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Another abductee speaks out...

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posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 10:41 PM
reply to post by sphinx551

This is first of all a school. And final exam is approaching for some. We're here for lessons. But its a very rough school with many negative things done by the ones who hijacked it. I wrote some experiences on Lowki's thread, if you read them, the day I saw the rose colored, pinkie, the zetan grey I believe. That morning I had contact and an in depth information on why they, though positive, had to remain neutral in our system even though they were forced to deal with the leaders, the black ops and witness terrible things, akin to the UN and a worker going into a primitive mafia run country to work with the scientists.

We're the ones being held hostage, our progression. But they can't just sail in they have to work with us, and our lessons and our perceptions. If enough people wake up, and start to become aware strongly of this world and matrix, the bloodlines and slavery and ask for help, desire redistribution of all goods and complete equality, that part is underscored and I just received that message to write. It is crucial for cosmic acceptance to be completely equal, no one starving or homeless, no slavery, no wars, no violence.

They would sail in, we would all pass, and this group would be progressed to eutopia systems.

But its a test. And there is a strong non-interference that can be broken but only if the rules are broken by them. Ie. very much worse bad things can happen, if we let it without worrying or concern. Its our perception thats at stake. There is a law of consequence. But if we desire change in large numbers, and they do something against humanity, then they can sail in.

So much depends on us and our awareness. A race that is not cosmically intersted, and doesnt want to know about more than the stock markets, who won the hockey game, and tunes out the world all the time, doesnt care that billions are starving, that the government is bombing civliians, that we're beingn run by corporations and banks for profit, that the earth is being destroyed and oxygen depleted, and the oceans filled with life, destroyed and poisoned and whales and dolphins are suffering terribly, well, you get the point.

I was told that Africa is the symbol for this planet.

Its up to us, this is our test.

Those not ready to go forward, will be returning and repeating lessons like Groundhog Day the movie until they get it right and yearn for equality and eutopia. Progression is love and equality.

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posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 10:57 PM
Not directed towards the original thread owner:
If anyone confronts these 'so called' aliens again, I want you to deliver a message for me. I am real serious about this one. It will prove to me once and for all that what you are going through is real. Also, I want the response to my question to be addressed back to me specifically. Not the name I use on ATS.

Tell them, "What was once filled with darkness now has light punched through, and now it has happened for a twenty-seventh time including the two times you knew."

Its the start of a math problem. If you people are confronting intelligent beings, they will be able to finish the problem. If I do not receive an answer to the question, I will know that everyone is not actually seeing aliens.

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posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 11:06 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

You are truly Christ-like and Buddha-like. You are such an enlightened being. Thank you.

posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 11:14 PM
reply to post by sphinx551

no no no I'm not. I'm just me, and have spent alot of time worried and feeling challenged by life circumstances, my own inability to seize moments, and attempting to repair some family relationships. I've probably been asleep at the wheel too long and they really had to work overtime with me to wake me up.

posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 11:22 PM
reply to post by Section31

You have to do that kind of thing yourself, its up to you to search. You have to do your own work and discover your own lessons, why you're here, and work on self, especially concern for state of the world and equality.

I don't have the kind of memories that involve discussing math, they are glimpses of scenes here and there, looking at a portal connected to a grey, in a group of children, some medical rooms, seeing my child as a baby held in a womans arms while I was being examined, with many bocked out memories, and in contact, I'm passive and monitored alot with some messages.

The kind of proof you want to believe is the kind skeptics want with them landing on the Whitehouse lawn, forgetting that they were above the Whitehouse decades ago. And to stand still for photos. Instead search and starwatch. Until everyone stands out asking for help, its still a test.

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 12:17 AM
The true lesson in this exact moment is Love.

If you can understand that there is Love in the moment, in every moment, and can express that Love that is the essence of your very being then you have discovered the foundation to all action and to all wisdom - Love is the foundation for knowledge to become wisdom for otherwise knowledge is limited and non-helpful to the growth of yourself and other selfs.

Find the Love in the moment, for each and every moment contains Love.

Knowledge will come later for this is not the lesson in these current incarnations on earth. Love must be created as a foundation before universal knowledge into infinity can be obtained.

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posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 12:18 AM
reply to post by SonoftheSun

i only read the first page of the thread so far - got to the end and saw that it is pretty long so i want to add my post before reading anymore. i have to go to walmart soon, anyway, (yuk) and i want to share some things with you, right now.

i don't know if anyone's heard of talk about the "greater sun" or the "central sun" but from what i understand, that is Arcturus.
something along the order of our solar system is in a spin around Arcturus, and then that would then be spinning around the galactic center, perhaps.

vibrational energies i relate to quite well. there are 7 colors in our visible light wave tiny portion, and there are 7 tones in a musical octave scale.
there are officially 7 planets besides the Earth, now that they have "demoted" Pluto which i see as a good thing as far as how we interact with our solar system -- the planets now recognized follow a general orderly progression with small rocky planets on the interior and larger gas giants on the outer orbits. this seems to be the usual arrangement in those other systems that have so far been found, but not always the absolute rule. still, it makes the argument for Pluto to have its own class more of an objective one rather than emotional.

so, that means you have Mercury (mind), Venus (love), Earth (flesh), Mars (anger), Jupiter (strength), Saturn (recycling), Uranus (psychic), and Neptune (mystic) - that is 7 others + us = 8. i'm not sure how these should be designated as far as numerically, but 7 is very important because it is a prime number and thus not of man but of spirit, and it represents "divine perfection."

so i don't know if we count our own sun, or not, as #8 or #0, counting Earth as #8. at any rate, 9 is the number for Arcturus.
there are only 9 different digits that we count in our decimal system of numbering and i tend to believe that in our present reality of the 3rd dimension, 9 is the total of unique vibrational energies that structure and sustain our environment and bodies. 9 being 3 x 3.

all this i've gleaned in various ways, in my life, and from many sources but everything correlates and so i'm confident i'm not too far off - at least i think the underlying principles are on the right track.

the information about Arcturus has come from the Edgar Cayce readings, and i'll post some excerpts to share what is found therein. it is somewhat hard sometimes to understand the manner of speech, but it gets easier. also, i'll just post the particular paragraph that mentions Arcturus, rather than the whole reading, and the number of the reading that each comes from will be above each quote. there is still ample information given and context isn't that important in the readings because they are also information for all of us. i can't link to the actual reading because it is a members only resource at the A.R.E., which is the Association of Research and Enlightenment. this is where the work started by Cayce is being carried on.


13. In color harmony - again - these often clash. In the harmony of strength or might the entity falters. This may be seen from the experiences of the entity. In a word, MUCH has been made of the PRESENT experience, and it will lie within the own desire of the entity as to whether the return in earth's experience becomes necessary or not; for in Arcturus' forces, these become all magnified in will's force, and the conquering of self is truly greater than were one to conquer MANY worlds, and IS conquering those of OUR, or of our SUN'S own attributes.


3. In this we find, with the influences of the solar systems, there are many elements that enter to make this rather an exceptional entity in the present earth plane, for at the time of the birth, (though the soul took its flight from Mercury, and this brings especially vivid understandings in a material world of definite conditions) there were so many influences in the house of birth that the body partakes of those influences that were experienced in other spheres and planes, and brings them to the present earth's forces and may, with the knowledge and understanding, be able to manifest many of the unseen forces in the earth's plane. These special influences being Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Venus. These all bring extraordinary vivid conditions, yet with the mental forces, especially in the conditions of Mercury, this gives exceptional forces to the entity in many respects. Also we find the Sun and Arcturus, the greater Sun, giving of the strength in mental and spiritual elements toward developing of soul and of the attributes toward the better forces in earth's spheres. This brings, especially, the conditions of these characters:

the next quote is long and it really needs to be quoted intact, so i've ran out of room in this reply - continued in the next.

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 12:21 AM

6. (Q) In the analysis of my various lives given in the life reading, are they the only ones I have lived here, or are they just the outstanding ones!
(A) As is asked or sought in the information, "that in that life which built or retarded the development OF the entity." Those given are those in which retarding or developing took place. The common, or the ordinary theory that incarnation into the earth plane is the only source of incarnation or appearance is erroneous, you see; for, as has been given in relativity of forces, [[3744] series?] when one - an entity - a soul - enters in our, or THIS, or the PRESENT solar system's forces, the contacts or the relative relationships bear out the cycles of appearances in the various spheres of development; as in Mercury - the MENTAL life, its relative position to the solar system's - THIS solar system's - center, making for those radiations in those forms, taking form as matter occupied by the entity's being, which represents MENTAL in its greater aspect. Then, as in Venus - which takes those forms, bodily, or matter forms, nearer akin to those known in the EARTH'S plane as earth or material, or carnal forces; they representing more in the form of LOVE. In Mars and its radial effect or position about the solar center, THIS solar center - AND earth, AND Venus, AND Mercury - make for those of a DIFFERENT relationship, known as that seeking that known as vengeance, wrath, madness, and such; and can one but know that each thought, each act, is that being builded, they [one] can see how, where, what way and manner each - in their sojourns in the spheres - make for this entering in. As in earth - we have that position in which matter takes all its various forms of presentation of a given energy, OR force, as radiated from the various effects of this solar aspect, and take on BODILY form, occupying a position of, as it were, three in one - or all force in THIS sphere taking on that appearance of that known as threefold, or the aspects of a threefold nature. As in Jupiter - taking on those ennobling forces, whether they be from earth, from Venus, from Mercury, from Mars, they are BROADENED, they are CHANGED in their aspects, in their forms, as they are taken on in and about THIS sphere. As in Saturn - that to whom all insufficient matter is cast for its remoulding, its changing into the various spheres of its activity, either re-entering through those of the Uranian - which makes for the accentuations of very good or very bad, and making, in their relationships through the activity of RELATIVE relations throughout the other experiences, for EXTRAORDINARY conditions; taking on those forces known in earth's plane as from occult influences Now, tracing these through the same, we find we pass then into the water sign, or the mystic forces, of that source in earth's force from which man determines that all forms of life FORM, or predominate, from the water, or the mother of all natural forces in this nature; this termed the mystic. When an individual incarnates in the earth, he has POSSIBLY passed through all the various spheres, either once, twice, MANY times - yet the changes bring those same conditions about for an understanding of each relationship in its MAGNIFIED sphere. In the earth alone do we find them ALL in ONE! for man has taken on a bodily FORM in matter, or in nature. In the others find in the VARIED forms, dependent upon that to which it has builded for ITS sojourn - see? Now, as to one's incarnations in the earth - then we find they DO NOT come at REGULAR, GIVEN, periods - but more as cycles, dependent upon what the individual, the entity, HAS done, or HAS accomplished through ITS cycle of the earth's passage THROUGH THIS solar system, as the SOLAR system is also passing through its various spheres, that are being acted upon by the forces FROM without, or that as is ordinarily known - or has been DETERMINED and named, though not rightly, or wholly rightly in their aspects - as those forms in the various MONTHS, as given - yet we find a SIMILARITY of expression, rather than action. ACTION from the MOTIVE forces FROM the entity's EXPERIENCE OR development, or through either the EARTH'S experience or the SPHERES about same. Hence those that speak of the GODS of the universe are PROPER in their concept, WOULD they be CONSIDERED as an INDIVIDUAL division of the various SPHERES - but God, in His heavens, the Maker of ALL, is as the ONE GOD, the ONE source! the various spheres of experience through which the entities pass making for those variations, either as to appearance or to those that are builded; for where the treasure is the heart is also. One lays up earthly treasures, then those are builded and they seek oft to gain again that which was left undone during that sojourn; for silver and gold, cattle or position, name or fame - these are but symbols of, an expression of, an individual entity attempting to make manifest ITS concept of ITS first creative energy in ITS position in the universal forces. As an entity passes on, as has been given, from this present - or THIS solar system, THIS sun, THESE forces, it passes through the various spheres - leading first into that central force, through which - known as Arcturus - nearer the Pleiades, in this passage about the various spheres - on and ON - through the EONS of time, as called - or space - which is ONE in the various spheres of its activity; even passing into the inner forces, INNER sense, may they again - after a period of nearly ten THOUSAND years - may an entity enter into the earth to make manifest those forces gained in ITS passage. In entering it takes on those forms that may be known in the dimensions of that plane which it occupies, there being not only three dimensions - as of the earth - but there may be as seven, in Mercury - or four, in Venus - or five, as in Jupiter. There may be only one as Mars. There may be many more as in those of Neptune, or they may become even as nil - until purified in Saturn's fires.


8. (Q) Was Atlantis one large continent, or a group of large islands? (A) Would it not be well to read just that given? Why confuse in the questionings? As has been given, what would be considered one large continent, until the first eruptions brought those changes - from what would now, with the present position of the earth in its rotation, or movements about its sun, through space, about Arcturus, about the Pleiades, that of a whole or one continent. Then with the breaking up, producing more of the nature of large islands, with the intervening canals or ravines, gulfs, bays or streams, as came from the various ELEMENTAL forces that were set in motion by this CHARGING - as it were - OF the forces that were collected as the basis for those elements that would produce destructive forces, as might be placed in various quarters or gathering places of those beasts, or the periods when the larger animals roved the earth - WITH that period of man's indwelling. Let it be remembered, or not confused, that the EARTH was peopled by ANIMALS before peopled by man! First that of a mass, which there arose the mist, and then the rising of same with light breaking OVER that as it SETTLED itself, as a companion of those in the universe, as it began its NATURAL (or now natural) rotations, with the varied effects UPON the various portions of same, as it slowly - and is slowly - receding or gathering closer to the sun, from which it receives its impetus for the awakening of the elements that give life itself, by radiation of like elements from that which it receives from the sun. Hence that of one type, that has been through the ages, of mind - that gives the SUN as the father OF light in the earth. Elements have their attraction and detraction, or those of ANIMOSITY and those of gathering together. This we see throughout all of the kingdoms, as may be termed, whether we speak of the heavenly hosts or of those of the stars, or of the planets, or of the various forces within any or all of same, they have their attraction or detraction. The attraction increases that as gives an impulse, that that becomes the aid, the stimuli, or an impulse to create. Hence, as may be seen - or may be brought to man's own - that of attraction one for another gives that STIMULI, that IMPULSE, to be the criterion of, or the gratification of, those influences in the experience of individuals or entities. To smother same oft becomes deteriorations for each other, as may come about in any form, way or manner. Accidents happen in creation, as well as in individuals' lives! Peculiar statement here, but - true!


31. (Q) What is the best substance for induction, conduction, transmission of etheronic energy? (A) This is as raised power that would be produced from a combination of crystals. This should be rather interesting to this body, for it is very much like that used by the body in the Atlantean sojourn! Not that which caused the cosmic ray, or the death ray, or the healing ray - but the ray that came from setting of the prismatic influences from high heating - it may be from Arcturus or it may be from the Sun; though Arcturus would be nearer proper. The Sun may be induced to make for destructive or constructive forces, either one. It's a combination of those forces or rays that may be gathered in certain setting of prisms. It would require a lot of detail in preparing same. We would rather refer this to a later period, or seek other channels that may aid with the combination of these.

(continued again)

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 12:23 AM
reply to post by queenannie38

Your first part about musical octaves and different octaves of the visible light spectrum are correct.

A significant point is that within each octave there a 7 more sub octaves and between each of those 7 more sub octaves - an infinity of octaves.

The planets being 7 is coincidental as each of the planets are each octave of awareness in potentiation.

Naming them with different subjective labels would not make sense considering each can be of any of those labels. Yet, the in pouring of energy from different points (such as planets) may play a role in awareness from certain positions are certain dates.

These are only my opinions from my perspective take them with a grain of salt of course with your discernment.

Another important note is that the 8th octave is the same as the 1st octave.

Octaves can also be seen in regards to awareness, from dust to plants, to animals, to humans, and beyond. Each thing you see in nature a level of awareness a sub octave of an octave - infinite perspectives of awareness. Me and you currently as humans may be in a 3rd density sense of awareness but you may be more aware then me in a higher sub octave of this octave of the 3rd density, a melding of an infinite amount of sub octaves.

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posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 12:24 AM

10. In Uranus and Arcturus: In Uranus, again we find that temperamental manifestation of music, of the theatrical reflexes, and in such a career will the entity make for self the greater contentment - provided that the basis for the activities is founded in the ideals of the entity.

11. One that may be loved into carrying forward that felt. One also that may be forced, through circumstances of fear, to submit - and in such will gradually grow those conditions, if allowed to be manifested, that bring for discontent, unsatisfactory relations. Then, FEAR NOT - for fear brings that of contempt first from those that BRING same, and then the seed is the dissatisfaction in self, and condemnation of self's position. Keep rather that as is of the idealistic; for the entity, in form, in mind, in manifestations of it's, the entity's, personality - and, most of all, the individuality - shines through in that influence gained in Arcturus, the power and influence over many in the earth's plane.


12. Not that the sun that is the center of this solar system is all there is. For the entity has attained to that realm even of Arcturus, or that center from which there may be the entrance into other realms of consciousness. And the entity has chosen in itself to return to the earth for a definite mission.


8. (Q) The sixth problem concerns interplanetary and inter-system dwelling, between earthly lives. It was given through this source that the entity Edgar Cayce, after the experience as Uhjltd, went to the system of Arcturus, and then returned to earth. Does this indicate a usual or an unusual step in soul evolution? [Note: the question was asked incorrectly in that the readings suggest that Cayce incarnated as Uhjltd after having come in from Arcturus following his lifetime as Ra Ta.] (A) As indicated, or as has been indicated in other sources besides this as respecting this very problem, - Arcturus is that which may be called the center of this universe, through which individuals pass and at which period there comes the choice of the individual as to whether it is to return to complete there - that is, in this planetary system, our sun, the earth sun and its planetary system - or to pass on to others. This was an unusual step, and yet a usual one.


40. And we find that the experience of the entity before that, as Uhjltd, was from even without the sphere of thine own orb; for the entity came from those centers about which thine own solar system moves - in Arcturus.

i'm interested to know if any of this jibes with your own knowledge/experiences of Arcturus?

i also wonder if Arcturus was blue like an electric LIVING blue?

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 12:27 AM
oops - this is from that first reading, 115-1, that i quoted from - these paragraphs come right before that one.

6. In the astrological urges - these are evidenced in the present experience, and these be the applications in the present experience of both the INNATE feeling or experience and the application of will, or self, TO that experience.

7. In Venus - love for the fellow man; not as pity - rather as honoring the abilities of the individual in the direction as may be taken by that individual for the development of self as a whole toward others.

8. In Uranus is seen those of the occult and mystic nature, tending to either raise one's vision to a high degree or groveling in the slough of despondency. In will's lift up, look up, raise up, has ever been the entity's INNATE expression. WILL has influenced the entity MUCH in this direction, and in the hours of greatest despair has come the light that is ever available when a body-entity allows the divine - of which the soul is the spark, or portion - to enter in and make his abode there.

9. In Jupiter comes the bigness of purpose, the strength and might that either overcomes or is subdued by self, making in understanding, the ability to conquer in His name.

10. In Mercury the mental influences are abroad, either for the uplifting in the activities of the mental being, or turned into those of selfish natures.

11. In the application of self, this entity has gained the ability of discernment, and in the way of using the LITTLE in HAND to gain the greater UNDERSTANDING of the whole.

12. In music the entity finds MUCH solace, MUCH that bridges those distances - whether of the mental or of the spiritual forces. In same the attunement of self may be brought the nearest to the applications of the innate FORCES of self, and to the ENTITY the strains of same - whether in that of the deep vibrations, of those that raise up and up - or those of the higher chords that bind - carry for the entity the ATTUNEMENT of self in the sphere or element, or PHASE of experience the entity seeks apace. Well were THIS developed to a more acuteness IN this PRESENT experience, for the acumen of experience to the entity is gained MUCH more in a manner that may become concrete ensamples of the attunement of a soul with the heavenly, or the happy, choir.

i got Uranus and Neptune mixed up, in my first post. i need to go and find out what Neptune is about, since i assigned Uranus' vibrational manifestation to Neptune but it's not mentioned in this reading.

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 12:37 AM
okay, both Uranus and Neptune are involved with the mystical side of our mind but Uranus seems concerned with things which are generally hidden from view - occult things.

Neptune has more to do with all they mysteries in plain site all around us, such as symbolism and such like numerology and gematria, etc. as well as water - which is proving to be so much more than just H20 - the H might be a means of instant communication throughout the universe. (that last part isn't in the quotes below, it's something else i'm discovering)

from 462-1:

2. One that the influence in Neptune has brought, and brings, much of the mystic and the understandable things of symbols, signs, days, years, numbers. These to the entity mean and influence much


7. As we find, the Neptune influence makes for the associations necessary about large bodies of water; peculiar activities with individuals who have recently crossed large bodies of water, or who may be relating themselves to such associations or such relations. Also for those innate feelings of the knowledge pertaining to mysteries, as to rites, as to sources pertaining to mysteries that have that flavor rather of the rites and the activities of others under the varied circumstances or experiences that may come into the experience of those sojourning in the material plane. Also interest in those things that pertain to the mysteries of life, as itself and as it relates to the psychological effect that such associations may have upon individual activity in and under any given circumstance or conditions.

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 12:45 AM
reply to post by 11118


there are many sub-divisions, so to speak, within each range of energies, grouped together as 1, or 2, etc.

there is no coincidence, however, just convergence that we don't yet fathom.

the planets having a sphere of awareness unique to each one doesn't seem to be subjective although the qualities within each sphere certainly do fall into the area of subjective in our present creation.

but the influence of our thoughts on our solar system is what governs the art of astrology. these assignments aren't arbitrary but rather follow a long standing line of study, experience, and tradition.

Mars was the Roman god of war = anger
Venus, of course, was love
Mercury, as the messenger of the gods, is aptly associated with mind.
Jupiter is the "king" and so is strength.

and as we see the planets in their order around the sun, there is a progression that makes sense, with the outermost planets being associated with ideas in the outermost of human experience, which begins with "mind" - the realm of Mercury!

and so each planet represents some sort of soul-lesson we must learn in order to eventually progress out of this small system into the universe at large, via Arcturus.

all planets must be gone through and their lesson(s) mastered before the gates of the heliosphere are opened for our fledgling exit flight!

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 01:52 AM
Thank you OP for the clarification. Despite appearances I am a big skeptic and suspiscious, I want to question everything. This cleared I can believe your story now

A few people understand what abductees go through. I have had many 'visits', as young as I can remember to adulthood and the latest, most poignant experience is the hardest to move on from. Then I learned to live with it and it actually changed my perception and put all my worries to peace.

Also I was also 'shown' Jupiter, I think there is something important there or in its vicinity.

I am open to futher private contacts if you'd like us to share our experiences.

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posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 03:57 AM

Originally posted by TheOracle
Also I was also 'shown' Jupiter, I think there is something important there or in its vicinity.

I am open to futher private contacts if you'd like us to share our experiences.

You might want to look at the Jupiter corridor.

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 04:00 AM
Also, for those interested in the number 9, you might want to see Vortex Based Mathematics and the work of Marko Rodin. Start here.

There is also a full (long) lecture on YouTube.

Sacred geometry is one of the keys.

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe." - Nicola Tesla

Look at Metatron's cube and you will see a zero point field in its centre.

Look at the Yin/Yang and you will find the polarity is joined at the zero point of truth.

Everything is connected through zero point fields inside the giant zero point field (universe / quantum sea). Once you realise this, the doors vanish and the real work begins.

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posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 05:40 AM
reply to post by queenannie38

Hi there

My info on the "blue" is that there are at least three planets in solar orbit around Arcturus. Science has not detected these yet, but very interesting measurements have been taken. All three of these planets are inhabited, by more than one kind of being. There are many beings in the Arcturus system, the form we know as Arcturians are the elder race. One of these planets is blue, a blue sea. But the colour blue is important to the Arcturians for many more reasons than the colour of this sea. It is an energy signature.

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posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 07:31 AM

Originally posted by Section31
If anyone confronts these 'so called' aliens again, I want you to deliver a message for me. I am real serious about this one. It will prove to me once and for all that what you are going through is real. Also, I want the response to my question to be addressed back to me specifically. Not the name I use on ATS.

Tell them, "What was once filled with darkness now has light punched through, and now it has happened for a twenty-seventh time including the two times you knew."

Its the start of a math problem. If you people are confronting intelligent beings, they will be able to finish the problem. If I do not receive an answer to the question, I will know that everyone is not actually seeing aliens.

Only one problem with this scenario.

How can any human think to dictate to an unknown quantity like "Aliens"?

We have no power over these visiting races to demand anything from them. We have a difficult enough time trying to grasp the reality of their existence because we think we are the superior being in the universe.. and that's only so because of our earthly indoctrinations.

We cannot have expectations on how things must be. We instead need to observe what IS, first, to get a clearer picture that will not conform to our limited expectations.

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 07:50 AM

Originally posted by the_journey_in
It is an energy signature.

ah, yes. i do believe that it is.
i never thought of those words in regard to what i saw, but they are as accurate as i could possibly describe something that is beyond description.

i saw that blue energy signature once.
it is life: unadulterated multi-dimensional, soul.
i have never seen anything as ALIVE as that spark!
it made everything in this world seem dead, by comparison.

but it wasn't an "it" - it was a fully sentient entity, more sentient than everything else, too.

it was just so much MORE than what we presently can perceive in our 3-D world, although i saw it in this 3-D world.
it seemed almost like a cartoon in a strange way, but it was realer than real.

it didn't fit here, though, that was obvious.
and it knew me.

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 08:42 AM
I don't think this is as complicated as some of you are eluding.

I'm reading about sacred geometry, alien races, suns, planetary alignment, hierarchy, dimensions, density etc.
Those are fine and perhaps, noteworthy points but they are just unimportant at this time.

I think we Humans (as a competitive, inquisitive, suspicious and cynical race) tend to make mountains out of molehills much of the time. We just don't do 'simplicity' well. We're always looking for the 'hook'. The hidden meaning. The second part. The flip side. The gimmick.

You know how I know this is true? It's all too opinionated. And once ego and opinions get thrown into the mixture, we can automatically deemed it unimportant.

What's this lesson?

It's as simple as that. Please stop complicating such a pure uncomplicated task.


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