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local news, stuff that made it national, insignificant neighborhood.......

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posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 10:05 AM
i'm always interested more in peoples personal lives, what's happening in their local areas.
not meaning it as a complaint, but most of what is covered on this board concerns our opinions of others, what we like and dislike about what is happening to those we don't know etc.....
what i'd like to see is a thread of news links, maybe some stories about what we have experienced personally in the areas we live.
possible discussion topics;
immigration, good and bad,
our local economy, how many houses are for sale around you, are there vehicles with 'for sale' signs on the side of the road, are the local classified adds gorwing?

i think you'll get the idea.

right now i'm visiting my folks here, albuquerque area of n.m.
the economy here is actually holding it's own in certain areas, most the upper class.
in other areas, it's seriously in trouble, vehicles for sale everywhere, it seems like half the houses within' a few square miles have for sale signs on them.
when talking to neighbors i'm getting more of a vibe of desperation than i'd ever seen. people just don't know what is going to happen, most owe far more than they are bringing home right now.

the immigration issue is also being discussed more and more.
people do think that in general, there is an influx of illegals moving from arizona. one of the local news segmants was about how the dmv is being flooded with arizona titles and transfers, along with license applications.
n.m. is even considering making it tougher for an illegal to get a drivers license. right now all one needs is proof of residence, nothing more, utilitie bills, rental contract, that's about it.
i set up as a vendor at a small local flea market, even the hispanic guy that owns and runs it is pissed. these guys pull in with truckloads of stuff, sell off what they can, and just leave piles of what they don't sell, along with alot of garbage.
ramone has had this market for 20 years, never had any problems, it's to the point now that he may close it down, just not worth the time it takes to clean up and make runs to the dump anymore.

one more local issue is actually the bear population. there's been a boom, there's also been a handful of attacks, and encounters as of late.
stupid humans, in my opinion. one lady went to sleep inside her tent, with a bunch of food, had stuff on the table outside, in her car, windows open.
she woke up in the middle of the night, a black bear dragging her out of the tent by the leg.
it's still up in the air as too the cause. humans expanding to far into their stomping grounds, lack of edibles etc........
sad part being, the bear was destroyed.

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posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 05:27 PM
I like your idea. Local events are quite interesting as well.

I'm from a town mentioned on CNN not long after the 9-11 attacks. Local Muslims were filmed celebrating. I've got a 9 year old boy as a neighbor that is named Osama. Coincidence ? Nope.

posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 09:52 PM
hey, a reply cool.
i hear your side, and can also tell of another.
i was living in a small new mexico town.
2 local muslim families were seriously being harassed.
nice people, a handful of us neighbors kept an eye on them, escorted kids to school, made sure trips to the store were safe etc...
luckily beside a brick through a window, graffiti and other b.s. nothing bad happened.

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