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Honest Psychics

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posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 12:32 PM
Honest Psychics

In my personal journey of the paranormal and seeking the truth behind the strange occurrences. For those who have read the Beyond The Line Issues will know the “Hauntings” articles which deal with subjects on the fringe of the fringe of paranormal topics to open up discussion. Such as inanimate hauntings, phantom hitchhikers, intelligent hauntings and residual hauntings.

One of the widely should we say “accepted” and well known paranormal abilities is that of mediumship, the ability to act as a vessel in which spirits of the dead and memories of the past that can be channelled through to deliver messages and information to others. Raising questions and creating discussions is what I like to do – I am going to push the boat out would like to talk about “Honest psychics” and am probably going to frustrate a number of people and indeed friends, just because even I'm bringing up up the subject, we want to be fair but we also want to be factual.

Is there even such thing as an honest psychic? An honest psychic maybe someone who believes they are communicating and passing on information with little requirement of monetry value, those just willing to give what comes. I'm not saying here that a real medium doesn't charge and those are fraudulent do. What of the well-meaning people who may be a friend or an aquintance those surely are not just frauds, after all you know them. They certainly haven't learned their art by cold/hot reading or by studying behaviour and literature on manipulation.

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Kristian Lander

posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 12:57 PM
The only "real" psychics I have ever met are extremely secretive. They do not advertise their abilities, or brag. They also would not and usually, could not use thess abilities for personal, especially monetary gain. Their ablities, in my time with them, have ranged from remote viewing, to rapid healing, to accurate detailing of the future.

posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 04:59 PM
Well the topic doesn't really even have to be about "psychics". The issue being is people being so sure of themselves. I understand, you get into a higher state that you'd have to meditate to really understand, just like how someone who has say... skydived can't explain that to you, or a better analogy.. you can't explain colour to someone that is say..colorblind. Meditation you reach certain states of consciousness where you become very sure of yourself and you think second guessing yourself is just fear, imbalance, noise of your mind, when you feel steady and zen.

Without blabbing on about details I think that's just my point. I recognize that being "so sure of yourself" thing.. that it could come off as being dishonest when you are wrong. Naturally I want to assume that i'm never 100% on anything and I actually really don't care either way. So many ego clashes and nonsense over the need to be right, as if that were something obtainable, that the very question in nature has no further depth that has been overlooked. Kind of silly, waste of energy.

posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 05:08 PM
reply to post by KristianTNA

An honest psychic? Yeah I think they exist, but I don't think they are actually psychic. However they might have convinced themselves that their abilities are real and are, in that regard, being honest when they claim to have them. Most, however, are just con artists trying to make a buck off the gullible and troubled.

It wouldn't take much for a person to convince themselves they have psychic abilities. I mean people convince themselves of all sorts of supernatural or religious experiences. I know someone who thinks she's psychic simply because she'll be thinking of a song and have it come on the radio a few minutes later

posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 05:13 PM
This neighbour I used to have was psychic and I never knew for like over a year, even though me and him talked all the time. I don't even think he knew what kind of stuff I was into besides conspiracy theories and whatever, guy stuff. It some how came out, I think because I asked about the silver ball in his garden and then we talked about tarot and such. I looked at the silver ball and so did he and he was able to dig some stuff out of me I was very secretive about until about a year ago. I'd also see if he could guess playing cards right.

What was interesting was just how drunk, tired, grouchy, old and often on some other drug and he was still able to discern these things. That night with the ball we were both drinking.

Ok now what's interesting is like... once a month, it was rare... he was just usually the grouchy old lady next door, but like once a month he'd just be in a weird state. Very serious, and he would just say stuff, says he sees faces around you, said he could see some black stuff on my face that i had a tooth infection, he was right about that.. he was just really wierd those days. I recognize that kind of state and I understand how people don't really get psychics. The states i've been in where I felt the most in tune I would probably appear wierd myself.

Anyways, I think people have the impression these things are so accurate and defined and maybe for the rare exception of psychics it is, those i would actually call psychic... there are others like myself that I would just say have some above average awareness. I don't really agree with the labeling, what defines psychic? Some of the best psychics are blocked from certain information, there is much more to it, much more in my opinion. Its not simple tricks. Its like explaining color to a color blind person like I said. Its hightened awareness...being more sober if you can imagine that... as if your sober self was drunk in comparisson,.. its like being more aware of simple details. Ahh I could go on. If anyone wants to know more they can explore it on their own, i get tired of trying to sell the idea, every..month, it takes like another 10 paragraphs to explain, my opinion that is. :S

posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 05:24 PM
As much as I believe that the medium can and does exist, I am generally skeptical of professional mediums. There's a book Handbook For The After Life that is really good for getting a overview of how the popular narrative among mediums has changed with the popular culture of people who are attracted to the medium culture. Gives one the feeling that some of these folks see the hereafter as being whatever they'd like it to be, as opposed to what it actually is.

Every professional medium gets a book deal lately, and that does a lot for their financial bottom line. And each of these books seem to nearly be cut and paste versions of each other. Like i said, I'm skeptical.

posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 05:36 PM
On a personal level, if I want to know of something I do not have an answer for I ask the Universe and typically the answer just pops into my head. Perhaps that is called intuition.

If I see something on the News, no amount of asking will provide me with the outcome.

However, I have mastered Numerology as a tool of divination. I can sit with someone with not ever having met them before and just by them telling my their birthdate I can "read" them. Some people have described it as if they feel I can see right into them. Some people have described my outward expressions as if I am tapping in. I can literally let it flow out of me without too much concentration, it really does flow.

This is a form of divination in that I cannot see into the person. If I am tapping in it definitely is within and not outside of myself.

I have only charged once at a party where the folks who hosted the party were raising money for the San Antonio SPCA, I made several hundred dollars that night.

I do not charge and I am not offering myself to ATS or anyone at this point. My last reading was several months ago and I personally want to stop. I still do addresses, phone numbers, calendar dates in my head for my own personal thoughts. Such as today is a Universal # 5 day. This means that today brings death and change; death is freedom so it wouldn't surprise me if a rule was broken on such a global scale that enables people to regain something taken from them. I may not fully understand what that is but on a personal level I feel that I broke one of my own rules today in order to gain freedom from something that wants to bring me "death" (it is personal). Anyone else break a rule today? Anyone else standing up for themselves even though there is a rule that says they shouldn't? I am sure a few out there are.

I like to deal with personal numbers and influences around a person rather than globally, but you get the general idea. This is how my brain has been wired, to gain insights through a medium.

To me numbers are vibrations. The month of August is about Management and taking control. The day of 22 is a Mastery of Craftsmanship on the level of "Betterment" of Mankind. The Year alone is Universally #3; it is all about taking what is old and broken and turning it into something it is not. It is also about the Ugly of the World being embraced as something of Beauty. It is about recycling and recreating, and it has to do with investments because if we can see the potential of Beauty in something Ugly then we have just invested ourselves in it. We are all investing in something globally!

I am not Psychic, but I guess you can tell that can't you! LOL

posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by NorEaster

Just as I don't see superior art skills, intellect, or athletic ability to denote some sort of super advanced soul if you will, the same goes for psychic ability. Just because you have some bad ass intuition doesn't make you a wise awesome person. There's plenty of scammers i'm sure. Sylvia Brown comes to mind, i can't think of others, i usually don't make an effort to research scammers all day, brings me down.
. Nope, my own experiences have convinced me of certain things enough, thats enough for me. I try to convince others to entertain the idea, not necessarily believe it. Creating an interest is key. People learn things their own way. I'm beginning to see why these traditional meditation practices just stay away from the idea of focusing on said abilities and making them know, its too complicated.. and the ramifications are huge, its like a glitch in the matrix and everyone's going to get curious, you can't help that.. but after all, these things are just byproducts of what you set out to do with self-exploration. I got tired really quick of even trying to promote the idea any more, only to specific people.

posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 05:57 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

By the way, I do believe that there is communication between the corporeal realm and what we call the hereafter. I just don't believe that it's something that people can turn on and off. The connection is tenuous at best for the most prolific of the best of those who can make and hold that connection. The lining up of these two incompatible relams is extremely difficult, and only ever happens in fits.

That said, sensitivity can be developed, which puts a mind in the room where the connections can occur. Then, it's hit or miss - at best - for those who spend a lot of time in that room.

Then again, every one of us is going to spend plenty of time in that realm eventually, so what's the hurry? Sometimes I get it, and other times I don't.

posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 06:08 PM
reply to post by NorEaster

i'm in no rush.

In fact the past few months I've been really slacking with meditation and i'm sort of rediscovering things, which is good because some of it sort of seen in a new light.

I agree though, I don't think we should worry ourselves, just live how we normally would, but that changes as we change, nothing need be forced.

posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 11:18 PM
I actually made an error above, my mind put 22 as the day and today is the 3rd. I guess when I saw that earlier and didn't change it was because it wasn't the exact date that mattered but the way I utilize Numerology in my explanation.

I would not be surprised if someone was asking themselves what the meaning of 22 was. It is Mastery of Craftsmanship for the Betterment of Mankind. 11:22, 12:22, 2:22 and so forth; those that see this kind of represented 22, such as the 11, 33, 44 must know that they are also Mastery numbers and each has a represented vibration. I guess that is why I just left the 22 there as an example.

Anyways, today really is 08/03/2010 and it is a Universal #5 day. It represents Death and Freedom. Now that the day is nearing an end I really can see there has been quite a bit of death today. Shooting in Manchester, drowning, I am sure I will find out more. Sad. The numbers are not large by any means, but children's deaths compound the effect!

Equally and with a more Enlightening resonance I saw on the News tonight that 5 states are currently down to a Referendum on Legalizing Marijuana, and this does not mean for "Medical Purposes Only". Judges, Lawyers, Law Enforcement and other Public Officials (both R and D) are backing these measures because the expenditures are effecting the States ability to enforce such a wasted nonsense! This is a true sense of Freedom!

Death and Freedom 08/03/2010

posted on Aug, 4 2010 @ 09:00 AM
reply to post by Greensage

I discovered a fascinating book that has completely redefined the science of Numerology for me. I've always had an issue with Numerology, and have run into disappointing results over the last 40 years of doing charts. Recently, I found out that the Pythagorean Method (1-9 Roman Alphabet direct letter-number association) is not accurate and that it was guy in the Middle Ages who took Pythagoras' Greek charts and simply replaced the Greek alphabet letters (which is very different than the Roman alphabet) letter-number scheme with the Roman alphabet letters, thereby rendering the entire method inaccurate.

The Chaldean Method is the only remnant of the original and accurate Numerology method, and what I've learned recently is that it is not as simple as assigning letters in a person's name to numbers. In fact, it is the sound of the letters, within the pronunciation of that name, that assigns the correct number to that letter or grouping of letters.

An example is the combination TH in THE is a different number than the combination TH in THING. Both are spelled TH.... but one has a much different tonal quality to the TH than the other one, and therefore it provides a different vibrational influence.

At some point in the long-distant past, human scholars divided the vibrational white-noise that sits at the base of physical existence (string theory anyone?) into 9 specific sub-frequencies, and then took the time to study the impact of those sub-frequencies on human beings. Probably financed by rich folks who wanted to be able to accurately predict the behavior of people they ruled and especially those who worked for them, and who they did business with.

It was an empirical science at best, but obviously carried on for thousands of years, with meticulous records kept and passed on. When the bombed-back-to-the-stone-age event (maybe a meteor or may be a super-volcano eruption) flattened civilization, the records were lost, but the basics of the science were passed on through the sketchy understanding of the survivors. And now it's an occult parlor game, like all of the ancient empirical sciences.

The book is The Wisdom of Sound and Number (Leeya Brooke Thompson - iUniverse Inc, New York), and it is the only book that offers the truth concerning Numerology as a true environmental science. Since adjusting my approach, my charts have become amazingly accurate. If you're serious about this discipline, please check this book out. It's available.

[edit on 4-8-2010 by NorEaster]

posted on Aug, 4 2010 @ 09:04 AM
i personaly do not believe in psychic ability as i haven`t seen anyone do it apart from on tv... i believe there are people who are gd at conning others out of money playing with there emotions and telling them what they want to hear.... very gd at cold reading.

posted on Aug, 4 2010 @ 09:14 AM
Every time I have ever tried to read a book on Numerology it did not make sense.

Every time I heard someone doing Numerology, like on radio or TV, it never made sense. Most times I picked up on a totally different meaning than the reader and it was so confusing.

The meaning might be similar to those books I don't really know. I only go by the experiences of people who I meet every day. When I was a Nurses Aide I would sit with patients as part of my job, I sat and I listened and I asked them things about their worlds. This is how I grew to understand what I know.

So if I did a reading it would be directly from my head, no reference material, no cross checking. Just simple intuit thoughts.

posted on Aug, 4 2010 @ 11:27 AM

this is an awesome discussion.
i'm glad to hear these things from others in a quiet, out-of-the-way place, more or less.

i want to address a few things several of you said, so i'll do it one at a time to keep it orderly and making sense (hopefully).



i totally relate to what you are saying about the numbers. i'm not able to pickup up on numbers like you can, as divination, but i do understand the underlying principles and can usually peg someone else's number(s) for them, but it's not intuition, i don't think. someone, who wasn't even interested in these kinds of things, that i know of, told me how he saw people's personal numbers manifesting - in all the numbers that are associated with a soul, in material experience, one (sometimes two) will stand out as predominant.
so i tried that, looking back on "my" numbers, which included every phone number and address i'd had, my ss#, even my nursing license#, etc. what showed up for me was 3's and 8's. i really couldn't see that there were more 8's or 3's because they were pretty much neck in neck. so that's why my ATS name ends in "38." and still the same two digits pop up more than any others.
i also have an understanding of general meanings/significance for each digit, but like i said, it's not at all the same as your gift.
and, too, i don't get much out of the traditional, or publicized, methods for numerology - they don't seem to fit although i don't have any alternative to offer.

i was a nurse's aide, too, at an old folk's home, in my early 20's. i later went to nursing school and became an RN and worked for nearly 10 years until the materialistic focus of health care began to clash with my conscience and i finally had to "retire." it hurt bad but it was the right thing for ME to do. but i learned so much! not just the clinical nursing part of it, but so much about people, in general! and even about death, and by extension, life!
it used to hurt my feelings that there weren't more aides and staff that seemed to really care, to actually want to sit down and hold hands with the lonely sweet souls who lived in that place and others just like it, everywhere.
i'm so glad to know you were one of the exceptions - it's been a long time since then but i still think about those kinds of things and i'm glad to know you cared, too!



this is also in response to what YOU said about numerology - i also know what you are talking about as far as what you discovered in reading the book that you've recommended.
vibrational energies! yes! they are everywhere - they are everything.
the method for determining personal numbers that i shared, above, is evidence of the truth of that, imo. it took me many years before i realized HOW that worked - i knew it worked with uncannily accurate results, but i just couldn't even guess why.
then i had some epiphanies related to other metaphysical ideas and i realized that we each send out our own vibrational fingerprint, so to speak, into the aether around us. aether, to me, means simply the unseen information highway that i also think of as the fabric of spacetime - maybe to some it is the matrix but i'm still not sure if that's what most mean when they say "matrix."
i digress.
anyway, it works the same with names and all manner of similarities that we discover in our individual paths/journeys, and extends out into our solar system, showing up in the art of astrology.
there are individual manifestations and then there is a larger fingerprint which is of the human race, as one.
i think of Tarot cards as being part of that larger fingerprint, as well as the underlying story behind all mythological systems of all peoples, in all lands, and times. there is just one story and it is our story.
i digress again!
you mention the Chaldean system as being the most original and accurate system, for i'm thinking you mean gematria? but applied to persons instead of text? at any rate, i agree with that, too. the Chaldean is the purest and most correlative system for linking the soundwaves of language with the numerical identifiers.

all is vibrational energy - in nature it seems to be usually split into seven main dominions but in that which is of man, 9 is the number of divisions.
of course, under either, there are countless, and maybe endless, little parts as fractions, or maybe fractals, and that is how every single soul is individual and unique yet part of the one.
colors, sounds, numbers, planets, days, etc.
they are all just manifestations of the core energy/energies.
i haven't figured out much of what i want to know, but i'm well on my way to having the understanding i seek and i try to share what i've found but it isn't always the right time, place, or audience, and indeed, discretion is the better part of valor.!!



i had to smile to myself, reading about you and your neighbor - i remember when i realized, suddenly and with surprise, that being on the "other side" - out of body, between lives, has no bearing whatsoever on one's ability to understand the underlying truth of creation nor does it automatically impart wisdom!
it was kind of like when i had a similar epiphany around the age of 19-20 when i was working as a nurse's aide, as i mentioned above, in an old folk's home. up until then, i had been blessed to have fairly wise elders in my life, close family and extended family. but in the nursing home setting, i encountered a larger sampling of the elderly population and it led me to realize that old age does not automatically bring the rich sagacity that i had assumed.
there are many people who leave this world not much wiser, if at all, than when they entered as babies! i still haven't figured out what exactly this is related to, other than the willingness to learn from all experiences - there's got to be more!
i do know that when a mistake is made, many people would rather make all kinds of excuses and use diversionary tactics on themselves to avoid facing the simple idea that they made a choice that wasn't the optimum given the situation. instead of learning from it, they push it away, blaming it on someone or something else. they have not yet realized that DENIAL is NOT a river in Egypt!
a lack of self-honesty results in limitations on self-learning. and that's just the start of the negative results of self-deception, which i won't go into, here.
i'm sure you know what i mean.

what you said about "knowing" things, seeing more than the average joe, i think you explained well, although briefly. you gave it a good perfunctory explanation. it is, indeed, just a little bit more color, if you will, in the rainbow, a little more detail in the common thread of information. it doesn't come and go at our bidding, but is there when it is there, and sometimes it isn't there, and that's just the way it is.

the only thing i've ever been able to "stop" was dreaming. and by the same token, when i became curious about just what role dreams had in our lives, i wanted to dream again. (or should i say, remember and participate in my dreamlife again)
and suddenly, i was dreaming again! that very night i remembered my dreams and it's been better and better ever since, because i am now willingly seeking to explore.


this is to everyone reading this thread, and the OP, too, in general~

psychic is "of the soul."
we are all connected on the soul level - i guess there is something i could call the "human soul" that is a united singular thing, out of which we all branch.
the ability to tap into our collective root is something we can all eventually enjoy, or suffer from, whichever might be the case. i think for everyone who already does, it is a combination of both joy and misery.
knowing things doesn't make life easier and it doesn't win the lottery. what it does do is teach that we are all humans and have the same basic needs and desires. it also brings vicarious sadness and sorrow, and that part of it isn't usually what anyone seeks to discover.
it hurts. it is bad enough we have to endure our own sadness but the sadness of others is just as heavy, if not more so.
on the flip side of the sorrowful aspects, it also gives empathy and compassion and generally allows for one to know what it means to "love your neighbor as yourself."

it is only a matter of time until that veil, that hides the fact that we are all connected, is completely dissolved. for some of us, that veil is long gone. for others, it is fading by degrees even as we discuss it. for others, still, it is not even detected and in that world, the veil is solid, immovable, and perhaps perceived as the "end" of reality - or at least that is the perception.
but the truth is the same for all. it is merely a veil, a curtain that might seem like a concrete division that cannot be passed through or seen through or in any other way, penetrated by the senses. but it is just a mist, a smoky cloud that is a temporary obscuring safety net, in place until each soul reaches some mysterious and still undetermined point in their soulful evolution which allows them, then, to cross over and begin a whole new adventure of life.

my personal ability for divination - tapping into the part of me that knows more than i think i know, is tarot.
also, words are a big thing in my life - they are sounds, too, basically at the root. we don't really LISTEN to our language - even when we hear it spoken, in our minds, we tend to "see" the word written out, in letters and shapes, rather than hearing it for the sounds that create its form!


posted on Aug, 4 2010 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by queenannie38

Wow, I wish you guys lived in my Community, or next door for that matter!

I did not mean to make it sound as if a book couldn't tell me or help me in understanding this medium. (this is me just thinking back to my own words above).

I was a CNA for 3 years in a hospice environment. Patients were not meant to go home, although it was a complete rehab unit with speech and physical therapy. I say Hospice environment because that was my end of the job. If a patient could care for themselves I was not in their room. I thrived in this environment but like you it was never the patient that drained us it was the facility and its employed, especially those that are there to make money. There is another thread where I told some interesting tales of death and dying/paranormal events at my facility.

I also came to a more simplistic version of what you all are describing with vibrations. This is how I would explain it to others, especially the sick and dying or those in despair.

Numbers are like musical notes; each vibrating in their own unique way. These vibrations are merely influences on our soul. We either accept them or push them away, all in all we have a choice and a path to follow. As each number comes to play with us or dance around us, it is joined with each subsequent number; this is your Month, your Day, and your Year. The result are the chords of your life, of your Song, the individual notes and the notes together forming those expressions of your life. By the time the life is complete, and hopefully at a very ripe age, then the entire song is played and it is a wonder to behold when it is from someone who followed their heart, and their dreams.

posted on Aug, 4 2010 @ 12:30 PM
There are honest psychics *points to self* and I'm quite proud of the fact I have a 99% accuracy rate with my tarot readings. Alot of people don't believe in them but I do. I do all my readings for free to people who want them And its not the 3 card ones... I've done 22 card readings for people that go into such depth they can't fathom how I could interpret it correctly. I've also got a friend who is a psychic and an honest one she did a reading for me and predicted legal troubles, family problems and a car accident, 3 days later I was involved in a car accident, and I've had family problems due to my father going bankrupt and trying to con money off myself and my mother.

If you find a good psychic stick with them and if they retire ask for names of other psychics they do exist.

posted on Aug, 4 2010 @ 03:56 PM
reply to post by Greensage

that's beautiful!

i live in New Mexico, too.

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