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WikiLeaks under attack?

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posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 11:14 PM
I just ran a namebench DNS tests for something completely different and noticed something odd.
__._ appears incorrect:,

This is coming from Tier 1, 2 and 3 ISPs.

I also had an issue last night clicking links to particular War Journal entries. The pages would not load for me, but would load for others.

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 11:45 PM
reply to post by mryanbrown

and ...

posted on Jul, 28 2010 @ 12:53 AM
I had trouble accessing wikileaks for most of the day yesterday (Monday). I assumed (and still assume) it was just because of heavy traffic flow though. Everyone I know was going there and trying to download the Afghan War Diaries. I am surprised the site didn't crash altogether; wikileaks was all anyone was talking about yesterday.

*Edited to clarify what day I am speaking of*

[edit on 28-7-2010 by Nikolam]

posted on Jul, 28 2010 @ 01:01 AM
wikileaks and all of these leaks are a government blessing.

Keeps everybody occupied trying to figure everything out instead of focusing on what is currently happening or not happening.

Do you really think the government would allow such leaks if it wasn't to its advantage?

My 2 cents.

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