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Economic FIX that would end the NWO

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posted on Aug, 4 2010 @ 03:22 AM
The NWO follows the Golden Rule "He who has the gold, makes the rules." Therefore, to take back America we need to take back control of our money. Fixing our economy could be very simple. The fix involves switching to Full Reserve Banking as Milton Friedman suggested long ago and Non-Interest Loans. These fixes would kill the conspiracy and make every country rich and prosperous and able to control their own destiny's

First you need to know how the current system works to fix it. When the US Treasury wants the FED to print some money; say $10,000, it issues $10.000 in TBills. So, our fiat currency is therefore based on 100% debt and has no basis and we could never fully get out of debt unless we turned in all the money the FED has ever created. The FED then prints $10,000 in Federal Reserve Notes and lends that $10,000 to a too-big-to-fail FED-member bank (BOA, Wells Fargo, Morgan-Chase, Countrywide, FannyMae, etc). The FED-member bank than is able to lend you $100,000 dollars based on that $10,000 according to the rules of fractional reserve banking and a 10/1 money multiplier. That means the Banks and not the FED created 90% of the money out of thin air. When you pay back the loan over 30-years you will have paid $200,000 and the bank will have paid the FED only $20,000 (prime) a portion of which is paid back to the US Treasury (50 billion/yr).

[imagine if the US Treasury collected prime on 100% of the money created and not just a fraction of it? We wouldn't need an income tax]

Fractional Reserve Banking means that if you default on your home loan, the bank doesn't actually lose any money, because they created 90% of it out of thin air anyways. And they collect all the interest up front, and they repo your house and resell it. So even if they sold your house for 1/2 of what its worth, they still made 30c/1$ plus all the interest. The reason the banks got hurt is because of inflation, banks have to hold fractional reserves in stocks and bonds and not in cash. When the markets crash, stock loses its value and banks lose their fractional reserves and can't lend. Therefore, it's Fractional Reserve Banking that kills banks.

Inflation is a result of the FHA/HUD amortized loan, which collects all interest up front so the only way to build equity is for the price of the house to go up. When you turn around and sell your house to the next guy for $20,000 more to cover Realtor fees, that creates inflation, that is $20,000 more that the next guy has to borrow and wage increases don't quite keep up with cost of living/inflation increases by design.

Banks got hurt because they exchanged their dollar fractional reserves for risky mortgage derivatives. They would usually hold reserves as AAA corporate bonds which pay 4% to cover for inflation which took off when FHA/HUD was instituted. In actuality, when they bought the toxic assets, they were betting on the rich people not defaulting, but rich people got upsidedown in Florida, California, and LasVegas, and Arizona and defaulted as much as subprime poor did. The media always want us to blame the poor. Beware of that. The rich were AAA rated, not the poor subprime MBS.

The defaults generally wouldnt have hurt the banks except for in this case, the Toxic Asset Derivatives became worthless, and then the banks could not lend because they lost their fractional reserves. That let the FED pick winners and losers and bail out banks they wanted to save, and let others crash. If we were on Full Reserve Banking System, banks would not be so vulnerable to market swings like they have been historically.

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posted on Aug, 4 2010 @ 03:23 AM
So, here is the banking and lending reform that I think would fix everything. You can't just end the FED, but also end the harmful economic instruments that the bankers have instituted.

1. end the FED
2. end the FHA, HUD amortized loan which collects interest up front and is huge driver of inflation. You only gain equity on your home if the price goes up for the first 10-20 years on a 30-year loan.
3. allow US Treasury to create 100% of money based on gold and silver standard and not just a fraction of the money supply.
4. Switch to Full Reserve Banking which prevents FED member Banks from creating 90% of money as they do now. (money multiplier and fractional reserve).
5. Require that Banks borrow from the US Treasury 100% of the money that they lend and require them to pay a fee on 100% of the money they borrow and not just a fraction of it.
6. Allow all local and state banks to borrow from the US treasury based on proof of ability to repay.
7. Collect fee on 100% money created and not just 10% as we do now but no interest.
8. The demand for cash due to full reserve requirements creates huge demand for cash and creates demand for dollar
9. create 14 trillion dollars and pay off everyone we owe all at once. This money creation will balance out the sudden demand for dollars.
10. balance the budget with the new money revenues coming in from collecting a fee on 100% of the money supply and not just a fraction and not having to pay interest on debt.
11. use anti-trust laws to dismantle all banking institutions too big to fail and too complex to be transparent. We don't need money-middle men who create all the money out of thing air and collect al the interest. Local banks get buy simply by charging fees to service the loans that really come from the big banks (underwriting). Therefore, let them continue to collect fees to cover administration costs but no interest.
12. banks issue home loans interest free, but collect a fee to cover administrative costs. Buyer and bank purchase home together. Buyer brings 10% down and fees. Buyer builds equity immediately with each payment. Local bank collects admin fee with each payment until Buyer becomes 100% owner of property. Missed payments are subtracted from the equity of the home and result in profit for the banks. Appreciation or depreciation of property affect buyer only. Bank repos house only when buyer misses enough monthly payments that he has lost all ownership and equity in the property

This system would do away with the stock, futures, and derivatives markets because these only exist because borrowing from a bank was always such a terrible deal. Now that its such a good deal to borrow from your local bank, raising money by selling stock and derivatives that is speculative and can be manipulated would not longer be necessary.

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posted on Aug, 4 2010 @ 09:15 PM
Is it a conspiracy that there are no comments?

posted on Aug, 4 2010 @ 09:28 PM
Perhaps there are no comments cause there is nothing to really add,

It's a great plan, but how would we put it in place.

There is a large gap between what is, and what should be, .... I think figuring out how to cross it is our biggest hurdle.

posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 09:02 AM
The Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) was a major international bank founded in 1972 by Agha Hasan Abedi.

This bank attempted to institute Sharia-Law No interest, Full Reserve Banking that was squashed by the globalists and vilified as the most evil corrupt bank in history because it did not operate under central bank control.

The third world considered BCCI a savior for supplying no-interest loan to help them industrialize.

posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 09:21 AM
Well done. You win a cookie (or at least a star) :-)

Nobody wants to see this. Nobody wants to understand the extent to which its all broken. Nobody can stand the pain of a reset to a more sustainable equitable system. We've been digging the hole for too long and its too deep.

Say emperor, that a nice set of clothes your wearing, la la la, move along, nothing to see here....

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