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Hard Sense Series: Powerism the true governing system

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posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 07:59 PM
As stated before if common sense where so common then everyone would have it.

Powerism the true governing system

After much reading and thought, something interesting occurred to me. All of human histories great ideas succumb to a central issues.

Who has the power?

Look through history and prove me wrong. Even the great struggles (what ever you decide them to be) have this common theme. Who has the power and how do we get it to enforce what we want.

So far no exceptions exist. As I thought over this I realized that if this where true what could be done to utilize this knowledge to our advantage?

So back to history for a minutes...

These forces were always present because somebody did not like the place they were in and took the power to change this.

I am going to use my countries history as an example...

The very existence of the US owes its very foundation to this. A group of individuals did not like how the powers that be treated them. They organised and seized power.

Now follow my the rest of the history of the US. Every instance was over power struggles.

The US constitution came about because the articles of confederation where not powerful enough to force all the colonies to do what the other colonies wanted done.

Of note the only ones included originally where the white colonist. Also note how daniel shays rebellion was treated.

whiskey rebellion

Follow the course of this country... Every decision made is based on power...

Our Justice system here was established in early power struggles by making a decision not based on justice but based on forcing acknowledgement of the Supreme Courts power.

Marbury vs madison

Follow the course over the years of the US...

Native Americans

Each one came down to power in some of its various forms.....

Spoiler Alert/ Flame time:

Look at the last two presidents and how they came to office... Tell me power is not the basis of all of this...

Now to note a few other systems...

Communism- Stalin, Mao, Castro
Socialism- Hitler, Venezuela's leader
Theocracy- Iran, Rome

Each one an individual or group of individuals took an idea perverted it and rode the perversion to power.

Here is where the biggest mistake is made.

Each assumes that they are right and try to get control of the base populace to espouse there ideas....

In this process they commit a form of suicide. They remove those ideas that represent yeast in a growing culture.

Russia, China, Germany, ect

Each in turned paid a high price for the ignorance.

Each of the main individuals in this worldly drama have climbed to the top. The use of power up at top is the same. In all its applied versions these so called world leaders are way to short sighted to accomplish what is necessary because each is addicted to a very unique drug. Hence their behaviors can be predicted.

Their Drug is Power...

So how does this play out for you and me. Each of us represent to them a small part of what they need to maintain their lifestyle at the top. In this we have power.

Remember it is about who has what power and what that power can do.

posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 08:38 PM
Power and government is sort of an obvious truism because such a large controlling body can't exist any other way than to have power, it's in their essential nature. What would shock me is if people thought the function of government was something incredible like, say, making life easier for their subjects or making society democratic and thus giving up some of their power (lol). But yes, as far as causes go power is higher than most people's 'common sense' notions about their governments - unless you live in Darfur or some shyt.

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