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NWO - anxiety feeding?

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posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 07:29 AM
For the past week I have been coming on here as a new member, and I have enjoyed the stay. However, there is a part of me that feels abovetopsecrets' content can do a lot of users/people harm if they are easily susceptible to persuasion.
I know all people have their own opinions, and all people develop new beliefs even if they feed anxiety. But sometimes I feel that certain people need to feed their anxiety in order to obtain a goal, or some kind of self respect.
You may or may not know this is happening, but if NWO is possible, and some other secret soceity conspiracies, then you begin to get sucked into a lot of self doubt - so what's next is aliens, other dimensions, aliens being Gods....... Is this natural or healthy? There is another side to it, where perhaps even this site is just part of reality being sidetracked, and I have noticed that - yes even though certain sites need advertising to continue being funded and helped out, abovetopsecret has iphone advertising and is selling brands of advertising as I have looked next to the Contact Us etc.
Now perhaps I am ignorant, and I don't know what I am talking about. But the strict policy on here may be just to keep the peace for obvious reasons, but it is a STRICT policy and this has everything to do with you guys talking about NWO. It's not about me trying to bring additional fear or paranoia to the already fearful masses, but the fact that you need to smell the coffee here. I am not saying everything is connected, 'they're all out to get you', but this is the point, do you ever wonder that sometimes, none of us have done our real homework (ok so this is all opinion but I am trying to open up some valid and important discussions), and that part of that thinking can actually create more paranoia.
Some history has to be accurate, but unless I go out and see a mayan temple for myself, understand chinese dynasties, find out through travelling what really happened in the war, (just examples ok) speak to tribes myself, get myself into government (which I wouldn't) somehow, I will never know. You can say, I know this FBI guy, that FBI guy, I know really secretive stuff from looking on google or whatever means you choose to use. But I think DOUBT is HEALTHY when used correctly, the more doubt you use, rightly so in SOME ways - to try and discern between fact and fiction, and the more you doubt your own doubt, then the more you start thinking 'they've got me', and the NWO becomes some psychotic mess in your mind.

You think this is a safe haven, or somewhere else will be, but how about your mind? How about reading history books regardless of the doubt. I am not saying you don't, a lot of you have incredible intelligence. But I worry not only for myself, getting sucked into non-reality, but for others as well. There has to be a point where we've got to stop at alien races. There has to be a point where we stop thinking that we are slaves of an alien race which dicates world governments.

Now repeat that back to yourself.... This is more crazy-making stuff that truthsayer. This is more delusional than truth. I get it, I myself get drawn into it, but I am trying to find a place where people aren't trying to hide in their own fantasies to get back at someone subconsciously or not, but to find people who are willing to seperate their spirituality and TRUTH in order to create clarity. The two are fine, but if you dabble in both being unfied together, too much, you get a lack of boundaries. It is not me saying, stray away from the truth, it will get you - (although often it does) but perhaps make a deliberate attempt to put a stop sign up. If you really want to help others you won't just indulge in your own fantasies online by over-doing it, if you are aware of what damage a lack of boundaries can do you will put the STOP sign up, then continue.
I know there is enough dicatorship around, but this NWO can get out of hand, and I feel we are feeding demons here. thoughts please

posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 07:38 AM
What I am saying is I don't want to dicate too much but, isn't feeding demons also feeding fear?
You say it's not, you'll probably say it's just getting through the teething stage to clarity. But honestly, if you fear all the time, you will create a fake intuition, a fake higher self, you can't hear it because it's drowning in all these posts, all this over-information, not just here but on the net everywhere, in your hometown out on the street. But you sitll see the connections without looking underneath, that perhaps in overconnecting stuff you find you are no more closer to a definable reality.
Once you stop fearing you can your inner self - ok that sounds like I just got that from a yogi channel.... But i mean hear your intuition.
If you intuiton is telling you aliens will take you away from this "matrix"; that's not intuition, that's a 'hunch' creating words from some kind of well of anxiety/desire. If your intuiton told you that we are all one, and some things "seem" more real than others, this sounds more plausible.

I don't mean for anyone to get cranky but I just really think that demons are fear - although the demons themselves (you know) probably don't fear, everything originated from fear and desire, therefore I feel we are creating our own demons by buying into confusion. It's hard to know which when and where but I would like to speak to people who can bring some rationality to this site.
I know my new posts sort of point the way to getting half-way sucked into the blackhole, but I am create a stop sign here myself now.

posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 10:45 AM
Fear is the most primal of our emotions and will exist with precedence over our other emotions due to it's role in their being key to man's survival.

The old flight or fight response.

So whether we create additional fear via information pertinent to the truth or not. We shall always have fear in one form or the other.

Are we admonishing more fear by discussing the truth ?

No we are not.

One has to understand that Fear originates from the unknown and by understanding the truth, then it in actuality helps alleviate fear.

For example.

Remember the Wizard of Oz ? The fear of the wicked witch of the west and her army of flying monkeys only to later find out that the then entire shenanigans was created and orchestrated by this old guy behind the curtain ?

Remember the sense of relief one felt once the truth was conveyed ?

It really opened my eyes to the reality of our world as well as the symbolic meaning and message that this story was conveying.

Which segues into the societal system of control by fear over all of us today.

Fear of dying, fear of the IRS, fear of financial ruin, fear of terrorists ....and the list goes on.

We were not intended to fear our Government, for originally the Government was to be by the People and For the People.

Much of this societal based fear can be alleviated by the truth though.

Which is why many if not most of us are here.

For as the motto here at ATS so eloquently conveys the essence of this consortium of like minds...."TO DENY IGNORANCE".

For Ignorance in itself is the lack of information or the truth in many instances.

And The Truth Shall Set You Free.

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 10:19 AM
"- so what's next is aliens, other dimensions, aliens being Gods....... Is this natural or healthy?"

yes ask the native indians

[edit on 1-8-2010 by la vie]

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 11:02 AM
reply to post by Tofind151

I'm so glad you made this thread! I was going to! But my time is very regimented and I have to pick my battles

I was thinking along this track..That I have noticed that we really do manifest what we think globally and locally and in the areas of science and politics especially

so yes indeed the more we focus on these demonic cults the more power and manifestation they get! True fact!

I do make posts saying things like they're more afraid of us than we are of them and if they were Ten Feet Tall and Bullet Proof they would'"nt hide and plot in secret.Stuff like that

then somebody comes along and says they have guns and nukes which is true. But the flip side of that is THEY don't have guns we do!

so yes there is something drastically wrong and yes most ATSers don't seem to be able to take all this info to the next step which is do something about the way we think and quit worrying about TPTB

knowing ones enemy is supposed to give you power over them!sun Light is supposed to be the the universal disinfectant!

good post

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 11:56 AM
There are many levels of fear, some are beneficial to the survival of the entity at hand.

My Demon and concept of Demons is based in real-time. Yes, fear is a fuel too, especially for some Demons who wish to harm someone; but it isn't just plain ole fear, it is a different more internalized fear without a name or identifier.

I almost suspect you have been reading BTS too, it doesn't mean I don't think you have a valid point because you really do! I remember days of some shocking emotional reaction because of posts here; I am thankful for these moments in many ways because in the long-run I find my paradigms are shifting as a result.

I am convinced that we are systematically being destroyed as a Nation, as a People, and as a Culture across the Globe. This took some time to grasp but now I don't need the specifics, the details, or the boring History books to remind me.

I think we open to possibilities that do not manifest by preventing them; by either discrediting them or overcoming them with better parameters of thought. I love how the bad seems to be thwarted at every move. I think we have a hand in that one collectively if not unconsciously.

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 12:19 PM
reply to post by Greensage

yes Greensage!!!

I know what's going on, I'm awake, but I also think about how the story ends!

more precisely how I want it to end /or the result I prefer to see

I think about love, life, hope, honesty, community, creativity,wholeness,freedom ,health , compassion ,wisdom , serenity trust, and a future dominated by these qualities

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