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What have you learned-what do you know-what do you think you know?

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posted on Aug, 5 2010 @ 11:12 AM
Ok this thread ATS is designed for the many who are willing to participate to bring to this table what they know, what they think they know all based on what they have learned from books-internet-television-or spiritual enlightenment ect. feel free to post 5 things maximum of things you know for sure and 5 maximum of things that you think you may know, do to strong feelings attached. Ok now you dont have to post 5 but please no more then 5 each totaling 10 in all.. I am not asking for proof so there is no attempts to derail thread based on debunking someones inputs. (this is a free will posting thread) I think it will be cool to see the viewpoints of many so lets see.

What I know.
1. I know that there is a higher power(GOD/CREATOR) due to my personal physical and spiritual experiences. And that there is a negative lower power.
2. I know that LOVE IS A POWERFUL positive FEELING/ENERGY.
3. I know this world consist of good positive energy driven people and bad negative energy driven people who like to CONTROLL.
5. I know I am not a hater!

What I think I know.
1. I think there are shadow governments or religions that are higher ranking then the presidents/prime ministers/dictators ect.. And that these shadow govs. oversee all the govs. and religions out in the open..
2. I think E.T. are real and some have connections with the shadow govs. I mentioned. And that some open govs. got their technologies from the shadow govs. in contact with E.T. or ALIENS.. But I also think their are good E.T. who really wanna see humanity advance, but are forbidden to interact with Earth humanity as of now do to galactic treaties ect.
3. I think there are various hidden bases on or inside lol Earth the Moon and Mars just a few
. And that in these bases advanced technologies are tested for deepspace usage as well as native Earth usage (mabey reverse engineering-biological-cyborg-clone-weapons tech.) ect. I think these hidden bases have labs within them where the advance tech. is studied. And I think that this is where most of current todays technology comes from.
4. I think there is danger approaching EITHER FROM ABOVE OR BELOW and there is a strong influence in the media that prevents certain data from being published and presented to general populace as to allow it to just happen outta nowhere, influencing the a SHEEPLE MINDSTATE OF NOTHING WRONGE HERE. WHY I DONT KNOW YET... (MABEY A REAL DEPOPULATION PROCESS)
5. I think I know who is behind all the sinister acts against the humble UNIVERSALLY.....

Peace and feel free to post what you know and what you think you know-sorta psychic tuning if you will... but without all the pressures of PROVE TO ME WHAT I HAVE HIDDEN HERE OR THERE you know what I meen ATS....

posted on Aug, 5 2010 @ 11:58 AM
Wow ATS I am suprise byt he many responses
. Shall continue eating lunch and check back later.

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