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Obama Background Chart

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posted on Aug, 5 2010 @ 11:57 PM

Originally posted by MrSpad

Oh of course talk radio the beacon of truth. How is it you buy anything they tell you and not other news outlets? Is it because the talk shows you listen to validate your own thoughts?

Damn right!

Forget about my thoughts because most of what was being predicted two years ago on talk radio is actually coming true now.
Go figure.
Give it a listen some time, I dare ya.

It's becoming more and more obvious with each passing day that perhaps Bush's third term would have been better than Carter's second.

posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 10:22 AM
Really appreciate the chart. The MSM will not discuss, kind of fits with the Dallas Morning News editor that declared all subjects concerning Obama's background not wothy of discussion because they are "crazy". Below was my letter to ed, of course it didn't get published.

Editor: Dallas Morning News

Re: Craziness - Socialist, Muslim, Hitler as President

I am writing to express my full agreement that we should eliminate all insane discourse concerning President Obama. It is obvious that one must be crazy to believe that he could be a socialist, a Muslim, an illegal resident or using dictatorial techniques to push his agenda. Based upon the following facts only deranged people could believe these accusations.

Our president began as a community organizer following the script of Saul Alinski an avowed Marxist, was an associate of Bill Ayers, an avowed Marxist, appoints numerous Czars with either Marxist or socialist ties, sat in a Black Liberation Theology church who’s roots & philosophy are Marxist for 20 years and states openly that he believes in “redistribution of wealth”. Your right someone has to be crazy to think he’s a socialist.

His current name is Barrack Hussein Obama (Is that Middle Eastern?) adopted after dropping his alias Barry Soetoro. His father was a Muslim. He has been seen bowing to Muslim Kings and appears to be backing off American support of Israel. Your right someone has to be crazy to even question whether he has Muslim ties.

He has spent over a million dollars to keep his background and history private. We’ve had full disclosure of all prior president’s history as well as candidates for president. Yet we know little of Mr. Obama’s history or associations despite the incredible job the MSM has done (including the DMN) we know very little about the current president, where even his birth origin has been left open to question. I am sure he has nothing to hide. Since I am sure your record of investigative reporting will get right on it, then your reporting will shortly eliminate this craziness.

He has had no transparency and open dialogue concerning his agenda. He has taken over industries and given government money & political favors to his supporters, attacked his opponents not on their ideas, but on their mere audacity to form a coalition. In each instance, he consistently with the help, the MSM, has consistently correctly branded all who disagree with his policies as racists and extreme right wing anarchists and potentially violent even though no instance has been documented. Someone would have to be crazy to think that these techniques were used by Hitler to consolidate his power.

I am so glad that you have finally pointed out all of the topics are that not worthy of discussion or investigation and rightly determined that anyone questioning Mr. Obama’s authority and policies should immediately be remanded to psychological reeducation. This technique was used by Stalin & Mao against dissidents and eliminated craziness in their countries, but I am in no way calling Mr. Obama Maoist or Stalinist, that would be, “Crazy”.

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