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Deepwater Horizon Spill & Global Warming Conspiracy

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posted on Jul, 28 2010 @ 07:23 PM
The recent slew of threads on the Deepwater Horizon and all of the speculation and conspiracies that have already crept up around it caused me to become more aware than usual of all of the other events taking place in the wide world. One day while driving to work and listening to talk radio, I heard some nonsense that the scientific community has once again rallied around the theory of anthropogenic global warming, stating that climategate was overblown. Seems odd that this would happen in the midst of an ecological disaster that released untold millions of gallons of petroleum and other chemicals into both the ocean and the atmosphere.

Is it possible that the scientists and their carbon credit pedaling puppetmasters, realizing that the oil and other chemicals would cause a decline in the oceans (one of the many purported ills of global warming) and that the completely unknown volume of methane and other gases released into the atmosphere might cause a temporary or even perhaps prolonged greenhouse effect, have seized upon this opportunity to re-legitimize their scandalized and debunked theories? Is it possible that so many of the world's elite had too much invested in this scam to let it fail, and therefore engineered this disaster to further their own agenda? Is it possible that their carbon credit scam was to be such an integral part of the economic recovery and sweeping grab of our liberties, that TPTB were either unwilling or unable to let it go in favor of an acceptable backup plan, and therefore had to engineer this catastrophe to get their overall plan back on track?

Of course, I concede this is all conjecture on my part, but it certainly seems pass the common sense and believability tests for me.




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