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I am static-electric part II

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posted on Aug, 4 2010 @ 04:05 PM
My first thread on this topic was designed to gain some insight into the extremely high amount of static electricity that I was producing not too long ago. I got some amazing answers from my fellow electro static humans on ATS from that thread.

I learned an extraordinary amount of information concerning the magnetic field that is given off from the human body. What interested me the most were the many ATS members who volunteered their own stories about being unusually electro static.

I’m writing this in light of recent events:

Recently I went to visit someone whom I have known for several years. I stayed the night at her place, which is beside the point really, but I experienced some strange things in relation to technical devices. (god that sounds so wrong, sorry
) First of all when we were watching the t.v. in her room the picture went out.
You might say that means nothing, and you would be right if it were the only strange thing.
The picture was gone, and so , no more Martha Stuart. The fuzzy screen got turned off and my friend commented about how weird it was and that it never happened before.

Skipping ahead to a while later with the sound of her computer turning itself off , my friend commented again about how strange that was and how it usually doesn’t do that.
I noted that many computers make that sound, but thought immediately of the “I’m electro-static” thread that I wrote on ATS.

I then proceeded to tell my friend about it and how my energy seems to cause strange things to happen with technology, and that there were dozens of others who had the same problem; I knew this for a fact because they had written me back on a thread I wrote about it on a site called ATS dot com.

Then, the computer came back on again. At which point my friend laughed and called me a “frightening, frightening, man” or "scary , scary , dude" , I can't remember which. I thought for a second that she might be scared of me, but then she laid back and laughed again.

Anyway this snip sort of freaked me out. Maybe it's nothing.

For anyone connected to that thread, it's an update, and for those unfamiliar with this sort of thing at the very least it's an interesting read, though it trails off strangely in the end.

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