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WikiLeaks tipster talks.

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posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 07:57 PM

Adrian Lamo spoke to CNN from the Sacramento Public Library, where he was trying to get away from reporters and a throng of people who, he said, are angry with him. He says he has received death threats in person and on his Facebook page and Twitter messages from people who feel like he betrayed Pfc. Bradley Manning.

"I went to the right authorities, because it seemed incomprehensible that someone could leak that massive amount of data and not have it endanger human life," Lamo said. "If I had acted for my own comfort and convenience and sat on my hands with that information, and I had endangered national security ... I would have been the worst kind of coward."

CNN News


This is a tough one for me.

Even though Wikileaks shows corruption within our Military that are hidden from us, This guy didn't do anything wrong.

Obviously people are mad at this guy, but giving death threats is just out of line.

I'd like to read what some of you think, concidering Wikileaks is very popular here.


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posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 08:03 PM
I don't like what he did, because depending on what was in the leak we could be harming humans by not getting it out. But we havn't seen the rest of the leak. Who knows what else there was.

What was Lamo supposed to do? Just pretend he didn't hear it and go on with his day? Some people just don't want to do that, the proper thing would've been for manning to just keep it to himself, or talk about it with people he can actually trust. Like immediate family.

But Lamo did it to save his ass, incase the feds traced it to him and they found it he knew about the leak but didn't say a word.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 08:04 PM
I think he is a hero to the american people, we have every right to know about every god d**n thing that goes on over there.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 09:09 PM
Adrian "lame-o" did exactly what the government wants everyone else in this country to do. Run to the authorities with any and every little thing you can muster. He did it because he needed to get his name back out there into the press. His 15 minutes of hacker fame were up. This offered him a renewed step into the spotlight.
Sadly, he had to stomp on the life of Brad Manning to get there.

Adrian is welcome to any regrets he may have now, but who cares. He is just now nothing more than a self-serving government buttboy and will be chastized for his actions at large for a very long time.

Brad Manning is a hero of the truth and a patriot of humanity, in my opinion. He did something good and just because he saw evil and injustice. May we all have the courage to stand for such morality in the face of personal harm.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 09:19 PM
why didnt he asked for some privacy or whatever

I think he could have asked for remain anonymous to the press

but he wanted to feel famous whatever, then this happens

its not that hard to imagine that this would happen ... he made a mistake

posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 08:40 AM
I don't think it has much to do with fame, there must be hundreds if not thousands of Civil servants who are day in day out, witnessing events and orders which they feel uncomfortable about.

Seeing events and actions which they see as wrong in a huge way, these people are witnessing the horror of what is happening behind the scenes and want the American people and the rest of the World to see that whoever is really controlling these Wars are doing so for different reasons to what is being fed to people back home.

One man's traitor is another Man's Hero, you can see the results coming to light now with reports of informers being revealed (as of yet I have to come across that part in the release) and now hints the CIA may be behind wikileaks, which I do not believe for a second.

The Whistle blower is locked away safe and sound by the Military, that is putting the fear of God into anyone else who wants to come forward and speak out, obviously its their intention to do it that way as a warning to keep their mouths shut, more fear of the Government which is one of the first things that needs to stop, the Governments of the World need to fear its people.

The War on Terror is a total sham, because of troops being on the ground and the injustices happening every day is what is bringing this terror to our shores both in the USA and other countries around the World.

Ask yourself, if a foreign country came to your shores and did this what would you do to fight back? you would fight back in any way you could with any means you could, would you consider yourself a terrorist?

Don't get me wrong, I understand there has to be some secrecy, to protect the Soldiers on the ground who are following orders, but when it comes down to deals and hidden agendas, you have to ask yourself, whom exactly is running these Wars, and for what reason?

That is becoming more and more obvious, its all about profit and control, slowly these people responsible are spreading like a virus around the World, planting ideas into the heads of people throwing fear in our faces to convince us the next War is to protect us, FROM WHAT?

I don't feel threatened in any way by Iran or North Korea, I'm pretty sure many others here don't either, yet its clear that they intend on attacking Iran they are just looking for a way to justify it, what would do that for the unaware citizens? the threat of Nuclear War? PLEASE! that's a crock.

During the Cold War the same idea was force fed and had people building bunkers in their back yards, and its happening again, nobody is going to attack any country with the knowledge that they will be wiped off the face of the planet, its called deterant, a system that's worked for over 5 decades.

So they brand the leaders of these Countries as MAD MEN, to convince everyone the deterant wont work any more, again a crock.

So does this Whistle Blower become the new Benedict Arnold, or does he become one of the many Hero's yet to come in the coming War of the people (not just in the USA), the best thing that can be done for him, is not to allow him to be forgotten, tell people about him, get the word out.

IMO the whole financial collapse, was an attempt to bring the people who are really responsible for this whole mess to their knees, however having their patsy's in the high positions in many countries got them out of jail with the bail outs, something I don't think will happen next time, it opened the eyes of many, if it happens again and the people are left to rot, it will be the catalyst to the end of them, I really do believe that.

We live in a time now where people have to speak out about what they are witnessing, the lies that lay hidden, the truth about what is really happening that effects every one of us.

These people are not invincible, they are just people with the power to push to the limits with our money and keep us afraid so we let them do it, they can and will fall, it just needs people to say no more and organise.

If we don't and we keep letting those who have their own agendas like Alex Jones for instance telling us how to think, then we deserve everything we got coming, people like him are interested in the Bank balance more than any Constitution, I remember when Jones was nothing but a weekly big mouth on the local community access channels, he stated with good intentions, but then he saw the money, it was every man for himself after that.

Look around you, what do you want? what do you need? what will return your lives back to the time you long for?

There you have the reason to say no more.

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