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Did an informant in the US government give Al Qaeda information critical to 9/11 attacks?

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posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 09:00 PM
New information on the 9/11 attacks has been coming out in recent days. Two pieces when put together suggest that the US government may have been infiltrated by an Al Qaeda informant who passed highly sensitive information to the terrorist group. That information may have been critical to carrying out the 9/11 attacks.

1) Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM) postponed the attacks. They were to occur in May or June, but due to "organizational problems" the attacks were moved back to 9/11.

2) Report: "On the day of 9/11 The Joint Chiefs (Myers) and NORAD were conducting a joint, live-fly, hijack Field Training Exercise (FTX) which involved at least one (and almost certainly many more) aircraft under US control that was posing as a hijacked airliner."

Put those together with a hypothetical infiltration of the US government by an Al Qaeda informant. We can paint a scenario of how it might have happened.

An Al Qaeda informant penetrates the US government. Most likely he or she was in the FAA, but could possibly have been in the military or even at NORAD.

In a separate matter, Al Qaeda plans the big hijacking and airplane crash attacks on the WTC, the Pentagon and the White House. The attacks are scheduled for May or June.

The informant contacts his Al Qaeda handler as usual. He passes along what information he knows to the handler, including the fact that the US government will be conducting a joint, live-fly, hijack Field Training Exercise (FTX) on Tuesday, September 11th, 2001.

KSM and Al Qaeda realize that the likelihood of success of their airliner suicide plot is not as high as they would like. From the knowledge of the live-fly exercise and the date it fell upon, KSM realizes that his WTC attack mission would have a much higher likelihood of success on September 11th than on a day in May or June. The reason, easily surmised by KSM, is that when the US government, including NORAD and the FAA, receives initial reports of the real hijackings, they would have been assumed to be the Field Training Exercise, not actual hijackers.

When initial reports of the real hijackings came into the FAA and NORAD, they would probably confuse them with the reports of the training exercise. Consequently, a strong response against the real hijackings would be delayed.

The hijackings are carried out successfully. US fighters do not arrive in time to stop three out of four of the suicide planes. The fourth, Flight 93, was probably stopped by the actions of the passengers onboard.

This scenario could also help explain the anomalous occurrences at the Cleveland airport on 9/11. Perhaps the aircraft with the mysterious passengers was intended for use in the live-fly exercise.

Since 9/11 occurred, it has become clear to everyone that NORAD and the FAA did not react as fast as possible.

NORAD has acknowledged that it had to improve itself after 9/11. Air Force Lt. Col. Lennie Coleman was quoted in an Armed Forces Press Service account as saying, ""Before Sept. 11, the FAA had to physically pick up the phone and call us if there was a hijacking," said Coleman. "Today, they don't have to do that. We have constant, real- time communications with the FAA."

Curiously, NORAD and the FAA are the only two agencies that the 9/11 Commission had to subpoena for information.

A recent report in USA Today says:

Until Sept. 11, NORAD was expected to defend the United States and Canada from aircraft based elsewhere. After the attacks, that responsibility broadened to include flights that originated in the two countries.

But there were exceptions in the early drills, including one operation, planned in July 2001 and conducted later, that involved planes from airports in Utah and Washington state that were "hijacked." Those planes were escorted by U.S. and Canadian aircraft to airfields in British Columbia and Alaska.

The article does not specify when that drill took place, except that it took place "later" than July 2001.

The existence of a live-fly hijack Field Training Exercise pre-planned for the very day of 9/11 would be highly embarrassing for government bureaucrats. Not only would they receive a larger share of the blame for not stopping the 9/11 attacks, but more importantly their credibility would be questioned because it would become public knowledge that an Al Qaeda mole penetrated their security. That all adds up to a big motive to stonewall and to not release this information to the public.

This would also explain why President Bush kept reading the book to the children in Florida. He and his advisors would have thought the initial hijacking reports were part of the exercise.

But that's all speculation. What we need now is confirmation about the live-fly exercise.

There is no reason for the government to not simply admit the truth, if in fact a live-fly exercise was scheduled for September 11th, 2001. At this point, it is much more important that the truth come out.

If there was no such exercise scheduled, then the government should issue a denial.

To date, the government has not responded to the report about the live-fly exercise.

We have got to find and eliminate all Al Qaeda moles in the US government.


posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 12:16 AM
If this were all so would not the faa know which aircraft by way of transponder were involved in the exercise or would they have been kept in the dark.On one hand it all makes alot of sense and sounds quite feasible but on the other hand is this all coverup excuse #?.

posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 12:55 AM
Here is another angle on some material presenting conclusions of a "9/11 commission staff report".

"It may be that all of the contacts between Iraq and al-Qaeda never resulted in joint terrorist attacks. But considering all that we knew, no responsible leader could take for granted that such a collaboration would never happen. "


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