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Sanctuary cities and fingerprint initiative

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posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 03:38 PM
I was just looking through yahoo news and found these two articles

Sanctuary cities

Fingerprint initiative

It is interesting that many of the areas known to be sanctuary cities are protesting the fingerprinting of illegal aliens who are arrested for criminal activities.

SC quote

A Justice Department official told the Washington Times there is nothing hypocritical about the government going after Arizona while ignoring sanctuary cities and suggested it won’t step up enforcement.

so these cities are breaking federal law and the justice department "won't step up enforcement"?

Fingerprint quote

This month, Washington, D.C., police decided not to pursue the program because the City Council introduced a bill that would prohibit authorities from sharing arrest data with ICE out of concern for immigrants' civil rights.

if everyone who is being arrested is being fingerprinted and checked with ICE, how is this a violation of immigrant rights? Why should we worry about the rights of Mexican citizens who break the law and enter the country illegally? Do the people who break our laws deserve to be protected by them?

I admit that I do not have the education of a lot of ATS members so I hope that some of you can enlighten me. Who picks and chooses what federal laws we wil enforce and what laws we will ignore?

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