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The Talking Heads

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posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 11:08 PM
I always liked the Talking Heads.

My all time favorite song of theirs is either Swamp or even though its an obscure track This Must Be the Place, both on the Stop Making Sense Album.

Just thought Id see how many other fans we got here on ATS.

posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 10:39 AM
I recently became a Head fan, myself.
I never listened to them back when they were popular,
but I saw the movie "Stop making Sense" recently while stoned,
and I just can't get enough of them now.
My favorite songs are "Life during war time" and ''Girlfriend is better"
"Once in a lifetime" is excellet, too.
"Same as it ever was". LOL
They have such energy as a group. Watching a concert of theirs
is like working out at the gym. They had to be on some heavy
stimulants of some kind.

[Edited on 18-6-2004 by fortean]

posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 11:26 AM
Ya, Heads fan here, but I am never good remembering the names of songs.


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