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It's the Oil Stupid!

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posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 11:58 AM
While there are as many reasons some can give for the invasion of Iraq by America, a few even justified, the same number can be given for us to not to have invaded, a few even justified. The greatest reason I can see not to have invaded is that is against our Constitutional Law. Any and everything after that law has been broken is illegal on its face from a purely legal standpoint.

Now that we are there, many think it is for oil alone. While oil is part of the picture, we could have easily taken control of what ever we wanted of Middle East oil production far easier than the endeavor to democratize Iraq and at a much lower cost in our lives and theirs. With our technology, we could have cordoned off the oil fields we wanted and created a impenetrable no mans land and held the fields with little effort on our part, save killing anyone who tried to get to us through a large surrounding “buffer zone”.

Shall we say oil is the main reason; even though it is not, think about this scenario!

Islamic terrorist have taken over the Middle East and shut off the oil to Western Countries. A serious oil shortage causes world trade to plummet, commerce is slowed, factories close, people in the industrial world are out of jobs and farmers do not have sufficient fuel to plant enough crops to go around. China threatens war to get her needed supplies.

Winter approaches and there is a vast shortage of heating oil and natural gas in Europe, the UK, Canada, (Australia and New Zealand six months later), and America. Western Civilization is cold, hungry, and people start dying. Now just how long do you think the Europeans, the Britt’s, Aussies, Cannucks, New Zealanders, and Americans would deal with cold, hunger, and death before shouting to their respective governments, “Oil at any cost”?

Were the needed oil supplies from the Middle East stopped, the civilized world that depends on this oil, would crush the terrorist and everyone else standing in the way as you crush a snake, with no regard for civilian causalities or collateral damage. If it were necessary the people of the respective countries mentioned, would kill them all to get the oil they need to keep warm, make food, revive commerce, and live. Even the socialist liberals would be screaming for blood!


posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 12:09 PM
So, that makes it all ok?

The way we go about our foreign policy is duplicitous, illegal and downright atrocious. Maybe if we could deal honestly about the issue, our actions wouldn't be so foul.

Maybe if the oil barrons put the good of man before their bottom line, we wouldn't be so utterly dependent on other countries' resources.

Just because the west is spoiled rotten does not give us the right to take what we want from defenseless third-world countries.

But ain't this the age of Clinton: "I did it because I could."

posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 12:37 PM
Has anyone seen the price of a barrel of oil imported from the Middle East?
Instead of decresing in price it has escalated. Yes, I relaize the price at the pump includes state and federal taxes but really has our invasion of
Iraq made a difference.
It is my opinion we invaded this country to stabilize the Middle East for ourselves and Isreal. The war on terrorism has been exported from our shores and placed in the geographical location where it belongs. If we can install some form of what he call democracy in this region it will only benifit ourselves.
If this were not the case why are so many non Iraqi combantants fighting against us in Iraq? These individuals no what our true intentions are and are doing their utmost to prevent this from happening.
As of today we have given politcal power back to the Iraqis'. Let's see what happens.

posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 12:52 PM
Only in word. Not in deed. Read the fine print and see what happens. The US is still very much in charge. And OPEC knowzit.

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