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Laptop question: Moshi Moshi or Sayanara?

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posted on Jul, 28 2010 @ 07:16 AM
I am the proud new owner of a cute little silver laptop from Asia. It actually has a dual English Japanese keyboard. Naturally I am smitten. I found it in the garbage.

When I saw it my geekternal instincts took over. I wanted to save it.

When I flipped up the screen, I saw the probable cause for its abandonment by its original owner. The light sensitive fabric on the inside of the screen on which the images and text appear had been torn in places, revealing black areas. Looking more closely I saw evidence that the laptop must have taken a hard impact of some sort. There were scratches and small bits of plastic missing.

Fortunately, it booted up!

But the screen is a real annoyance. That brings me to my questions.

The computer model is a LaVie M LM500/4, manufactured by NEC. The labels on the back are all in Japanese with some bits in English. Here are those bits.





I would like to find a replacement for the screen, but am having difficulty getting technical info about it. The diagonal measurement of the screen width is 12 1/8" (approx.).

Does anyone know the make and model of this screen or a sure way of getting that information short of requesting it directly from NEC or taking the laptop apart? All help appreciated.


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