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The Horse Sense Series: Time to cut through the Garbage

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posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 05:46 PM
"If common Sense were so common everyone would have it....."

Here we sit on our computers typing and viewing various facts, opinions and ideas. Taking merely a moment of your time this has to be address. Where is the horse sense that america is based upon. I sit and ponder these main points that seem to compose the main themes here...

Immigration, Taxes, Corrupt Officials, Freedoms, Aliens, ect....

I have in a sense came across some disturbing themes for my country.

No one trust a single one of the politicians or those with power one bit. They have all seemed to miss that point. This is the mark of the beginning of a huge decline.

When you lose trust in someone other issues pop up. You begin to rationalize your fears you our projections of fear. Then things go south with each people deciding that the other is at fault...

Enough is enough.... I am sick of it and the following is a small list of horse sense solutions to these problems...

The Ripcontrol Accords

Restoration of trust Act-

No public servant is allowed to have any privacy in office or in private.

The only exception is the president during classified and above briefings... His staff only during the same...

this extends to their finances and location at all times...

Creation of Independant investigations-

The COII is to be composed of individuals who after a very rigorous examination are admitted to organization.

look up truth speakers in stranger in a strange land...

Very rigorous psych evals and no political leanings one way or another.

They have clearance to all ts material...

Their funding is set at x amount and voted on by the public not congress

The Iaccoca Act-

no elected official receives more then one dollar a year in pay.

They can afford to run for the office they can afford to pay their own way.

No pension plans for any elected officials, those receiving it now are canceled

The Boss hog Act

Any elected official found guilty of public corruption post assumption of office is by association guilty of treason. Aiding and abetting insurrection as well.

The exception is the office of the president of the United states and the vice presidency. This is to prevent one party going after a president of another party when power switches over.

The innocent act

Any person found not guilty post conviction due to new evidence is freed immediately within ten minutes. And any subsequent convictions immediately thrown out due to inadmissibility.

The prosecutor and the judge in the case are both liable under the boos hog act for one count of public corruption with no immunities granted. There is no statue of limitations for past convictions or any grandfather clauses

example is the DNA evidence that proves someone did not rape someone...judge and prosecutors are to be arrested immediately for violation of boss hog act

The Welcome to America Act-

Every illegal immigrant in the country is granted amnesty and citizenship provided they can prove ten years (or five) of employment.

As soon as they sign their papers they must then talk to the IRS to pay the back taxes owed.

Restoration of Representative process act

part one
all lobbying expenses are taxed at one hundred percent on the giver and the reciever

example someone buys two hundred thousand copies of a senators wifes book...
said purchase is taxed at 100% post sales tax on the original purchase. The wife of the senator is also taxed at the 100% post sales tax on the books

a corporation takes senator to lunch, for about 1000 dollars. It is automatically taxed on both ends at 1000 dollars. Note the tax on the food i taxed again nd included in the lobbing effort.

Part two-
All bribes and kickbacks are taxed at both ends at 100% percent

ex- bribed senator say about 300,000...
the recipient of the bribe is taxed 300,000
the giver is taxed at 300,000

in addition to the court cost and fines the public receives full value from both sides.

Drug war and enforcement act

All drug lords across the globe(the non-us citizens) are to be delivered via the IRS, the notice to pay all back taxes on all profits their organizations owe the us government

American Ground and Custody act

All peoples of earth and later on the cosmos

1) once they stand on American soil or territory


2) in the custody of any agent of any branch of the US

are granted the full rights and of due process of American citizens in legal matters

Any agency and or persons found to violate said right as listed in the constitution as written, not as allowed in previous applications or changing politically bias interpretations, can be arrested by any citizen of the US on the spot. The only exception is the holder of the office of president and vice president of the US

Please note this does not include any alterations to clauses to run for offices requiring american citizenship or birth as natural born

Part two-
Not that it needs any interpretation, but to reinvigorate this clause

anyone born on US soil and her territories is automatically a US citizens.

My Castle is Sovereign Act

No government agency or agent is under any circumstances allowed to seize property of any US citizen for any reason.

The ability to foreclose on houses by the government for tax, public use, or use in crime is forbidden....

government agency includes all city, county, state, and federal level

any explanation for it is given as thus no agency below and including the federal government

posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 05:48 PM
I know my words are not the most sweet but it is the basis of a feeling and I hope I have communicated these well.

There are more suggestions coming and I hope you continue to read and respond.

Thank you for your time

Together lets rebuild america,

I call


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