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Jonny's Choice

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posted on Aug, 2 2010 @ 09:21 PM
Laying in his room, in the bunk bed no longer occupied by two kids, he tried to quit his mind so he could go to sleep.

But on nights like this, with the essay due in two days and not a word from Alisha Beth, his mind was not about to quit so easily.

Usually, the drone of the tv lulled him to sleep. But tonight his dad had left it on HeadLine News, and as his father lay snoring his empty bottle of vodka a lullaby, Joy Behar's nasal inflections kept jarring him, not to mention the occasional full volume commercial. It would be over four hours on this channel before a quieter voice claimed the tube. And Jonny had learned his lesson about creeping around his father, a vet, in the middle of a drunken snore fest, even to turn down the tube. Not an option.

From the top bunk, which Jonny still considered Red's,( although his brother had been long gone into the military for three years now, ) he could see a nice full moon occasionally rippling behind wispy drifting clouds. His oak tree was gently swaying, like Alisha Beth's hips when she sauntered past his desk in eight grade English every day. He had paid her one coke bottle of his dad's whiskey and two sprite bottles of vodka to write that essay, and he just hoped she didnt get so drunk she forgot about it.

He wondered what Red was up to over in Iran, and what Dusty his golden retriever was doing since he had run away. He wondered if Alisha Beth would make out with him again, maybe at Rory's bonfire. He wondered if his mom could really see him from Heaven like Granny claimed. That notion really skeeved him out at certain intimate moments with himself....

Joy's screeching laugh jarred him awake, had he really dozed off? Jonny rubbed his eyes, and turned to the window, like a child, checking that the moon was still there. It was, full and brighter than normal, winking at him from a slightly closer position than before he had dozed. Well, Joy was still on he could not have dozed long. The urge to pee washed over him, and Jonny sighed.

Crud. He wanted to pee in the toilet but it was through the living room, where his dad still lay snoring.

So Jonny silently climbed down the steps and went to his window, which he raised. Thank goodness it did not squeak, or Jonny would have bladder problems. He climbed up on the milk crate in front of the window, and aimed his stream through the small tear in the screen. He only missed a couple times.

He was fixing to close up when a rustling noise caught his attention. Wide awake now, he froze like one of the bunnies his dad shot for dinner. The rustling was coming from the Coffman's field, full of corn. Without moving, Jonny cut his eyes towards the field, and caught his breath. The stalks were moving, and rustling all right, in a deliberate path towards the edge of the field where it met Jonny's back yard.

When you are 13, fear grips you in one of two ways. In a paralyzing manner, which Jonny had rarely felt, or in a defensive manner, in which Jonny was well schooled. His back still hurt where a kid had punched him a few days ago. Jonny dang near killed the kid when it was his turn, and that is why no one messed with him. He sometimes did not know when to rein it in, but he was fairly wealthy for a poor kid from a broken home with an alkie dad, due to being paid by kids at school for protection. Jonny had a soft spot for those who were bullied. He had not always been six feet tall. And he had always had red hair.

The rustling stopped right at the edge,and a small figure emerged, continuing towards Jonny's window with abject determination. Jonny took a deep breath. Whatever this was, it was coming for him, so Jonny popped the screen and hopped outside.


The small figure was illuminated in the glow of the moon, which now that Jonny thought about it, seemed even closer, and almost seemed a giant ship. In the small figures arms was a shiny glowing box.

Jonny purposefully strode to meet the figure.

There they stood that night of the full moon, a strapping thirteen year old wise beyond his years and still full of childish hopes and dreams, and a little grey alien, with a glowing shiny green box.

You have a choice Jonny, the creature communicated to Jonny. Unsure of how, Jonny understood, and replied in kind.

A choice, me? The only choice I have is to count the days til I am 18 so I can hit the road.

Not hit the road, Jonny.

Why not, Dad dont care he is drunk all the time, I am a dang burden to him, I cut into the booze budget doncha know?

So much hate and anger, Jonny.

What else am I supposed to feel? Before Mom died I felt other things, but not now, not ever again!!

Your mom did not die, Jonny, she Chose. Now you can choose too.

I ought to rip your fat head off!! Jonny took a step forward, but the little grey creature stood firm, unimpressed. Jonny stood back.

Whats in the box, Shorty?

Your choice.

And with that the creature vanished in the night, the moon returned to normal full, and at Jonny's bare feet lie a green glowing box.


posted on Aug, 2 2010 @ 09:22 PM
My mom did not Choose to DIE!!! Jonny screamed in his head, at least he hoped he contained it, because he sure as heck did NOT want to wake his dad, or the freaking Coffman cow. That thing would moo so loud it would wake Mr and Mrs Coffman, human cows, who would come out with shot guns blazing.

So Jonny stood still, and listened, it was a normal quiet country evening. Through his window he heard the faint intro to Nancy Grace, and every now and again his dad's snores.

He wondered what the little grey creature had meant by his choice. Was it a plane ticket somewhere better than this? Well where would be worse? Would the box contain a letter from his mom, inviting him to join her? Did she really choose to die in that car crash when he was a baby, or had she been presented with a green box too?

Now he felt the anger rising up again, what a load of crud. Here he was, feared avenger of nerds in school, alcoholic father, street wise Jonny on the spot, looking at a box and trying to rationalize it. Was he crazy? Maybe he was turning into an alcoholic like his dad.

He knew he could not stay outside all night, because the Coffmans rose at four thirty each day to start their day, and they might find it looney to see that Jennings kid standing outside in his boxers, staring at some glowing green box.

So Jonny reached for it, found it to feel of normal temperature, and he brought it inside with him.

He took it up to the top bunk, and felt a pang of longing for his brother Red so strong it surprised him. Red always knew what to do.

But Red might never come home, and Jonny had a choice in this box to make.

So taking another deep breath, Jonny opened the lid.


His eyes opened slowly, he felt refreshed, as if he had just awoken from the best night sleep he had ever had, maybe better than sleeping in his mothers arms as a baby.

The first thing he noticed was the silence. He supposed his father had awoken at some point that night and turned off the tv, before stumbling into his bedroom, where he would spend until dusk sleeping off the bender from the day before.

He went to climb down the steps but his foot hit floor. He did not recall sleeping on the bottom bunk....


He jumped up but was confused, there was no bunkbed, and this was not his room! It was all white, and he was not wearing boxers, but a soft light white robe.

Before he could gather his bearings, one of the walls slid open and a beautiful lady came in.

"Hello, son, I am so glad you made the right choice."

"Mother? What choice? What is happening?"

And like a child, he crumpled into her arms, crying and sobbing and generally gushing with emotion. His mother held him and cooed, and stroked his hair.

"My son, you made the Choice. I knew you would when the time came. Your father stayed behind to raise you, he was awfully bitter about not being able to choose when I did, but he knew the alternatives were worse for you."

"Worse? I am the son of the town Drunk, Mother!! My God, you chose to abandon me?"

"Of course, I had to, there are more who receive the gift yet make the wrong choice, but I knew with your fighters spirit you would choose wisely."

"But what did I choose, Mother? I am so confused!!"

His mother laughed and guided him to sit on the edge of the bed with her.

"What did you choose, the boy asks!! Son, you chose to live off planet. You chose to believe the message and act appropriately. Unfortunately, some people reject the message outright and refuse to believe, and they awaken with no memory of the choice whatsoever. Your father did not reject the choice, he postponed it, but I am afraid he will be too drunk to make the right choice."

"But mother, what was the message?"

"The message was simple, the earth is to be destroyed with in the next two years. Of course, the choice has been offered ever since the benevelents arrived to begin giving the choice years ago, with the invention of nuclear weapons and energy, it was merely a matter of time. Those who make the choice to stay will perish. Only those who believed in the message, of the off world colony and the Benevolents, will be saved to perpetuate the human race. Son, welcome to our new world."

"But where are we?"

"We are in the ship, we will arrive at our new planet in 1000 years. Until then, we have to be hibernated, and when we awaken, we will be in our new home!"

"But how do we know we made the right choice, Mother? How do we know we will awaken in 1000 years?"

His mother only smiled, and stood.

"Come with me, son."

He followed his mother to the wall, whre a window slid open, with a magnificent view of the earth.

"In two years, we will watch the destruction of this planet, then we will be hibernated for our journey. I hope Red accepts his box and makes the right choice. I miss him."

Mother and son stood, arms around each other, looking at their former home planet. Jonny asked one more question.

"But how do you know we made the right choice?"

His mother took a deep breath and sighed.

"Because I believe we did. What other choice did we have?"

posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 02:03 AM
Very, very creative and imaginative! I really enjoyed reading this one!

Thanks for posting this one as well!

posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 02:13 AM

Originally posted by Hefficide

Very, very creative and imaginative! I really enjoyed reading this one!

Thanks for posting this one as well!
Thank you, I enjoyed writing it. I got to be a young boy for the duration of the story, it was fun to try and think like a kid, especially since I am female. I may try my next story from a male POV, although the majority of my stories will feature women.

ETA I do have a epilogue to this one, but sonce this sis short story I let the main bulk stand on its own.

[edit on 10-8-2010 by hotbakedtater]

posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 03:02 PM
Great read, I found it awesomely creative, you should be a writer!!!! WOW.

posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 03:49 PM
I must say I really enjoyed your story. This is the first short story here on ATS that I have bothered to read,and I was pleasantly surprised by the whole thing. Good job!!

posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 06:36 PM

Originally posted by peewee1263
I must say I really enjoyed your story. This is the first short story here on ATS that I have bothered to read,and I was pleasantly surprised by the whole thing. Good job!!
Thank you! You really should bother reading some more, we have a lot of talent here in this section.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 02:31 PM
Great story. A twisted part of me can't help thinking of Ray Bradbury's Mars stories. Like, maybe, they'll end up as dinner.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 08:34 PM
Thank you for reading Skid Mark.

I last read Ray when I was about eight or nine and it was the book burning one. I need to try him out again now that I have matured!!

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 11:55 AM
Another classic.
(I just discovered the other stories in your sig)
I'll have to check 'em out later, as I have to work now.
I'd love to have something like that happen to me, though I wouldn't want the Earth to be the price.
I've had a good share of strangeness happening to me though, so maybe I shouldn't be so greedy.
Thanks for entertaining me yet again.

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 12:05 PM

Originally posted by Illegal Alien
Another classic.
(I just discovered the other stories in your sig)
I'll have to check 'em out later, as I have to work now.
I'd love to have something like that happen to me, though I wouldn't want the Earth to be the price.
I've had a good share of strangeness happening to me though, so maybe I shouldn't be so greedy.
Thanks for entertaining me yet again.
You are welcome. I have several othr short stories posted that are not in my siggie because I forgot how to make the links show up like I did.

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