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Here are the details of Wikileaks informants

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posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 02:08 PM
My intention here is to put things into perspective. Over the past few days we have heard how the the Wikileaks data contains names of 'hundreds' of informants and that their lives are now in jeopardy. Mr Assange has now stated that the Obama administration was made aware of the names and Wikileaks intent via The New York Post. Still, we hear 'hundreds' of informant names are contained within the documents. Well, I wanted to see for myself. Having put all the records into a database, I searched for the term 'informant' within the report description column. 117 records were found and I went through them all to find the 'hundreds' of names. I found a few and as it turns out, Assange says one died some time ago.

NB I have deleted the names in the data entries as I am not sure what the legal position would be if I quoted them here. However, everything else is as per the Wikileaks documents and viewable for yourselves.

Out of the thousands of records, only 117 contain the word 'informant'. Out of those 117 records only three records contain a name of an informant. One of which died some time ago according to Assange and the White House was made aware of this prior to the release. It also needs to be noted that one informant was a double agent and found to be more pro-Taliban.

Problem Mitigation Before Next Meeting: The kandak XO and the ANP CoP will talk with Alishang CoP and Elder Ashraf from Gonopol seperately about supporting the GioA and the CF for Alishang with people and weapons Additional Meeting Attendees: ANA Kandak XO, Jon; ANP Provincial CoP Omaryar; PRT Commander Lt Col Bredenkamp; PRT S2 CPT Lendo; PRT PTAT Team Chief TSgt Pacheco; Dyn-Corp Team Chief Mark. The PRT informed the GoA officially of the existence of Operation West Hammer and what the CF were planning on doing during the operation. The PRT informed the Governor, as well as the ANA and the ANP about the plan and asked for thier input on how the PRT can positively affect the province with the help of the GoA. The Governor was very supportive but could not understand that this operation is a shaping operation for future kinetic Operation to be conducted by 4/82nd ABN BN. He was very happy that it would happy. He was concerned that the enemy would escape through the mountains and return to terrorize the people after we leave. He was concerned about the ANSF and the CF would not be able to close with and kill the enemy becuase the enemy would leave when they heard the CF coming. He was concerned that we would not know where the enemy was concentrated and spend ost of our time looking for them. He was concerned that the collateral damage be limited and that the women, children, and non-combatants be able to leave a village before the CF and ANSF engaged the insurgents in the villages. He also stressed the need for OPSEC with his people and stressed that the operation not leave the room. He also mentioned that DELETED NAME, who is a THT informant, is a double agent and that he provides most of his data to the enemy. The Kandak XO breifed the plan to incorporate the Alishang CoP and why he has the most to loose or to gain. He was the right person for the job becuase he was able to explain it with description and first hand knowledge. It was also good that it came from him as to make it look like an Afghan Plan and not a US plan that we were pushing on the Afghans. The provincial CoP had a few issues with the plan about Command and Control etc. His first issue was where the people that we are planning on using are coming from. When we explained it he was very interested in bringing them under the umbrella of the ANP as to have C2 on them and not to create a warlord out of the Alishang CoP. We all agreed on this. We should be able to bring them under the employment of ANP augmentees. He was also concerned about feeding them and paying them. This was taken care of when we said that they would be paid as augmentees. Our commander brought up a good point though. Why do these people ned money to fight when they fought the Russians without pay. The answer was that they needed money to feed thier familites. MTF. The CDR also brought up the fact there is a man in the Gonopol, an elder named Ashraf, that has offered to assist the CF and the GoA if and when they enter the Gonopol. The ANA XO and the CoP said that they would ask Ashraf to come in and they would look into using him, if not for forces to help, than for PID purposes. The meeting was concluded with the Governor asking for the next ANSF meeting to be held at the PRT with nly the ANA, ANP, PRT, and Gov in attendence. The S2 asked why the NDS was not involved and the Gov stated that they could not trust the NDS director. This is telling of the current relatiohsip with the NDS. Alot to do with DR. Abdullah no doubt. The ANA XO and the ANP CoP stated that they would have a COA drawn up for submission to the Govenor on Tues at the ANSF meeting at the PRT. This will be first ANSF meeting in over 2 months. Definitley a step in the right direction.

SUBJECT: Size and Composition of Patrol: 18x US, 1x Cat 1 TERP A.Type of patrol:Mounted B.Task and Purpose of Patrol: 1/D/2-87 IN conducts Leader Engagement/HCA Distro in Sharmakhel and Moni Khel NLT 0900z 22 MAR 2007 and 0700z 23 MAR 2007 IOT conduct win support of the people of Afghanistan and assess effectiveness of IROA leadership. C.Time of Return: D.Routes used and Approximate times from point A to B: From Grid/FOB To Grid/FOB Route Travel Margha COB Sharmakhel RTE EXCEL 10-15 km/h Sharmakhel Margha COB RTE EXCEL 10-15 km/h Margha COB Moni Khel RTE EXCEL 10-15 km/h Moni Khel Margha COB RTE EXCEL 10-15 km/h E.Local Nationals encountered: A. Name: DELETED NAME Name: DELETED NAME Tribe: Babubli Sub-tribe: Haji Khel Village: Marghah Location: Marghah COB Position: Informant General Information: Reported that Zardran (commander) is holding a meeting in about 2-3 days with about 300-400 Taliban. He is planning on holding the meeting at Mameed Millah, which is a large compound located on a mountain near the village of Harseen. He stated that the 300-400 Taliban are staging at Miramshah. Shabib received this information from his brother who is a Taxi driver, who goes from Marghah to Miramshah Pakistan. The informant stated that his motive for giving us the information was that his nephew is in the ANA at Bermel and he wanted to protect him.

** DELAYED REPORTING - REPORT DERIVED FROM CEXC REPORT 09/CEXC-A/2353 ** HCT was notified by local informant (DELETED NAME) of IED parts buried in a walled orchard. Orchard belonged to Mohammad Sediq, but he was not currently living in area. DELETED NAME has provided information on IEDs/UXOs at least 2-3 times in the past. C-IED notified of IED components buried in grape field. Informant lead C-IED and security team to location and uncovered components. Informant handled metal pressure plates (externally) when he dug them out of the ground. EOD team destroyed HME on-site and CEXC collected items. Teams return back to FOB. DNA, picture and slap prints were taken of informant and provided with evidence.

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posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 02:37 PM
So my whole country is becoming a secret Nazi stronghold to protect 2 snitches? Let those snitches die! I have always sided with the victims of invasion anyway. Expect the number of snitches who were exposed to rise to hundreds as the spin doctors change this story.

posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by earthdude

I just wanted to put things in perspective via a simple, yet logical search of the data. In doing so, I have been through hundreds of records, read the reports and have come away with a very different picture to the one being portrayed in the media.

posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 02:46 PM
See, now this is what the damn MSM should have done before writing their inflammatory stories. Perspective is something our MSM does have.

- Limited perspective.
- One-sided perspective.
- Biased perspective.
- Dishonest perspective.

Couple all this with a nation of people who don't think and...

So sick of it.

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posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 06:09 PM
the most amazing thing is that Assange said that they offered the opportunity for the white house to take out the informant names before release

they didnt respond

this is the USA, country of the frees ... @ lol

posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 06:11 PM
reply to post by Faiol

Now hang on...we don't know the whole story there yet, so that might be a rush to judgment. There was a thread on this the other day.

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 02:41 AM
reply to post by earthdude

When the US was invaded by terrorists who flew planes into buildings and killed thousands of people, whose side were you on then? Have the perp.s of that original atrocity been brought to justice yet, by the way? Or do they and their allies still wage war in the country of origin?

Even if you are a truther, you can not escape the fact that there were Muslim fanatics trained in Taliban supported camps who flew the planes into the building.

How quickly we forget why the US is in Afghanistan. If they would stick to the original purpose of the war and not get muddled down in nation building we'd be a lot better off. The whole Iraq fiasco is another story entirely.

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 03:11 AM
reply to post by SevenThunders

We're not in Iraq OR Afghanistan because of people flying planes into the towers and the Pentagon. We're not fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here. We're not there for democracy. We're not there to protect the rights of women or to catch Osama. We don't care about the people. All shams, lies, and convenient excuses tailored to piggyback off all the emotion, the rage, the fear, the horror, that Americans felt after 9/11.

We're in Iraq and Afghanistan (and we want Iran, Syria, and Central Asia too, and even Pakistan, but Pakistan has nukes, so we'll have to deal with them later) because we want the real estate. We need to gain and maintain control over the water, natural gas, and oil pipelines and other chokepoints to Asia...most specifically India and China, because if we don't gain control of them, we lose our hegemony.

And by the way? The perps trained in the U.S. too. And in other countries. In addition, most of them were Saudis. And furthermore, there was always evidence that Pakistan and their ISI was more involved than Afghanistan ever was. That's becoming even clearer now.

Yet because of some slight connection in some intelligent data someone, which no one's really seen, we attacked Afghanistan. And we've stayed there for almost 9 years. Even when AGAIN it's becoming more and more obvious that we probably funded WITH OUR OWN MONEY the very people who trained the people who attacked us and are still attacking us.

Oh, and the perps all died. Just saying.

posted on Aug, 2 2010 @ 01:28 PM

Originally posted by SevenThunders
reply to post by earthdude

When the US was invaded by terrorists who flew planes into buildings and killed thousands of people, whose side were you on then? Have the perp.s of that original atrocity been brought to justice yet, by the way? Or do they and their allies still wage war in the country of origin?

I have serious doubts that the fanatics are on the other side. Recent developments (a wikileak document) have shown that we (USA) are paying huge sums to put out a "hit" on our own troops. The false flag senario is looking to be the most credible theory on why we were attacked. Yes, now I am a terrorist. George Bush made me one when he said "You are either with us or with the terrorists". These fanatics came from Saudi Arabia, that is where we should attack.

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