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capitalism and food

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posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 03:32 AM
* so both communism and capitalism can be great in the hands of smart people doing it right?
* so capitalism was supposed to be better because you can buy what you want,and there are multiple companyes you can buy lets say "salami" from. and the great thing is each company is going to compete to be the best so everyone will make better and better salami!
* but what happens when all companyes gather together and agree to put 80% soy in theyr salami,and since every company is doing it you cant buy real salami from small stores because theyr monopoly is making them bankrupt. you are forced to buy soy salami.
and if you want to just buy an animal and make it into salami,its extremly expensive. big companyes buy meat and milk from the farmers and laughable prices,profiteering 10000%.

STOP bashing geneticaly altered foods, THEIR SUPPOSED TO BE BETTER!
if they can make an orange last longer and be bigger and fruttier by putting some gene in it, WITHOUT LOOSING HIS NORMAL QUALITYES,only gaining more qualityes then its a WIN.
but when they make geneticaly bigger oranges without taste then they fail.

so same stoyry,geneticaly enhanced fruits are supposed to be better in the hands of smart people.

so im going to do just what the godfather did,shop from the street grocers bazaar,and go to the local salamy story to buy real meat.
big companyes can SUCK IT

its up to you. start shopping smart or eat soy and drink dead milk


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