. lower and higher self are just words to separate the differences between 2 paths of 'self'. Its just words, a use of language. The differences of these 2 paths of self can also be described as 'negative path of self' and 'positive path of self'.

Truly living for the Spirit, one is ready to abandon the path of 'self' and be of use by the nature of Spirit, to help others find the light within them, no matter what it takes. This path can be referred to 'the path of Spirit, or the path for ALL'. Being in service, to others.

To simplify it....yes, we must learn...what is of flesh is of flesh...what is of Spirit is of Spirit. We are not here to just 'float by'...we are here to use our minds critically and to learn to discern between 2 natures.

Just because the Spirit is within us all and all around us....does not mean that a persons wisdom's are coming from that nature of Spirit. Things of lower natures like pride and greed will distort their wisdom's. Things like seeking ascensions and salvation for the self will distort their wisdom. There are many things that will not allow a pure vibration of Spirit to show itself to someone. If one does not have a honest mind and humble heart when seeking things of Spirit, there will be distortion. Delusions are allowed....for the Spirit uses things like beliefs to weigh and measure what a beings complex is ready for and what it has not learned yet.

My best

posted on Oct, 9 2010 @ 02:39 AM
does this then mean as child also who without this higher knowledge of self , can only precieve a lower nature of path and cannot recognise or learn from this higher force of spirit until all tests of flesh are overcome.

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posted on Oct, 9 2010 @ 08:49 AM
considering that earth is a planet for lessons, what reason would there be to destroy it if happening. are not the lessons the same for each density, why would this then even be necessary here and now, it certainly couldn't have anything to do with a negative aspect since other events in our lifetimes have been even worse, or could it just be because of free will starting to lose control and skipping the lessons required here.

will this then be an end to this school life here and never be its purpose for those who still need learning, or are we all just shifted to some other earth like existance without the memory again of past life on this planet and made to start again somewhere new.

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