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Explosions heard in Mexico - HERE IS THE REAL STORY- Why isn't this on CNN?

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posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 03:25 PM

Originally posted by Roufas

Originally posted by bestideayet
reply to post by buddha
I'm still uploading, but you can see this for yourselves...

Hello OP, I would think that 6 days would have been enough time to upload all the photos and videos you claimed to have, even with a crappy upload rate?

You claimed these to be exclusive and that is what peaked my interest.

I could go linking to other websites myself too and make up a story if I wanted.
It does not mean the story itself is false, but it does discredit you...

So? I thought you wanted these to go out as much as possible?

I apologize as I didn't upload the pictures. I was emailed about posting the pictures, about my safety (not threats just warnings me), then I was told by my source that it would give him away indefinitely, due to the way and times the pictures were taken. I'd have put his life and my life in danger, I presume, and I am no Julian Assange. I'd rather keep looking for a way that these aren't incriminating, and from what I saw some of these are. The video I took of us talking also will be posted I just need to edit some voices. I apologize once again that this happened.

Thanks for all and I do hope things get better.

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