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U.S. Will Pay for Israel's Arrow 3

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posted on Aug, 9 2010 @ 03:42 AM
reply to post by Krzyzmo

This is sickening.

Why not just get in there and kill all Israel's enemies, America.

Also, I would like to point out to people in government - you are the SERVANTS of the people, NOT THE OVERLORDS.

They voted you in, and they trusted you to look after them.


Look after your own people before you waste all that money on a ridiculous project by a hostile and war-loving country.

Israel would turn round and shoot you down, as soon as looking at you.

posted on Aug, 9 2010 @ 06:54 PM

Originally posted by RainCloud

End result is one will be heavy in debt but max production and another will be...winning. In my case CEO siphon everything from the country. Money transaction between both is high, but seldom leak outside, except when the country need raw materials.

USA is screwed.

Hey RainCloud, youre right, Federals gonna apply some tax measure, yeap, "the Bush inteligent decision" is gonna be revoke. The siphon is too much, the USA fund is depleted already, need more injection

Alan Greenspan and others say, Raise taxes now

First it was Greenspan. Now one by one other elders of the economy are speaking out against deficits, and they're making the surprising argument for higher taxes.

Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan was first and has taken the most extreme position, arguing that all of the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 should be allowed to expire.

Greenspan, no fan of big government and an initial backer of the Bush tax cuts, allows that higher taxes now could lead to slower economic growth, but has said that chipping away at the deficit is more important.
David Stockman joins Greenspan at the far end, saying the nation can't afford to extend the tax cuts now. "You have to pay your bills. I say we can't afford the Bush tax cuts," Stockman told NPR this weekend.

On CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS this weekend, Rubin who worked in the Clinton White House, and Paul O'Neil, who worked for George W. Bush, also talked about the need for higher taxes.
Said Rubin: "I would put an estate tax in place right now, immediately. I would increase the tax on the higher brackets."

O'Neil said one reason he was fired as Treasury Secretary was his take on tax cuts: "I was strongly opposed to the Bush tax cuts in 2003. I didn't think we could afford another tax cut."

Republicans are nuts. Poor O'Neil is right, oh well, lets pay our taxes. When Greenspan talking you shud start listening.

On another occasion, the Israel getting some of the fund, now inject it as "collected taxes", how can you exceed estimated tax collection is something to think.

yada..yada biz news.... The main reason behind the expectation for a below ceiling deficit is the tax revenue collection, that exceeded estimates at the beginning of the

..wait, RainCloud is me..
hehe I just do it for fun.

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posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 12:22 AM
Israel Places Order For 20 F-35s; U.S. Picks Up The Tab

Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak approved an order for 20 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters in a deal valued at around $2.75 billion, according to Haaretz. The Israeli Air Force expects to take delivery of the first aircraft in 2015. The article quotes Barak saying the F-35 costs $96 million a copy. The entire deal will be funded by American military aid.

The F-35 deal had dragged for more than two years as the IAF wanted access to the plane’s hardware and software; they also wanted to install Israeli electronic warfare and configure it to carry Israeli-made missiles. The JSF program folks said no, that the deal was a “closed package.”

Although, if the Israelis place a larger order down the road, the JSF program said more Israeli-sourced components could be installed. To sweeten terms of the deal, Lockheed Martin agreed to buy more component parts for the JSF from Israeli firms; at a price of around $4 billion.

So, the IAF gets a squadron of F-35s, Israeli industry gets more orders for JSF components, and its all paid for by American taxpayers; certainly a win-win for the Israelis


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