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Red Tape Sends Entrepreneur Overseas

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posted on Aug, 2 2010 @ 10:48 AM

Solar panel solution snapped up by China

I just now seen this video. It tells of a newer and cheaper way to manufacture solar cells. This technology was developed at Rice University and because of the red tape that exists in this country, it's going to China.

It's not the entrepreneurs fault. He wanted the technology to be made here. Even the White House has shown interest but according to the video, they're powerless to do anthing. I don't understand what's going on but this technology doesn't have any business going overseas.


The youtube link came up malformed URL. Need to watch this video. The above is the link.

I hope this video works. It's very informative, not in the development of this technology, but in what's going on in our nation. With all the talk in
Washington about creating jobs in alternate energy, it just bewilders me why this is happening.

Note to the Mods: I know that this video is a "old news" but I couldn't find it in the search. If there exists a thread already, please do what you have to do.

posted on Aug, 2 2010 @ 12:41 PM
It's an excellent example of what' s wrong in this nation. Though it's more than just a matter of red tape. No offense to you , Op. But it's more a case of politicians that don't listen.

They are elected officials with no business sense. They had no idea what they were looking at when these guys presented it; or they just didnt' care because their own pockets are already lined.

posted on Aug, 2 2010 @ 12:43 PM
I live in Northern China, permanently since 2005. I sold my US real estate and Business and moved here at end of 2005, relocated from the nutty state of California.,

I had my business license in 2 days. The govt provided me with a Land grant ( zero cost for 600,000 square feet of land) and 5 Million Yuan ( about 700,000USD at the time) tax free to start building the factory. I received tax abatements the first 3 years ( zero tax on profit) and less than half nominal tax the next 3 years, of which there are two years left. The govt provides me with reduced rates on Energy, which are low anyway, and anything i need i have the cell phones for the secretary of the province along with leaders in various bureaus when i have a request.

If you buy your own groceries it costs about 25US dollars a week for a family of 4, if you eat out every lunch and dinner about 70US a week. Natural gas for my house is 19.00 per month ( 2200 square feet, 10 inch thick solid cement, all housing in China is solid cement, aka wet construction), my Cell phone is 3G Nokia 9500, i can watch BBC or CNN on it live, most calls are international and pay about 50.00 per month including unlimited Internet / Driving directions / Email, etc.

I made more money the last 4 years in a "communist" country than the last 10 in California.

China knows how to do business. The USA has lost sight of its own backbone, which is small business, research and development, and a friendly environment for individuals to realize their dreams. I left because the Economy was starting to exist in dreamland, people buying homes with no money, mortgages written for 120% of value...I just didn't think it would implode as quickly as it did.

If the USA does not change its business environment, there will be many more moving here. My friends cannot believe what iv'e built in 4 years and
have begun discussions with Central Government officials to move their businesses here as well. The lifestyle here is very progressive, they love Americans ( due to USA siding with China against Japan WW2 mainly).

There were problems and customs to learn and adjust, just like any new country. But the USA should be afraid, because China knows how to do Business.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 02:03 PM
Something really funny is going on when I search for this video. It's been removed by youtube and it's been eliminated on other video sources.



It is here. VodPod

What I can't understand is why is this not being made a big deal over. American use to be the spearhead of the world. Now we're only getting the shaft.

We all need to wake up and say "To hell with government red tape." The best thing this guy couldv'e done, when the US government didn't want to promote this technology, is to destroy every shred of evidence there is on it instead of giving it to the Chinese.

If the US can do this to solar cells, just think of what it can do to cures for presently incurable diseases or other alternative energy solutions.

The bottom line is: Our elected officials don't give a damn about the people who voted them into office. I smell blood!

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