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'Arab League committed political sin'

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posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 12:14 AM

"Our people in Gaza are paying a toll for the huge error and political sin committed by the Arab Peace Initiative's follow-up committee against the Palestinian people," Ma'an news agency quoted senior Hamas member Fawzi Barhoum as saying.

"The committee has given the Israeli occupation the pretext and coverage they needed to attack our people and continue with settlement activities and displacement,” Barhoum added.

That being said, I loved this part of the his sayings:

US President Barack Obama's pressure on Abbas to shift into direct talks "exposed the falsity of his policy and disappointed the Palestinian people,” Barhoum said, stressing that relying on the US administration to support Palestinian rights is a “waste of time.”

I'm on this man's side, as he has experienced true disappointment and true failures, of not just the US, but also the whole of Western society, and the puppet Arab league.

That being said, he is confused thinking the Arab league is on their side, expecting the Arab league to support Palestinian rights is a "waste of time."

I don't believe the Arab league is a puppet of the empire, including Europe.

Hamas is still living in the fantasy world the empire created, which has hidden boundaries therefore when the game is played, no one knows who is on whose side.

Confusion as a tool of war is advantageous on all fronts, that is how USSR was defeated.

posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 10:03 PM

The Zionist power structure has been the leading force pushing US war plans and sanctions against Iran. They backed Bush’s invasion of Iraq. The ZPC secured US backing for Israel’s bloody attack on Lebanon weakening US puppet ruler Prime Minister Fouad Siniora. The ZPC authored and secured Congressional legislation blocking any contact with the Palestinian unity government. They successfully lined up US congressional support for Israel’s starvation blockade of Palestine over the last 20 months. The scope and depth of Zionist power over US Middle East policy goes far beyond influencing ‘public opinion’ – it penetrates key institutions, designs and enforces policy implementation and promotes wars, which benefit Israel.


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