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Russians accuse HAARP of causing heat wave

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posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 05:59 PM
reply to post by Phage

i dont think dising teslas ideas are fair when you have the internet (to look up all the facts)
the man made the most profound changes to this world in the area of understanding electricity and to a degree magnitizem

alot of teslas stuff is still under raps and he studied electrical effects on enironment and weather

the holy grail of milatary weponds tecnoligy would be weather mod
imagine starving your enemy before you start a war with them

there is a delicate electrical system involving massive amounts of energy up there where a small artificial wave could have cascading effects on a masive scale

this includes the weather as all layers of the earth arnt just gas layers tptb set off an atomic bomb in the upper atmosphere to study its effects on these systems

there exists a very delicate balance in chemical electrical and magnetic interaction of our planet with changes in one system changes should be expected in the others

electrical storms can travel from the earth to the clouds(lightning)
from the clouds to the upper atmosphere (blue jets)
and radiate out from the top to space(red elves)

this is the electrical conection to space through the gas layers(chemical)

magnetic lines of force or magnetic North go from pole to pole over the earth these lines of force go from earth to space to earth

this is magnetic interaction with the gas(chemical) and electrical (lightning)

now by inducing frequencies through the gas (chemical ) system your acually transmitting where these electrical and magnetic charges/feilds have to transverse in order to carry out their function

in very small amounts of energy out put a much larger systems output can manipulated(HAARP)

not intended to anger only provoke real debate none of this is sourced and constitues an opionion i have and is not documented as fact


posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 09:59 PM
reply to post by Phage

Begich is well know up here and I think a bit of an embarrassment to his family. Good for you for finding out his real credentials. I used to try and point it out to people, but they just get angry.

A group of students I ran into in Glennallen invited me for a tour of HAARP a few years back; I regret not doing it. Nice bunch of kids, very excited about their work. I was at the same store and they just walked up to me outside and started up a conversation.

You will find the HAARP myth up here snakes its way back to maybe two people. Nut cases both of them. The people who live the closest to it are so sick of the visits from fanatics, I think they play with their heads for fun.

I think your right though calling Begich a snake oil salesman. With him I'm fairly sure its all crap, but he is profiting off it. That and some bizarre electronic gizmo's from Russia ironically.

posted on Aug, 16 2010 @ 08:20 PM
reply to post by JimOberg

Yes, Russia is in tune; they are aware that the jet stream has split in two and is creating havoc. They might even be retaliating against D.C.

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 07:15 AM
excerpt from peswiki
This could possibly explain how HARP would be possible
[by Paul Noel]
The real reason for the weather is something obvious from space research. You can get storms out at Saturn and even Neptune. Solar heating isn't the driver. Storms are electromagnetic effects of the plasma fields surrounding the solar system. These are what make sun spots as well. The driver is electrical. Because the mechanism is primarily capacitant and is based on dielectric, there are very little in the way of perceived electrical currents yet these are the most massive in the universe. The dielectric is very able to produce the transfer of energy place to place without conduction. It is also able to cool and to heat.

A Welding Analogy

I visited the NASA lab where welding was developed for Space Shuttle External Tank manufacture some years ago. Because of the extreme temperatures down to about 10 Deg. Kelvin in space, the welds have to be perfect. They also must not contain differential crystal structures to the aluminum next to them. They must not induce tension or compression stresses either. In order to do this the welds have to be frozen nearly instantly. They take a plasma torch welder using RF to strike a high voltage arc to conduct the low voltage welding current. After it passes nearly instantly the fillet is frozen using an electrostatic charge device that freezes the welds at about 6 times the rate you can get using cryogenic cooling. This is similar to what does a big chill similar to in Brazil and Argentina right now. It is electromagnetics and electrostatics. This isn't weird science, it is standard welding technology.

If the charge potential is differentially reversed the process will heat things up. Typically the charge potentials North to South on earth are reversed. They seasonally reverse as well.

Thunder Storm Analogy

The reason you have not heard of this in the weather is that weather scientists have not balanced their energy equations. If they do they get heckled out of the office. The simple equation here for a summer thunderstorm will illustrate.

In order to produce a summer thunderstorm, you must (1) heat the water to be in the storm to boiling point. (1 cal/g/deg C) (2) You must then convert it to steam (512 cal/g) (3) you must lift the mass to altitude. This is a complex algorithm but roughly it corresponds to the falling energy of the mass over the altitude and is anywhere from 10 to 25 times the energy in steps (1 and 2) above. On condensation and rain out you also get one more factor which is the decrease in temperature typically about 20 deg C of the water as rain. Sum up all these numbers and you get the heat that a thunderstorm must dissipate. Go looking for the hot air folks! Please do because you will not find it. Thunderstorms form at cold spots and they get colder even than the air around them. They chill the location. This means that the energy has to be going somewhere. Wind energy losses are essentially zero. The mechanism for a thunderstorm that drops 3 inches of rain over 1000 square miles in 1 hour is about as much energy as the detonation of a 500 Mega Ton Hydrogen Bomb every 10 minutes or so. That is a lot of energy to get rid of. Because it doesn't burn up the neighborhood and doesn't destroy everything, the energy went somewhere folks. Hunt it down. The mechanism is Dielectric Transmission of Energy. It works because of numerous mechanisms. Lightning is evidence of the dielectric driven to failure point.

The seasonal differences are energy charge reversals with season as part of the tilt of the ecliptic related to the stellar field we are in. Please do not view this as a static field that doesn't move. It moves like the Northern Lights. In fact is it manifestly evident with the northern and southern lights

posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 10:03 PM
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posted on Oct, 16 2010 @ 12:15 PM

Originally posted by spookfish

We know many countries have been researching weather modification for decades and many attempts have been made to manipulate the weather in individual circumstances. I think I'm right in saying the US attempted such during the Vietnam War. There's no way that decades of research would have continued unchecked across the globe without there being some form of demonstrable results whether or not those results are ever de-classified.

Mostly we try the usual things - artificial nucleation is the biggie, and we've done some "reverse seeding" by dropping superabsorbents, of all things, and we have tried mono-layer polymers on water at sea. At least those are the things you guys don't tend to hear about but I see it on the bid grapevine and on the less traveled science journals. You see a lot of that sort of thing in Geophysical Letters.

I also think there are a lot of questions hanging over HAARP and its science. Besides HAARP there are a number of other ways of manipulating weather. I feel it is a legitimate subject for conjecture.

Conjecture's one thing, fantasy's another. One generally tries to conjecture inside of the known facts, or at least right around the edges.

posted on Oct, 16 2010 @ 12:26 PM

Originally posted by Bedlam

Conjecture's one thing, fantasy's another. One generally tries to conjecture inside of the known facts, or at least right around the edges.

I'm not sure exactly what you are implying here.

Are you implying it is fantasy, for HAARP (scalar/LW/EM tech) to be capable of manipulating, effecting weather or other atmospheric conditioning?

posted on Oct, 16 2010 @ 12:26 PM

Originally posted by spookfish just admitted in your post that weather modification is happening all over the place in the form of cloud seeding. Why on earth stop there? Why not full spectrum weather modification.

Because short of popping off tactical nukes or the like, it's about as far as we've gotten. Weather is both diffuse and chaotic, and it involves a very very large amount of mass.

By the same token is it not possible that HAARP and other installations like it have capabilities and specifications that neither you nor I are privy too.

I know the specifications pretty well, unless they changed it a lot since the last round of mods. You can do a number of things with it, but mostly it's used for research into ionospheric processes. There are a lot of papers that come out of there, although you have to be subscribed to some very geeky eggheaded journals that cost a lot of money and likely wouldn't be readable or entertaining to the layman.

There have been a number of very handy military-oriented results that HAVEN'T been published in Geophysical Letters or the like, although some have been leaked, a couple inadvertently, thank god by brass, who tend to be immune to that sort of thing. However, it falls into C3I sort of categories for the most part, or C3I interdiction.

And so far, the operational sides of those things leaves Gakona when they're researched enough to move to deployment. HAARP isn't an operational base, per se.

posted on Oct, 16 2010 @ 12:28 PM

Originally posted by Lady_Tuatha
reply to post by Phage

I doubt that HAARP openly publish all of the work that they do. They would not let the general public be privvy to the half of it.

I have yet to read a publication from them concerning the Norway spiral and HAARPS EISCAT facility.

Well, they don't, but it's civilian use more than half the time. EISCAT has nothing to do with HAARP, it's not a "HAARP facility", other than they're both ionospheric heaters. Totally different organizations. And since the "norway spiral" had nothing to do with EISCAT, there probably won't be a paper on it, unless someone puts something on Adachi's site that they make up. At any rate, you likely don't read the journals that ionospheric research is published in anyway, if I could hazard a guess.

posted on Oct, 16 2010 @ 12:31 PM

Originally posted by againuntodust
I believe in HAARP having weapon capabilities.

Radio Frequencies bouncing off the ionosphere back down to earth at projected angles to resonate their target with said frequencies. It's Tesla knowledge.

I know that's standard Tesla-phile talk, but in physics, it doesn't have much meaning.

The term "resonate" has pretty specific meanings, and mostly the Teslaphiles don't seem to know it. But Tesla used it, so they barf it up in inappropriate places. Like that one.

posted on Oct, 16 2010 @ 12:33 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
HAARP has 2 pattents, one for something far more powerful, and not official, thats for sure, but.....the implications are enormous.

This is our news media, cbc researching HAARP. Notice when she confronts him with the 2 patents he lies in the open and denies it and the look on her face.

No, HAARP is an installation, it doesn't have any patents. I don't usually watch those videos - probably the talking head is yapping about Eastlund's power delivery system, which HAARP isn't.

posted on Oct, 16 2010 @ 12:37 PM

Originally posted by Lady_Tuatha

IMO I think its quite naive to assume that HAARP let the general public know about everything they do.

HAARP and EISCAT are linked. They are both involved in ionospheric research and have shared technologies.

Macy's and Gimbel's both sell dresses, but they're not linked.

There are a lot of ionospheric research facilities. There are a lot of universities with semiconductor fab capability. That doesn't make Georgia Tech "linked" with TSMC, even though they both have semiconductor fab that uses the same processes.

Things that are similar are not the same. You have a computer on your desk. It's not mine, mine is not yours, although they are similar and have similar technology, they are not co-equal and do not share some sort of universal identity that binds them together in some bizarre new age syncretism.

posted on Oct, 16 2010 @ 12:38 PM
reply to post by Bedlam

It seems like you are an expert in the field of weather, but have a touch of tunnel vision from your vertical expertise, rather than more horizontal aspects.

What you say is valid, but I think you are missing the other aspects and implementations of that technology.

And examining our history and eventual disclosure, we find the military complex always seems to be exploiting technology in ways that don't seem obvious and skirt the boundaries of what you find in scientific journals and white papers.

posted on Oct, 16 2010 @ 12:42 PM
reply to post by Bedlam

Interesting read!



Particles which are unorganized in hyperspace (potentials) can be harnessed into recreating multiple frequencies of scalar waves and these can now be manufactured artificially and can include frequencies between infrared and ultraviolet. If a transmitter is at a higher reference 'potential' than the interference zone of 2 crossed scalar beams, energy emerges into the plasma 'bottle' which materializes physically and this is called 'exothermic' mode. This can cause explosions and can be 'nuclear like' if set at a high frequency. Even though no electromagnetic energy has flown through space between the transmitters and the target, and because it has bypassed physical space, the energy can suddenly appear faster than the speed of light and destroy something without warning. It is only as a locked in artificial potential that is a directed 'river of force' in hyperspace and it is entirely undetectable with conventional scientific equipment, which is where the danger lies. Nobody can ever know what the enemy is planning or who their enemies are and because it never gets any press normal military personnel without this knowledge would never know what hit them, especially if it is scalar mind control. To extract energy back to the transmitters from the energy bottle of 2 crossed scalar beams the potential must be set at a lower mode and this is called 'endothermic' mode and as energy is extracted out of the 'bottle' area, a freezing will occur, possibly causing a thunderous sound.

When 2 transmitters send timed pulses, which meet, an explosion will occur which either produces energy or extracts it. If 2 crossed beams are in 'continuous' mode the energy between beams is continuous and Tesla globes and hemispheres can be made which act as a continuous shield to either destroy incoming weapons and aircraft entering it. If multiple frequencies are transmitted on the beams, at the intersection a 3 dimensional globe appears. This can be manipulated to have very high infolded energy with any desired light emission, shape, color or intensity. It can even cause metal to soften or melt. This 'bottle' of energy can be detonated inside the earth to create an earthquake or into a building to make a 'nuclear like' explosion. This 'bottle' can be moved anywhere on the planet or through it and made any size.

The Russians in 1985 once threatened the earth itself by activating their scalar weapons with multiple scalar transmitters turned on at once, endangering the survival of the entire planet. According to nuclear physicist Bearden, they conducted a massive, 'full up' scalar weapon systems and communications strategic exercise. During this sudden exercise American Frank Golden discovered the Russians activated 27 gigantic 'power taps', established by resonating the earth electrogravitationally on 54 powerful scalar frequencies (27 pairs where the two are separated from each other by 12 kHz.) transmitted into the earth and they utilized this to stimulate the earth into forced electrogravitational resonance on all 54 frequencies. Each of the 27 power taps extracted enormous energy from the molten core of the earth itself, and turning it into ordinary electrical power. Each giant tap is capable of powering 4 to 6 of the largest scalar EM howitzers possessed by Russia. Bearden writes: "Apparently over 100 giant scalar EM weapons were activated and a large number of command and control transmissions and it lasted several days. By alternating the potentials and loads of each of the two paired transmitters, electrical energy in enormous amounts can be extracted from the earth itself, fed by the 'giant cathode' that is the earth's molten core. Scalar EM command and control systems, including high data rate communications with underwater submarines, were also activated on a massive scale. The exercise went on for several days, as power taps were switched in and out, and command and control systems went up and down. Bearden claims not one American intelligence lab, or scientist detected this as they didn't have a detector for scalar EM radiation, and that not one officially believes that the exercise ever happened." However, it was monitored on an advanced, proprietary detection system by Frank Golden for several days and by Bearden for several hours.

posted on Oct, 16 2010 @ 12:43 PM
reply to post by Bedlam

I know what resonance is.

Some helpful criticism on your post:

Instead of creating a definition for the 'type' of person I am and establishing a sweeping statement for that group type, you should explain how the science of my post was incorrect by expounding on the correct science behind resonance. It would be win-win.

posted on Oct, 16 2010 @ 12:44 PM

Originally posted by pepsi78
The most disturbing factor is the frequncy can be used to alter human behavior. It's true, radio waves do influence your mood, they can make you too relaxed, like you are on drugs or paranoid with fear. They can even cause a person to become sick, can induce cancer or other illnesses.

Another problem is they can cause gaps in the ionosphere, make space, when solar or plasma storms happen in stead of getting an aurora we can be getting direct radiation from outer space because auroras are the effect of radiation impacting the charged particles in the ionosphere.
[edit on 5-8-2010 by pepsi78]

Perhaps you have a cite from a referred journal on your radio wave influence of behavior you'd like to share? Something that didn't come from Educate Yourself or Nick Begich?

And, no, it can't really cause 'gaps' in the ionosphere. It can enhance ionization but can't abate it. It can reduce the density, very slightly, of ionized particles in an area, or enhance them by adding to the ionization slightly or by 'squeezing' the ionosphere around a point to make a sort of reverse donut. If you COULD open a hole in the ionosphere, an influx of energetic particles would simply ionize the atmosphere at a lower altitude under the hole. It's not a rigid structure, it's a condition.
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posted on Oct, 16 2010 @ 12:46 PM

Originally posted by Bedlam

Originally posted by againuntodust
I believe in HAARP having weapon capabilities.

Radio Frequencies bouncing off the ionosphere back down to earth at projected angles to resonate their target with said frequencies. It's Tesla knowledge.

I know that's standard Tesla-phile talk, but in physics, it doesn't have much meaning.

The term "resonate" has pretty specific meanings, and mostly the Teslaphiles don't seem to know it. But Tesla used it, so they barf it up in inappropriate places. Like that one.

I agree with 'againtodust' !

You lost your 'expert' credibility with that statement.

Resonate and Harmonic frequencies are the cornerstones of modern understanding of energy and physics!

add: Which Tesla, was instrumental in guiding us down that path of understanding. they stole his work, and did not credit him for it.
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posted on Oct, 16 2010 @ 12:51 PM

Originally posted by Yissachar1
Based on my extreme lack of knowlege on such things I can come at this from a different perspective. For one the HAARP array is not multi directional and can only affect at a localised level. However. It being a RESEARCH facility, it may be the prototype to something the miitary have underwraps, possibly mounted on an air craft or some other platform.. Without proof... Just mere speculation...

THAT happens all the time with military research performed there. Do the basic research, then build a proof-of-concept elsewhere. Some ground, some satellite.

If you believe that the full range of the electro magnetic spectrum can be harnessed to ffect the planet and all of its sytems then you would be right because it does this naturaly and makes life on earth possible, being the engine that drives nearly all the earths cycles, climate etc.

Light is EM, and sunlight does drive the Earth's climate. 10MHz RF at 3.6MW, not so much.

However this radition of varying degrees has been utilized by us quite effectivley in terms of most technologies especially communications that we use... With that in mind, and keeping in mind that all communications are a form of radiation at different outputs, could the combined amount of power/radiation we beam around the world 24/7 be the real culprit? After all. It IS radiation... Adding more entropy/heat into an overloaded system?

Follow the energetics - what's the entire Earth's electrical generating capacity? Now, add that energy into the air and sea volume, and see what you get: Bupkis.

posted on Oct, 16 2010 @ 01:04 PM

Originally posted by pepsi78
reply to post by Phage

I don;t agree with you. The Russians don't brag for nothing.

Oh, SURE they do. Half of what Russians say is hype, at least. You don't know them very well.

The heat wave humvee.

If a humveee with a small antena that outputs a few GHZ can cause this think of what harp can do with it's high frequncy waves. The waves can be balanced off the ionosphere wherever they want.

Actually, this hasn't got anything to do with HAARP at all. First, an ADS puts out about 100kW (at least the block 2 models do - there have also been 15kW and 33kW older models) of 95GHz microwave radiation. That allows you to warm the top 1/64" of a person's skin up to a non-publically disclosed but about *coff1500 meterscoff* range, to about 130 degrees F, depending on how you've set the focus and power output controls. That's not much range, not much mass, not much power. They picked 95GHz because they want to dump the heat into your epidermis and top dermal layer, not your bowels or the like. Also, it's less volume to heat which makes a BIG difference.

HAARP's output frequency ranges from 2.8MHz to about 10MHz, the finals have a wider range but the antenna array does not.

You can't compare the two at all, really.

It's high frequncy EM waves. They use millions of volts to power up those things.

Not at all.

posted on Oct, 16 2010 @ 01:10 PM

Originally posted by pepsi78
Are you impling that radio waves are not a harm ? They are EM, everything is on the spectrum. It has been demonstrated that exposure to high beta radio waves on a longer period of time can make you go insane. Delta is close to the flat line. Your brain function on frequncies in the range of delta, alpha, thetra, beta and some gamma.

You're confusing EEGs with radio waves. EEGs are a very small electrical potential developed on your scalp by the polarization and de-polarization of neurons. Your brain doesn't "function" on these potentials, it produces them as a sort of waste byproduct. And they're not radio waves. They don't radiate, any more than a battery is a radio transmitter.

Too much of beta or too much of lower like delta and you get screwed up. It is the truth.
Waves can have a monaural effect...

Monaural means "one ear". You're mixing a bunch of terms you apparently don't understand together.

Movies like the matrix and other stuff like the new age stuff with "the higher I"
It's all based on radio waves frequncies, the new trend, binular beats, and radio frequncies. Disconnect from the matrix into the higher I and all that sort of crap that is ment to brainwash people that are stupid enough to take the bate. Sure radio waves can be beneficial if you know how to use them, but they can become a weapon.

You don't understand radio at all. Nor the brain, apparently.

normal brain frequency (head) 72-78 Hz
Visionary Range
120 MHz
Bone 38-43 MHz
Brain frequency at 80-82 MHz indicates a genius
Healthy body (neck down) 62-68 Hz
Thyroid and Parathyroid glands 62-68 Hz
Thymus Gland 65-68 Hz
Heart 67-70 Hz
Human cells start to mutate when their frequency drops below 62 Hz
Lungs 58-65 Hz
Liver 55-60 Hz
Pancreas 60-80 Hz
Disease begins, colds invade 59-60 Hz
Stomach 58-65 Hz
Ascending Colon 58-60 Hz
Descending Colon 58-63 Hz
If the frequency drops just 4 points this is when a headache will start 58 Hz
Disease begins, Like the cold symptoms
58 Hz
Flu invades the body 57 Hz
Viral Infection 55 Hz
when more serious problems come about like pneumonia, Epstein Barr and etc.
52 Hz
Tissue breakdown from disease 48 Hz
Cancer can set in
42 Hz
Death begins at 20 Hz

See how dangeros radio waves can become if exposed on a long term ?

They can influence the frequncy in the brain and in the body, tehnology like binular beats and other forms that mix in the air can cause harm, not to imagine harp that has huge power.

This "new way clinic" stuff is pure poppycock new age crap, likely some derivation of prior crap like Rife or Drown.

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