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Part 2 did we drop the bomb???

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posted on Aug, 4 2010 @ 12:45 PM
This is what got me started on the conspiracies , did we drop the bomb? or was it some thing else? (i will get to that later) my fist thought was to find all i could on this, this was when i was 12, a sponge for the unknown, books novels anything everything , any way i could not find any info on one of the crew, 2nd Lt Maurice Jeppson, assistant weaponeer, on the Enloa Gay crew, he helped "Deak" assemble in FLIGHT, the BOMB why was there no service record? no contact info? as time went by and other interest came and went i gave up thinking ok nothing to it, then i ran across this site got to thinking and looking and well here i am bringing it back, other interesting facts i ran into (and thees can all be looked up at the end i will post them) the BOMB according to Sec 8.0 Nuclear weapon archive what i get out of it (with out the long how, where, and when of it.) it was highly unstable and should have gone off, when being assembled, this is on the ground now throw in the fact this was done in flight see what i am getting at, and only five were built none, other than little boy was used, and if you read the history of "Fat man" it is not the same weapon.! it is a different make up, this is another WTF, only a few days apart it was used, (There were 5 of the first and it worked, so why use a second type of unknown effects, why use this Fat man ? and not use Little boy design?) deeper in to the rabbit hole, why did the air crew have navy men? why is 2nd LT Maurice Jeppson not found in service records? why is his death listed in this,and can someone explain it "Sala de Guerra Nota de Falecimento" there you will find his death notice!!!!! and reference to Enloa Gay and his first name is Morris!!! see what i mean is this the first real cover up? yes there were flights and yes the city was destroyed and why was it only 4.5 miles? why not bigger, and this is where you will all think i am nuts, could this have been the first "Suite Case Bomb" or SCB ? this is found on the web Y! for Yahoo W for Wikipedia, and flight of the Enola Gay, flight crew of Enola Gay , Sec 8.0 Nuclear weapons, CA-35 that is in part three, a storm is coming in, so till next time and did FDR know before hand, of the attack on Pearl Harbor 7 Dec 1941, was he warned by WC?

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posted on Aug, 4 2010 @ 02:04 PM
For the love of God, man...paragraphs are your friends...or at least the friends of other people trying to read through your wall of text.

The "Little Boy" device wasn't 'assembled' in mid-air. What was done in mid-air was assembly of the fusing and detonator assembly, and they did it after takeoff precisely because the device was notoriously unstable. If the device was going to initiate prematurely, it was considered better to lose a single B-29 in the air than lose most of the base it flew from.

The reason the "Little Boy" type device wasn't tested? Simplicity. It had one moving part. The "Fat Man" device was considerably more complex, both in the physics behind it, and in the engineering required to make it work, which is why one was tested before it was used in combat. Implosion devices like the Fat Man are safer to transport, and make better use of the fissionable material, which is why no more of the gun-type ("Little Boy") devices were used.

As for "What FDR knew and when", that would probably be better served by its own thread. The US knew a few things...that the Japanese Fleet had sortied from its anchorages, and that tensions were elevated. While Pearl Harbor is an obvious choice using 20/20 hindsight from 69 years in the future, the analysts at the time could see several potential targets...the Philippines and Guam, for example. It's one thing to know that your adversary is up to *something*'s quite another to know exactly what *something* is.

posted on Aug, 4 2010 @ 02:07 PM
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