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That isn't a UFO it's a....

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posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 03:00 PM
I was driving to Destin, Florida this week. I was riding near Eglin Air Force Base. I looked up in the sky and there was a saucer shaped UFO. Then it changed to various geometric shapes. It hovered then accelerated rapidly. I was int raffic so I couldn't take a picture. I observed the UFO for about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes it became very apparent that this was no alien craft.

Eventually we wound up at an angle where we were parallel to each other. I then determined this was an AWACS. The jet with the big round thing on top to put it in lay terms.

Now because of the weird shape of these things it can appear to be a saucer. At one point it appeared cigar shaped. It appeared to change shapes in front of me. Because of the low speed and the angle it approached it appeared to hover. Once the aircraft turned it appeared to take off quickly. I've seen several UFO's before but until it ran parallel with me I thought this was absolutely amazing.

With all of the various shapes it took I firmly believe that this aircraft is responsible for many UFO sightings and many of the videos withUFO's. I'm going to get a picture and play with the angles of the aircraft to show you what I mean.

I still think that extraterrestrials are real.. And I think we have flybys every so often. But AWACS may be the reason flying saucers are so prevelant...

What do you think?

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posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 03:19 PM
I've seen awacs planes myself and they are so different the mind does not comprehend it correctly. I suspect a lot of 'ufo' sightings are natural but unusual objects.

just last night I saw something initially confusing to me; it was Venus (clear night, low to the horizon), disorienting since Venus moves in the sky.
we very rarely have lenticular clouds where I live so one of those would probably surprise me.

posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 03:28 PM
I think you are right, some may have mistaken it for a ufo. I bet the Taranis fooled many too.



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