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'Petite' woman thrown off plane to make way for obese teenager who needed two seats

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posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 09:53 AM

Originally posted by The Chez
If people like this were told the truth, that alongside all the obviousl health risks and an impending early death, they don't look very nice, there might be some tears, but there would also be more of a drive to do something about it.

Well, there you have it. She has no rights because she was fat? She should have no dignity, no caring because she doesn't look as good as you think she should?

You are an arrogant, self centered, self absorbed, little thinking, uncaring individual and I can honestly say I am glad I do not know you personally.

I hope to god that you never end up with the following, but if you are ever become disabled, become fat, devolope a mental illness or become ugly for any reason either through your own doing or not and are laughed at, ostrasized, picked on, picked last, made fun of , discriminated against or god forbid denied access to your little "Paris and Nicole" way of life just remember: Karma is a bitch, no?

Dorian Soran

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 10:01 AM
Read about this story in the MSM. Drives me nuts. I am a mild-mannered fairly big guy with broad shoulders, at almost 6'4" and 215 pounds. But, I am in excellent shape. I try to be considerate of neighboring passengers though by tucking in my arms to keep myself in my seat only and it is not like I can cut off my arms. But...fat people, that is another story entirely (to hell with being PC). There is only one reason why someone is fat, and it is not genetics or is because that person eats far more than he/she needs. If a fat person sits beside me and the rolls of his/her body intrudes into my space, I request them to be moved. I am not rude, but I will not tolerate it. I paid for 100% of my seat, not 75% or even 90%. I do not care if they are embrassed. They are obviously not embarrassed enough to change.

The other day there was a huge fat guy with a tank top. The airliones should not let any adult male fly with a tank top. Had he sat near me I'd have raised hell to prevent his fleshy, hairy arm from being plastered against mine.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 10:07 AM
First of all....who cares?
Second of all...why is this front page news
Third of all...Im about to throw up

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 10:07 AM

Originally posted by Crimson_King
reply to post by The Chez

And yes thyroid problem does result in excess body weight for which a person has no control over.

With all due respect, this is a BS argument. One, many have thyroid issues (especially the young), because of a poor diet. Just like the current epidemic of diabetes. People are eating garbage and too much of it. Second, there is no med that makes one obese. A med might slow your metabolism, but you only need to adjust your intake. Any med that made you actually obese would be killing you. It is BS. Manage your diet based on your level of activity (or inactivity in most cases).

By the way, my mother's thyroid was reduced decades ago. She battled weight fiercely for a while until she learned to manage her diet to her new reality. She still does not exercise much, but she is not a obese pig who makes excuses about medication.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 10:16 AM
Petite woman gets seat.
14 year old gets a crate with a makeshift seatbelt in the cargo area.

Thank you for flying.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 10:19 AM
My mom worked for United Airlines.

Minors traveling alone ALWAYS had priority. This is not a new law or rule.

How many of you really believe this Petite woman was asked to give up her seat because she was Petite?

What is the REAL reason this particular passenger was asked to give up her seat? Was it because she was the last one to buy a ticket?

Been on a plane lately? Those seats are made for anorexic short people.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 10:20 AM
"I hope to god that you never end up with the following, but if you are ever become disabled, become fat, devolope a mental illness or become ugly for any reason either through your own doing..."

The only problem with your thought is that one does not get fat through no fault of one's own. The only exception is children. Obese children are victims of child abuse by ignorant, lazy or otherwise negligent parents.

I would support a law where adult fat people paid more for healthcare, just like smokers and heavy drinkers. To me, it is the same as life insurance policies not paying out when someone dies doing something extreme, like sky diving or climbing unless they have a rider on their policy permitting such activity. These are ELECTIVE issues and as such we should experience consequences to our bad choices.

I stupidly smoked for twenty years. Currently, I am very healthy, but if one day lung cancer comes calling, you won't hear me blaming anyone but myself.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 10:28 AM
Gosh I wish everyone was the same inside and out, then we would never need empathy. Empathy and logic are highly overrated

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 10:34 AM
The way I see it, you pay an airline to get you at your destination, you don't pay for the seat.

If someone requires two seats due to obesity, it's the airlines problem, imo.

On the other hand other people shouldn't suffer because of that, but given the situation, if correct, the airline did the right thing, I guess. They couldn't leave a minor on her own, and the other woman was on standby it seems.

I do think obese people should mention that they need two seats due to their obesity when they order the tickets, but since the airline charges for two seats, I guess it is not mentioned.

I wonder if the parents of the girl ever considered that it would be a problem, I reckon they know what a plane looks like on the inside, and also the girth of their dauchter.

The OP was pretty nasty towards the people that are unfortunate enough to be obese, wether it's their own fault or not.

Fat people are people too, you know?

And no, I'm not making excuses, I'm lean and mean.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 10:41 AM
I feel with the woman and the kiddo, both. And the airline staff did what they thought was best. My only beef with them is, they didn't do a very good job. The girl could be blamed too in this case, though it's hard to blame her for me at least. But regardless of if she was too embarrassed or not, they should first have asked for volunteers. Basically, she let her embarrasment cost a woman her seat in the airplane, when a volunteer could have been picked instead, and things would've gone much smoother. That's the naked truth.

Anyway, I want to say something about obesity as well. I don't mean to brag, but I'm a damn fit guy in my best years. This, despite the fact I eat potato chips or chili nuts (my favorite snack) almost every week, sometimes two days a week, usually with a beer to go with it. I can't really blame the obese people for loving this stuff, because I do too.

Now, sure, I work out, six days out of seven, and I jog one, sometimes two days a week. But that's not the reason I'm not growing fat. And here's the point of this. The reason is, I have a metabolism that would make Superman green with envy. That's the way I'm made. Chalk it down to my genetic cocktail I s'pose. Some people aren't as lucky as me. We all have different genetic prerecquisites by which we must live. (I probably would grow fat too if I only ate fastfood, though. Just something to consider.)

I'm not one to tell others how to live their lives. But they choose to overeat, even though they know their metabolism isn't very efficient. In other words, they have nobody to blame but themselves. I would never look down at someone for being fat. (Nor would I ever laugh at them for trying to exercise. On the contrary, I hope if I saw such a person, I would encourage them instead.)

But I don't shy from the truth either, because it serves neither the obese person nor society. It's in their own hands. They can't eat as much as I can without growing fat, unless they start exercising as well. It WILL be painful, but the end result will be more than worth it. And they'll live longer to boot. And, most importantly, they're going to start loving themselves. Which means they won't have to eat to suppress their anxiety and depression. See what I mean?

Think about it.. It feels awful being obese. It feels great being slim. Your genetic makeup is different than mine, sure, but if you want to lose weight, the options are the same for you and me; eat less, and/or start exercising. Both, is of course, the best choice.

Oh, and I laughed at most of the fatty jokes. They're horrible, yes, but it still made me laugh. I feel like an asshole now. Sorry. We shouldn't joke about these people. We should support them, and help them get rid of their condition. It's in their hands, but sometimes people with a problem need some help in dealing with it. And this was a kid, for Christ sake. Where's our humanity, making jokes about a kid that suffers from this kind of condition?

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posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 10:48 AM
reply to post by pajoly

have a star buddy i could not agree more.
even in the UK there are so many over weight
people and it is due to eating to much and the
wrong stuff and sofa surfing in front of the TV all day.

i no some of these folks and despise them oh all
on benefits to to add insult to injury
to fat to work!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 11:07 AM
The disease of addiction is very cunning baffling and powerful.
It manifests itself in five major ways in America.

Since alcohol, drugs and sex have been suppressed over the past thirty years due to tough drinking and driving laws, the drug wars, and STD's including HIV
it leaves two remaining avenues to fully express itself.
Food and Gambling.

Americans are morbid endogenously obese gamblers, and greedy for money, from the top down.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 11:24 AM

Originally posted by Doubleagent
I would not have moved. They would have to go get security.

Also, why was a 14 year old traveling alone?

Did you even bother to read the thread or post??? Obviously not..

If you would have read the thread you would know that the women who was asked to wait for the next flight was on STAND BY, meaning they can ask her to get off for whatever reason they want, that is how stand by works. I know flight attendants who have stood stand by for almost 24hrs as well as friends who have flown stand by and have waited many hours to get on a flight. This women had no reason to complain, she saw an opportunity and took it. Like I said before if she were asked to leave for another passenger who needed the seat then she wouldn't be saying a thing. I also bet she got something in return for waiting. Personally I will gladly give up my seat if I get something out of it and I am not in a hurry.

Heck they gave one person $1000 voucher when I was at the Atlanta airport. It was a flight to NYC and they needed one person to wait til the next day, which was about 18hrs. They gave her a ticket voucher for 1000!! AND a hotel voucher plus transportation and food. I would have GLADLY stepped off that plane!

As for the 14 year old traveling alone, what is the big deal people? I mean kids do fly too you know. I have flown alone as a child and quite a few of my friends kids flying yearly ALL alone and they are just fine. The airlines and airports take quite good care of them I might add.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 11:50 AM

Meat Eaters Pack on More Pounds, Regardless of Calories

We are what we eat...plain and simple. I was just recently reading this article about how Meat eaters pack on more poundage....I eat meat too in moderation BTW, but i try to balance it by eating fish and vegetables as well ....

Anyone who has traveled to other countries will immediately notice upon arriving back in the States, the number of Obese people here in the US. The contrast IS really is startling !

Why is that ?
It has much to do with the sheer convenience of Fast Food !
Where else in the world can one drive their car up to a window exchanging money for fat laden ed prepared foods ?

Look at the brainwashing by McDonalds indoctrinating children into the fast food diet.early on ..besides the packaging and toys, what the hell constitutes a "Happy Meal" anyway ??

I is the article....about us meat eaters and weight gain.

(July 20) -- Losing weight isn't as simple as calories in, calories out -- at least for those who eat meat. That's the surprising result of a new study that links meat consumption to long-term weight gain. Researchers out of Imperial College, London, tracked the dietary habits of 370,000 adults across Europe for five years. Those who ate the least meat also gained the least weight. Eating an additional 250 grams of meat meant an extra 4.4 pounds over five years. Because meat is so dense in calories, it makes sense that vegetarian diets would be lower in overall energy -- making weight management easier. Surprisingly, however, this study actually controlled for caloric intake and overall dietary pattern. The team also controlled for education, physical activity and smoking habits. In other words, an adult consuming 2,200 daily calories with relatively little meat would gain less weight than a peer with similar intake eating more meat. Bad news for burger fans, but even worse for Atkins adherents. "More importantly," the paper, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, reads, "our results do not support that a high-protein diet prevents obesity or promotes long-term weight loss, contrary to what has been advocated."

So all in all, would many people be as heavy had they not been brainwashed and raised on those "Happy Meals" at such an early age ???

I oftentimes wonder...

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by The Chez

No sir, she was not "removed" from the flight, she was never officially "on" the flight. You did read the article correct stating that she was flying standby? Possibly you are not familiar with flying on planes and such, so I will enlighten you.

Flying standby means, if they have an extra seat, someone does not show up for that flight, or someone volunteers to sit out, THEN you have a seat. Until you are on that plane, and it has taken off, you have no guarantees that you will be on that plane if your status is standby.

This thread title and OP make it sound much more sinister and horrible then it actually is.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 01:05 PM
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posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 01:07 PM
Considering the age of the girl and that she was traveling alone it makes sense why she would be allowed to stay on the flight. As long as they reimbursed the other womans travel expenses and allowed her onto a later open flight it sounds fine. Sudden, but it sounds like it would have happened anyway. Had the 14yr old been a legal adult this could have played out differently.

Would it have been possible for them to have been informed of the passengers need for another seat beforehand? I know some companies assign seats and for others you pick your own.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 01:10 PM
Food addicts are indeed addicts.

They get a dopamine release from eating just like any drug including nicotine.

But people accept it for some reason, and fat people like to talk a lot of smack to smokers and the like.

It's a double standard.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 01:11 PM

Originally posted by InvisibleAlbatross
Obese people can indeed be that way due to genetics. We cannot assume that this girl is just lazy and loves junk food. That said, I am baffled that a paying customer could be kicked off the plane. Did she buy her ticket in advance or was she on standby?

Edit: One of the comments on the site claims the woman was on standby. In that case, fine. There was no seat available for her. The girl is only 14; the airline cannot just dump her off the plane and leave her in the airport.

[edit on 28-7-2010 by InvisibleAlbatross]

Obesity is not caused by genetics. Humans are not genetically prone to be morbidly obese. Higher fat to muscle rations - sure. Handicapping obesity - NOPE.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 01:27 PM
You can see from these comments some people HATE overweight people - to the point where they want to dehumanize and degrade them.

This was a 14 year-old! The media can pick and choose topics they think are important. It's sad someone thought it was important enough to humiliate a teenager.

I had to give up my seat once, so a blind person could bring his seeing eye dog. I didn't complain - in fact I was happy to give up my seat.

When you fly stand-by, you agree to only fly if there is an available seat.

If there is justice, one day this petite women might not eat enough calcium and develop osteoporosis. She may need to seat due to a crippled body - I hope someone shows her to the lack of compassion she showed this teenager.

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