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What Will We Use to Base the Changover?

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posted on Jul, 28 2010 @ 06:34 PM
This is probably a moot point, but it has been niggling away at my brain and i need a bit of coaching here.
The peak oil contention has us gobbling up all the worlds available oil in direct proportion to the increase in demand,over the total world supply right?
At which time we will have to have its replacement well on the way to being a reality for everyone on the planet.
My worry here is this...
If we use the oil supply and the mineral supply at the durrent rates, by the time peak oil is behind us, and we are on the downside, what will we have available to manufacture the immense amount of gear needed to replace oil?
As more people will also be on line as well as the resources running low, the whole equation just seems to me to exacerbate itself into a black hole.
Perhaps in fifty or less than one hundred years.... the end....
A massive changover to something else will not be possible if we havent already started well down the road to a replacement by
Does anyone elses math come up with the same down spiral?

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posted on Jul, 28 2010 @ 07:45 PM
Come on man, get real. If you've been paying attention to all the commotion down in the Gulf of Mexico you surely had to notice the depth of the well, right?

Ask yourself just how in the hell decaying plant and animal matter made it to a depth of 6-8 miles below the sea floor not to mention a mile of sea water? Do you really believe that the earth turned itself inside out once upon a time to bury all the necessary ingredients to produce oil?

The Deepwater Horizon oil well is only one of many deep wells. In fact, Russia figured out the "fossil fuel" ruse and started drilling deep wells back in the late sixties.

If this boondoggle down in the Gulf highlighted anything at all it is that oil is abiotic meaning the earth produces it on its own by some, yet to be fully understood, process.

When the price is right there's always plenty of oil.

Don't get me wrong here, I believe in conservation across the board to include everything we take from the earth but this Chicken Little "the sky is falling" song and dance is just so much noise to worm more money out of your wallet.

The world's economy turns on energy. Our imperial wars aren't to grab the remaining supply, they are to control the supply- period- and there's a big difference.

I want to see alternative cleaner sources of energy if for no other reason than to see the day you can't give a share of oil company stock away because it's worthless.

I used to believe that it was greed that was killing us but I've since changed my mind and now believe that it's stupidity. We're too damned stupid to pay attention to what's being done to us and by whom. Too stupid to realize that the trust we have in our government to look out for the public good is totally misplaced. Too stupid to understand that the power to change things is in our hands. Too stupid to accept the fact that if we don't change things nobody will do it for us.

The day we decide that we will no longer be manipulated by the Corporatocracy and their manufactured wars, scarcities and plagues is the day we take that first step towards true freedom. Freedom of the mind, spirit and body. The whole enchilada.

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