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My experiances

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posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 10:47 AM
Hello I'm new to the community, expect various posts across the forums dictating what I've experianced first or second hand.

The following is all first hand, I'll start out by listing sightings then move to encounters and observations.

All experiances below occurred in Connecticut although I now reside in Colorado and I'm 29 years of age.


AGE: ?? 7-9..
Myself and a friend were playing in his front yard, I'm not sure what we were playing.. all I remember is standing shoulder to shoulder with him looking up. Very visable right next to a cloud were two half circle, grayish/silver crafts? very plain looking.. They just hovered there making no noise. Well we stared for a few minutes and being young but not uninformed we ran inside screaming UFO ... UFO and dragged our parents out to see... of course they were gone.

While at tyhe drive in I witnessed orbs to the left of the screen going up and down in the sky. I did not open my mouth considering my last experiance with telling the adults.

AGE: 19-20
I lived down the road from a lake, it had a small playground and at night me and friends liked to go down there and swing on the swings and chat. More times then I can count both myself and others witnessed orbs in the sky. They played with eachother and would fly formations.. zip off in different directions and do all sorts of crazy stunts.


AGE 16-19
I'd become very interested in the paranormal and UFO's, I had quite the library for someone my age and had learned a few things that made me suspicious of my childhood. REWIND During my elementary school days I would experiance lost time. This always occured at night... and would follow this format.. Eyes open/dark out.... BLINK/light out. Oddly it was like time had just disappeared while I was finishing a thought, like nothing had happened. Trying to explain to mom that I blinked and it was morning and I was to tired to goto school did not I learned to simply say, I couldn't sleep the night before.

AGE 16-19
Driving home from somewhere?? ,,with a group of friends, who had some wierd experiances of their own, we arrived over an hour later then we should have at our place of residence. No one knew why or remembered anything

AGE 16-19
I was watching the TV late one night, my bf was asleep in the bedroom. I looked at the clock on the VCR and it said (don't remember exactly so I'll make it up) 2am .. I got up to nuke a snack in the microwave... I arrived in the kitchen and went over to the micro and it said 3:30am.. thinking golly gee willikers! which clock is off I went back into the living room and to my disbelief the VCR said 3:30am.. I have no memory of what occurred during the lost time.

AGE 16-19
I woke up one morning absolutely screaming positive that I knew how UFO's flew. I ran upstairs to a neighbor and proceeded drawing charts while ranting and raving something about super magnetics. Well I was quite sure I had an alien visitation although I had no memory of aliens or a craft that I could conjure mentally.. however I knew the events that occured. I was taken to the "engine room" (for lack of a better term) and they attempted to educate me.

a couple weeks later sitting and having a chat with my grandpa. We sometimes had conversations about things out of the norm, there was much ghost activity at his house (for another post). So we were in one of our wierd conversation modes when he mentions he either had a really strange dream or was abducted by aliens. His version which began with .. a couple weeks ago (around or on the time I had my experiance) .. I *dreamt I was taken aboard an alien spaceship and they took me to the engine room and told me how it worked. I can remember what I saw but not what they told me. ODDLY the same exact experiance with opposite memory effects. Of course I shared what happened to me and we were both a litte shaken up.

AGE 16-19
I don't know if this was an alien visitation.. I was free floating in space.. there was a being behind me, just out of sight.. I felt perfectly safe. THe being proceded to take me to each planet.. with pretty much just a blink in travel time... and he told me the names the planets were given when they first came into being. I do not remember the names he told me.

Since my teens and these experiances nothing has happened to the best of my knowlege. Either they've abandoned me or gotten better at manipulating my memory.
Some of my opinions concerning aliens... Part of me believes they may be dimensional travelers. As this type of travel could be much easier then galactic travel. A magnet system for propultion would only work within the confines of a solar system with large bodies that have magnetic poles. THis could not explain how they might travel between solar systems where there is nothing but void. Mind you also that the two closest stars are 4m light years away.. taking 4 years to travel at light speed, if they are even from one of those systems.

The greys... I never saw my abducters so I'll just assume they are the greys. THe laws of evolution dictate from the appearence of these beings that they are from a low gravity enviroment (skinny-long limbs), do no manual labour (no sign of musculature-also asign of low gravity) and are accustomed to very little light, (large eyes all black (pupil?) ...... Could then it even be that they are generation travelers sent from their home to explore on trips that would take generations and turned into these low gravity beings after so many generations.

There are many possibilities.....

posted on Jun, 19 2004 @ 05:50 AM
welcame friend, and thx to share with us your ideas and experiences


posted on Jun, 20 2004 @ 03:58 AM
interesting post....good material! thanks for telling us this.

I to, have seen things at night in the sky....'playing'.....


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