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Virginia UFO sighting, July 25, 2010 all 4 parts

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posted on Aug, 4 2010 @ 12:52 PM

Originally posted by MustangSally
reply to post by Airborne880

Very amusing! Actually, I lived with a compulsive liar for 4 years. I never called your whole family liars. Maybe you weren't lying, maybe you are not comfortable on camera; it just came across as insincere.

I don't think I was being such a b*tch that I deserve such a nasty reply. Surely you realize when you post something like this, you are going to get questions and criticism. And I don't have time to read every stupid comment on this thread(fireflys? Really?!?). I just clicked on the email and I am now reminded why I never visit this site anymore.

Good day!

Well.... consider this reality. Maybe some things should be thought and not said without more to go on. For the hundredth time... opinions, disagreements, investigatory inquiries are perfectly acceptable in a forum such as this. Planting seeds of credibility and integrity flaws based on a guy who blinks and had an itchy nose.... just because you lived with a liar is far exceeding a stretch. I have been in law enforcement for 30 years and can tell a lot by a person when face to face. But from a video... under these conditions? How would yo feel if i was to imply that all of my experience and training lead me to believe that you were a child molester... based on the way that you write your comments? Not cool.... is it? And yes... you did imply that my family lies... you said "Hoax" and since we all saw what we saw, if one is a liar, all are liars. Is it possible that you spoke out of line, or is a second look at yourself out of the question. I agree with you on one thing... i wonder why I come back to this site as well... and I am the newest guy here?
A good day to you as well miss.

posted on Aug, 4 2010 @ 04:19 PM
I can understand if people don't want to believe in Ufo's.But you shouldn't attack someone just because they don't know what they caught on tape.That's childish.Unless you have some proof as to what it is then..shutup!

You can say what you think it is,there is nothing wrong with that but you can't call people liars when you don't know if they are lying or not.

It seems that some people want certain people to leave ATS because of their insults.

No matter what you do,if you don't get a clearer video then all it is,is lights in the dark.

posted on Aug, 5 2010 @ 02:54 AM
Airborne, your night videos are all black.
Except for the lights.

Your daytime videos, we can clearly see the forest.


Please read slowly

In the daytime videos you point the camera at where you filmed the ufos/orbs. Thank you for that. But

I have no idea specifically where you filmed the ufos/orbs.


This is what I'm asking you to do, it's really simple, and helpful.

Please read slowly again

Your youtube videos have a length. When you play your youtube videos there is a little red bar along the bottom.

You can pause your youtube videos.

Since you filmed the ufos at night, and you know where you were pointing the camera at towards the forest, because you were there, and we weren't; the viewers.

But you filmed a daytime video to show us where you filmed.


I was wondering if you could specifically pause your video during one of the daytime videos at the exact location you filmed the ufos/orbs.

Then tell us that time on the daytime video.


I want to know what we are looking at in the night time videos.

You filmed the forest in the day time.

We weren't there... It's really impossible, to analyze the night time footage, without that kind of help. You filmed a daytime video, you posted it here. I've seen a truck size red orb with 2 other friends on a summer night in 2008, so I want to figure out what is going on in your videos. Hope you understand my request, Thank you.

posted on Aug, 5 2010 @ 06:20 AM
reply to post by Airborne880


It occurs to me that it could be in your interest for these "objects" not to be identified by the members of ATS.

Some such mysteries can become quite lucrative if managed cleverly.

In view of the above, I hope you will continue to work with us to identify the "objects".

If you do, you might might find it useful to revisit my questions pertaining to the possible scale of the "objects"......I am still very interested in that.

Kind regards
Maybe...maybe not

posted on Aug, 5 2010 @ 10:35 AM
I just wanted to chime in and say that all this bickering and arguing is taking us away from the aim of the OT. Would it be too much to ask to show a little respect towards the OP as we have now established that if this was indeed a hoax the OP would not have stayed around to defend himself so vigerously and would certainly not post more videos for us to see.


Please do carry on with your investigations and please answer some of the questions posed on the previous pages so we can ascertain the variables of the sighting and indeed start joining the dots up in order to form some kind of outline to your progress.


posted on Aug, 5 2010 @ 03:03 PM
Camping in southern Morocco I've seen sandstone ridges emit electrical discharges hundreds of feet into the air as they cool at night. So if the local weather had been hot and sunny before Airborne captured his footage, piezoelectric discharges from cooling quartz could have helped power the luminous displays, as I suggested before.

Obvious to me that Airborne is a genuine guy who is doing his best to understand a weird phenomenon that probably involves exotic plasma physics and possibly has an ET component. Unfortunately there are few people qualified to comment on the physics; the Italian astrophysicist Massimo Teodorani for one, and also the Norwegian Hessdalen researchers Erling Strand and Bjorn Gitle Hauge. Possibly one of them will pick up on this thread.

In the meantime we need to try and assess the scale of the
phenomenon, as MBMBN has said, and aim for more professional footage next time.
Keep up the good work, Airborne.

posted on Aug, 5 2010 @ 06:56 PM
I just want to say to Airborne thanks for actually following up on ATS and responding to us. to many people are afraid of being picked apart. but you are like us. you have an open mind and only know what you saw. nothing more. no crazy "2012 aliens from another dimension proof" claims on your videos. As a former ranger in the united states army i trust my fellow brothers in arms and their opinions.. must of us could care less to make up some dumb story and if we did see something we would be afraid to tell anyone on account of being called crazy. when we are saposed to be the smartest and clearest of all.

anyways. i gotta split. just wanted to comment really quick. i will be following up on this thread and your youtube page. thanks alot for the post and video.

please remember to keep a deceptive eye. it will help you collect the best evidence.. and that will create the best proof for what ever it is. do any and every experiment to try and recreate or explain the phenomina.

having the training you have. maybe you can predict a night it will happen and hike out to where it is and hide under it. in camo. you have an good guess of where its at. you should know your ranges well. go to the spot one night and wait. maybe im just a little crazy i dunno.

you are new to the area right? im from alabama and i know how strange new comers can be treated. and i know pranks can be pulled on you to get you to run off or be scared. so try and pull this prank on yourself and compare it to what you saw. back woods locals are pretty crafty. you never know. plus its better to rule out any and all explanations of human interaction or pranks. (not calling you or your family strange but as you know to hill billys anything but a hill billy is strange)

[edit on 5-8-2010 by DONNYxMC]

posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 12:46 AM
I doubt very much that Airborne will be back. And who can blame him.

He gets invited to the site and is subject to unfounded accusations and abuse by certain ATS members. Airborne reacts defensively and angrily and is then subject to a post ban!

People should have focused on the pertinent video and not played amateur psychologist and accuse the cameraman of being a liar because he blinks and touches his face, for crying out loud!

Sure, the case may have come to nothing but the guy was actually putting some effort in to an ongoing event and he gets driven away by fools!

Oh, well. So it goes!

posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 04:32 AM
Yes, so it goes...

I don't think he'll be back either, as he is now commenting his Youtube videos with the statement that ATS has "removed my posting privileges haha." Is that true? I see a couple of posts of his that were removed and that he was warned. Did ATS truly remove his posting privileges?

Then he says "..I do not want to dignify that or any other so called legitimate website. I suggest a total Ban of abovetopsecretDOTcom. they run the site like gestapo and are not interested in truth. Stay away from that site if u want reality."

Ookay, then. Nice. Sounds like he only wants to be at a site where he can block any dissent, or be somehow protected from critique. Draw your own conclusions.

If he does come back, he won't of course be talking to me, but he needs to be asked, AGAIN, what is the model of the camera he has. In one of the now deleted posts he claimed it was a Sony '2000X'. There is no such thing, and Sony has *never* used any numbering system like that.

I believe it may well be a Sony that *does* have night vision (if so, why didn't he use it???), if not image stabilisation. Possibly this one:

I'd also love to know why, as a pistol/rifle shooter, he didn't seem to realise that leaning against something would give a dramatically steadier image...

I'll keep an eye on his Youtube account and if he posts the promised improved imagery on a tripod, I'll let you know.

For the search engines, that's LMSTactical, Virginia, UFO, youtube, airborne880 ...

posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 04:37 AM
reply to post by CHRLZ


As per my previous post in this thread.....

I think there's more going on here than "meets the eye".

What's "hillbilly" for "Yalcin"?

Cheers mate
Maybe...maybe not

posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 05:26 AM

Originally posted by Maybe...maybe not
reply to post by CHRLZ


As per my previous post in this thread.....

I think there's more going on here than "meets the eye".

What's "hillbilly" for "Yalcin"?

Cheers mate
Maybe...maybe not

What gets me is that there does seem to be a repeating pattern here at ATS. The poster professes to be new at this (while pontificating lucidly and lengthily), and then, even though the criticism or questioning is quite mild (compared to what I have seen at other less moderated sites), they get totally and angrily offended, and vanish in a loud huff of self-importance.

It's usually (coincidentally) when some very good questions have been asked....

I don't quite smell a 'Yalcin', but I have to make a trivial observation.. I made the mistake of watching this followup video (here ya go, airborne, some more free hits..):

(note the NIGHT VISION??? ..sheesh..) Anyway I was *deeply* impressed by the serious tone, but I have this ongoing image in my head (1:30ish) of ever-so-serious 'Brent', as he gazes intently thru his mini roof-prism binoculars, and then, lowering the binocs in disappointment, gazes at the camera and in the very best Sherlock Holmes fashion, tweaks his chin thoughtfully, perhaps pondering the meaning of life. The camera pans down quickly, but watch his face...

Yep, "that's Brent, lookin..." Classic Youtube.

Oh, note carefully MMN, Charlie Dog was NOT barking. I think that is a crucial point here.......

PS... What happens when you splash the contents of a glowstick around... (or shoot at it with an AR15..)?
Seriously, (I don't know the answer to this, I sheepishly admit) does glow-stick phosphorescence show up clearly in night vision (ie IR)? I should get off my butt and find out, as that might be important... but nah..

posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 06:09 AM
reply to post by CHRLZ


I can't help thinking we're all getting used a little here.....

Oh.....& let me know how you go when you get finished shooting up the flare shelf at Bunnings!

Cheers mate
Maybe...maybe not

posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 06:20 AM
Thanks for a very interesting video. For what it is worth, I totally believe that this is not a hoax and you guys saw what you saw.

My theory on this. Being that the lights were on the ground(when I first watched the video, I thought they were in the sky.) But, I believe that these lights are of the same nature as North Carolina's "Brown Mountain Lights" Some people call the ghost lights. Some rational explanations are that they are plasma, escaping from the earth.

I notice that you dont give any reference to a location, other than in the mountains of Virginia. Can you tell us, what county?

Thanks again.

posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 06:42 AM

Originally posted by Maybe...maybe not
Oh.....& let me know how you go when you get finished shooting up the flare shelf at Bunnings!


Sorry, mods - offtopic, I know, I consider myself admonished, won't do it again..

By the way, I *will* grab a glowstick over the weekend and find out...

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 12:32 PM
Airborne's response video to ATS.

Have to say I kinda like the guy and it's a shame he was driven away!

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 06:22 PM

Originally posted by torsion
Airborne's response video to ATS.

Have to say I kinda like the guy and it's a shame he was driven away!

Would you care to summarise the video for us, or are you just trying to give him more hits? Why is it that he won't make the comments here, in front of the forum, preferring instead to do so from behind/under a rock?

Did you see the comments that he made earlier in the thread, before they were removed?

And I ask again, was he banned from ATS???? Is he still claiming that?

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 06:27 PM
reply to post by CHRLZ


According to his profile page, Airborne880 has not been banned.

As per my earlier posts, all this smacks of a set up.....& has done so for some time.

Kind regards
Maybe...maybe not

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 06:50 PM
Once this thread got going and he came on here responding to people, his responses clearly matched a previous thread of similar nature that was up earlier in the year. I think some of you might remember, it went on an on until clearly it was a hoax.

From his previous videos and his statements on ATS he changed up his story multiple times, basically his entry comments into the thread, multiple statements he made, that don't match up with each other. I don't have time to quote and gather the evidence, I live a rather normal life myself.

So I decided to ask some pretty basic questions about matching up screen shots in your two videos, you're tech enough to operate a camera and upload them onto youtube, so asking you to pause two of your videos and share that with us is pretty reasonable.

All the while people were telling you to ignore the "trolls" (internet slang for people who go on to the internet to mess with people on message boards).

Then you post a 9 minute 17 second long video blanketing 90% of the people on the internet as 300 lb trailer trash with no friends.

Do you know how many people have access to the internet?

You've been in law enforcement for how long?


Watch those and now read the contradictions, I just felt aw I'll post it anyway, it's a raining Saturday and I have some time to kill.

Cont. next post...

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 06:57 PM

Originally posted by Airborne880
reply to post by boondock-saint

Hello. I am LMSTactical from youtube and I shot the video. When I referred to the prior five sightings... they were totally different than this one. In those...I was walking the dog, sitting in the backyard of my home, etc.... they were very short in duration and I had no camera with me. When I shot these videos... we were 130 miles away at a cabin that we just bought in the mountains. I had not been able to find my camera charging cord and when I found it... I could only charge it for a few minutes, then try to video these objects before it died. Also... most of what we saw would not show up on the camera. I have those videos but they are just black with our voices. At one point when the camera was charging... there were about 30 of these objects all formed into an octagon shape and so bright that you would not believe it! I hope this explains the comment about the past viewings.

Originally posted by Airborne880

Originally posted by Phage
"Oh, I've gotta charge this up. I'm out of juice."

Um. When your battery goes dead you don't get audio or video.

Im not sure what your saying. If you are referring to my comments while filming... I had only charged the camera for about 4 minutes and a light was flashing indicating "low battery" I knew that it would shut ff soon. You had to be there. I kept running into the cabin, plugging in the camera, running back out to watch the objects, running back to get the camera and trying to videotape them. I know its frustrating but this is how it happened. I hope you don't think we faked this video but can see how people would be skeptical. Thanks for the comments the same.

Originally posted by Airborne880

Originally posted by yigsstarhouse
Hello Airborn880, welcome to the fun house
I have to give you many kudos for being brave enough to take this pack on

Also included in those Kudos are, being patient enough to try and answer all that has been thrown at you,and not to mention, do it in a "Articulate" manner. Something refreshing to see.I think I hope you continue to share your thoughts on many of the fronts this site has to offer in the coming future.

As far as your footage goes, I think you caught something pretty cool, but I am in the camp of Please take a tripod next time.

The battery power? I have to wonder or ask, was it fully charged to begin with, or did it have a major power drain? Lots of folks know what can happen with batteries when around the "unusual."

You mention that if we only knew what you did for a living... lol Im guessing military, but only because of "uh hem," the name!

Anyhow welcome aboard and definitely looking forward to the updates

ops forgot myself here, thanks to the OP for getting us here. S&F

[edit on 27-7-2010 by yigsstarhouse]

Hello and thanks for the comments and questions. Thank you for the welcome as well. This seems to be a very cool site. I will say up front that I am starving and will rush this post then go eat. I slept for a long time because for the past few nights... I have only managed about three hours of sleep. All of this has me wide awake and hard to sleep haha.

As for the battery. It's just like a frustrating scary movie when a person sees a ghost, points it out to someone else and the ghost dispersers! The camera thing is driving me crazy because of all times to have this happen..... Anyway... I could not find the charging cable at home when we were packing to go to the cabin for the weekend. The camera battery was dead. I took it with me anyway on the off chance that I had left the charging cable up there during the last visit. On the second day there, while going through a plastic box looking for firearms related stuff... I found the cable! I set it aside and forgot to charge the camera... because we were setting up targets for a day of target practice. Then.... during the second night of seeing the objects and right in the middle of it... I remembered that I had found the cable. I ran into the cabin, plugged it in for a few minutes, ran outside and captured the first video that you saw. Then... I ran back into the cabin, plugged it in again and went out to join the family in watching the objects. After a short while, I got the camera and tried to video the objects. The thing is... none of what we were seeing would show up on camera. Just a black screen with our voices... as though the lens cover was on or something. I saved those videos for the record. There was one more brief video that I was able to capture and that is the second one that you saw.

Anyway.... that's t he camera situation. As for what I do? I am a former U.S. Army Paratrooper and am now in Law Enforcement So..... you can imagine what I would be up against and probably will be up against when the wrong person sees me on youtube. I just think that this subject is much bigger than us or my a career falling apart. it's to important to care about things like that. I won't say where I work but understand that its not may berry RFD. It's a position that calls for clear heads and fears anyone who thinks outside of the box so to speak.

Thanks again and I hope to produce better videos. Please don't hate me if I fail because this is not my specialty.... yet hahaha. I am a firearms guy and know that area well. Filming, uploading, etc.... I am learning as I go.

Stay safe!

Cont... Starting to See? Cont...

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 07:05 PM

Originally posted by Airborne880

Originally posted by Tearman
Hi Airborne880, can you recollect these details about any of your sighting(s)?

What were the times and dates of the sighting(s)?

In what part of the sky did the ufos appear? What compass direction, and what angle above the horizon?

Did the ufos move across the sky? In a straight line? At what pace?

Can you estimate the apparent size(s) of the disturbances (the area of sky they covered)? A good reference for making comparisons is the apparent size of the full moon or a thumbnail held at arm's length.

What colors where the ufos?

[edit on 27-7-2010 by Tearman]

Hello. I believe that you are referring to the prior... five days of sightings that happened at another location. If so... here are the answers for now.

I do have the dates and times and will get back to you after eating starved and have been on the computer since I woke up. I do not have the angle above the horizons beyond my estimates. they were pretty high and in one case directly above my head... i assume that would be 12:00?

They moved in different directions for the most part, though most ended up flying off in a north westerly direction.
The objects looked a lot like satellites except that they made right angle turns, stopped, moved slow then shot away at a fast speed. Two of them started off like satellites, stopped, grew very very bright then dimmed out and vanished.

Not that this is related but the very first night of the first sighting, my son and I saw the biggest, brightest greenest fireball fall from the sky down below the horizon. I made an official report of that incident because it was so fantastic!

I hope that helps and let me know if the dates and times are important.... I will look at my calender. I recorded them all.

That was all just from the first 2 pages, now onto page 4...

Originally posted by Airborne880

Originally posted by JohnySeagull
First off Airborne , its good of you to provide input to this thread. I find the clips and explanation very interesting as I believe I expierienced something very similar.

Secondly, I notice you getting upset with some comments. If you don't like the comments my advice is just ignore them. You don't have to respond. Believe me there is plently of people in here that if they think your easily upset will gladly attack. Some very immature people.

Finally my own judgement on the films is probably not one you would like. I hope that if this is a genuine expierience for you and your family that you enjoy it. But I felt that this looked scripted. My intention is not to offend you but the all of the dialouge came across as scripted. Including the mistake with the zoom lense. Also you guys looked like you have been in front of cameras a lot. To me it looked like it took inspiration from the likes of the blair witch project and cloverfield.

Again don't take offence. I'm just giving my opinion , thats what we do here.

Best of luck.

Hello. My wife and I are reading the many comments and I want to respond to them all. That would be an all nighter. I am thinking of videotaping me addressing some of the details and concerns. About your thoughts.... Scripted... not by a long shot but I am happy that we at least don't look like babbling fools. We have been in front of the camera a lot. I video tape everything... shooting, camping, the kids growing up. I also have done more than a little stand up comedy and am a funny person by nature. The accidental zoom was just what it was. As I went to turn the camera back to Brent (my son) I realized that it was zoomed in. When reviewing the tape we all laughed at how it zoomed into my nose. It was a mistake. In fact... i am so non technical that it was only late last night that I discovered how to get video from my camera onto the computer! All of my other youtube videos were shot with my cell phone camera. Please go check them out and you will easily see. These sightings motivated me to mess around with the camera and figure it out. Now I have over two years of old video to sort through and to be honest... its fun.

Thanks for your comments and I am sorry if you think we acted this out. Of course as a youtube fan... I always planed on putting this out there if the video was good enough. But in the excitement of seeing these things.... I was not as composed as I hope to be if and when we see them again. Who knows? This is a big thing for us.... it seems many here agree and they appreciate the reality of it. Like others have said... I can't expect all to believe me just because i know that I am being honest. One of my biggest flaws is that I am sensitive and do want to be believed. Thats not realistic though and I will use this experience to learn to disregard the folks (not you) that not only disbelieve but are rude about it. Thanks again for watching.

One thing to easily notice is all his comments about uplopading videos onto youtube, sadly youtube videos have dates listed, and his comments about cell phone videos he uploaded...

Originally posted by Airborne880

Originally posted by Come Clean
So between all you guys no one had a phone that takes pictures? I mean really, if this little orb was just sitting there I find it hard to believe no pictures were taken.

I would have walked up and grabbed it in my hands. If it felt you were a threat it would have flown away.

One other thing about the two that came in very close. They were very hard to see with the naked eye. The one on the right was so dim and strange that you almost had to look next to it, in order to see it. Like you couldn't look directly at it or it would fade out . The thing about it is.... it was like that for all of us. It's like trying to focus on a floater in your eye but more clear than that.


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