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Tehran admits access to nuclear, missile technology

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posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 04:01 PM
I'm not 100% DEBKAfile is a valid, appropriate source but I'm sure I'll get vehemently screamed at if it's not so here goes.

Tehran admits access to nuclear, missile technology, will try three US hikers

The statement by parliament speaker Ali Larijani July 31 that Iran can obtain nuclear and missile technology is theclosest any Iranian official has come so far to admitting his country is within reach of acquiring a nuclear weapon.

In the same article...

Further turning up the heat on Washington, the foreign ministry in Tehran announced Sunday, Aug. 1, that the three American hikers detained a year ago would stand trial for illegally crossing the Iranian border - and possibly on security charges.

This is a big time for Iran! I personally don't want to see America going in to destroy Iran. Curious times when Ahmadinejad wants to debate publically with Obama! Will the News media in the US give Iran a fair shake?


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