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Gulf oil rig's owner had safety issue at 3 other wells

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posted on Aug, 5 2010 @ 08:45 AM

The confidential internal reports, obtained by The New York Times, offer an unusually candid view of safety and maintenance concerns within the world’s largest offshore drilling company

The new documents also shed light on one of the lingering mysteries of the disaster: why the rig sank. They indicate that there were problems with the Deepwater Horizon’s ballast system that was responsible for keeping the rig afloat and stable. If the rig had not sunk, the leak might not have occurred

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I thought I remembered reading something about this previously but it states they're new documents. So now we can officially add Transocean to the culprit list or sole responsibility? The whole disaster might have been averted if some maintenance had occurred. Well isn't that nice.

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