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The Quran scientific miracles(2)

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posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 04:47 AM
The Quran scientific miracles(1)


Sphericity of the earth

Glory to Allah (he who said): ( He draweth the night as a veil O'er the day, each seeking the other in rapid succession ) Al-A'raf 54 (the phrase "seeking the other in rapid succession" was expressed in Arabic as" Yatlbho Hathithan") which means following it rapidly, without stopping.

Lets image that.....the day is an organism of light emitted from the sun filling all the space and the surroundings in all directions and the night is another organism that is having no light in it except the glow of the stars following the day rapidly and the day is following it also . this one runs and the other one seeking it without stopping.

But to where? And how? Are they running in a straight way its terminal is the infinity? If it was like this so there will be only one day pass over the earth followed by only one night and then its over .

But we see them following each other, as the day comes out every day from the same direction it came out from the previous day, and it's sun moves to comes down in the same direction it came down at yesterday and also the darkness from the east and it depresses in the west, then this scene is repeated and repeated as much as God wants so.

Lets image the movement in the words of Allah (seeking the other in rapid succession) from this reality we find that the way is rounded no doubt about it. To understand this easily we have to comprehend the descriptional phraseology in the Holy Quran very well then, it will appear to us clearly through out the verse a picture of a spherical way around the earth, running on it the day and the night this draweth that and that draweth this.

God said: (He makes the Night overlap the Day , and the Day overlap the Night) Az-Zumar 5 (the word overlap was expressed in Arabic as makes it spherical or round) so by this way the verse would be very clear. Overlapping the night on the day so it hide it and makes the night as a sphere, and overlap the day on the night so it hide it and makes the day as a sphere. And so by making both of them rounded around each other we can see a spherical body rolling between both of them gathering them and making them rounded around each other. This body is the earth.

Lets image that we are in the day reign and after a few hours the night will cover this reign but it won't cover it in a normal way, no it will get rounded and rounded which means that it bends in a spherical way, and logically the reign must be spherical so that words could be understood. Humanity was ignoramus and knew nothing about that except for some common superstitions. So how did Mohammed peace and priers of Alla be upon him know it and assure it?! Praise and glory to Allah who said: (And it is he who spread out the earth ,and set thereon mountains standing firm"Ar-Ra'd 3 "And the earth we have spread out (like a carpet);set thereon mountains firm and immovable) Al-Hijr19.

How can the earth be spread out? And what does it mean? "This means that we flattened walking on it so it will be extended in front of us, you won't end up at a barrier that hide what is behind it, or an eternal gap that we stand in front of it handicapped, so lets walk in any direction we want, and let the nights, months, years and all of the age pass and as we keep walking as it will keep extending, and so there isn't any geometrical shape fulfill this status except the spherical shape, so as you keep walking on it, it keeps extending in front of you, and any other shape can't fulfill the meaning of this verse".

Many Muslim scholars and explainers pointed to the Sphericity of the earth from what they had understood from Allah's book (The Holy Quran) such as: Muslim scholars (Imam) pointed to this reality a long time ago, as Imam”Ibn Alkim Al Gozia" pointed in his book "Al Tibian fy aksam alquran" or the clarification of the chapters of the Holy Quran pointed to the Sphericity of the earth, also Imam "Fakr Al Razi" pointed to the Sphericity of the earth in his clarifying book "Mafatih Alkaib" or the keys of the unknown saying: " the spread out of the earth is extending it to where we can't approach its end, and God made the earth's mass great so the eyesight can't reach its end, and if the sphere was very big each part of it is seen as an extended straight surface".

And to that also pointed Sheik Al-Islam "Ibn Timia" in his book "the right answer to whom changed the religion of Jesus" he said: “know that they have agreed on that the earth is spherically shaped and there is nothing under its surface except its middle and the end of beneath is the center which is called the area of heaviness".

And the Sphericity of the earth while it is swimming in the space didn’t appear to the people except when the Russians released the first satellite " Spotenik" to it’s orbit around the earth in October 1957, and so the scientists could have a clear photos of the planet earth through the photographing tools that were fixed on the satellite, in 1966 the satellite "Lonic 9"landed on the surface of the moon accompanied by its advanced instruments, and so it sent back to the receiving stations on the earth photos of the planet earth, so how did Mohammed peace and priers of Allah be upon him know that? It is the inspiration from Allah, which proves that the one who sent down the Holy Quran is the creator of the universes, and it is He who knows every thing.


[Edited on 18-6-2004 by Scorpion]


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